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Boots for C, part 1

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Boots for C, part 1For a while I was fairly active in the “hobby” of “dating” escorts. As you might imagine I tried to select ladies with good taste in boots, which believe it or not was harder than it seemed it should be in Chicago. Part of that was probably due to the fact that I couldn’t afford the really top end ladies that were more likely to have the excess cash to stock their closets at Macy’s, Saks, and Nordstrom’s. At one point I wrote to a lady who lived further out from the city and more in my general direction. I liked her reviews and although she was massage only, no full service, I found her intriguing. She was older, a “mature” lady, with very large natural breasts. When I wrote her to see if she owned any boots she responded that she didn’t but had been considering getting some. This led to a rather extensive email exchange of getting acquainted, and we also chatted quite a bit on google during the day and evening. During this time, we began planning a shopping trip to Woodfield Mall (near where she lived) to find her some boots, my treat of course. At one point during our conversations she mentioned a leather mini-skirt she buca escort owned and that it was “fun”. I remarked to her that it was probably a little much for a day time shopping trip and she concurred but said while that was off the menu stockings and no panties quite likely were.Finally the day arrived, and I drove to her apt to pick her up. When she opened the door I was quite pleased; petite as advertised, with a definite MILF body. Short curly dark permed hair, dark eyes, perfectly groomed with a lovely manicure in deep red. She said when you give handjobs for a living it kinda goes with the territory lol She was dressed in a black pinstripe blazer with a matching skirt and silk blouse, nude nylons, and black patent and leather d’Orsay ankle straps. The straps and last part of the toe cap were patent, but the rest soft leather, I believe she said they were by 9 West, one of her favorite makers. After a brief face to face introduction we left her place, as I opened the door to my Mustang for her I admired the view of her shapely legs and those shoes as she swing into the car., and I stole many a glance at her legs and escort buca shoes on the very brief drive over to the mall. Once at the first stop, DSW, I opened her door for her again, and this time she swing her right leg more quickly than the left, exposing her partially shaved (just a small patch left) pussy encased in her pantyhose, the lips slightly exposed against the hose. I offered her my arm and off we went. Being mid-October the shelves were filled with boots. We wandered up and down the aisles for a bit, her commenting on styles and what she did or didn’t like about them. Finally, she found a nice knee-high pair with a modest 3″ heel she wanted to try on. She found a pair in her size and sat down on the bench in the aisle, and then held out one foot. Taking my cue, I dropped to my knees and began undoing the delicate strap of her shoe, her fine size 7 in my hand at last. Her pedicure was as lovely as her manicure. Opening the box, I withdrew the first boot and unzipped it, and removed the form from the foot portion. I held her calf with one hand while the other held the boot and watched/ felt her wiggle her toes buca escort bayan and foot to get it into the tight-fitting leather. Soon came the familiar “whoosh” of her heel settling in, and then I lowered her foot to the ground and gathered the leather so I could zip it on her. As my eyes followed the zipper up her leg I noticed her legs had opened a bit and from where I sat I could see that her lips were protruding more than I had noticed at first, or perhaps her hose had ridden up a bit. Stepping on my foot slightly she softly said, “eyes on the boots” and I looked up to see a wry grin on her face. I resumed my duties with her other leg and soon she was clad in some very nice boots. Pointed toe, of course. She stood up and walked up and down the aisle a bit, admiring them in the low mirror on the bench and asking for my input (since they were truly for me). I thought they were ok but felt we could probably find a slightly higher heel and perhaps tighter fitting ones for her slender legs at one of the dept stores. She agreed, and thus back to the floor I went to reverse the process, enjoying the scent of the leather coming off her legs at least as much as I did when I put them on. I replaced her lovely shoes on her feet and the boots to the shelf, and off we went to the main mall. Her entry process to the car was the same and thus I was not treated any sight of her until the next stop…Macy’s.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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