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Subject: Boys from Bangladesh – Chapter 5 Chapter 5 : The Breaking (Part One) Disclaimer: This is a fake story that has come out of one of my sadistic self-pleasure moments, and the people or events mentioned within are purely fictional. Also, the story involves the mention of some pretty intense stuff with/between characters who might be perceived as underage by some. If reading or imagining this makes you even the slightest uncomfortable, I would recommend you discontinue reading further right away. If you like my story, and if I have helped you achieve at least one `happy ending’ – please consider donating to me, since – believe it or not – this is my full time gig. Please email me on freddy_yyy_2k@yahoo for your thoughts or ideas, or to know how to donate. Also, please keep donating to Nifty at fty/ to keep everyone’s creative and erotic juices flowing. Cheers and wink wink! — A quick recap of the story so far! I have done my `intros’ with the two boys – Shoaib and Imran, that I’ve imported from Bangladesh for my depraved vacation. Though Shoaib has complied, Imran has given me a hard time, and I know exactly how I am going to bring him down to his knees – literally. … For the next few days, I let the boys be on their own. I had confined them to a single room, and had their food and essentials sent to them. I could see Shoaib settling in a bit, but Imran spent most of his time sitting quietly on the corner of his bed. And although I didn’t play with them, I had installed cameras in their room and bathroom, through which I could satisfy my perversions. I hadn’t forgotten about how Imran had humiliated me. For each of my touches he shoved off, and each of my orders he disobeyed, he was going to pay dearly – much more dearly than he would have ever imagined. Tomorrow was the day I would bring him to his knees – literally – for my package was here. — As Imran woke up, he realized he wasn’t on his usual bed. While he was asleep, I had brought him to another bedroom. He kept gazing around to get a sense of where he was. Then he looked at his feet and what he saw gave him the shock of his life! I was sitting on the sofa right in front of him, and on my lap was sitting a cute 13 year old boy – Imran’s little brother Azhar! I had my right hand wrapped çorum escort around Azhar’s tummy, gently caressing his adolescent body. Imran let out an angry scream that made Azhar jump, and was about to charge at me when he saw my left hand gently pick up a gun. He realized what was happening, and sat there looking awestruck. “See Azhar, what did I tell you? Your brother will be shocked to see you!” I smirked at Imran as my hand gently reached under Azhar’s t-shirt and caressed his silky skin. “Bhai!” Azhar shrieked in joy, “Bhai, how are you?” Still shocked, Imran managed to blurt, “Azzz.. Azha, what are you doing here?” “Asif chacha came home and told us that he is taking me to visit you. He brought me here in a big airplane. Then this uncle brought me here and told me we will surprise you when you wake up!” Imran’s jaw dropped, and I could clearly see the sweat on his face. I continued, “Azhar, tell your bhai what all we did.” “Yes uncle. Bhai, uncle showed me his swimming pool. He got me so many toys and chocolates. Did you also see his swimming pool?” Imran continued looking. He felt as if he was in a nightmare that he couldn’t get out of. “And Azhar, let’s show your bhai what gift we have gotten you”, I sneered at Imran. “Ok, uncle!” Azhar chucked sheepishly. I made Azhar stand and pulled off his t-shirt. Then I gently pulled down his shorts. Imran froze in horror. Azhar was wearing a cute red thong that contrasted beautifully against his plump white tushy. I pulled him back on my lap and sneered once again at Imran. He was defeated – he was clearly broken. But he still had a lot of repayment to do. I gently put my hands on Azhar’s boy boobs and squeezed them. He snickered shyly. Then I pulled him closer and whispered into his ear, “go ahead, tell your bhai why we bought you this dress.” A little embarrassed, Azhar chuckled and said, “Bhai, uncle said you will like to see me in this dress. He said even you wear this type of dress. Uncle said we both will wear this dress and then we will have fun in the pool.” This was the last straw for Imran. He broke down and started weeping, “Sir, please let him go. What do you want from me, sir?” Azhar panicked seeing his elder brother cry, and immediately tried rushing over to him. But çukurambar escort I just pulled him closer again and whispered in his ear, “don’t worry Azhar, your bhai is fine. Just tell him to do what I asked him.” Azhar stuttered, “Bh.. bhai, don’t cry. Uncle is a good man. Do what he is saying, and we will have a lot of fun.” “See Imran? Isn’t that easy? Did you really have to make this so difficult for me?” Imran kept quiet, looking down at the floor, tears still rolling from the side of his eyes. “Now come one, Imran! Go to the bathroom. I have kept a dress similar to Azhar’s for you. Put that on and come out.” He looked up in shock – first at me and then glanced at Azhar, who was a bit confused now. Then he woke up and headed to the bathroom. As soon as he went in, I made Azhar stand up. “Let us make sure your dress is neat”. I gently put my finger in the strap and moved it along. Azhar shivered and chuckled. Then I rubbed my hand on his little cock. “Are you feeling tight here?” “No, uncle!” “Good!” Then I turned him. Wow – he had the most beautiful boy butt I had ever seen, and the thong was only enhancing the view. He had a plump ass, just like his brother’s; but Azhar’s ass – just like the rest of his body – was silky white. I kept my hands on his butts and gave him a playful squeeze. “No, uncle – it tickles”, he chuckled! Then I took him back on my lap. A minute later, Imran emerged from the bathroom wearing a similar thong. It was tight for him since I had intentionally bought him the same size. He walked sheepishly over to the side of the bed, his hands covering his crotch. Azhar chuckled as he saw his elder brother in the thongs. Imran smiled nervously at him. “Good job! Now take off your hands”, I barked. Hesitantly, he took off his hands and I could see that his cock was clearly uncomfortable inside, and his balls could be seen peeking out. I signaled him to turn around, and he did. Wow – he had an ass to compete with his baby brother. I now had a pair of white and dark chocolate asses at my mercy. “See Azhar? Doesn’t your bhai look handsome?” “Yes, uncle. He looks good.” “Ok now go stand near him. Let us take some nice pictures.” Still embarrassed a bit, Azhar woke up and went near his brother. ankara escort Imran looked guiltily at him. Then I took a few front and back shots of the brothers, and went back to the sofa. I signaled Azhar to come to me. He came running and sat on my lap. “So,” I asked Imran smugly, “didn’t you say you didn’t want to obey me?” My fingers slid over to Azhar’s puffy pink nipples. “Ss..sorry, sir. I am very sorry, ss..sir”, Imran spurted. “And?” I kept playing with Azhar’s nipples, as he contracted his body, chuckling all the time. “And, sir?” “And what now? Do you want to obey me?” “Yes, sir – yes, sir. I will do whatever you say. Please leave him, sir.” “Hmmm. This is not what I want to hear. The other day, I asked Shoaib to pledge his servitude to me. Now since you didn’t say it to me then, I want you to say it loudly – ten times – in front of your little brother. Is that understood?” “Yyes, sir.” “Now say ten times – I give you my body and soul, and I will serve you till the end of my life.” “…” “Is there a problem, Imran,” I asked, as my right hand sled to Azhar’s boy crotch. “Nnoo – no, sir. No problem. I – I give you my body – and my soul – and I will serve you till the end … end of my life.” “Good boy. Now say it nine more times.” As Imran repeated, I could see him break down completely – defeated for life. This is what I wanted. He was mine now – he was my slave. And of course – his punishment was just getting started. As he finished the tenth time, I chuckled and said to Azhar, “see Azhar, your bhai is so great. We will have so much fun now.” Azhar had gotten nervous over the last few minutes, but listening to me now, he was much relieved. “Now go, Imran. Get ready. I will call you later. Now, Azhar and I are going to play in the pool. Aren’t we, Azhar?” “Yes, uncle. Yay! Bhai, you also come fast.” “Yes, Azhar – bhai will come too. You go and wait outside. I will come in a minute.” Azhar ran out cheeringly. I looked back at Imran. He was frightened out of his senses now. I went close to him and grabbed his chin. “The consequences have just begun, Imran. And you – and your little brother are going to pay now. Try and behave now, and it will not be so bad.” He was horrified! I winked at him and walked out of the room. — Next chapter is coming soon. Please share your thoughts and ideas hoo. Also, as I mentioned earlier, this is how I am surviving through the pandemic, so please consider a donation if you feel my stories have the potential to heat you up. Email me to initiate a donation. Cheers!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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