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Breeding Sasha Ch. 01

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Author’s note:

This is a work of fiction set in the future. The conditions pertaining to the world at that time are fictional, as are all characters in the story and the location. The activities and practices described in this story are not necessarily condoned or recommended. If you choose to do anything described in real life with real people you do so at your own risk.


Sasha woke early in the morning, the combination of a change in time zone and an unfamiliar bed conspiring to limit her sleep. She stretched her gorgeous body, luxuriating in the warmth of the room, and pressed the control to clear the window so she could see the magnificent view.

Outside the sun shone from a clear blue sky onto the azure ocean whose waves were breaking gently onto the sloping white sand of the beach. Tall palm trees fringed the beach and she noticed several people swimming in the sea and lying on the glistening white sand. Too good a day to stay in bed, she thought as she threw back the covers and stepped through the door onto her own private patio. The warm sun caressed her naked body, a sensation which she had forgotten since her childhood.

After a few minutes on the patio she re-entered her suite and checked her electronic personal assistant (EPA) for any messages. Just a text message from her best friend, asking that she contact her when she had time and hoping she had a safe and enjoyable flight. She pressed the diary icon and the screen displayed her program for today:

Room number B172 Occupier: Sasha Lidgow Personal id. B477815 Age: 20

Status: Fem Breeder Grade: Neophyte 1 Intake: 2591

Monday 27 July 2314 Local time 0728 Location: Valalu Breeding Resort, Valalu Island.

Current temp 72F Predicted max temp 85F

Assigned impregnator: Troy Ashleigh Personal id.: I744511 Age 22

Status: Impregnator Grade: Exper 4

May be contacted by pressing the ‘Impreg’ button on your room pager from anywhere in the resort.

Assigned waiter: Andy Fitzgerald Personal Id.: W422691

May be contacted by pressing the ‘Call’ button on your room pager from anywhere in the resort.


Valalu Breeding Resort is a clothing optional resort, located 3 degrees north of the equator and therefore possessing an idyllic climate all year round. Temp range between 65 and 85F, ocean temp range between 60 and 70F. Usual length of stay 21 days. Purpose: to enable selected breeders to procreate in a relaxed environment.

Your program for today:

0800 — Breakfast served by Andy in your room.

0900 — Attend briefing in room G4 — see location map on wall screen for directions. Clothing: optional.

1000 — Meet with your impregnator Troy after the briefing.

Remainder of the day is free for you to familiarize yourself with the resort, the island and Troy.

Enjoy your stay.

Sasha was a little disconcerted at the impersonal way that it all seemed to be handled. However, she realized that it was difficult to convey anything emotional through an EPA screen. She hoped that Troy would be a little less impersonal.

Sasha unpacked her bag and placed her belongings in the bathroom. Her pre-arrival briefing had suggested she bring minimal clothing and the reason for this was now obvious to her. She placed the few items she had brought in the closet, had a shower to wash off the travel grime and sat on her patio watching the waves while waiting for breakfast.

A light knock on the door and her waiter opened it, not waiting to be invited, and entered with a tray loaded with fresh fruit, juice, a selection of cereals, a hot meal under an insulated cover and a plunger of coffee. However, the first thing Sasha noticed was not the delicious breakfast but the fact that the waiter was totally naked. The logic that clothing optional meant just what it said, and that this would apply to everyone at the resort, had failed to sink in. Sasha had difficulty meeting his eyes as hers kept straying downwards to his large, semi-erect penis bobbing beneath the tray.

“Good morning Sasha,” he greeted her. “I hope you had a restful sleep. Welcome to Valalu Breeding Resort. My name’s Andy and I’ll be your waiter for the duration of your stay with us. If there’s anything that you need please don’t hesitate to press the Call button on your room pager.”

While Andy was saying this he was expertly unloading the tray onto the patio table.

“Thank you, Andy,” replied Sasha, trying hard to meet his eyes rather than stare at his penis. “I’m looking forward to my stay and I expect that during the three weeks I’m here we’ll get to know each other quite well.”

She blushed as she realized this could be taken in a more personal way than she had intended, but he obviously saw nothing wrong in her remark, or, if he did, he didn’t show any untoward response.

“So you’ve received today’s program on your EPA, I guess?” he asked.

“Yes, thank you. I haven’t checked where room G4 is yet but I guess I’ll be able to find it easily. After that esenyurt escort Troy will be accompanying me on my resort famil tour.”

“Ah, so you have Troy as your impregnator. You are so fortunate. He has an admirable record. Most breeders become pregnant during the first cycle with Troy; he has a far better record than many of the other impregnators. He’s also very sexy and easy on the eyes, so the women say, and totally trustworthy. You’ll really enjoy him, I’m sure.”

“That’s great to hear,” replied Sasha, slightly embarrassed to be discussing the man whose job it was to make her pregnant, with her waiter. “I’m looking forward to meeting him this morning.”

“Enjoy your breakfast,” said Andy, moving towards the door after finishing laying her table.

“Just before you go,” said Sasha, “What’s the story with clothing? Is it Ok for me to just stay naked all the time or are there some places where I should wear something?”

“Naked anywhere and at any time is fine. You’ll notice that it is lots warmer here than where you’re from so you’ll not feel cold at all. If you’re naked and sitting on public chairs it is good form to sit on a towel. You’ll find a towel in your bathroom that you can use. The towel is also useful if the chair’s in the sun; saves you scorching your derriere,” he smiled.

“Do you ever wear clothing?” asked Sasha, curious.

“Very rarely and then only reluctantly. You’ll notice that I am tanned all over; I really like that look. It also feels so free to be naked and I feel claustrophobic when wearing any clothes at all. However, sometimes I do need to wear a penis pouch as he can get in the way a little at times.” He grinned as he said that, noticing her slight flush as she looked as his large member again. “As I said, anything I can do for you please just let me know,” he added with a wink.

“Thank you, yes I will,” said Sasha as he walked to the door.

After he closed the door she felt her vulva and noticed it was decidedly moist. Surely he wouldn’t mean that he was offering those services, would he? After all, she was here to become pregnant, but that was Troy’s job, not his, wasn’t it? Perhaps he was offering that service but would wear a condom. I guess time will tell was her final thought as she started eating her breakfast, only then realizing how ravenous she had become.

Sasha found room G4 easily from the wall screen map and also from her EPA, the location having been programmed into it allowing her to use the GPS function. Experimentally she pressed the Home button and noticed it directed her to her room, B172. They thought of everything. As she entered G4 she found there were about 15 women already there, most of them naked but a few wearing a brief bikini bottom or other token item of clothing. The first thing she noticed was that all the women were very attractive and had the appearance of being self-assured and intelligent. She had expected this, figuring that if she was part of a selective breeding program then it was people like these who should produce the next generations of the human race. She sat on her towel next to a stunning black woman and introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Sasha,” she said.

“Hi Sasha, I’m Tracy,” she replied, “Did you just get in last night?”

“Yes, arrived late so didn’t get much sleep. However, with weather like this in an idyllic place who needs sleep?”

“Yes, it’s great, eh. I guess this is what it was like a couple of centuries ago in summertime in the temperate regions, but it’s now only like this in the tropics thanks to the global cooling that’s taken place.”

“Yes, my grandparents showed me a book of very old photos in which people were swimming in places where now there is permanent sea ice. A really amazing climate change in a relatively short time.”

“So I’m guessing that all these women are breeders?” asked Tracy.

“Well, I know I am, I guess you are so I also guess they are as well. Is this your first time?”

“Yes, I turned twenty last Thursday so was put into this intake. Is it your first time too?”

“Yes, I turned twenty last Tuesday — two days older than you,” Sasha smiled, “So it’s my first time as well.”

“What did you think of the selection process?” asked Tracy

“Pretty grueling, but I guess if the future of the human race depends on us then they need to be sure that the best stock are producing the next generations. I was amazed at the depth of the enquiries, even going back four generations to check for any genetic impairment. The gene research into genetic deformities being transmitted through many generations is pretty conclusive, so I feel their tests are fully justified. “

“Good to see, but quite intrusive really. I guess they told you all about the degenerative diseases and impairments that occurred in the past due to humans fiddling around with food and changing the patterns of genes. Imagine doing that when you had absolutely no idea of the long term effects.”

At that moment a tall, blonde woman, who looked to be in her late zeytinburnu escort twenties, took the podium and everyone hushed expectantly.

“Good morning Breeders,” she began, “My name is Danielle and I’m in charge of the Valalu Breeding Resort. You will find my contact details on your EPAs in case you need me. Welcome to Valalu Breeding Resort and Valalu Island. We think it’s a great place and we certainly hope that you enjoy your stay here. You may find that the hardest part of the whole session is leaving to go home.

“You have most of the details about the resort and island on your EPAs now and also on your room wall screens. You no doubt realise that your purpose here is to procreate the human race and to provide further suitable breeding stock for future generations. Nobody knows how long Iceberg Earth will last except that the previous times this has happened the cold period has come on very quickly, just like this one, and it has taken around 80,000 years for the earth to rewarm. So we have to maintain an excellent gene pool if we are to have any hope of still inhabiting this planet when it rewarms. For this reason I make no apologies for the grueling selection program you have been though. We believe that you will more easily become pregnant in a relaxed environment so that is what we aim to provide here. Statistically, 92% of you will become pregnant during the next 21 days. That is the best percentage of any breeding resort so we must be doing something right.

“I am pleased to see so many of you naked. The freedom of being naked also adds to the relaxation that you will feel here. There really is no occasion when you will need to wear clothing here as the climate is extremely equable and the permanent residents rarely if ever wear anything at all.

“Very soon you will be introduced to your impregnators. These men have been carefully selected for having potent sperm, being sexually very active and having pleasing personalities for interacting with women. When you see them I think you’ll also agree that they are very easy on your eyes.

“What you do here is very much up to you. I suggest that you mix active pursuits, such as swimming snorkeling, boating or walking with less active pursuits like sleeping, reading and watching the odd movie. In between these, of course, you have work to do; making love with your impregnator. I’m sure you will find that work to your liking.

“Who are at a breeding resort for the first time? Hands up please.”

Sasha and Tracy raised their hands along with many of the others.

“Now, of those, who have been really good and are still virgins? No problems if you’re not, I would just like to know.”

Both Sasha and Tracy kept their hands in the air; most of the others did also.

“Congratulations. So for you, tonight will be an interesting night, making love with a man for the first time. My advice, take it slowly and enjoy the experience. Your impregnators have all been expertly trained in releasing a woman from her virginity and for many it is their highest achievement, apart from siring healthy, strong, intelligent children, of course.

“So for all of you, newbies and veterans, feel free to enjoy sex with your impregnator as often as you wish. You may also like some variety by coupling with other male staff, in which case it is unnecessary for any prophylactic or birth control protection to be taken as all staff here are tested regularly for any diseases and all male staff are vasectomized. So the only males in the resort with viable sperm are the impregnators. In view of this and for our record keeping purposes, it is important that your allocated impregnator is the only impregnator with whom you have sex until it is confirmed that you are pregnant.

“So without further ado, here are your impregnators.”

A line of naked men walked into the room, all of them robust, strong, intelligent looking guys who, in the eyes of the women, were drop dead gorgeous. The majority of the women were staring mostly at crotch level, noticing the line of partly or almost fully erect penises parading in front of them. Sasha felt herself becoming moist from this display of manliness.

Similarly, the impregnators were looking around the group of women eagerly, noting that once again all the women were drop dead gorgeous and eminently fuckable. These observations added to the hardness of their male members.

“As I call out your names one by one, please come forward and meet your allocated impregnator who will then accompany you to your room. This will be the last formal gathering we will have until just before you leave, so once again enjoy your stay on Valalu and we wish you all the best for wonderfully fulfilling pregnancies and uncomplicated deliveries.”

Danielle started calling out women’s names and as each was called they went forward to meet their impregnator, who greeted their breeder with a kiss and then they walked together out of the room. Sasha was the fifth name called and she nervously taksim escort bayan walked forward to meet Troy, a remarkably handsome man with an intelligent face, large penis and wonderful muscles. If he was the future of humankind then the planet was in safe hands.

They embraced and kissed briefly, Sasha enjoying the heady manliness of his naked body, then they walked to Sasha’s room.

When they entered the room, Sasha turned to him again to sample another kiss and embrace. They clung together closely, lips touching, then joining and remaining together lingeringly. After several minutes they parted and, still holding each other, pushed one another away a little to have a closer look at each other.

Troy’s penis was now at full erection.

“Omigod,” said Sasha, “Is all that meant to fit inside me?”

“Only if you want it all inside you,” replied Troy. “The choice will always be yours but I’ll guarantee that by the end of the first week you’ll want it all and more if I had it.”

“Hmmm, we’ll see,” replied Sasha. “So when’s the big deed? My defloration?”

“Whenever you wish, my dear,” replied a smiling Troy. “I am yours to command. The only thing I do insist on is that we have sex often enough so that you leave here with a baby growing inside you. Other than that, sex can be once a week, once a day or once an hour, whichever you choose.”

Sasha digested this for a short time, still holding Troy with one hand while her other hand explored his rampant penis and cupped his huge testicle-filled scrotum.

“You really are built like a stud bull,” she said. “What happens if I squeeze these?” she asked devilishly giving his balls a squeeze.

“If you only squeeze them that much, that’s fine, but if you try to squeeze them hard enough to damage them I think you will find that I may respond in a less friendly manner. Let’s not try that, eh.”

Sasha released his scrotum and ran both her hands over his chest while thrusting her hips forwards so that her pussy rested against his hard cock.

“Would you like to fuck me now?” she asked huskily.

“Yes, my darling, whenever you’re ready for me.”

Sasha pushed Troy backwards onto the bed and followed him, ending up lying on top of his chest and cock.

“You lead,” she said, “You know what you’re doing.”

Troy rolled onto his left side, taking Sasha with him, and began kissing her again while at the same time caressing her firm back, sides and breasts, avoiding her nipples for the moment. Sasha reciprocated by gently rubbing his chest and back, unable to reach his cock which was lodged between her legs. They remained like this for nearly half an hour, just becoming accustomed to each other’s smell and feel.

“You feel so wonderfully sexy,” murmured Troy, stroking her long blonde hair.

“Mmmmm, so do you,” she replied rubbing from his buttocks to his shoulders.

“Have you used tampons?” asked Troy.

“Yes, darling, no hymen to break through.”

“That’s great; no mess to clean up.”

“By the way, where do you sleep at night?

“With you, sweetheart, right here. Is that Ok with you?

“Absolutely. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I was just curious. So that means we can make love all night long if we want.”

“Yes, that’s right, and all day as well if you wish.”

“And you wouldn’t run out of, you know, goo?”

“Sperm? Or cum if you like? I probably would. The sperm takes a while to mature after it’s made so it’s important that I inject mature sperm into you, not immature sperm. So it’s best if we make love every second day. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have sex as much as you want. We can always have sex so long as I don’t cum too often. There are lots of ways I can make you cum apart from using my babymaker.”

“Oh. That’s great. And you wouldn’t get frustrated?”

“Not if I knew that I’d get to release my cum in you in the next little while. Are you ready to go further now?”

“Oh yes, please fuck me. Please open up my cunt with your huge cock, impale me, split me in half, do it now, darling. Oh I love you already and we only met about an hour or so ago. Do me now, honey.”

Troy rolled Sasha onto her back and started work on her in earnest, caressing her breasts and nipples, gently rubbing her abdomen, avoiding her pussy, rubbing the inside of her thighs, then starting all over again from the top.

Sasha lay back and enjoyed it. She had never received this treatment, never been so stimulated. She felt her vagina juicing, felt the womanly lubrication running down between her arse cheeks. She felt feelings inside, as though her stomach was turning inside out, feelings she had never felt before and which she never wanted to be without in future.

Troy sensed she was ready for the next level. He started to gently massage her pussy lips, spreading the juices around, parting them, teasing her clitoris, rubbing his fingers between her lips and just allowing the tip of his finger to enter her vagina. He kept this up for 15 minutes by which time Sasha was panting and rolling from side to side, feeling herself approaching what she knew would be a crashing orgasm. Like all girls, she had played with her feminine parts, bringing herself to climaxes, but she had never felt this amount of stimulation before.

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