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Brian and Auntie Em

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Brian and Aunt Em Ch.2 This is the continuation of “Brian and Auntie Em.” I promised this before I went off line and have been requested a few times since I have been back to write it. To bring everyone up to date with this tale of Brain and his Aunt Em. While he was in his final few months of school and after he had turned 18, Brian was visiting his Aunt Em on a regular basis. The reason for this was that he loved to watch his young cousin Tommy being breastfed by his Mom. He walked into the bedroom one day, while his Aunt was breastfeeding. Her son was sucking greedily on her breast. Brian was hypnotized and couldn’t take his eyes off the spectacle. He could feel himself getting an erection and had to cross his legs. His Aunt looked up at him and noticed his embarrassment. She asked him to come and sit on the side of the bed. “Did you get that hard-on just watching Tommy feeding, baby?” She asked him. He hung his head and shyly nodded. Auntie Em placed her hand şişli escort bayan on his leg and slid it up his thigh. He jumped back, but she told him it was all right. She had felt so horny herself since she had the baby and hadn’t been able to do anything about it. “Would you like a taste of the same milk as Tommy is getting, Brian?” He looked at her, then at her milk filled boobs and nodded. “I will just put Tommy into his cot in the nursery and then you can come and have your fill, okay?” So Brian went over and sat on the side of the bed waiting for Auntie Em to return. He shyly lowered his mouth and ran his tongue around the aureole and then took the nipple into his mouth and suckled. He had never tasted anything like this glorious nectar. He had to make sure that he didn’t drain that wonderful source of pleasure. Brian felt as though all his fantasies had been presented to him at the one time. All the time he was gobbling and sucking on mecidiyeköy escort bayan those tits, his prick had been getting harder until it was nearly ready to explode. “Brian, after all that stimulation I am now feeling so very hot, I need to frig myself, but I want to watch you wank at the same time. Will you join me?” So Brian and Auntie Em lay on the bed together and watched each other in the throes of ecstasy. They lay there after and Brian raised himself and kissed Em, full on the mouth. “I loved that, Auntie Em, I only hope we can do it again and soon.” “Well, you do come over nearly afternoon, don’t you?” After a couple of weeks of the same treatment, Auntie Em realised that wanking and frigging wasn’t really satisfactory and that she needed more. The next afternoon that Brian came over, she had already finished feeding Tommy and was just sitting in her bed alone, with her bed-cape over her shoulders. She had nothing covering escort şişli her massive breasts. As he came into the room, he looked around and saw that Tommy wasn’t there. He looked downcast, thinking that he wouldn’t get to suck on his Aunt’s breasts anymore, but he didn’t know that he was in for a bigger surprise. Auntie Em beckoned to him and told him to strip off and climb into bed along side of her. This he did and could feel her bare skin as he slid down into the bed. He turned to her and immediately felt her breast brush his hands. He rand his hands over the surface of those glorious round and silky boobs. He lowered his head and began to feed. He pinched and twisted the nipples while he licked and suckled them. Changing from side to side. This was making Auntie Em feel so randy, she could feel the wetness all the way to her pussy. Brian didn’t have a lot of experience with women and this was his only one with a breastfeeding one. He was in Heaven. Auntie Em thought she had to move him on to something else. She worked hands down to his groin and gently slipped them up and down his penis, This absolutely blew Brian away. It felt so sensuous and good. By this time, he realised that this was not just going to stop at frigging and wanking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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