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Subject: Black’s Beach Memories the Aftermath 4 “I came to Black’s Beach almost every day that summer and I never did see the Stud again. He took my virginity and changed my life forever and I never even got a kiss or his name. I did see the old man again, in fact A LOT. That fucker had the libido of teenager! Well I hope you enjoyed my last installment of Black’s Beach Memories, I certainly enjoyed recalling those moments that changed me forever!” I got so much encouragement to continue the series that I thought I’d write about how I spent the rest of the summer of `79 trying to fill the gaping hole that Stud left behind. Pun absolutely intended! Please feel free to send feedback at hoo and please support this site to keep stories like these coming by donating fty/ “That was awesome you two lovebirds, but next time, take it into the bushes; we don’t want to get shut down now do we??” It was an old gray-haired man, sporting an impressive erection and a leathery, all-over tan. He must’ve been watching the entire scene as Andi rode me till we both shot our loads…mine deep in Andi’s bowels and his all over my chest and belly. Andi slid his torso up and down, smearing his love juice between our sweaty bodies. ” Oh my gawd Bobby, look how much you made me cum! You make me so horny! He slid down my body, lapping up his own cum until he arrived at my spent cock, which he proceeded to tongue wash and suck dry. He moved back up my body and shoved his tongue deep in my mouth. I could taste the blend of our semen mixed with Andi’s ass juices. ” Oh my, look at all these men watching….it makes me feel so nasty…. in a good way haha!” Indeed, a crowd of horny men of all shapes and sizes had formed a circle around us, shielding our lewd activity from the general public. I spotted the Bear at the edge of the crowd, he was staring hungrily at me and Andi and I remembered my promise to let him fuck us both after I talked to Reggie. He looked more than ready to cash in on that promise as he lazily stroked his huge piece of manmeat. “Ewwww, that Neanderthal is staring kocaeli escort at us Bobby…. I can’t believe you told him he could fuck us both! I don’t think he’ll let us leave the beach until he does! That was sooo stupid! But…. all these cocks on the beach are making me so horny!! Let’s go back in the bushes and see who follows us.” “I can guarantee that big dude will follow us into the bushes, so unless you think you can handle a log that big in your koochie, I suggest you stay on the beach and let me handle him.” “Oh, don’t be so dramatic Bobby. You just want all that dick for yourself. Besides, my koochie stretches and I’ve taken waaaay bigger than that hairy ape. Cmon, let’s go.” Andi stood up, his smooth chest shiny with our sweat and sex juices. He wrapped his towel around his shoulders like a cape and did a turn, showing off his firm white buttocks. “How do I look Bobby?” “Very nice…… but you have a little cum in your buttcrack.” Andi reached around between his legs, running two fingers from his smooth ball sac up to his tight hole. ” Oh my gawd, you are sooo right…. how embarrassing!” He held his fingers in front of his face, examining the dollop of semen for a moment before sucking them clean with satisfied smacking sounds. He made sure the Bear was watching. ” Mmmm, but sooo tasty! It makes me hungry for MORE! Cmon Bobby, get your lazy ass up or I’m going without you.” “You go on ahead Andi; I’m gonna cool off in the ocean and I’ll catch up with you.” ” Suit yourself, but don’t cry to me if there’s nothing left for you.” Andi gave the Bear a little wink after he said that and sashayed off towards the bushes, every eye on the beach focused on his cute little tush as he skipped through the hot sand. I watched as a conga line of perverts formed up behind him, all trying to look inconspicuous as they followed his mesmerizing ass up the trail to the bushes. I got up from my sweaty towel, stretched and then ran headlong towards the ocean. I dove into the waves, knowing even in August the ocean is a little chilly. I could feel my penis go kocaeli escort bayan turtle on me as it shrunk up against my balls, trying to stay warm. I freestyled for a ways, diving under the cresting waves until I was positioned just outside of the inside set of waves where I treaded water and caught my breath. I looked back at the beach and Andi was long gone into the bushes, but there were all kinds of men working their way up the trail in hot pursuit. I floated on my back in the salty ocean, the sun beating down on me and my shrunken penis.The ocean always gave me clarity and I started to think about Reggie and all the mean, hurtful things he said about me. But was he right?? Was I hiding from my true self? He said at least Andi knows he’s a cocksucking faggot. I thought about Andi….. so wild and free! Someone’s probably dumping a load on top of mine in that pretty little ass of his already. I turned my attention back to the ocean as a nice set of waves started to form. I positioned myself just right and body surfed one in til I was in the whitewash in the sand. I stood up and looked towards the beach….. to my surprise, the Bear was sitting on my towel, looking right at me. He saw me looking at him and waved emphatically. Why isn’t he with the other horndogs, pounding away at Andi in the bushes?? I turned my back to him and dug into the water to catch the next set of waves.. and just in time, as a big set had come in and I was in the perfect spot to catch a monster. As I turned to paddle, I spotted the Bear standing and waving my surf trunks wildly. He made a show of reaching into the pocket and grabbing my CAR KEYS!! My moment of hesitation cost me dearly as the wave crested I went tumbling over the falls. I hit the sandy bottom and fought my way up just to get slammed by the next wave. I finally surfaced, coughing up seawater and caught a whitewater wave towards shore. The Bear was already in the water and wading right towards me. He threw a big arm around me “Hey you ok surfer boy?” ” Oh yea, that was nothing, I just misjudged that wave is izmit escort all.” “You know what you promised me back there surfer boy…. and you’re not leaving this beach till you pay up, right boy?” “Yeah, yeah I know. Why aren’t you in the bushes with that little twink right now? You could be fucking his brains out instead of talking with me in the water.” ” Oh, I’ve fucked that little whore several times; he’s had so many different dicks, he just cant remember. He’s a regular down here. So’s your boy Reggie…. now he’s a man’s man. He’s down here almost every day and I’ve never seen him on his knees….. He’s a true Top and he knows it. That’s why he was so pissed at you, pretending to be something you’re not. I’ve seen you in the bushes before taking dick too, but you always seem to run off before I got a chance to dip my wick. So I know you’re a cocksucker, don’t try to deny it. Go with your natural tendencies buddy. See, we’re built different you and me.” He fisted his impressive semi and then yanked me closer to him by my shrunken penis. ” Go ahead, wrap your hand around that piece of meat….. see? Your fingers don’t even touch and I’m still not fully hard. And look at this pitiful thing you call a cock,” he grabbed my growing erection and placed it on top of his, magnifying the size discrepancy between the two. He wrapped both of his big paws around our cocks and started to jack us off in unison. ” See that… we’re both at full staff and I’m at least twice as big as you. ” And the fact you’re getting hard as a rock while I call you out as a cocksucker here in public proves that’s how you’re wired. There’s no shame in admitting you’re a bottom; just think of the pleasure you’re providing for Tops like me. See, see?? Look at that, you’re leaking like a faucet and you’re fighting the urge to drop to your knees right now.” I looked him in the eyes and my mind wanted to deny everything he was saying but my stiff leaking cock continued to betray me. ” You’re right, you’re right. ” ” I’m right what? Say it!” ” you’re right, I’m a cocksucking bottom” “Haha surfer boy, now don’t you feel better knowing your true nature? Your pal Reggie will probably want to bang you now, but not before I do first…..cmon let’s go see how your slutty boyfriend’s doing.” To be continued….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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