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“BOY-SAN” is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family, opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don”t care, or because you think you really want to read it, please be my welcomed guest.

BOY-SAN by Andrej Koymasky © 2020
by Andrej Koymasky © 2020
written on July 30, 1994
Translated by the Author
English text kindly revised by Richard CHAPTER 9

When they were in Okinawa, Takeshi found the courage to tell Kazuya what he felt for him. “Kazuya, I have to tell you something very important.”

“Yes?” the boy asked, slightly worried by his companion”s serious, almost formal tone.

“I”m in love with you. I would like you to be my lover. I love you, Kazuya.”

The boy lowered his eyes and kept silent for some minutes. Takeshi looked at him and waited with some worry for his reaction.

“I… I thank you very much. It is an honour for me, but… I cannot…”

“Why?” Takeshi asked sorrowfully.

“Why? Don”t you understand? I”m a boy-san. How could I possibly be your lover and… of thousand others? Anyway, I cannot stop, for the moment. Not until I have settled all my brothers, and that means many years more.”

“But, you”d like to stop, wouldn”t you?”

“Yes… for you.” Kazuya said sadly.

“Then … you love me, too?”

“Yes, of course.” Kazuya answered, his voice almost broken by his tears.

“Well, then, let”s open that bookshop you always dreamed about!”

“Takeshi, you”re really a dear man, but I cannot. I earn so very much being a boy-san and by doing so I can give my brothers all they need and even a bit more. I could never earn the same money selling books, not in the first few years, anyway.”

“I”ve got enough money…”

“No, please. Let me at least have the pride to be able to provide for my brothers with my own strength. Really, if it were not for them, I would say yes to you immediately, believe me.”

“I beg you, Kazu.”

“I can”t.”

“Please… please…”

“I really would like to. I love you.”


“I was wrong telling you I love you too. If I said just I liked you but didn”t love you…”

“I love you Kazuya, I don”t want to renounce you. If you don”t feel like stopping… well I can accept it, it”s okay with me. But be my lover, anyway!”

“Takeshi, please! Don”t you understand that it will become so very difficult for me? It”s difficult now – we could at the most meet once a week, on my free day. And all the other days with strangers…”

“I”ll pay the agency for one more or two more days a week, I can afford that…”


“Kazuya, I cannot renounce you, now…”

“You have to. There is nothing to do. And if you dare to pay just once again, I”ll refuse to come with you, is that clear? Don”t make me feel any worse about this than I already do…!”

“You don”t want to see me any more?”

“I didn”t say that. Even if possible, it would be better for both of us that I don”t. I don”t have that strength. I”m just saying that I don”t want you to pay again to stay with me. And that we have to content ourselves to be together just on my free days. But without your considering me your lover. I cannot be anybody”s lover now, at least for the moment, do you understand?”

“I”ll wait for you all the years there are to wait, Kazu, but you are my lover, because I love you and you love me.”

“And I will have sex with hundreds of other men, who are not you. And I will hate myself for each one of them. Is that you what want?”

“And you? You cannot ask me not to love you. Even if you said to me that you are not in love with me.”

“Why must life be so difficult? If just…”

“Kazuya, why don”t you want me to help you? I agree, perhaps I would not be able to give you all you can need, all the money you earn with your work, but I can help you. What sense is there in loving someone if you cannot help him? Wouldn”t you help me if you had the means and I was in need? Tell me, wouldn”t you, for me?”

The boy was silent, because if he spoke he had to answer that he would do so, but, answering so, he would have contradicted himself. He could see on Takeshi”s face the suffering he was experiencing, and that made him feel bad. But Kazuya was not able to see a solution.

Takeshi returned to the attack: “Listen Kazuya, why don”t we reach a compromise? Why don”t you look for a temporary solution, at least until you can be free to do what you want?”

“Free… in how many years? Possibly even eight, who knows?”

“And if even it was so? I want to spend all my life with you, what are eight years? And then, possibly they would be fewer. Jiro is near graduating and he will start to work and you will have one less to maintain. Then also Saburo, who already earns a little, will finish actor”s school, so it will remain just Yukio to care about. You will need less and less money. If you accept my help, in four years you could be free, possibly even in less than that.”

“Possibly. And anyway they are a lot…”

“Well, we will wait, but at least, meanwhile, we will mutually support each other with our love. Of course, I understand, for you it”s difficult carrying on with your job and… Also for me it will be hard to know you are in bed with others when I”m alone… But I”m ready to accept all that, if you will be – will think of yourself as – my lover…and without any shame at all.”

“Takeshi…” the boy said shaking his head. Both they felt the desire to embrace each other, but something prevented them from doing so.

After several minutes of silence, Kazuya caressed Takeshi”s hand and, with a chocked sob, said to him: “But I… I do love you…”

Takeshi held that hand tight, almost with a sense of despair, and murmured: “Tell me, again…”

“I love you, Takeshi, even if I would not have to…”

“Love me, without asking you if you have or not…”

“Why don”t you forget me?”

“Can you forget me?”


“And how can you ask me to do something you cannot do? Do you think it”s any different for me?”

“No, you”re right. But what can we really do?”

“Love each other, as life”s conditions impose on us. But love each other. Possibly, this is the only freedom we really have.”

“I”ve spoiled these three days of vacation, haven”t I?”

“No, not at all. You said me that you love me, this is the most important thing. As for the rest… we”ll find a solution.”

“Which one?”

“I don”t know, yet, but we will find one.”

“I”d like to have your confidence.” Kazuya said sadly.

“We will find a solution. Let”s not think about it now. Let”s enjoy the time we have now.”

“Yes, it”s better. Why not to go in our room, then?” Kazuya said standing up and taking Takeshi”s hand.

They went back to the hotel and they made love, tuzla eve gelen escort with an almost desperate intensity.

Until they were back to Tokyo, they didn”t raise the subject again. When they were near to parting, Kazuya asked Takeshi: “Can we meet Wednesday, that is my free day?”

“I want that very much indeed.”

“Can I have lunch at your home?”


Some months elapsed, Kazuya and Takeshi met every Wednesday. They didn”t raise the problem again, but each of them knew the other was continuing to think about it.

Takeshi decided to go to see Naoki and to confide with him. He told him about himself and Kazuya, and of his three brothers, one of which was Saburo, his lover, and asked his advice – what did he think it was possible to do.

Naoki carefully listened and at the end said: “In my opinion, the key of all the problem is the fact that the four brothers don”t know at all about each other.”

“I don”t understand. What has that to do with my problem?”

“It is very simple, indeed. If they knew, it is evident, the problem would be solved. If the Omura knew all about each other, it would be just natural that I could take care of Saburo, and that nurse of Yukio, relieving so Kazuya of the money problem. Jiro is near his graduation, and Kazuya could, with your help, immediately open the book shop he dreams about and stop his work, as he wants, and therefore become your lover in fact as well as intent.”

“Yes… yes, it seems logical…”

“And it will be Kazuya”s same brothers who will push everyone toward this solution, don”t you think?”

“Yes, but how to do it? I don”t think that Kazuya would be happy at all, letting his brothers know about him. And anyway, who and how could tell them of each other? It”s me, because I know all of them? Kazuya could become angry with me and I will obtain the opposite result…”

“If I knew that nurse, just Jiro will be missing. For him, I don”t know.”

“What do you mean?”

“If I knew that nurse, I could invite him here with his boy, and you with Kazuya. And of course Saburo would be with me. Just Jiro is missing to put all them to confront.”

“Would you do that? Really?”

“Of course. And I could pretend to be the one who knows about all four brothers and who decides to make them meet. Inviting them and their lovers. So, if Kazuya becomes angry, he will be mad at me and not at you.”

“But if, on reflex, Saburo becomes mad with you?”

“No, I know him well, I don”t have this risk. Just the problem Jiro, remains.”

“It”s possible to solve that, perhaps.”


“The boy goes often in a certain gay bar. If you met him there, possibly with me, you could become acquainted with him and therefore invite him too.”

They discussed the idea some more. Takeshi could go to that bar frequently, until he met Jiro again, then he could fix a new meeting, telling it to Naoki who would come “by chance” to that bar so Takeshi could introduce them.

Therefore Takeshi started to attend the bar where he met Jiro. For several evenings he went, but Jiro didn”t show up. He didn”t know that Jiro was now with Ben and that they seldom went to a bar, and anyway to a different one. About two weeks elapsed, and Takeshi was about to abandon that idea and to look for another solution. One evening, while Takeshi went out from that bar and was going towards his car, parked not so far away, he heard his name called. He turned and saw, on the opposite side of the street, first a tall and slender foreigner with light hair, then he recognized Jiro near him. Not believing to his luck, Takeshi crossed the street.

“Jiro! What a nice surprise. How are you?”

“Very fine, thank you, and you?”

“Fine, thank you. It”s been a while since the last time I saw you.”

“May I introduce you my boyfriend? Ben, this is Takeshi…”

“How do you do.” Takeshi said in English holding out his hand.

“Hajimemashite.” the foreigner said at the same time, bowing in Japanese style.

They all burst in laughter.

“Jiro, I”m very happy you found a lover, and a very handsome one, too. But now I am unhappily in a little bit of a hurry. Can we meet another evening? I would like to offer you a dinner, possibly. I really would like to spend some time with you two, and to get acquainted to your lover, Jiro…”

“You are very kind. What do you think, Ben?”

“Willingly. For me there is no problem.”

“So, then, when are you free, boys?”

They fixed the date, the place and the time. They parted. Takeshi went away really happy. As soon as he was away, he took his cellular phone and immediately called Naoki to tell him he met Jiro and about the appointment. Naoki took note and promised he would show up.

Meanwhile Takeshi contacted Sanma and explained to him too all about the problem and the plan he had thought through with Naoki, and asked the nurse if he was willing to participate. The young man accepted merrily, he liked the plan and was happy to be part of it.

So Takeshi brought him to meet Naoki and all three discussed the plan. Naoki and Sanma found each other likeable and when Sanma said, with his frank smile: “After all we three, being in love with the Omura brothers, are in some way a big family, are almost like brothers-in-law.” Takeshi and Naoki nodded in assent with conviction.

On the agreed day, Takeshi met Ben and Jiro. He took them to an elegant restaurant in Akasaka. They were eating and chatting, when Naoki arrived and approached at their table.

“Takeshi-kun! What a pleasure to meet you again! How are you?” Naoki said with a cheerful voice, pretending he met a friend he didn”t meet for a long while.

“Oh, very fine, and you? Are you alone? Why don”t you come at our table and eat with us? May I introduce you? He is an old friend of mine, Naoki. Here is Ben, from New Zealand, and this is Jiro.”

Naoki, after standing a little on ceremonies, sat down with them. And he started to talk mainly with Ben and asked him if he would accept a part in a TV movie. Ben seemed interested, so they exchanged their telephone numbers promising each other to remain in contact.

Jiro, at a certain point, understood that Naoki was the director with which Saburo worked, and seeing that he was a close friend of Takeshi, suspected that also the director was gay. But not wanting to drop a brick, and not wanting to make the director understand that he too was gay, said nothing, not even that he was Saburo”s brother. When, after the dinner, they parted, Jiro told Ben about his suspicions.

“If Naoki was gay, too, I ask myself… the fact that he follows for so long time, and with so much care for my brother Saburo… aren”t they perhaps lovers?”

“It could be. Would you be so surprised by that?” Ben said quietly.

“No… well, it would just be funny if Saburo was gay without either of us suspecting anything about the other.”

“Why don”t you just ask him?”

tuzla otele gelen escort “Saburo? No, if I”m wrong, he could… Moreover, I would have to expose myself… I can”t just ask my brother: do you like sex with men? Do you fuck your director?”

Ben laughed, then said: “Anyway that Naoki seems very likeable. And also Takeshi. Then, we can”t say that Naoki is gay just because he is friends with Takeshi. After all they both work for TV.”

“And anyway it isn”t our business. Unless Naoki was really gay and was offering you a part just to get you into his bed.” Jiro said giggling.

“In that case he”s wasting his time. I will never cheat on my Jiro. Not even if it was the most fascinating man in this world.”

“He is really fascinating, Naoki.”

“Yes, but he doesn”t appeal to me, not even a little bit.”

“If he really was Saburo”s lover, I will be glad for my brother. It”s sure that he did a lot to help him, and is helping him very much in his career, whatever the reason.”

“Will you not tell Saburo that you”ve met Naoki?”

“I don”t know. Perhaps.” Jiro said thoughtfully.

Notwithstanding, while Takeshi was in haste to do what now they now called among themselves the “family reunion”, Naoki was taking his time. He wanted all to happen in the best way possible. He was, as usual, being a director, very careful also about the details. Therefore he started inviting Ben to the TV studio, offering him a part in a detective story he was shooting.

Here Ben met Saburo. They greeted each other, at times also exchanged some words, but not much more.

But Saburo, after a few times, said to Naoki: “That Ben… he is a handsome and likeable young man, and I have the feeling he is gay too.”

“What makes you think so?”

“The way he looks at me, or at other boys, especially when he thinks nobody looks at him.”

“I think he is gay, too. I met him with Takeshi.”

“Is he his boyfriend?”

“I don”t think so. Ben was with another boy, whose name was Jiro, like your brother. And I know that Takeshi has another boy.”

“Did you met them in a gay club?”

“No, in a restaurant in Akasaka.”

“Bah…” Saburo thoughtful commented. The fact that the foreigner young man was with a boy called Jiro, didn”t specially hit him – Jiro is possibly the most common name in Japan. Moreover, Saburo was not accustomed to think ill of others.

Jiro, when his lover went back from the studio, asked Ben if he”d met Saburo.

“Yes, sure. He his a handsome, likeable boy.”

“Did you get the feeling he is Naoki”s lover?”

“Not really. They get on very well, but I couldn”t have the feeling there was a story between them. They act just like director and actor, at least there in front of other people. But this means nothing… why don”t you talk directly with your brother?”

“I don”t know, I”ve thought about it several times, but I don”t know how to face such a subject. Even among brothers, we never talk about sex, here in Japan. It”s easier with a friend than with a brother. But, do you like Saburo?”

“Yes, he is a beautiful boy, and he resembles you, in some ways.”

“Would you like to have sex with him?”

“If I didn”t know you, possibly yes. But I have you, nobody else appeals to me, you know it. I was rather thinking that if… if by chance I could find a steady work, and then get a work visa, I could remain in Japan with you, forever…”

“Would you really? And your university career…?”

“You”re more important, a lot more…”

“Would you renounce your dream, for me?” Jiro asked, amazed and moved.

“Yes, more than willingly. So, I thought, I have to think about that seriously. I could perhaps tour all the private schools asking them if they need a full-time teacher of English; if they did, they could apply for a work visa for me.”

Jiro was more than happy, and moved at these words. But, with a sense of responsibility, he said to his lover: “You have to think well about that. To renounce to all so… I don”t want you to regret it one day…”

“We know each other sufficiently well. I don”t want to be parted from you in a little more than a year. I love you, Jiro. You are everything to me, you”re more than my career, more than everything.” Ben said embracing him.

Jiro kissed him deeply, for a long while and, caressing him and feeling his excitement, started to undress him and to undress himself. In a while they were intertwined on the futon, dedicated to giving each other pleasure. Ben started to lick his lover”s rigid member, moistening it carefully with his saliva, then lay down, spreading his legs and raising them, in a silent offer. Jiro, more than excited, slipped between his thighs, applying his hard and throbbing rod on Ben”s hole, ready to welcome him, and slipped inside him in a single, passionate, long stroke.

“Oh, Jiro, my love! I like so much having you inside me.”

“Do you really want to stay with me forever?”

“Yes… oooh, sooo… you make me feel in paradise… go on… move inside me… as you know how… yes, so… oooh, yes…” Ben moaned while Jiro took him with long strokes of tender and youthful virility.

Jiro, while taking Ben, caressed and kissed him with gentle passion. Ben quivered and moaned feeling a more and more intense pleasure.

“I love you so much, Ben! I want to be yours forever. I like taking you so. I like being taken by you. You are so beautiful Ben, but while we are making love, you are even more than beautiful.”

Their movements were full of grace and harmony, while their bodies were exchanging pleasure their souls were melding into one. If their physical enjoyment was strong, their spiritual one was immense. Their luminous eyes communicated that without words. Even if in that moment Jiro was taking his lover, it was as much true that Jiro was giving himself, body and soul, to Ben, and his lover felt that, and was happy. Jiro stopped before cumming and wanted to swap parts and, without making his lover move, Jiro pierced himself on Ben”s long, hard, throbbing rod, sitting on his lap. Ben sat up so that he could embrace Jiro”s trunk and kiss his mouth, while Jiro sprang up and down on that delicious pleasure tool.

They swapped positions several times, taking each other in different ways, never sated of each other, trying to postpone the supreme enjoyment that both searched for but which would have given them, at least for a while, the satisfaction of their senses. Their bodies seemed to try to pull down bodily limits, to melt into only one thing, competing to give to the other happiness and pleasure.

Two other bodies, almost at the same time and in another part of the metropolis, were giving reciprocal pleasure. They were those of Kazuya and Takeshi. Kazuya was feeling growing in himself the love for that man that wanted him to be only his, and to whom he would have been able to belong completely. Kazuya was taking his man with a kind of tuzla sınırsız escort desperate passion. Kneeling on the bed one on back of the other, Kazuya held the man he loved tight against his chest, caressing with sweet vigour his pectorals and moving inside him, back and forth, while Takeshi, his head turned back, kissed Kazuya deeply and with passion.

“Oh, Takeshi… I am… near cumming…” the young man panted.

“No, wait… not yet…” the man begged.

Kazuya, shuddering, became still. When he felt that the danger was over, he slowly slipped out from his lover and lay down, trembling with emotion: “You should take me, now.” Kazuya said with a smile filled with sweet desire.

Takeshi nodded and raised the boy”s legs. Kazuya folded them on his chest, offering himself to the man. Takeshi bent over him to lick the firm, round, small buttocks, the shadowy furrow, the palpitating hole. Kazuya shuddered strongly and moaned: “Oh, Takeshi, take me. Let me feel how much you want me. Make me forget I am just a boy-san!” he quivering implored. The man stopped licking him, made him stretch down his legs, and lay on his body embracing him tight.

“Kazu, I love you. I don”t love a boy-san, I love Omura Kazuya, who is the cleanest, best person who could ever be on this earth.”

“And who fucks with dozens of men for money…” the young man added, bitterly.

“You do love me, though, don”t you?” Takeshi asked, caressing him.

“Perhaps, if I really loved you, I would look for another job, at the price of working sixteen, twenty hours per day…”

“But you love me, right?”

“Takeshi, take me…”

“But you love me, right?” the man insisted, smiling him with gentleness and taking his face between his hands.

“I love you, yes! How could I not love a man like you? But it is right that making me suffer. I can”t stand any more the lust I read in the eyes of the men choosing me. And yet, I have to. And after fucking with them, I would like to be able to wash away even just the memory of what I did with them. But I never succeed in that. Take me, Takeshi, let me feel that I am still a human being and not just a flesh doll. Let me feel that in spite of all I can still be loved and not just fucked, that I still can love and not just fuck! That I am still a normal boy…”

“Kazuya, you are the most wonderful boy I”ve ever met, I would never change you for any other!”

“Take me…” the young man again implored.

Then Takeshi, with extreme tenderness, entered in him and took him with all the passion and love he felt for his beloved. Kazuya abandoned himself to that gentle ad yet deep penetration.

“Oooh, yes… I feel you… finally… you are in me…”

“I love you, Kazu.”

“Yes… and you are able… to make me… feel it!” the young man murmured, closing his eyes, clutching stronger to his strong man, enjoying that hot member plunging inside him with virile desire.

“You too make me feel loved.”

“I would like to be only yours.”

“You are. The others, don”t count.”

“It is true… oh how good, Takeshi!… Let me feel all of it… all inside… push… harder…”

They made love. But at the end Kazuya was sad. Takeshi noticed it at once. Embracing him, asked him the reason of that sadness. Making an evident effort not to let his tears out, Kazuya answered:

“A few more hours, then the usual life, far away from you. It is more and more difficult for me, you know. We were wrong to tell each other we are in love. It was a lot easier as it was before. And yet, now, I would not have the strength to step back. And I neither do I want to have to do it, either.”

Takeshi lightly rocked his lover”s body. Kazuya curled up against him, closing his eyes and trying not to think. They remained that way for a long time. Meanwhile, Takeshi was thinking that he hoped Naoki would hurry up to get their plan started. It seemed to him that Kazuya, at this point, needed just a light push to decide, and Takeshi was more and more persuaded that this could came just by the “family reunion”.

When Ben went to the studios for another shoot, a little before the end of the movie, Naoki told him to stop by his personal office before he left, because he wanted to talk with him.

When they met, first Naoki asked him if he felt okay doing that kind of work as an actor. Ben answered that he really enjoyed doing it, and that his only regret was that it was a temporary job. In fact he was looking for a full time work allowing him to get a work visa, so he could remain in Japan. So Naoki asked him how he felt about living in Japan.

“Very well. So well that I would like to stop here, as I said.” Ben answered with a smile.

“I bet you want to stay here because you are in love.” Naoki then said with a sly smile.

“Well… you are right.” Ben admitted without any problem.

“Who do you love? Is he Jiro?” then Naoki asked him straight out, looking at his eyes.

Ben looked at him amazed, his mouth open, without answering.

Then Naoki said to him with an accomplice tone: “Will you keep a secret?”

“A secret?” Ben asked rather amazed, then guessed what it could be, so nodded: “Yes, of course…”

“I”m Saburo”s lover. You are Jiro”s lover, right? You can tell me without worry, now.”

“Well, yes, it”s so. But, then… Jiro was right!”

“Ah yes? Really?”

“Well he couldn”t be sure, but he thought it was possible.”

“And what was his reaction?”

“He would have been happy for Saburo.”

“Ah, that pleases me very much. Yes, Saburo and I are lovers. He is a splendid boy. And you, are you okay with Jiro, isn”t it?”

“Yes, and I would like to be able to live with him. If I just could get a work visa… I don”t want to lose him, now that I”ve met him!”

“Well, for that I can possibly give you an hand. I can”t yet promise you anything, but I”ll try to help you.”

“I would be grateful to you forever. It would be splendid!”

“But you, in turn, would have to help me.”

“In what? Tell me, and if I can…”

So Naoki explained him the plan for the “family reunion”.

Ben was listening at him with disbelieving eyes: “It seem almost unbelievable! All four brothers are gay, and they don”t know about each other. And really Kazuya has sold his body to raise and maintain his brothers? Good God, what a bravery! Sure, if he would like to stop in order to live with Takeshi, we surely have to help him!”

“But the problem is that Kazuya still feels responsible for all his three brothers, and even if he wants to stop, he hasn”t the courage to do it: he thinks it would be selfish.”

“As Jiro yet thought about you two, and that he said he would be happy, can”t I tell him? Jiro, knows Kazuya better than all us together.”

“No, I think we have to say nothing to our boys.”


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