Ağu 04

Bound Desperation

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Steve rocked back and forth in the chair as the sweat beaded up on his forehead. He was abducted by a gang hours before. They were trying to find his brother Stu, who owed them a lot of money. They took a video of him tied to the chair and sent it by a messenger. They left him there bound and gagged and told him that if they did not hear from him, when they got back they would deal with him in instead.

He pulled on his aching arms and tried to move his legs, but the real problem was he needed to piss and needed to badly. The sweat dripping down from his forehead was burning his eyes and the duct tape over his mouth only added to his discomfort. Suddenly he heard the clicking of feet against the floor as it echoed off the brick walls. He struggled to turn his head to see who was approaching but could not. He listened intently as the steps grew closer and closer and then stood in front of him.

Steve looked up to see a dark haired female in a tight leather outfit glaring down at him.

“The boys asked me to drop by and check on you. Got to make sure you have not loosened up these roped too much. No word from your lowlife brother I am afraid, so it looks like you will be a while longer,” the female growled as she felt the tension of the ropes that bound him.

“MMMPPHHH,” Steve groaned through the tape over his mouth. The spasms in his bladder were kicking in and he was afraid of pissing himself at any minute when she grinned and crossed her arms as she stood in front of him. Seeing the sweat covering his body she went to a nearby cooler and came back with a plastic bottle of water.

“I’m going to take the tape off enough to başakşehir escort let you drink this. Don’t try anything stupid. Just because I am a girl does not mean that I can’t fuck you up,” she remarked as she began peeling the duct tape from his mouth.

He let out an audible gasp as the fresh air sunk into his mouth. “Please, I need to use the toilet…real bad,” he groaned.

“Too bad honey,” she remarked as she put the bottle against his mouth. Drink it, and I mean all of it. I am not taking shit for you being dehydrated.”

“Didn’t you hear what I said?” Steve blurted out. I gotta pee. Come on let me go. I am going to piss myself,” He snorted as she began pouring the contents into his mouth. He chocked as the stream of the water began cascading down his throat. He had no choice but to drink it. When he finished he was nearly in tears.

“I’m not letting you up, but you can let a little out to relieve the pressure if you want. That is my offer take it or leave it!” she hissed as she tossed the empty bottle aside.

“Ohhh..Please…let me go to the bathroom,” he groaned, his voice shaky with desperation.

She slapped him firmly across the face. “Stop whimpering dick head. I told you. Let a little out. Do it now!!

She watched the agonizing look form on his face and grinned triumphantly at the control she had over him. She stared at the crotch of his Grey slacks and beamed sadistically as a small dark patch began to form. She could hear the faint hissing sound and was determined not to give him too much relief.

“That’s enough!” she yelled. She heard him gasp as he struggled to cut off the flow from his clamoring kadıköy escort bladder. “That should hold you for a while,” she grinned and walked over to him and placed the duct tape back over his mouth.

“You’re not too bad of a looker baby,” she growled in a husky voice as she paced around him. “I hope the boys find your brother and make him pay. I would hate to think what they might do to you if they don’t,” she cooed as she leaned over and began to undo the buttons on his white shirt one at a time.

She had loosened her top enough to expose her tits to him, and the fact that she was not wearing a bra. The scent of her perfume and the sight of her bare breasts caused his dick to harden a little and begin twitching inside his slacks.

She pulled the shirt apart to reveal his bare chest. “Mmmmm. Very nice,” she remarked as she ran her hands over his chest and along his stomach, teasing him to more hardness and grinning at the sight of his pants tenting by his erection.

“My, my. What is this?” she remarked as she ran her hand over his hardened cock. One minute you are begging me to let you piss and the next minute you’re stiff as a board.” “I don’t really think I can believe you anymore,” she teased as she began loosening his belt.

She unsnapped the slacks and pulled them down to his knees. “Naughty boy, peeing yourself. You should be ashamed,” she teased as she worked them over his hard dick and pulled them down to his knees as well.

She gripped his dick in the palm of her hand and began slowly stroking it. “I’ve always heard that men can’t pee if they have a hard on. Now I get esenyurt escort bayan to find out. I am going to keep that dick of yours rock hard for awhile. If you don’t fuck up and cum I might let you piss when I am done playing with it,” she threatened.

She could tell by the look in his eyes that he was still in misery, desperate to pee again, but she was enjoying toying with him. She played with his balls, and listened to the excited moans as the pre-cum began building on the head of his cock. She edged him to the brink of orgasm then stopped. Walking away to let the swelling go down and then seeing the desperate need to pee wash over him again before repeating the process all over.

When the swelling went down the next time she came over and sat on his lap, grinding herself into him as he fought to hold his pee in.

“Please…I…can’t hold it!” he groaned in a desperate plea. She laughed at his dilemma as she rose to her feet and unzipped her leather outfit. Letting it fall the floor she stood butt naked in front of him. He gasped at the sight of the sensual body and immediately his cock sprang back to life. She straddled him and lowered her pussy inches above his throbbing member then began pissing on it.

Her warm piss cascading over his cock was too much and he began shooting thick globs of cum into the air as he moaned deliriously. After she had emptied her bladder on him she rose back to her feet, leaned over and took his piss soaked cock into her hands and aimed it at his stomach.

“Now you can pee,” she ordered. His body shook as the powerful stream erupted and began soaking him thoroughly. She laughed him to scorn as she dressed and began walking away.

“You can’t just leave me like this!” he sputtered as she faded behind him.

He listened until there was nothing but silence. He looked down at his cock dripping the last drops of piss and hung his head in shame.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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