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Subject: Man Cam (Bobertoo (4) This is an fictional story of sex with men from an internet chat site. This is completely fictional as most of the men live far far away. Some are straight, some gay and many bisexual. But all are hot, hot , hot. Enjoy… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Bobertoo (4) ……”Aweeee Fuckkkk” I cried out as Bobertoo slammed every thick inch of his cock into my ass. “Sooo ig daddy” I said “Fuck my pussy good man” And he did. Bobertoo began to really pump my hole with his cock. Faster my beefy bear went as he shoved his big cock repeatedly into my ass. Bobertoo started to grunt heavily as he continued to slam my ass with his hard dick. I grabbed for him and pull him to me. I wanted him to kiss me but he wouldn’t. But that didn’t bother me much as I was loving him fucking me so good. I was moaning as my hands reach for his pierced nipple and I pulled on it. Bobertoo slammed back down harder into me as I pulled on his tit. “Take my dick fucker” he growled. “Ughhhn. ughnnn. fuck yess” He continued Then just as quickly as Bobertoo started to plow my guts, he quickly stopped his fuck action. I didn’t want him to stop, but he did. I looked at him questioning whether he would continue. Then he grabbed my leg and flipped me over. “Get that ass up boy” He said “I like fucking doggy style” I was face first bursa escort into the mattress and he grabbed my hips and pulled up my ass. He reached up and grabbed a pillow and stuffed it up under my lap. My ass was just turned up enough for him to get a great angle. “There, that’s better” he said. Then Bobertoo climbed back up on my ass and thrust his heavy dick back into my guts. “Ughhnn” I grunted as his big cock sliced back into me. “Fuck yesss daddy” I moaned “Dig that big fucker into me. Aweeee” Bobertoo slammed every inch of his big club into me. I felt his big balls as they hit my ass. I reached under my body and past the pillow. I was able to grab those big boulders as I felt him start to really pound my butt. His big cock slammed down hard into me. I could feel the head of his cock as it pummeled my prostate repeatedly. The sensations on my body took over me. I could feel my body tingle with delight from him plowing my guts as he did. “Ohhh Godd that feels sooo good stud” I cried. “Pound me daddy. Pound my ass good” “Give me that big cum dump stud. Fill my guts with your love” Bobertoo didn’t slow as he even accelerated his assault on my ass. Its as if he intended to wreck my guts and hole with his big dick. He soon started to grunt louder. He soon was losing control of his body as he closed in on the impending orgasm that would lay me to waste. “Ohhh God man” he bursa escort bayan growled “Gonna bust a big load into this sweet ass man.” “Yeah stud” I cried back. “Fill me up. pour that hot goo up into my whore pussy” Bobertoo then abruptly stopped. He yanked his big schlong from me again. My hole felt the cold rush of wind as air poured into it. Not the cum dump I wanted. I looked at him puzzled. I wanted him to breed me. I wanted his cum deep inside my guts. But he kept denying me what I needed most. “Hows it feel boy” he asked He stroked his thick angry dick as he hovered behind me. “Give it to me stud” I begged “Please fuck me. I need it sooo badly” Bobertoo then pushed me back onto my back and climbed up on me once more. He pulled up my legs and aimed his big cock back to my ass and thrust. His big dick pierced my hole again. Then every meaty inch was pushed down into my guts. “Take my dick boy” He growled Bobertoo then proceeded to plow my guts fast. He just started to pummel my ass hard as he just wanted to dump into me. “Gonna bust a big load up that hot butt boy” he growled. Bobertoo continued to hit my ass hard with his cock. His dick battered my prostate repeatedly. I was soon groaning from the friction creating a heat in my ass hole. Faster and faster he went. Hi balls slapped hard against my body. Their sounds echoed in the small room. I loved that slapping escort bursa sounds as it had me grabbing my own cock while he pounded my guts. Bobertoo was now starting to sweat and his breathing became labored as he drew closer to the inevitable explosion of his balls. I started to fuck back as I so now wanted to be bred by this dude. “Yeah Bobertoo” I moaned “Fuck my pussy real hard stud.” “Give me that baby batter. Breed me daddy” Bobertoo was definitely going to as his body started a slow eruption that began from his loins and the quake blasted out to the rest of him. He grabbed my head and pulled me to him. He then kissed me as he began to madly thrust into orgasm. then I felt the first scalding blast. There was such heat in the cum he poured into me. I thought that it was literally lava gushing into my guts. “Take my cum boy” he howled. “Drink it up with that pussy. Drink it all up” He shoved my head to his neck and cheat as he continued to thrust his boiling cum into my bowels. the blast went on for nearly a minute it seemed. Bobertoo kept grinding his big nuts against my hole. I reached behind him and grabbed for those boulders. I could feel them still pulsing as he finished his explosion into me. Then Bobertoo pushed be down and fell on me. His hot body lay on me while he slowed his still thrusting body. I was now fully filled with his bull cum. I released his big balls from my hand and I reached for my hole. I could feel the overflow of his cum as it dribbled from my ass. I smiled as I lay there with Bobertoo on me……. End ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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