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Blue Heat

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Stress burned through Aidan’s body as he shoved the door of his apartment open, his partner following him through the door before he shoved the door shut, the bang was as violent as the tension burning through him right now. He cursed viciously as he entered the kitchen and yanked the door open, and pulled the carton of beer bottles out of the fridge and put them on the bench.

“This is such bullshit, how long are we going to be suspended for doing our jobs?” asked Lucas as Aidan handed him on of the bottles.

“Better not be too long, damn pencil pushers have no idea what its really like out in the field,” Aidan said as he took a big swig of the beer. Neither of them had ever shot a suspect before, but when the thugs pull guns at you it leaves you with little choice.

“Damn straight they don’t,” said Lucas as he took a big pull from the bottle.

Aidan cursed as he picked up the carton and carried it over to the table and slumped down into a chair. Quickly enough they drained the bottles and developed a buzz, pushing from tipsy to drunk. The stress wasn’t getting any lesser as the warm buzz from the beer pushed through his body. They were still in their uniforms and getting drunk wasn’t going to help the situation.

Lucas cursed as he thumped the empty bottle on the table, “This isn’t working, we need to do something else. Let’s do some sparring.”

“I think anything would be good right about now,” said Aidan as he got up from the chair and followed Lucas down towards their gym. He watched him as he slid the mat off from the wall and dropped it on the ground, then bent over and start untying his shoe laces. A flush of heat spread over him as he became distracted by the sight of Lucas’ ass in his pants, the beer probably affected him more then he thought as Lucas kicked off his shoes then began unbuttoning his shirt and slid it off his shoulders then tugged his undershirt over his head.

The ripple and flex of his sharply defined back and shoulder muscles made another flush of heat wash over him. He shook his head and tried to snap out of the strange attraction he was feeling, he had never thought of his best friend in such a manner. He bent down and untied his shoe laces and pulled off his shoes before something slammed into him. He looked up at Lucas who chuckled at him as he held a pair of sweatpants. Aidan smirked at him as he reached own and picked up the pants he had thrown at him.

The intrusion had broken him out of the weird sense of attraction he was feeling towards his best friend. He put the pants over the top of the treadmill before unbuttoning his shirt and sliding off before pulling his undershirt over his head, it felt as though Lucas was watching him as he stood in the corner of the room. The thoughts were insane, crazy, it had to be from the stress of what they had been through today.

When he took his pants off, the sensation of being watched grew more intense as a warmth spread over his back. He pulled on the sweatpants that came down to his calves, he turned and looked at looked at Lucas who was eager to get started. “Ready?” he asked.

“Bring it on Luc, lets see what you got,” said Aidan as he stepped over to the sparring mat. He got into position in front of Lucas, his brown eyes seemed to swirl with passion. The alcohol must have affected him much more then he had thought. When Lucas got into position he smirked before charging at him, at the same time Lucas charged at him. They crashed together in a solid wall of hard muscle the impact rocking through him as he grasped at his arms as Lucas grabbed at his sides. Soon they tumbled to the mat. Sweat soon began to run as their muscles rubbed together, Aidan grunted as Lucas hooked his legs around his and flipped him over hard onto his back pressing him into the mat.

He almost groaned as Lucas’ sweat slicked abs brushed against him, his damp chest hair rubbing against his skin. Heat flushed through him as sensations he tried to blocked rushed in, he growled and pushed his arms under his and flipped them over, his back now pressing against his chest. Lucas grunted under his bulk as he pressed him down. When he pressed against his waist Lucas let out a groan before he pushed him off.

They both pushed up off the floor when he got up, he locked his gaze on Lucas as sweat shimmered on his skin his damp dark brown chest hair standing out over his muscles, arrowing down into his pants. When he looked up at Lucas his eyes were trailing down his chest towards the band of his pants. The response made his cock swell as much as he could see the bulge forming in Lucas’ pants. When Lucas looked back up at him, his eyes swirled with such hunger it almost consumed him, then he growled and crashed into him as he broke stance to move to him. He crushed his lips over his, the primal explosion of passion rippled through him, Aidan growled against Lucas as they fought to dominate the exchange.

Lucas’ hands ran up his sides as he ran his hands down his sides. The primal force of their exchange rocked through him as they bahis şirketleri crashed back to the mat with a thud, he growled from underneath Lucas’ heavy frame and twisted his legs around his and flipped them over. Lucas grunted as Aidan slammed him into the mat then crashed his lips against Lucas’ again as he pushed his hands down his sides and grasped hold of his sweats and shoved them down.

He groaned as Lucas grabbed his sweats and yanked them down, he rolled them over again blazing hunger in his eyes as he pushed his boxer-brief covered hardness against his. He growled and rubbed against him, again they fought for dominance and wrestled each other over the mat kicking off the sweatpants as they tangled around their legs. Lucas reached down and gripped his boxers and yanked them down, Aidan growled deeply as Lucas grasped his cock and stroked punishingly hard. Violent pulses of brutal pleasure stabbed through him. Lucas dug his teeth against the side of his neck as he pulled them side by side.

He groaned as Lucas’s fingers stroked over the head of his cock, he grasped Lucas’ hips and dragged his boxers down, his deep throaty moan rushed through him as he grasped hold of his cock and stroked him as punishingly. The friction of their sweat slick muscles sliding against each other particularly their hair roughened abdominals added to the firestorm brewing inside of both of them. Aidan knocked Lucas’ hands away from his cock before he pressed Lucas’ cock against his and closed both his hands over both their cocks and stroked hard.

He moaned together with Lucas, short, sharp gasps of air as he stroked their cocks together. Lucas grasped hold of his shoulders tightly as the pressure steadily built, Aidan grunted as he sped up the already brutal friction. The pressure of Lucas’ hands grasping his shoulders and dragging them down to his ass pushed him over the edge, he roared out as he came. Lucas’ body jerked against his, as he came as well, Aidan kept up the stroking pressure until they were both shaking against each other, his hands fell limply away as the aftershocks of their mutually violent orgasm rocked through them.

“Fuck… that was… intense,” said Lucas as he tried to recover his breath.

Aidan rolled onto his back and panted, “Fuck… it sure was… never come so… hard before.”


Lucas breathed heavily as he tried to regain his breath from the orgasm that had torn through him like a thunderbolt, this sudden crazy attraction for his best friend had awakened a hunger inside of him. He wanted to possess, to dominate, to control, he looked over to Aidan, the lights illuminating the sweat glistening on his skin, the ripple of his chest muscles as he tried to catch his breath. He looked up to him to see Aidan watching his chest as well. Then his eyes caught his, the lust in his eyes reflected the desire he had.

This craziness had grasped hold of him and wouldn’t let go, he had only just come harder than he ever had in his life and he was already thickening again, he smirked as he noticed Aidan’s cock thickening as well. Aidan groaned and a visible tremor washed over him, Lucas grinned, he knew exactly what he was going to do. It would be another new experience, but fuck it. They were both drunk and he could still feel the stress riding him.

He pushed up from the mat, feeling Aidan watch him as he walked over to the wall cabinet and pulled open the door and took out the jar of lanolin oil, he smirked as he saw Aidan’s eyes widen slightly. Hunger darkened his eyes as his cock fully thickened, his own cock throbbed with full thickness as he opened the jar and shoved his fingers into the oil then grasped his cock. The contact made him gasp as blazing arrows of sensation shot through him.

Aidan pushed up from the floor and grabbed hold of him, and kissed him brutally, he growled as he grabbed Aidan as tightly and added his own fire to their embrace. “I’m going to fuck you hard Aidan, I’m going to make you come just as hard as you made me.”

His growled declaration made Aidan shudder in his grasp as he shoved him down on the mat with a grunt, he pushed him over on his stomach then with his oiled fingers brushed over the puckered flesh of his ass. Aidan groaned underneath him, bucking against the mat as he rubbed the oil over his skin, then he moaned as he pressed his finger inside his ass. Then another next to it, slowly pressing in, stretching out his ass.

Lucas smirked, “Moan for me buddy, let me hear exactly what I’m doing to you.”

He chuckled as Aidan let out a litany of curse words as he slowly manoeuvred his fingers around, deliberately drawing it out. Torturing him with the pleasure, then he slid his fingers out and oiled his cock further. Pressing the head against his ass, he grasped his hips and pulled him up before he began to push inside, he groaned as he felt as if the pressure and the near overwhelming sensation would blow his mind. He sucked in a gasp as he slowly inched forward, Aidan jerked under him his fingers and toes curled tightly as he bahis firmaları moaned loudly into the mat.

“Fuck, you’re so tight Aidan. Crushing my cock,” he moaned as he reached under him and grasped hold of Aidan’s cock and stroked hard, squeezing him.

“Fuck! Don’t stop Luc,” desperation lacing his declaration as he pressed him further and teased Aidan’s cock with his solid grip.

Lucas growled as he finally slid all the way in, he couldn’t describe the sensation, fire ran rampant all over his body making the pleasure feel like it was coming from all places as he slid out, then began to push back in. Both of their groans mingled together as he tightened his grip on Aidan’s cock and on his hip, he stroked his fingers over the tip of his cock as he pushed deeper inside of him. Aidan trembled around him, as he began to thrust into him, his thrusts keeping time with him stroking his cock. He wanted more, he wanted to see Aidan as he came apart, he slid out and quickly tossed him on his back and then pressed his cock back inside of him, regain his grasp on Aidan’s cock, but looked up at his eyes, which were drowning in pleasure.

Aidan was drowning in sensation, his rigid grasp on the mat tightened further as Lucas drove deeper into him, the steely grasp on his cock sending blazing fire through his body. Then the sensations were lost, he cried out at the loss of sensation. But then with a powerful force he was thrown on his back, he looked up to see Lucas towering over him. “Fuck, I have to watch you come apart.”

He groaned as Lucas pushed his cock back inside of him and began to move faster than before, grasping his cock again, stroking punishingly. He never realized that either of them would enjoy such rough, brutal sex but the sensations were almost overwhelming. Drowning him in the sensation as Lucas stroked his cock, running his fingers over the tip in time with his now more brutal thrusts. He could hardly breathe as Lucas’ sweat dripped over him.

Even with the mind obliterating level of pleasure burning through him, he was still able to control his actions, He needed to drive Lucas just as wild, he reached up and grasped hold of his hips and shoved him in harder, forcing him to see stars burst in front of him from the impact, then he squeezed Lucas’ cock inside of him. A tremor rushed through Lucas as his movements became erratic, he moaned as Lucas took him with an unrestrained ferocity, stroking his cock harder, more punishingly until it was too much for him to handle any longer.

He roared as he came, his orgasm seized his body and his mind as he came apart, the world was white. The blaze intensifying as Lucas came inside of him, Lucas collapsed on top of him then slid off him to the side. For what felt like an eternity he floated in a haze, then he came too. The sensation of the sparing mat sticking to his sweat slicked back. He looked over to see Lucas with the same blissed-out look he knew he sported. Just because it felt right, he leaned down and kissed him. A warm buzz washed through him just from that simple contact.

“Fuck… just…” muttered Lucas as he tried to get up.

Aidan smirked, he knew the feeling, he could hardly feel his toes and fingers with the post orgasm bliss still washing through his body. He knew they couldn’t stay down here, or they’d fall asleep on the mat. Working his fingers to get the sensation back into them, he stumbled to his feet his back tingling from the ripping sensation as he peeled himself off from the mat. He reached down and helped Lucas back to his feet.

He knew that everything had been utterly changed from this point, but he couldn’t bring himself to care about any of that. He felt too good right now. “We need a shower,” he knew he was slurring his words but that didn’t matter. Slowly they made it out of the room, frequently stumbling as he fought to get his legs working properly. Once they reached the bathroom, the buzz had toned down enough he could take a step without stumbling.

“Fuck it’s like a switch flipped, you’re so fucking sexy Aidan,” said Lucas as he leaned forward and kissed him.

Aidan groaned then pushed him away to say, “I think you’re right, you’re fucking sexy too Lucas. I think we’ve just been pushing that attraction away so much we didn’t even consciously realize it.”

“Shit whatever it is, I like it,”

Aidan smirked and said, “You’ll like it even more when I pay you back and fuck you blind like you did to me.”

Lucas groaned as he pulled open the shower door, with a yank, he pulled Aidan into the shower with him. Then turned the shower on, the water was like needles on his over sensitive skin, restarting the fire blazing inside of him. He wanted to return the favour but didn’t know if he was going to be able to recover enough to pay it out. He leaned back into the hot water coursing over his body and groaned.

Lucas watched him enraptured as the shower water rushed over Aidan’s body, outlining his muscles to perfection as they glistened in the water. Snapping out of his daze he kaçak bahis siteleri grasped a cloth and soaped it up before pulling him out of the water and began to slowly caress his muscles with the cloth. Scrubbing over every bulge of muscle, exploring his body. When he reached his abs he slowly scraped the cloth over the ripples feeling the muscle tense under the cloth. A soft groan slipped from Aidan as he leaned up against the wall while he trailed the cloth down to his thighs.

He scraped the cloth over the bulges of muscle that formed his thighs and calves before reaching up grasping his cock in the cloth and cleaning it, Aidan sucked in a breath as the fibres of the cloth rolled over his cock. His eyes rolled in his head Lucas cleaned his balls, Lucas stood up and turned Aidan against the wall. “Put your hands on the wall buddy, and I’ll wash your back,” he said as Aidan lifted his hands up against the wall, his back muscles rippling in response. He stroked the cloth over his back, making Aidan shiver in response as he cleaned the sweat from him before cleaning the oil traces from his ass and thighs.

Before Lucas knew it, Aidan had him pressed up against the wall. “My turn buddy.”

A groan slid from him as Aidan pressed the cloth to his arm and began the same almost sensual explore of his muscles, the soap suds running down his skin. He leaned up against the heated tiles and allowed the sensations to run over him as Aidan brushed the cloth over his skin, then over his chest and abs. His stomach tightened as he got closer to his cock, the sense of anticipation grew as Aidan took his time with his legs.

He gasped as Aidan suddenly grasped hold of his cock with the cloth, teasing him. Cleaning off the oil, he groaned as the cloth slid down and grazed his balls. “Put your hands on the wall buddy and I’ll get your back,” the husky, desire accented tone Aidan used rippled through him. Fuck it couldn’t be possible, but he was starting to thicken again just from the aroused tone of his voice. He turned and placed his hands on the wall.

A shudder ripped through him when Aidan kissed his spine before stroking his shoulders and neck with the cloth. Lucas groaned as the cloth slid down his back, the careful swipes over his muscles was driving him crazy. “I’m going to take your ass right here Luc,” Aidan growled from behind him as he opened the soap bottle.

Lucas grabbed hold of the soap shelf as Aidan ran his soap covered fingers over his ass, a moan slipped out as the sensation rushed through him, then another buzz flushed through his body as he realized that this would have been what Aidan had felt when he was preparing him. He cursed as Aidan pushed a finger in then a second one and lubed him up, “Ready buddy?” asked Aidan as his fingers twisted inside of him.

He groaned and pushed back slightly on his fingers, Aidan pulled them out before pressing his cock against his slick ring. He cried out as the sensations tore through him, now he knew how Aidan felt as his cock slowly pushed inside of him, he gasped as one of Aidan’s slick soapy hands wrapped around his cock and slowly started to stroke him. He moaned as Aidan teased the head of his cock and slowly pushed inside of him. “Fuck, squeezing my cock buddy, so tight,” Aidan grunted as he slid all the way in, continuing to tease his cock.

Lucas was finding it hard to stay upright as his fingers and toes clenched from the pleasure raging through his body. He could vaguely hear his own ragged moans over Aidan’s heavy breaths and the pounding splash off the shower. The clouds of steam shrouding them in opaque mist, he was being dragged along with the force of the sharp pleasure radiating through his body, as Aidan picked up his pace sliding into him at a greater rate. Before Aidan pushed out of him suddenly, leaving him bereft as the shower turned off.

Aidan grasped his hips and pulled him away from the wall, he staggered as the maelstrom of savage sensations whirled unsatisfied inside him. Aidan grabbed the towels from the wall, then assisted him into the bedroom. Aidan tossed the towels onto the bed then with a hot smirk shoved him on top of the towels. Lucas watched in fascination as water droplets weaved their way through Aidan’s sparse chest hair and over his abs as he pulled open the bedside drawer and pulled out the lube.

He watched hungrily as Aidan gripped his dick and coated it with the lube then applied a healthy amount to his fingers and shoved his legs apart and pressed his lube coated fingers into his ass. Lucas leaned back on the bed and groaned. He sucked in a deep breath as he stroked his throbbing dick with the lube. “I’m going to make you come so hard Luc, watch you come apart as I fuck you,” Aidan growled at him as he tossed the lube back in the drawer and shoved it shut.

He climbed onto the bed and shoved his legs apart, pushing his cock against the ring of muscle, but before he pushed in he leaned forward and took him in a brutal kiss. Lucas groaned into the kiss as Aidan pressed in, he returned the kiss with as much force as he had left before Aidan took possession of his cock again. He fell back against the bed and moaned as Aidan began to drive into him as he stroked his cock, hard and punishingly, his thumb swirling over the head.

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