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Subject: breaking baker mayfield – 6 Disclaimer: This is a purely fictional story, but please do let me know if it does turn out to be non-fiction ;-P. i love to hear from all of you. xoxo – jasper proseinourdreams@ proseinourdreams.wordpress p.s. don’t forget to donate to fty/donate.html “Up, boy!” The man’s voice became louder and louder, no longer letting on the pretense of keeping quiet or keeping this, whatever this was, on the down low. Baker limped to his feet, his knees shaking so badly he could barely stand, pathetically covering his raging hard on with trembling hands and meekly waiting for the intruder to say something, for him to recognize Baker, for him to make any sound at all, for him to call security on the two of them… or the press to descend upon him… ruining his career, his life… “UGHNN!!!!” Baker wasn’t expecting the man to suddenly slap him across his face. Before he could grasp what was happening, the quarterback found himself thrown on his back on the wooden locker room bench. Before he could react, Baker felt the man’s mouth on his again, his meaty legs somehow hoisted in the air and draped over the man’s shoulders, his bruised knees wedged against his own sweaty armpits. All Baker could do at that point was cling on to the man’s steely arms, feeling those rough hands wrap around his throat again, feeling that giant cock snake back inside his wet, sloppy hole with brute impunity. “UGHNN! UGHNN! UGHNN!!!!!” It was the same in this position as well. As soon as the man bottomed out, he wasted no time fucking Baker. Breaking him. Pounding him, feeling that hole contract and open, tasting the jock’s hot lips and wet tongue, feeling Baker grip his arms tighter as he choked and fucked Baker harder and harder. “(OH FUCK! UGHNN! UHGNN! OH GOD! FUCK! UGHNNN! UGHNN!! OH! FUCK!!!!” Baker had never felt that kind of pain and pleasure before. On his back, he could feel all his sweat grease up the wooden bench, feeling that man thrust into him and pulling him by his throat and neck at the same time. All the quarterback could do was grunt and whimper into that man’s mouth, feeling his hole stretch even wider and accommodating that man’s cock even deeper with every slam of his abuser’s body, curling his toes tightly behind the man’s sweaty bald head as the sloppy, wet sounds of skins lapping against skin, of balls slapping against taint, the wet, sloppy sounds his worn hole made whenever that cock was ripped out of it and shoved back in… the perverse sounds of animalistic breeding echoing in the locker room. Delirious in those few minutes of hardcore pounding, Baker had momentarily forgotten about the slam of the door and the approaching footsteps. All he could do was hang on to that man’s arms for dear life, feeling his sweaty, greasy body get fucked across that bench as he instinctively crossed his ankles behind that man’s head. “You filthy little slut…” The man looked down at the blindfolded mess of a quarterback, covered in spit and drenched in sweat; his curly, dark-brown hair completely dripping. Baker was even more of a cock whore on his back, surprising perhaps nobody but Baker himself. The man felt Baker’s clasp on his arms tighten as he spit repeatedly on that adorable, pathetic face, into the bursa evi olan escort quarterback’s gasping, open mouth. “That’s right… stick that tongue out… stick that tongue out you whore…” “Uhnnnnggnnn! Ughnnnn! Ughnnnnnnn!!!” “You want people to watch, don’t you, slut… you like putting on a show, don’t you, faggot…” The man growled as he spat in Baker’s mouth again, watching the athlete unconsciously swallow before licking and biting his lower lip, wincing from the man’s words and whimpering from the cock flexing in his hole. The man could feel Baker’s entire body buzzing and trembling around his cock. “You cocky little show off…” “UGHN!!! OH FUCK! UGHNN! UGHNN!!!! Baker cried out again, feeling the man’s rough hands grip his waist and resuming his brutal fucking. He desperately held on to the wooden bench top as he got fucked across the long bench inch by inch, his head suddenly dropping off the edge of the bench as his fingers finally found the bench legs, holding on to them tightly so he doesn’t get fucked off the bench. “You love getting fucked as much as showing off for people, don’t you, boy,” The man reveled in the horror on Baker’s face and the quarterback’s devastating, shrieking gasp when he felt a second, hard dick flop down and slap against his scruffy cheeks. Both men noticed Baker’s throbbing cock suddenly started pissing so much precum the quarterback’s belly was instantly drenched and overflowing with sticky, clear jock juice. “That’s it… use that kid’s throat… he’s a whore for cock… use it, man…” “(UGHN! UGHNN! UGHNN!!!!)” Baker gagged as he felt that second cock slam brutally down his throat as the man continued to fuck him, feeling hands molest his beefy, muscular torso and spreading his precum everywhere, feeling the second man’s balls slap against his nose and blindfolded eyes. “Come on, pussy boy, open up… open all the way up…” The man taunted Baker, grabbing the quarterback’s ankles and spreading those thick, meaty legs as wide as possible. Baker’s eyes rolled to the back of his head under that blindfold, feeling the man’s long, fat cock suddenly finding a different angle, pounding away at a different spot deep inside him. Skewered on two pummeling cocks, Baker gripped the bench legs so tightly his knuckles turned white, feeling the second man’s hands wrap around his throat, gagging, slobbering and barely able to breathe. A terrifying heat swelled in Baker’s loin, a sensation he’d never, ever experienced as his heart raced faster than ever before. All he could do was whimper and squeal through that other man’s cock, feeling his throat and hole fucked open simultaneously, feeling the sudden, uncontrollable quaking of his body… feeling his legs shake wildly in the man’s hands, feeling himself arch his back off the sweaty, greasy bench, his long toes curling and flexing in the air, hearing his own muffled, bloodcurdling scream as rope after rope of creamy cum spurted out of his untouched cock… feeling the longest, most intense orgasm he’d ever experienced, or remember experiencing, as the two men continued to viciously pound and slam into his hole and throat. Baker felt so humiliated, so used… so exposed. So scared. Tears began flowing out of altıparmak escort his blindfolded eyes. But… it felt so good… feeling that cock pummel his hole, feeling that cock lodged in his throat, getting the cum fucked out of his balls. His body wouldn’t stop quaking and shaking as cum continued to dribble out of his rigid, hard cock with every slam of cocks into each of his used holes. The quarterback was burning. His beefy body was drenched with sweat and his own cum. He was high. “Bad boy… bad boy… Spit that cock out… spit that cock out!” The man let go of Baker’s ankles suddenly and slapped the quarterback across his red, saliva-covered cheeks until Baker coughed up that second cock. Wrapping his arms under the whimpering and crying jock’s sweaty, hairy pits, the man hoisted that sweaty, beefy body upright, impaling Baker on his throbbing cock. “Ride it, boy… Ride it… whore…” “Please… UGHNN! UGHNN!!! Please…” Baker was delirious and rambling. He scared himself hearing his hoarse, whiny voice in full volume in that locker room, his entire body still convulsing, his legs still shaking as his bare feet touched down on the steamy tiled floor, his hands and fingertips trembled as they braced against the man’s thick, iron pecs for support, feeling all of his thick cum slowly dribbling down his chest and abs as he obeyed like a little bitch, writhing on that cock as he slowly began to impale himself on it, again and again. “Faster boy! Faster boy!!” “UGHNN! UGHNNN! UGHNN! UGHNNN! UGHNN! UGHNNN!!!!!!” Baker was unhinged as he felt the man’s hands on his hips, forcing him down deeper and slamming him down faster every time the quarterback tried to stand up. “Come ON BOY! FASTER! HARDER!” “UGHNN! UGHNNN! UGHNN! UGHNNN! UGHNN! UGHNNN!!!!!!” Baker screamed as the man, clearly dissatisfied with his cock-riding, began fucking up into his worn, wet hole, wrapping his muscular arms under Baker’s armpits again, gripping the jock’s muscular shoulders and forcefully pulling the panting, gasping quarterback down so Baker’s face nestled in the nape of his abuser’s neck. That boy’s muscular body was burning hot, wet hot. “Don’t you move now… don’t you dare move…” “UGHNN! YES! UGHNNN! YES SIR! UGHNN! UGHNNN! UGHNN!” Baker could feel his own wet, dripping hard cock wedged between his and the man’s belly, gripping the man’s arms and teetering on his long toes on the sweat-covered tiles, feeling the man picking up speed, holding him in place as he fucked up into Baker’s now dripping hole, bottoming out inside him over and over again, hearing the sloppy sounds of a wet, squishy hole assaulted over and over from underneath. “Good boy, good pussy boy… don’t you dare move now… You want to put on a show, don’t you? You cocky little shit,” The man whispered into the sweaty mound of beefy, squealing pig jock he was fucking, suddenly bottoming out and holding his long cock there, feeling Baker’s entire body shake and tremble as he flexed his cock inside the quarterback. “Don’t. You. Dare. Move.” “OMG! UGHNN! UGHNN! OH GOD! OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!!!!!!!!! UGHNNNN!!! UGHNNNNNNNN! UGHNNNNNNNNNNN!” Baker abruptly screamed into the man’s neck as he felt a second cock slowly snaking its way inside bursa merkez escort his bruised hole, stretching it open against the man’s cock, painfully and determinedly inching inside him. Baker’s ass was on fire. His whole body was tingling and burning as he wailed into the man, gripping his abuser’s arms so tightly as the man held him in place. Baker felt like he was being split into two but also felt his own achingly hard cock throb between his and the man’s stomachs. He was sobbing. Crying. Screaming. “JESUS! OH FUCK!!!!!!!!! UGHNNNN!!! UGHNNNNNNNN! UGHNNNNNNNNNNN!” “Come on… fuck him… fuck that boy pussy…” The man taunted, and immediately, Baker felt that second man push in, pull out a bit, push in deeper, pull out, push in… deeper… deeper… faster… faster… Baker had lost all sense of time. By the time he felt the second man’s hands gripping his shoulders, he knew that man had finally shoved his entire cock deep inside his hole. All Baker could do was grit his teeth and hang on for dear life as both cocks began to fuck him simultaneously. The slurping, juicy sounds his hole made with two cocks slamming in and pulling out in that locker room… The numbness in his fingers from gripping the man’s arms so tightly, the numbness of his toes digging into the tiled floor so desperately. The sounds he made… the pathetic, girlish shrieking cries and shrill whimpers, the hoarse grunts and depraved pleas. Baker was at his breaking point, his absolute limit, when he felt the two cocks swell even harder and fatter and started slamming into his hole with absolute brute abandonment and disregard, sometimes just one cock, sometimes the other, sometimes both together at no determinable intervals or pacing. Pure animal, sadistic fucking. “OMG! UGHNN! UGHNN! OH GOD! OH FUCK! OH FUCK! OH FUCK!!!!!!!!! UGHNNNN!!! UGHNNNNNNNN! JESUS! OH FUCK!!!!!!!!! UGHNNNN!!! UGHNNNNNNNN! UGHNNNNNNNNNNN! UGHNNNNNNNNNNN!” “Come on, big boy!” “OMG! UGHNN! UGHNN! OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD! UGHNN! UGHNN! UGHNN!!!! UGHNNNN!!! UGHNNNNNNNN! UGHNNNNNNNNNNN! UGHNNNNNNNNNNN!” Baker knew instantly, feeling the sudden wet, hot stickiness pool between his and the man’s bellies, that he had cummed again, and that, with the deep grunts from two strangers and how long they’d managed to shove and hold their cocks deep inside his hole this one time, how they’d held on to his body, how their cocks flexed deep inside… Baker knew… when he shot his load again through bitter tears and hyperventilating sobs, the two men had simultaneously dumped their loads, together inside his stretched and broken hole. It felt like hours, being held there, feeling his own cum pool between his and the man’s bellies, feeling the hot, wetness gush out from the rigid cocks and filling his insides, feeling the two giant cocks flex and throb. Finally, through the quarterback’s own gasps, his own cries, his own girlish whimpers, Baker could hear it. Hearing the sloppy, wet sounds of a softening cock pulling out of a gaping hole; feeling the emptiness that it left him, of the shame and the regret and the desire for more, as the man beneath him brazenly pushed him off of his cock. Baker fell to the ground with a wet, slick, pathetic thud, instantly curling up into the fetal position, gripping his shaking legs between his beefy arms, desperately trying to clench his brutalized, opened hole so all that cum won’t shoot out. Sobbing quietly to himself. Forgetting where he was. “Sex shop. Tomorrow night. Don’t you even think about not showing up, Baker.” To be continued… More ail

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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