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Subject: Brad Series – Brad 11 This work is copyrighted by the author the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission in writing from the author. Personal or private copies are permitted only if they are complete and include the copyright notice. Placing this story on a website or reproducing this story for distribution without the author’s permission is a violation of that copyright. This is a story of a young male’s relationship with an older male. It will contain some sexual scenes, but it is not totally about sex. The series of chapters are completely fictional and are the result of the author’s fertile imagination. Any resemblance to any real person(s) is purely coincidental. The story contains consensual sexual behavior between a young male and an older male. It depicts unprotected sex and protected sex practices are the way to go if you plan to be around for years to come. May the flies of a thousand camels infest your armpits for not succumbing to the passions of your fertile imagination! If you are underage (below 18) or object to the subject matter, leave now as the door that let you in will also let you out. Also, don’t forget if this story or series of stories make you quake in your shorts, donate! fty/donate.html Keep this great venue of erotica free and on-line! From Chapter 10: When Brad finally moved off of my face, he leaned down and kissed me deeply, with cum on his tongue. I quickly opened my eyes and saw Tony sitting on the lap of Mike on the couch. The intense blow-job I just had was Brad. I closed my eyes and broke the kiss for just a second to whisper, “I love you big bro.” he replied with a wink and went back to kissing me. My god I fucking love my brother!!! It has been about a week since the tangled sex adventure I had with Tony, Mike and Brad. Brad has been practicing nearly non-stop for wrestling. He finally took a couple days off and I was happy to comfortably sleep with him again. I rarely sleep in my bed, I cuddle up next to him when he comes home from practice or a match in the evening. I awake nuzzled next to Brad, I don’t sleep in my bed much anymore, and he is still asleep. It gives me a little bit to feel the hair around his nipples on his hard chest as it slowly goes up and down. I am instantly hard, and my cock is rubbing his waist as I leave my head on his shoulder. The muscles there are so firm but make a great pillow. Pulling back the covers slowly I see through the faint light that he is hard, and I let my hand slowly drag my fingers down his chest, through the hair on his tummy to the wide head of his cock. I pick it up and the weight of it makes my eyes close and my breath deep. He is still snoozing, easy to tell by the light snore that comes from his nose. I trace my fingers down his ridged shaft to the massive hairy balls that hang between his askew legs. Am I such a hoe now that I want to empty those balls down my throat or deep inside my ass? I guess I am. The amount of heat that Brad is emanating under the covers for me is almost stifling, but that heat is turning into a deep seeded need for me to have. Another thing that catches me is his scent, the un-showered hot sleep smell he has. I turn my head a little and my nose turns to his furry pits, as I inhale through my nose, his natural musk sends stars into my field of vision. With his pit hairs tickling the end of my nose, my hand starts rubbing my dick. I stick out my tongue and lick just a little bit of his pit and the acrid taste fills my mouth. I start jerking my dick fast as my face rests in his furry pit, wanting him inside me and to have this scent on my nose for the day. I feel an orgasm rumbling in my groin as Brad turns to his side and is now staring at me. “Come on little buddy, get it out on my stomach.” He says in just enough time for me to cum. My little globs dribble out onto his tight stomach and get caught in the hairs there. My head spins and as I finish up, I open my eyes and see Brad staring at me and then looking at his stomach. “How about you clean me up, I need to go and mow the lawn.” He says as he points to his sticky stomach. I need no other statement, I scooch down and lick my globs of cum off his stomach and swallow them. I notice istanbul travesti that he is still rock hard, and I take his head into my mouth and start sucking on the moisture that is accumulating there. “No buddy, I got to get up and mow. Maybe later.” He says gently pushing my face away from his cock. Getting out of bed, he gets himself out a pair of shorts, and socks, sits down on the bed and bends down to put his socks on. I marvel at his broad back and the muscles that move around as he gets dressed. When he stands, I see his furry ass in all its’ glory, firm and tight, with the light fan of hair coming out of the top of his crack. He steps into his shorts and turns towards me with a hefty semi hard-on and tries to adjust himself so it is not that noticeable. It doesn’t work. He steps into a pair of old Nike’s and heads out of the room. I quickly get up and throw on some clothes and follow him. He smiles as he sets out two glasses and fills them with OJ and we take a minute to down the contents. He finishes and motions for me to do the dishes as he heads out the back door. I quickly do the dishes and when I was done, I could hear the roar of the lawn mower. I went to the window and heard the machine sputter and die. I watched him out there in the morning sun pulling on the starter cord, aghast at the way his muscles tighten as he pulls the cord. Finally, he gets it going and off he went. It was a humid morning and within a little bit, I could see a sheen on his body as he was going back and forth. When he finished, he grabbed the trimmer, and again with the muscles that I didn’t have, he yanked and yanked it to life and trimmed up the back yard. I thought of something and I went to the kitchen and got him a tall plastic cup filled with ice and water and took it out to him. He had just put away the trimmer and mower when he saw me. He took the cup and downed most of it in one or two swallows. His chest was covered in running streams of sweat and was heaving breath into his lungs when he handed me the nearly empty cup. “What else are you gonna be doing outside today?” I asked, not even looking at his face. “I was thinking about going for a jog. Before it gets too bad out here.” He said, obviously seeing me look him over. “Besides, you like me sweaty, don’t you?” “Duh!” I said looking at the nearly ‘out of the shower’ look he had on him. Off he went, jogging down the street, the sweat marks already going down his back and soaking the top of his shorts with a nice arrow pointing towards his crack. I was enthralled with that image as I went about the house and cleaning a little here and there, though my mind was not involved at all, it was focused on Brad, and how sweaty I knew he would be when he got back, and the anticipation of his scent. It was a good hour later when the front door opened and in came soaked Brad. He was a glistening god standing there as the air conditioning made his nipples pinch down to a tight nub. He sauntered into the kitchen and filled his cup full of water and stood there and downed the whole contents. I lost contact with my arms and legs and all I could do was will myself to where he stood. He filled up the cup and while drinking it down, slower this time, I put a quaking hand on his slick hairy stomach and felt the heat and moisture there. He just stood there and when he was finished with his water, he pulled me closer and took off my shirt. With my shirt tossed on the floor, he pulled me into his mass and instantly my cheek and part of my chest was soaked in his heady smell and wet from his sweat. I was seeing stars as he guided my head up to his armpit as he lifted his arm. I buried my face there, and he pushed gently on the back of my head as I started licking the pungent sweat from his matted hair. My hands started communication with my brain again and I raised them from hanging to his waist and felt the fabric of his shorts soaked. For a couple minutes I spent my time in his armpit, then the other, making sure that they were well licked and the hair there was mostly free of sweat. My thumbs felt in between his waist and fabric and started to pull them down as I finished with his pits. As soon as they fell to the ground, his powerful kadıköy travesti scent cascaded up his torso to my nose. The smell of a man filled my senses and I started salivating. I knelt and pulled those thickly haired legs out of his shorts and tried to stare at his face, but his cock and balls blocked my view. I eased my way up and buried my nose in his bush and inhaled deeply his musk and felt my nose become soaked from the sweat around the base of his cock. His cock throbbed a little as I buried my face in his scent holder. I stuck my tongue out and licked the base of his ball sack while ingesting his scent to the core of my body. One day, one day I will have this scent hopefully. His cock began to grow as my tongue tickled his sack, and when it grew to his height, I pulled away and took him in my mouth. God the taste was so intoxicating I thought I may actually pass out. His hands fell on my ears and he took over control of my head as I let him guide me back and forth slowly, tantalizingly slowly, back and forth on his cock. I tried to speed up a little and he quickly stopped my head and as a punishment buried his cock nearly to the hilt in my throat. I was trading the ability to breath for the pleasure of my brother. The tradeoff was decent as I felt his hard cock push my tonsils out of the way and enter my throat. His spit-soaked cock was pulled from my mouth and my head was moved south to his hairy nuts and I took one then the other in my mouth. He let out a deep moan as I spent equal time on each one, sucking on them, licking them, pulling gently. I was lolling one around with my tongue as I played with my dick when he stood me up and pulled down my shorts just enough to expose my ass. I knew what was coming so I turned myself around and exposed my hole for him to use. I was waiting for his cock to push against my hole when I felt something hot and wet in my crack. I looked around and his face was buried between my cheeks. Oh my lord, I was getting licked to heaven by Brad! He used his powerful arms and pushed me forward onto the countertop and while licking me senseless he reached around and took hold of my dick. I thought I may cum right there and then. He continued using that hot tongue of his on my hole and gently jerked my dick, I was in a place in my head I have never been before! He spent a good ten minutes eating me out then pushed my bare feet out of the shorts I was wearing, then picked me up in a bear hug and carried me to the couch. I turned myself over and put my legs in the air beckoning him to take me right then and there, but he motioned for me to get up. I rose and as soon as I did, he flopped down on the couch on his back and pointed to his cock. I knew what to do, I got on that cock with my mouth and got it good and slippery, all the while still feeling his spit making my crack gooey. Once I got his cock slicked up, I crawled up and straddled him. He threw his arms up and behind his head as I impaled myself on his cock. Through my spit and his, it was slick back there and he slipped into me with the smallest of peeps from me. I had to still take my time getting all of him into me, which I hated, but when I felt his bush hit the back of my balls, I knew I was there. I sat there for a moment as his bush felt so good on the back of my balls, the burning sensation was easing and that meant he was home again. I rode him slowly to start, but eagerly picked up speed. It was so hot for me to look down at him and see his face contort to faces of pleasure as I rode him. Sweat slowly drying on his body. I sped the pace up and reached around and grabbed his balls in that loose sack and tugged on them a little, which caused him to moan loudly. I felt them trying to ease themselves out of my grip and cinch up for his orgasm, but I slowed and gently tugged them again to bring him away from the brink. My legs burned, my asshole burned, I felt my body temperature rising as my big brother’s cock slid in and out of me. I wanted to try something a little different, so I got up off his throbbing cock and turned around so that he could watch his cock disappear into my ass. I straddled him and put my hands on his ankles where his wet socks led into his Nikes. bakırköy travesti I felt him spread my cheeks and heard him spit on his hand and put it on my hole as he guided his cock to my hole. I slid down his cock as I stared at his hairy muscular legs. I really liked the way his cock hit different areas of my insides. I looked down and felt envious of how much hair was on his legs, the sweat accentuating it is making the hair darker and more pronounced. Finally, I had had enough and stood off of his cock and Brad moved off the couch and I laid down and spread my legs. Brad did not need a verbal request, he crawled on top of me and as he held my ankles, he spat again on his hand, put it on my hole and I felt his cock enter me again. He dropped my ankles onto his meaty shoulders and settled down on top of me and the intoxication of him fucking me, his weight, and his scent as he started pounding my ass made me cum on the spot and it leaked out all over my tummy. I was nothing more at that point than a pleasured moaning, spent fuckhole for my brother to use, and I was in paradise. He began fucking me harder and harder, the only sound I could utter was grunts as his hips slammed into my ass and his cock rammed deeper and harder into me. He used his strong arms and held himself up and bent his forehead down to mine as he took his pleasure. His sweat was coating my face and his chest was heaving air into his lungs as he kept pounding me. I reached up and felt his back as he pounded me, and they were immediately slick with sweat. He leaned in and covered my mouth with his and began kissing me deeply as I could feel his back muscles working as he kept pounding me long and hard, ramming his thick cock in and out of me. His sweat, his scent, and feeling my handsome brother fuck the hell out of me brought me to the brink again and I came again on my stomach. He wouldn’t stop pounding me and I wasn’t complaining. He noticed my second orgasm and leaned on one hand as he used another hand and cupped up my cum off of my stomach and fed it to me, never once missing his stride as he kept pounding me. Once there was no more cum on my stomach, he lent down and kissed the rest off my tongue. His hot breath was alternately being forced into my mouth and shot in shorter and shorter bursts from his nose. He drew back and buried himself deep within me and I could have sworn I felt his cum shot meet the cum in my throat. His loud grunt was animalistic, and he rammed his cock deep inside me as he shot. He yelled “FUCK!” as he hit the third or fourth stroke and stopped as his cock was still pulsing buried deep in my hole. He leaned up and grabbed my ankles as he tried to catch his breath, I reached up and felt his sweat slick chest and stomach as he heaved mass amounts of oxygen into his lungs. When he finally slipped out of me, his entire body shook. I was having a total out of body experience, I couldn’t speak, no thoughts other than pure pleasure ran through my body. Brad laid his weight back down onto me and kissed me, neither of us needed words at that moment. His large sweat slicked frame crushed me a little as he kissed me, but I did not care, it was my brother. His pulse was fast, and his breathing was evening out, but he still stayed where he was. I love my brother! He finally stood and went to the kitchen to get something to drink. My legs barely worked, and I was light-headed while I was teetering on my wobbly legs as I made my way towards the kitchen. He had fucked me so hard that I couldn’t keep his cum in me and I just let it ooze out and trickle down the back of my legs. Brad stood there and got me a glass of water, I was still in ecstasy. I drank the cold water and as my senses came back to me, I could feel my brothers huge load leaking down the back and inside of my thighs, it felt like it was never ending. “Shower?” He said breathlessly as he stood there glistening in the light. I still couldn’t form words, I just nodded. He put his arm around my shoulder and as we walked to the bathroom, I laid my head on his arm and I couldn’t help it, I sniffed deeply into his pit, and his wet hair there tickled my nose. I enjoy him so much, and I knew he knew I loved him, and he loved me too. Remember that sprayed semen does not work really well with electronics, so be careful reading my stories that you don’t ruin a keyboard, phone, tablet or another vulnerable device. Email me anytime, as I respond to all emails that are legitimate. ail

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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