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Brie’s Hot, Dirty Summer

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This is the story of the summer I turned eighteen. The summer I lost my virginity. It was the absolute best summer ever. My parents divorced when I was four and my father packed up my half-brother Jacob and moved to California. I haven’t seen him or Jacob in over fourteen years. We have however stayed in touch through letters over the years, but it isn’t the same as having him with me. I was disappointed when they didn’t show up for my graduation, but my father has promised to make it up to me. He just doesn’t know that he is going to make good on that promise sooner than later. I start college in the fall, so I have decided to spend my summer reconnecting with my father and brother. I’m loading the last of my things in the Honda Accord my mother and step-father gave me as a graduation present, when my mom comes out.

“Brie, I don’t think you should be doing this. You know there is a reason your father hasn’t seen you in so long. I’m afraid this trip is going to bring you nothing but pain. I don’t want to see you hurt.”

“I’m going mom and nothing you can say is going to stop me. I’m old enough to deal with getting hurt. You don’t think the last six years have hurt me? I think you’re just mad because the fat child support checks stopped the minute I turned eighteen. I never cared about the money that was all you. I never seen any of it.”

“Oh, really well how do you think you have lived so comfortably since your father left?”

“You’re rich husband mom, that’s how. I don’t know how you would survive if he would get wise and leave your ass. You don’t love him you never have. I know about all your little affairs and when Mark finds out you will be in the streets. This conversation is over I’m leaving. I will let you know I make it there safely, but I don’t know if I will ever come back here. I’m sick of watching you take advantage of the kind man who has taken care of us since you made my father leave.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“I know about your affair that destroyed your marriage. Did you think dad wouldn’t tell me the real reason he left? I hope you can get your life together and hold on to Mark. You won’t survive without him.”

I get in my car and pull out of the driveway. I need to get away from here away from her. I need to find myself and maybe I will do just that in California. I hit the open roads letting the wind blow through my hair. It wasn’t just my mom I needed to get away from, but it was Mark to. My mom had refused to give me any money for my trip. But Mark had given me a sizeable amount of cash saying I didn’t need to be going that far with only the three hundred dollars I had saved up. Mark was always generous he had always been someone I could count on. He was more of a parent than my mom. We had become close over the years, closer than I would ever tell my mom. Is it bad that I had wanted my step- father to take my virginity? I had gone to him while my mother was out spending his money and almost begged him to make love to me, but he had refused saying it was wrong. I love him and not the way a girl should love their step-father, but I love him the way my mom should, but doesn’t. It’s a long drive from Phoenix to Los Angeles, so I will have plenty of time to think.

I hope what I feel for Mark is just a passing thing and that this trip will make me see that. I have been driving almost nonstop when I see the sign welcoming you to the state of California. I put my father’s address into my GPS. I follow the directions and before long I’m heading up the winding driveway leading to my father’s estate. I pull up in front of the gorgeous house and for a split-second regret my decision to come here. Will he even welcome me or will he turn me away? I exit my car and walk up to the door with a shaky hand I knock. The sexy stranger who opens the door sends a tingling sensation to my pussy.

“May I help you?”

“Yes, I’m looking for Greg Carson.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m his daughter, Brie.”

“Oh my god, Brie, come in. I didn’t recognize you. You’re all grown up now.”

“Well it has been fourteen years. You must be Jacob.”

“Yea, I’m sorry. Wow, I’m lost for words. Dad is going to be super stoked to see you.”

“I hope so. I didn’t let him know I was coming I wanted it to be a surprise. Do you think he will mind putting me up for a while?”

“I’m sure he won’t mind at all. He is in the middle of producing some new movie so he isn’t home much, but I’m used to it. I can help you get settled and then give you a tour of the place.”

“That would be great as long as you Ankara bayan escort don’t think he will mind.”

“Why would he? You’re his daughter he hasn’t seen you in a long time.”

“Yeah too long. Would you mind helping me get my bags?”

“No problem sis.”

I think there is going to be a huge problem. Jacob Carson was doing things to my body that can only be construed as totally wrong. He is my brother, yet my panties are soaked. I can’t help imagining what it would feel like to have him take my virginity. I don’t know what in the hell is wrong with me. Maybe it’s the California heat making me think things I shouldn’t. He helped me carry my things to one of the bedrooms. I turned to thank him and clumsy me I tripped over one of my suitcases. Jacob tried to break my fall, but it was useless we both went down. Tremors shot through my body as he landed on top of me. We laid there for a minute before it started to get uncomfortable. He was my brother and I shouldn’t think of him any other way. He shifted, and I felt his huge erection pressing against me. He was feeling to I could tell. How could it be wrong when he wanted it to? Without thinking it through I lifted my head allowing my lips to meet his. He groaned before taking over the kiss. His eased inside my mouth fucking me with his tongue. Without breaking the kiss, he pulled my panties and shorts down. I opened my legs eagerly as he stroked my aching pussy. I arch my back reaching for more of him. His touch feels so good. I’m suddenly swirling in all kinds of emotions and none of them are good. I want him, but I know it’s wrong. I need to stop what is happening. I push his hand away and pull my shorts back up.

“Jacob, we can’t. It’s wrong.”

“Is it? How could something that feels so right be wrong?”

“I’m your sister and that makes it wrong.”

“I know you feel the same pull toward me that I feel toward you. I felt it the minute I opened the door and saw you standing there. I don’t care that you are my sister and you shouldn’t either. I’m going to taste you now and you are going to enjoy it.”

He pushes me back and crawls between my thighs his face diving into my mound. His fingers part my folds and bolts of pleasure course through me as his tongue makes it way inside. I’m lost in desire and suddenly nothing matters except here and now. His tongue licking through my slit and then sinking into my hole. I have never felt anything so fucking incredible in my life. The instinct to move against his mouth fills me as my hips rock back and forth. My cunt pulling his tongue deeper. I feel my cunt clenching and tightening god I’m ready to burst on his tongue. My orgasm floods through me like a damn busting. I push his face deeper into my pussy as I feel my juices squirting out in hot jets. I may be a virgin, but I have the skill of squirting down to a fine art. I started masturbating about five years ago and this isn’t the first time I’ve had my pussy eaten. My best friend Sky was the first person to go down on me. I thought it was wrong at first, but her skilled tongue proved to be my undoing. Does it make me a lesbian because I enjoy a female’s mouth sucking my pussy? I don’t think so, but who gives a fuck it’s all about feeling good, right? That’s how I intend to look at this, it feels good so I went with it. I intend to go further than just getting my pussy eaten oh yeah, I’m going to have Jacob’s huge cock fucking me. My body shudders under him as one last orgasm tears through me. I reach for him wanting to taste his lips. I love the taste of my pussy. His mouth hovers over mine and I pull him close licking his lips and sucking his tongue into my mouth. I’m so fucking horny right now.

“Jacob, have you ever fucked a virgin?”

“I’ve never been that lucky. Why do you ask?”

“I’m a virgin Jacob, but I don’t want to be anymore. I want you to fuck me. I don’t care if it’s wrong I need your cock inside my pussy.”

“Hell, yes Brie. I’m going to tear your little virgin pussy up.”

He stands helping me to my feet. He pulls my shirt up over my head and unhooks my bra. My breasts spring out my nipples already hard peaks. His mouth circles one as his hand massages the other. He pushes me back onto the bed as he strips from his clothing. His cock stands erect and beautiful. I gulp at the size knowing he is going to rip my tight hole. He pulls a foil packet from his pocket. At least he is playing it safe.

He rolls the condom over his shaft and positions himself between my thighs. He grabs my legs putting them over his shoulders. He strokes his cock a few times before Escort bayan Ankara smacking it against my mound. Thrills shoot through me at the anticipation of his cock thrusting into me. His tip pushes into me and I feel my body tense.

“Just relax Brie. I promise to take it easy, at least at first.”

I do as he says and relax. He pushes more into me and my hands grip the sheets. I scream out as he plunges the last bit inside me. Finally, he has pushed past the barrier inside me. The pain is excruciating, but I know pleasure will soon replace the pain. He moves slowly so that I can adjust to his girth. He lifts my legs higher and I feel the pain subsiding as he begins soft thrusting. He pulls out and pushes back in over and over he keeps drilling into me. I can’t believe I waited this long. I didn’t know how good it would feel to be fucked. Maybe it feels this good because he is my brother. He picks up his pace as he begins pummeling into me.

“Yes,” I scream. “Fuck me Jacob. Fuck me harder.”

“Damn sis your fucking pussy is so tight. I’m going to come before I can get you off again.”

And he did. I felt his cock jerk as his body tensed. He was screaming obscenities as his orgasm shook through him. He was still buried inside me when the door to the room opened and an older gentleman with salt and pepper hair came in.

“Jacob, what in the fuck is going on here? And who the hell is this girl? I guess it’s her car in my place out front?”

It was my father. Oh my god we have been caught. I can almost bet he won’t allow me to stay here not after finding me and my brother like this.

“Dad calm down it’s Brie.”

“Brie. Oh my god your fucking your sister boy.”

I couldn’t help but think my mom had been stupid to let my dad get away. I know it’s sick but I’m attracted to him to. He is older and very distinguished in a sexy kind of way. The kind of way that has me wondering if he fucks as good as his son. I look at him with a look that no girl should give their dad. My eyes trail the length of his tall frame stopping at his crotch and the massive bulge that was very evident. I think today is my lucky day. My daddy wants my hot, tight pussy to. I get up from the bed and make my way to greet my father.

“It’s been a long-time daddy. Aren’t you just a little glad to see me?”

“Of course, I am Brie. I’m just seeing more of you than I think I should.”

“Don’t you think I’m pretty daddy?”

“You’ve grown into quite a lady Brie.”

“Don’t you want to touch me daddy? I know you do. I know what lust looks like I have seen it several times in Mark’s eyes. He is moms husband, but she doesn’t deserve him. I wanted to fuck him, but he wouldn’t. He said it wasn’t right, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want me. I’m sure mom will fuck up and when she does, I will have him.”

I grab my father’s hand and put it on my breast. He hesitates, but is quick to let his finger circle my nipple. He is struggling with this I can tell as he removes his hand and takes a step back. I love my daddy and I want to please him. I will be damn if I let him stop. My breasts are still tingling from his brief touch. I drop to my knees and pull daddy’s pants down. His massive cock springs free begging for me to taste it. without hesitation, I take him into my mouth. He throws back his head and screams as I take him fully into my mouth.

“Oh god yesses baby girl suck daddy’s dick just like that.”

I take him deeper into my throat remembering just in time to relax my throat so he can slide in deeper. I may have been a virgin before my brother fucked me, but this wasn’t the first cock I had sucked, but it was by far the best. I could feel my pussy throbbing with need as I sucked on daddy. Maybe his cock tasted so good because he was my daddy and I loved him more than anybody. This was the cock that made me and soon he would spurt deep in my throat. I licked along his shaft loving the noises that daddy made. I was shocked when he stopped me. Grabbing my hair, he shoved his dick all the way in and started fucking my face. The massive size of him had tears running out of my eyes. It hurt my throat, but it was worth it to see the pleasure written on daddy’s face. I moaned around his cock as I felt my brother behind me probing at my slick entrance with his fingers. He rubbed my juices around my anus. If not for daddy ramming my throat I would have screamed. Jacob jammed his finger into my ass the same time his dick plunged into me. it felt so fucking good I thought I would die. Never had I thought that it could be so good. My brother Bayan escort Ankara rammed another finger and then another into my ass. I knew that he was getting me ready to take his cock in my ass. Just the thought of him fucking my virgin ass like he had my pussy had my juices coating his dick. My body jerked as waves of pleasure flowed through me. it sent my father into his own orgasm as his essence coated my throat. I swallowed deeply I didn’t want to waste one drop. I felt empty as my daddy popped his cock from my mouth. My eyes followed him as he walked to the bed. He laid down and patted the bed for me to come sit by him. A girl always obeys her daddy. I sat down by him and my brother followed. I couldn’t help but notice that daddy’s cock was still hard. I lick my mouth wanting to taste him again, but daddy shook his head and I couldn’t help but give him the pouty face.

“Daddy has something special for you kitten. I’m going to make you purr.”

My brother lifts me and sits me on daddy’s cock. I sink down his shaft taking him to the hilt. He is bigger than Jacob, but my walls expand to accommodate him. He grips my hips and begins moving me up and down until I find my own rhythm and start bouncing myself on his cock. My brother disappears for only a minute and is soon back with a bottle of something clear. He squirts something on his cock and starts stroking himself. He notices me watching intently as I continue riding daddy.

“Just lubing my cock up so when I ram your ass it won’t hurt as much.”

I smile and bubble with joy. I’m going to have my daddy and my brother fucking me at the same time. Holy shit and this is only the beginning of my summer. Daddy pulls me down on his chest. I know it’s giving Jacob better access to my ass. I feel him spreading my ass cheeks apart and then something cold on the rim of my anus. I feel a finger push inside getting me ready. I was so preoccupied with Jacob’s assault to my ass that I almost forgot about daddy. My body tensed as Jacob’s cock probed just outside my asshole and in one swift push he had pushed past my tight muscled ring. I scream out the pain is so intense.

“My dick feels like it’s on fire and I’m trying not to her.”

“Take it easy son you don’t want to hurt her.”

“I’m trying dad she’s just so fucking tight.”

“I can’t wait for my turn on that tight ass.”

I feel a tear escape me as the pain in my anal cavity increases. I don’t know how much longer I can take it. It wasn’t long until Jacob’s cock was fully inside my ass. The muscles in my ass relax as Jacob’s cock retreats. My daddy is still thrusting into me as Jacob pushes back in. I suddenly have two cocks going in and out of me in opposite directions causing a gratifying friction against the muscle walls that separate the two channels. One slid in and out of my pussy with relative ease as the other labored through the slacking resistance. I can’t decide which one I enjoy more. My once moans of pain are now ones of delight. If only mommy could see me now. I saddened when I think of home. I miss Mark and suddenly I wish he was here. I could be sucking his cock while I’m being fucked by daddy and Jacob. That thought alone had my pussy was constricting around daddy’s steel shaft. My orgasm spiraling through me in wave after wave of pleasure.

Daddy’s mouth crashes down on mine as he warns me of his impending orgasm. I still have multiple points being stimulated at the same time sending exquisite shocks throughout my body. My mind exploded as orgasms still spiraled through me. Daddy emitted some sort of aural release, and his hot seed went everywhere inside me. Jacob came at me harder his grip to one of my hips dug in even more. A low guttural moan came from behind as several hard, fast jerks loosened my anus. The screams coming from my mouth were indiscernible from pleasure or pain. Everything became blurred as Jacob’s loud grunts remained constant. It then stopped with a final plunge his clutching finally stopped as his spent cock withdrew from my ass. They both retreated from the orifices they had occupied. Everything was wet with sweat, cum and saliva. We have collapsed together on the huge bed with me in the middle.

I feel almost complete. I have the two men I have missed back in my life. If I could talk Mark into leaving mom and moving here, then my life would truly be complete. As you can probably tell I had one banging summer. I must say that summer changed my life. I did eventually go back home and I’m sure mom wishes I wouldn’t have. I told Mark about her infidelities and he kicked her out without a dime. I guess she wishes she would have never signed that prenup. I have learned I don’t need two men to be happy I only needed them to find myself. I now sleep in the bed my mother once did. If you haven’t realized by now, I stole my mother’s husband. He is my husband now.

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