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Britney Spears I Fucked Teen Britney!!

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Britney Spears I Fucked Teen Britney!!My name is Tim. I just turned 50 years old. I had a great time on my birthday. Had lots of birthday wishes from old friends and relatives. Had a great party too! I really can’t believe I’m that old now!Fifty years…..wow! A half century! When I was young, I made fun of my dad when he turned 50! Called him an old coot. Now……I’m an old coot! I mean…..when my dad turned 50…he really did look old. I look in a mirror now….I don’t look old…..at least I don’t think I do!Turning 50 has also made me take a bit of stock in my life…..look back at all the things I’ve accomplished……or haven’t acccomplished! I’ve had a pile of different jobs, went through two wives, have two k**s, got a bit of money saved up for retirement. I’m not rich by any means, but I live comfortably. I’ve never invented a cure for cancer and my name will likely never be on any statues, but I think I’ve lived a decent life. I have a few regrets here and there…..but hey, who doesn’t?But one thing that came up in my memories…..and one thing I’ll never have any regrets about…..is the night I fucked Britney Spears! Yeah….that’s right! Britney-Motherfucking-Spears! The hottie-pop star-celebrity Britney Spears! You don’t believe me?Well, it’s ALL true! I might bullshit about some stuff…..but this is one thing I don’t! I can watch her on TV or see her on the web and I can say with pride……I HAD MY COCK IN THAT!Now you ask…..when did all this happen? When did you supposedly fuck Britney Spears? Well, that part of the story is even better. It was in March 2000, when I was 34 years old…..and Britney was but the tender age of 18! We all remember what she looked like back then, don’t we? Total little hottie!Yeah, I’ll admit….I’ve always had a taste for the young ones. I was one of those guys who was blessed with looks that always made me seem several years younger than I actually was. In fact, even now, at the age of 50, a lot of people don’t believe I’m that old! When I was 34, I still looked like I was in my mid-20s. So naturally, it made it a little easier for me to hit on the young hotties.I had my share of action, all right, with a lot of girls. Many of them, ten or even more, years younger than me! As a matter of fact, it was why my first marriage ended after only two years ! My wife caught me banging her horny little 20 year-old sister at a family reunion. I was 27 at the time.OOPS!But hey, the little tramp came onto me first! Who was I to say no? She was fucking hot too!Anyways…..the point I’m making, is that me getting lucky with younger women was not totally out of the question. It often made a few of my buddies rather jealous, but that was their problem.By the spring of 2000, Britney Spears had been on the scene for a couple years. I wasn’t a big fan of her music, I’m more of a classic rock & heavy metal guy. But I saw her on MTV and her face was all over the covers of magazines. I figured she was a hot little thing. Back in the ’80s, I’d thought Tiffany and Debbie Gibson were IT! But this little Britney, whoa….she was smokin’!Then came her Rolling Stone magazine layout in April 2000. I bought that magazine on a regular basis and over the years, there’d been a lot of female celebrities gracing its pages. But never had I actually beat off to any pics in there. That was the kind of thing I did with my Playboy and Penthouse collection.But this time……wow! And the hottest thing about it…..she was only 17 at the time! There she was in skimpy white shorts with BABY stencilled on the ass, walking her little pink girls’ bicycle. Lying in bed with a Teletubby and showing off her bra. And my favorite…..dressed as a slutty cheerleader, lying in the box of a pickup truck, showing off some awesome thigh! Dear God! I couldn’t believe how they were taking this teenage pop star and turning her into a total little over-sexualized l****a. Turning her into one of the biggest male masturbation fantasies since Marilyn Monroe! I mean, Rolling Stone was not a magazine that catered to the teenie pop music fans.Their demographic was much older. This Britney Spears was being put on display in a magazine where a lot of older men were going to see her. Where they could fantasize she was like their neighbor’s hot teen daughter or the sexy babysitter next door. Or the over-developed niece they couldn’t keep their eyes off.Like I said….I couldn’t believe it. But that didn’t mean I didn’t love it! I looked at those pics over and over and over. I even went out and bought 3 or 4 extra copies, because I knew I was gonna wear out my first issue.Did it appear weird and perverted for a 33 year-old man to be so obsessed with a 17 year-old girl? Well, perhaps, but I didn’t give a shit. The way I looked at it…..a hot chick was a hot chick! Age was just a number!When, in December 1999, Britney finally turned 18, it made me feel not quite as perverted to fantasize about her. After all, now she was a legal adult!It was in 1998, that I had begun my job as a limo driver. It was a pretty fun job and had its perks. Especially seeing as how it was in Los Angeles. The limo service I worked for, got a lot of business from Hollywood celebs. So I was able to meet several of them.It was on a Friday night in March 2000, that I got sent out on a call to pick up someone. I was to go to this recording studio. I figured it was some music star who needed a ride. I pulled up outside and waited for a couple minutes. Then the front doors opened and who should I see coming out? You got it! The girl of my fantasies……Britney Spears!I was picking up Britney fucking Spears the teen pop star of the world!!My palms were all sweaty and I was visibly shaking as I got out of the car to open her door for her. I could NOT believe this! Britney Spears was going to be riding in my limo!She smiled at me as she got into the limo and said “Thank you,” as I closed the door behind her.WOW! As good as she looked in magazines and on TV…..in real life it was even better! What a sweetie!She was wearing some tight black  leather pants and a cute looking but again tight white tank top with. On her feet she had a pair of white flipflops. She looked just like a normal teen that had been hanging out at the beach. But I knew this was not just any teen girl……in my view she was one of the sexiest creatures on the planet!“Whew! What a day!” she sighed as I began to pull away from the curb.I glanced in my rear view mirror, to see a very sweet sight, something not many people would ever get to see. Britney had flopped onto the back seat of the limo, sort of half sitting, half lying down. Her long  legs were splayed out along the length of the seat,  Her hands were behind her head and she was doing a stretch, causing her beautiful teenage tits to push up from her chest. Her tank top had also slid up on her flat yummy tummy.Never in all my life, had I wanted so badly to just stop my limo, jump in the back, and just drill my cock into this little princess!She cocked her head and gave me a playful look. “Bet you never thought you’d be picking up someone like me tonight, did you?”I blushed a little. I think she noticed me checking her out in the rearview mirror. Ahhh well, I’m pretty sure she should be used to that kind of thing by now!“No,” I replied. “I can’t say that I, um, expected to be picking you up! But it goes with the job. I’ve picked up a lot of celebs.”“Like who?” she challenged me, with a playful tone. The little tart was trying to put me on the spot.“Well, not too many days ago, I picked up Jennifer Aniston. And I’ve had Matthew McConaughey and Harrison Ford in here too!”“At the same time?” she asked.“No, it wasn’t at the same time,” I said. “Oh, and one time I picked up Pamela Anderson! Wow, now that was pretty exciting. I’m a big fan!”“Did you stare at her tits?” Britney giggled.I blushed again. “NO! I did not !” I shot back at her. Although I knew that was a huge lie. I had totally checked out Pamela’s tits that day.“That’s too bad,” Britney teased. “I’d have checked her out! She’s gorgeous!”“Well….I did…a little bit,” I admitted.“I knew you were lying,” Britney giggled again, in that cute little southern accent of hers. “Do you think I’m as pretty as her?”“Oh, Britney, don’t be offended if I say this, but you are way hotter than Pamela Anderson!”“Really?” she asked with amazement. “You think so? And why do you think I’d be offended?”“Yeah, I do think so,” I said. “And, well, I didn’t want you thinking I’m some older creepy guy who likes teenage girls.”Britney swung her legs around and sat up. She leaned forward with her legs apart and her hands on the seat between them. It caused her yummy tits  to squish together, and I got a view of awesome cleavage in her tank top. Her face was right up by the divider between the front and back seats.“I don’t think that’s creepy,” she smiled. “I know a lot of older guys who say stuff like that. It’s, you know, flattering! I mean, the young guys, yeah I know they’re gonna think I’m hot. That’s all they think about is girls! But when I hear it from guys like you, I know it’s a lot more sincere.”“You’re welcome,” I said. “And, yes, I’m very sincere.”“Just out of curiosity, can I ask how old you are?” Britney queried.“I’m 34,” I stated.“Well, that’s not old,” Britney teased. “And can I say, you sure don’t look 34!”“I take that as a compliment,” I said. “Thank you, a lot of girls tell me that actually.”“Well, they’re right,” said Britney. “If you hadn’t told me, I’d have thought you were like 25 or 26.”I was beginning to feel much bolder and I just couldn’t believe how down-to-earth and easy it was talking to this young pop star. Hell, I had celebrities way older than her in this car, that would barely even say hi!“Mind if I tell you something else?” I asked her.“Go ahead.”“Your photoshoot you did in Rolling Stone magazine is like the absolute best! You did a really good job!”“Why, thank you! That’s so nice of you to say,” Britney replied charmingly. “You know, I’ve taken a lot of flack from people over those pictures. Everybody saying güvenilir bahis they’re like softcore k**die porn and shit like that! What a bunch of crap!”“I didn’t think that, Britney,” I commented. “I thought they made you look, well, you know, more grown up!”“Exactly!” she exclaimed. “You get it! I wanted to show that I wasn’t this little innocent girl anymore. That I’m grown-up now…..people gotta realize, I ain’t in the fuckin’ Mickey Mouse club anymore! I’m a woman!”“Yeah, I’ll say that,” I concurred. I glanced over my shoulder and grinned at her. She smiled back, and I must say, I damn near came in my pants right then and there! She looked so sweet!“Ohhhhh…..I just don’t feel like going back to the hotel right now,” she sighed , her chin resting on the back of my seat. “Let’s go do something. Take me for a drive!”“A drive?” I asked.“Yeah, silly,” she laughed. “You know, where the car goes down a road and you steer it, and you look out the window and see things?”I couldn’t help but laugh back. “Ok, smarty-pants!” I jibed. “I know what a drive is!”“Well then, take me for one,” she said. “I want to go to the beach!”I glanced at the clock on my dashboard. This was my last run of the day and I’d be off duty after I dropped Britney off at her hotel. Which I was almost at now.“Uhhhh, I guess I could,” I said. “But won’t you have people waiting for you at the hotel? I don’t want to get in trouble for not dropping you off.”“My manager will likely be there, but piss on him,” Britney sneered. “Don’t worry, if there’s any trouble, I’ll deal with him. I’ve just been so busy lately, and a drive to the beach would be so awesome!”“Okay, I guess we’re going there then,” I said. I turned and smiled again at the beautiful, young woman. I could not get enough of her gorgeous face!“Would it be okay if I rode in the front with you?” she asked.“Ummm, sure!” I said, pulling over to the curb and stopping. “Not a problem! Get in!”In a few seconds, Britney leaped out of the back seat, and was in the front passenger seat. Before I knew it, I was heading down the freeway towards Malibu, with Britney Spears riding in the seat beside me. I wanted to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t just dreaming.Britney looked awesome sitting there in leather pants. The way they stretched across her gorgeous thighs, had my cock hard as a chunk of concrete. “I’ve got a nice little place I’ll take you,” I said. “It’s really quiet and there’s a great view.”“Oh awesome!” said Britney. “Yeah, I don’t wanna go where there’ll be a lot of people.”“Well, this place will be perfect,” I smiled.Little did I know, just how perfect this night was about to become!We carried on up Route 101, right past Malibu. It was a beautiful evening, with the sun slowly setting over the Pacific Ocean.“This is gorgeous!” Britney exclaimed. “I’ve been so busy lately, I never get to see a nice sunset.”She looked over at me. “You know all this time, you’ve never told me your name.”“Oh, I’m, uh, my name’s Tim,” I said.“Tim, huh? I like that name,” Britney mused.“Thank you,” I replied.We continued to drive a little farther until I came to a small side road. I turned off and followed it for a couple miles, winding along through some hills, until we emerged onto a small rise. Before us, was a strip of sandy beach, surrounded by rocks and steep hills. It was completely isolated, with no people around anywhere.“Hey, this place is pretty cool,” said Britney, looking around.“Yeah, it is cool,” I said. “I come here a lot. It’s a nice place to relax and not be bothered by big crowds. I thought you might like some privacy.”“Awwww, thank you,” Britney cooed. “That was nice.”We got out of the car and the first thing Britney did, was take another of her sexy stretches. We made our way down to the beach. Britney took off her flip-flops and ran into the surf. I sat down on a large rock and watched as she splashed and cavorted in the water. She had walked out until the water was up to her knees.“Ohhhhhh! This feels SO good!” she yelled. “Come on! You have to get wet too!”“All right!” I answered back.I took off my shoes and socks and rolled up my pant legs. I walked out into the cool surf. The sand and water did feel really good on my feet. Britney scooped up a big handful of water and flung it at me, splashing me in the face.“Oh, you wanna play like that, huh?” I joked. I splashed her back, eliciting a startled squeal from her.For several minutes we played in the water, splashing back and forth. Britney’s tank top was getting wet and the outlines of her awesome tits were showing through. After our play in the water we went for a walk down the beach. We talked like old friends, Britney telling me all about her life and how she had ended up becoming one of the most popular teen music stars in the world.My life story didn’t seem near as exciting, but I told her all about my two failed marriages, and all the different jobs I’d had.“I know it probably doesn’t seem as exciting as yours, but that’s my life,” I finished.“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Britney said. “Who knows? The music business is pretty fickle. I can be the biggest star in the world today and, tomorrow, people might not even care about me. I could end up back in Louisiana, working as a waitress in some shithole diner!” she giggled.“I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen,” I stated. “You’re way too talented for that!”“You’re so nice, Tim,” Britney replied. “You always say the nicest things.”The sun was setting farther on the horizon and the shadows were creeping in as we made our way back to the car. We plopped ourselves on the hood of my limo, sitting beside each other, and looking out across the water, watching the sun creep towards the horizon. Britney stretched her long legs out in front of her, wiggling her cute toes.“Is there a name for this place?” Britney asked.“Well, kinda. A lot of people call it Sweetheart Beach,” I explained.“And let me guess,” Britney smirked. “It’s because everybody likes to bring their ‘sweethearts’ out here, right?”“Yeah, sure, I guess so.”“So, in other words, you brought me out to a make-out place?”I felt myself blushing. “I suppose you could….say that. I suppose some people make out when they come here.”“Have you brought girls here to make out?” she asked mischievously.“I, um, yeah, I’ve brought a few girls out here,” I answered.“So that’s why you brought me here?” Britney glanced over at me with a coy smile.“Well, uhhhhh, no! Of course not! I-I…..” I was stumped for words, suddenly very uncomfortable with how forward she was being.“What do you mean, “of course not”? You wouldn’t want to make out with me?”My heart began pounding and I felt sweat running down my forehead. What the hell was she getting at? I felt my cock growing hard.“I-I…..well, I, ummm….d-didn’t mean it….th-that way!” I stammered.I jumped, as suddenly, Britney slid over closer to me and placed her hand on my thigh, only inches away from my crotch.“You know, Tim, it was really relaxing coming out here. But, I must admit, not all of me is relaxed.”I raised an eyebrow, feeling my dick even more and said, “I don’t get what you’re meaning.”“Well, let’s just say, it’s something that isn’t gonna get fixed with just a back rub.”I was now turning beet red, and I tried shifting my body a bit, hoping she hadn’t noticed my erection.“You’re horny,” she suddenly blurted out, pointing at my crotch.I was startled and more than a little embarrassed. “I-I’m sorry, Britney, I didn’t mean for that to happen.”Britney reached out, taking my hand in hers. I knew she could feel my incredibly sweaty palm and that I was shaking like a leaf.She placed her lips only inches from my right ear and purred, “Why don’t we have a little fun tonight? I want to make out with you, Tim!”“Br-Britney…….I-I don’t think….it’s all that appropriate. I mean…..I’m 34 years old, for Christ’s sake! You’re only 17 …..I-I’m almost old enough to be your father!”“Tim….I’ve been with guys older than my father! Age is just a number…..I’m not worried about it…..and neither should you.”“But…but….” I stammered.“Tell me, Tim,” she whispered persistently in my ear. “In that Rolling Stone layout, what was your favorite picture of me?”“I-I……I really like the cheerleader one…I mean…..God…you were so sexy in that one! Your legs looked awesome.”“I was hoping you’d pick that one. That was my favourite too. So just think, Tim….I’m giving you the opportunity…..you can FUCK the girl in that picture…..the girl of your dreams!” Britney’s hand brushed across my crotch.I didn’t say anything for awhile, I was absolutely stunned with what I’d heard her just say. My throat was so dry I could barely speak anway. Then it dawned on me! This was what I had been waiting for, now was my chance! My ultimate fantasy was about to come true!Britney got off the car and stood right in front of me. She leaned in, cupped my face in her hands and pressed her lips to mine, kissing me passionately, her tongue slithering into my mouth. Holy fuck! Britney Spears was french-kissing me!As we kissed, my hands moved down, cupping her sweet ass cheeks and I pulled her in closer to me. One of her hands moved down and brushed across my bulging crotch. She rubbed and massaged my throbbing hard-on through my pants.“Your cock feels awesome!” Britney whispered breathlessly. “You know, I could see all evening you’ve had a big hard-on.”I couldn’t say anything to that. She had me! It was hard to totally conceal it, when for most of the night it had been ready to burst out of my pants!We began to kiss again. Britney was such a good kisser. Our mouths melted into one, our tongues rolling around and intertwining. She smelled great, her perfume filling my nostrils. I kissed across her cheek to her ear and whispered, “I can’t believe I’m actually kissing you.”“Believe it!” she whispered back. “You’re gonna get a lot more than just a kiss!”Her fingers began to fumble at the zipper on my pants. She got it pulled down and I let out a sharp gasp as I felt her hand slip inside. She pushed her hand inside my underwear türkçe bahis and her fingers closed around my swollen shaft. She began to slowly stroke and caress me.I kissed down her neck, paused, and pushed up her shirt and bra. I saw her breasts for the first time! They were a perfect 32C, with nipples that pointed straight up. I started to kiss and suck them, as if they might yield the very milk of life.I picked her up, and set her on her back on the hood of the car. I kissed her firm belly and kept moving down. Britney undid the button and zipper on her pants and I slipped them down off her legs. She was wearing a cute pink thong. I kissed and licked my way down her thigh, to the knee and back up. Down the other thigh to the knee, I spread her legs and moved to the inner thigh. I worked my way up toward heaven.She was moaning and began to whisper, “Ohhhh…..ohhhh yes…..oh God yes!”Britney’s voice got louder and louder, the closer I got to her sweet little snatch. I could smell the musk of her pussy. She raised her hips and slid out of her thong. I licked all around her gorgeous pussy. Soft, light colored hair, just barely curly. I could see it even in that faint light. I nuzzled the bridge of my nose against it and breathed in deeply. I was so excited I thought I might pass out.“Do it! Do it!” she muttered, as she ran the fingers of both hands through my hair.I spread the soft pink lips of her pussy, and softly licked her clitoris. She drew a deep, ragged breath. I ran my tongue up and down her wet little pussy, from top to bottom, until neither of us could take it any longer. I plunged my tongue in as deep as I could and explored every corner I could reach.She was moaning and crying out, “Oh my God…..Oh my God!”I had never gotten that much excitement from pleasing a girl in my life. My tongue was inside the pussy of the girl of my dreams!I slid back up to her clit. It was hot, swollen and emerging from beneath it’s hood. I was able to get it between my lips and sucked it into my mouth as far as I could. I pulled it into my mouth and worked it with the tip of my tongue. I lifted my mouth from her hot, dripping box, and quickly kissed my way back up her body, until I was kissing her sweet lips again, making her taste her own juices. She could barely kiss, she was breathing so hard. Still she sucked and licked at my mouth greedily, between gasps.Britney pushed me away and slid off the hood of the car, to kneel on the ground in front of me. She quickly undid my belt and the snap on my pants. Britney took my pants and underwear in either hand. With her face straight in front of my cock, no more than a hand distance away, she pulled both my pants and underwear down my thighs until they stopped just above my knees. She paused to get a long lingering close-up view of my erect eight-inch cock.Leaning in, her lips nuzzled and trailed soft kisses over my thighs. The pink tip of her tongue flicked gently at my balls. Then she leaned in and gently sucked at them, taking each one in her mouth. My pubic hair tickled her nose as she licked from my balls up to the head of my cock. Her tongue swirled around the head, flicking at the ridge along the edge. It was stiff and coated in my leaking precum.I tipped my head back and let a low guttural moan escape from my lips. I could certainly tell, this was not her first time! This girl knew what she was doing!My strong fingers tangled in her silky hair, urging her on.I watched her closely, my heart pounding in my throat, as her lips parted and slowly slid downward over my cock. It felt wonderful being engulfed by her. Britney Spears…..sucking on MY dick!Her mouth suckled up and down over the head at first, then she stretched her jaw and slid quickly down the thick shaft, taking as much of it inside as she could until she felt the cock head touch against the back of her throat. I took a deep breath and groaned as much from the feel of her mouth as watching her.Her tongue lapped at my cock as it was buried inside her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it as she moved her mouth up and down. Her breasts, with their aroused nipples, brushed against my legs each time she slid up and down with her warm sucking mouth. The feeling she created on my sensitive cock was pure pleasure. She paused, slid her mouth off my shaft, and licked it all over. She quickly flicked the tip with her tongue tasting my thick precum.“Mmmmm! I love your cum taste, Tim.”She licked again and again, hungrily teasing every drop of precum that rose out of the hole of my cock onto her lips. She really enjoyed the taste. She turned her head and slid her mouth along the sides of the hot, wet shaft, up and down. Her blonde hair tickled my balls. Then her hand gripped tightly and pumped my cock up and down, as her tongue lapped at my balls. It was like my cock was the most incredible, wonderful taste she had ever had. She seemed to lose herself in the pleasure of her mouth, tongue, and hand touching and tasting it. She trailed soft, sucking kisses over my inner thighs, then my balls and gradually up to the tip of my cock again.It was the single most awesome blowjob I’d ever had!As her tongue swirled lightly over the head and her tight hand pumped up and down, she gazed up at me with her big brown eyes and asked, “Are you liking this, Tim?”“Oh yes, Britney! You are fucking wonderful. I could cum any second, but I don’t want to just yet.”Her lips, pressed against the tip of my cock, curved into a smile. She pulled back slightly, chewing her lower lip as she considered what to do next. Britney was so damn sexy, as she looked up at me, and bit her lower lip again like a naughty little girl. Her eyes drifted from mine, to my still hard and projecting cock. After a momentary teasing pause, she spoke.“I think we should fuck,” she said with a playful grin. It was the most wonderful sound I had ever heard. “I need your cock in me.”“Let’s get in the backseat,” I said.Pulling my pants up quickly, I opened the back door of the limo and we both climbed in. Britney was still wearing the tight little tank top. She slowly lifted her shirt over her head. I waited with anticipation to see her gorgeous tits. Britney didn’t hesitate…bringing her hands around to her back, she undid her bra quickly, letting it fall from her shoulders, down her arms, and onto the floor of the limo.“Fucking unbelievable,” I muttered, staring at the sweet mounds of young titmeat. “You…you’re unbelievably perfect.”“Oh stop,” she said, blushing.I wondered if I needed a pinch, to make sure this wasn’t all a dream! Here I was, in the back of my limo…..with 17 year-old Britney Spears….in all of her naked glory….ready to let me fuck her!I yanked my pants and underwear off and my shirt. Then I sat back on the seat.“Oh just a minute, shouldn’t I have a condom?” I asked. “I’ve got some in the glove compartment.” I always liked to travel prepared.Britney shook her head. “Nah, don’t worry about it. Just let me know when you’re ready to cum.”Spreading her beautiful legs over my lap, she eased herself down, resting her knees on either side of me on the seat. I smiled up at her, cupping her perky breasts in my hands and admiring her flat stomach. Her nipples were hard as I flicked my thumbs across them. She bent down, slipping her hand around the back of my head and gave me a deep kiss, once again exploring my mouth with her agile tongue.At the same time, I placed my hands on her hips and eased her down further onto my lap. I could feel my hard cock press against her pussy lips. My heart was pounding in my chest, I had never been so excited to fuck a girl in my life!“Tell me you want me, Tim,” Britney whispered to me.“Oh fuck, Britney…you have no idea how badly I want you!”Britney moaned in delight and shifted her weight onto her knees. Then while holding her pussy above my cock, she spread her labia and helped me guide my shaft slowly into the wet folds of her wanting pussy. It was then that I slid my throbbing cock inside her, slowly. Her snatch was dripping wet, hot and tight.Britney eased herself down over my thick cock. I could feel her exquisite pussy open up to me…stretching her wide as she took me all the way inside her up to my balls.Wow, oh, wow! I was inside Britney Spears! My cock was inside the tight teenage cunt of the hottest popstar on the planet!Resting her arms on my shoulders, she brought her hands up around my neck. I held her at her waist and looked up at her. “Ride me, Britney.”She then leaned forward and planted her lips on mine again as she began rocking her hips back and forth, with long deliberate strokes. Britney moved her hips back and forth across my dick…harder…faster. Her sweet teenage tits bounced on her chest as she rode me, as she ground my cock deeper into her, as far as her body would allow. My fingers dug into her hips firmly.Britney was now latching onto my shoulders, digging her nails into my skin. She tossed her head back…her eyes closed as she enjoyed the feeling of my long, hard cock against her soft wetness. I took her hips and started pushing her down harder over my cock…fucking up against her…pounding her tight, young cunt as she rode me hard and fast.“Oh fuck baby. You feel too…fuckin’…gooooooddddd,” I moaned.I savored every inch of Britney’s luscious pussy as she fucked me. She rode me hard, with her pussy clutching my cock like a vise, milking it hard.“Oh godddamn…..oh sonuvabitch……oh fuck!” she cursed. “Your cock feels so fucking good in me, Tim! Fuck me hard!”I wanted to pound into her into so badly. And I knew just how to do that! We shifted positions, with me pushing Britney onto her back on the seat of the limo and climbing on top of the precious beauty. She spread her legs invitingly. I felt the tip of my dick press against Britney’s tight opening and I pushed forward.I moaned loudly at the warm feeling of her awesome pussy giving way to my fat dick. Pulling Britney’s legs up onto my shoulders, I slowly pumped in and out, pressing deeper and deeper. Britney closed her eyes and arched güvenilir bahis siteleri her back as she took it. The sight of her beautiful body underneath me as I fucked her, was almost enough to make me cum right then. But I held back with all the self-control I had.Sweat pouring down my face, I looked down to watch my cock plow in and out of her, her pussy lips wrapped around me like elastic bands. Just a few minutes later, Britney was on the edge already. She squealed, “I’m cumming, Tim, I’m cumming!” Her body began to convulse as I just kept shoving my dick inside her again and again, rocking her back and forth across the leather seat. The feeling of her tight pussy suddenly flowing with her natural lubricant sent me over the top too.“Are you cumming too?” she panted.“Yes….yesssssss!” I moaned.“Lay back…..lay back!” she ordered me.I pulled out of her immediately, falling back against the seat. Britney leaped up, and like a hungry wolf, dropped her mouth onto me, her lips locking around my shaft.She moaned and sucked, her lips sliding almost to the base of my shaft…….driving me wild. The feel of my cock head hitting the back of her throat each time was pushing me right to the edge.“Oh, fuck yeah,” I breathed heavily, running my fingers through her silky hair. “Suck it nice and deep like that. Oh yeah… yeah… you’re gonna make me cum.”Britney moved her mouth up and down the pulsating shaft faster and faster, her hands massaging my balls, until the purple head began spewing out a hot river of cum down her throat.I arched my back and my mouth fell open, as my cock went rigid in her mouth, jetting my sperm into her. Britney swallowed it all, like she knew exactly what she was doing. I knew this was certainly not the first load of jizz she’d ever had in her belly.Afterwards we snuggled together in the back seat, our naked bodies damp with sweat. The entire limo reeked of the sex we’d just had. My brain was still going a million miles a second, trying to process all the happenings of the last hour or so. I was just a plain schmoe, a lowly limo driver, a guy who was probably gonna go home and have Kraft dinner and weiners for supper. And here I had just had my cock buried in one of the most gorgeous, sexy celebrities in the free world! Not only that, but had also just blew load down her throat!“Oh my God……oh my….holy fuck! That was awesome, Britney!……Thank you…..Thank you so much!!!!” I panted.“No….Thank YOU…” she purred, nestling her face against my bare chest. “That was SO good! I haven’t been fucked like that in a long time. You lasted longer than a lot of other guys.”I looked at the clock on the dashboard. “Whoa Britney, I better get you back to the hotel.”“Yeah, I suppose,” she said dreamily. “But I’m not done, you know.”“Wha-what…..do you mean?” I asked.“I want you to come back to the hotel, Tim. Spend the night with me!”“But…..what if people see us?” I asked.“Don’t worry, I’ll handle it. I just want you tonight, Tim. I want more of that cock. I want to fuck……all night long!”What was I supposed to do? A girl like Britney Spears tells you they want to fuck all night long…..you don’t say no!“O-okay! Believe me, Britney, I’d love to fuck you all night long too!”“But, I have to return my limo first,” I said. “My boss is going to be freaking that I’m not back yet.”“Drop me off at my hotel,” Britney said. “Take your limo back and do what you have to do. Then come back to the hotel. I’m in the penthouse suite…..and I’ll be waiting for you.”She kissed me, her tongue tracing around my lips.We got out of the limo and put all our clothes back on. Britney rode in the front with me again on the way back to the hotel. I couldn’t help staring at her hard sexy teen body, thinking about all the things I was going to get to do to it that night.It didn’t take me long to get Britney back to her hotel. She gave me another kiss and gave my crotcha light squeeze.“Hurry back,” she cooed. “At the front desk, just tell them your name and they’ll let you in. I’ll tell them I’m expecting you.”I rushed to return my limo. We always have to clean them before we can turn them in, and believe me, I broke all-time speed records cleaning mine that night. The night supervisor gave me a bit of flack for getting back late, but I just nodded and ignored him. I just had my cock in my Britney Spears, dude! And I’m going back for more! NOTHING you say to me tonight is gonna wreck my mood!I didn’t even go home to change or anything. I just hopped in my car and whipped back to Britney’s downtown hotel. I quickly parked and headed into the luxurious lobby. Just as she said, I gave my name at the front desk and they handed me a room card.“Here you go, sir. Miss Spears said she was expecting you.”I rode up the elevator, my cock as hard as granite. I reached the top floor and knocked on the door of the penthouse suite.“Come on in!” I heard her sweet voice say.I slipped my card in the door and the latch clicked open. I entered the room.Holy shit! The place was huge! My shithole apartment would fit inside here three times.I was barely inside the door and Britney was attacking me. Wearing just a t-shirt and a pair of panties, she slammed me back against the wall. Her hands went to my pants, yanking and tugging them down.When she released my dick from my underwear, it was already at full attention, and was aching for relief. She didn’t tease me at all, but just casually leaned forward, and took about three or four inches of my dick in her mouth. Britney was instantly slathering my cock with saliva, slurping and sucking on my meat.“Ohhhhhhhhh!” I gasped out loud, as her warm mouth closed around my balls, her tongue rolling around them. She sucked each individual ball in her mouth, pulling them in as far as she could. Her lips were clamped around them so tightly, I seriously thought she might suck them right out of my sack.Then she was back to gulping my shaft into her mouth. She sucked with long slow motions, pulling back so just the tip was between her lips, then opening her mouth wide and taking my whole cock back inside. I just leaned against the wall, my legs trembling with pleasure, just smiling as Britney gave me a delicious, sloppy blowjob.She finally stood up. And I knew what was next. She turned and placed her hands against the wall, bending slightly at the hips, spreading her luscious long legs. I immediately pushed her panties to the side, grabbed her hips, and plunged my dick into her tight, sopping pussy as far as it would go.“YESSSSSSSSSS! GODDAMN THAT FEELS GOOD!” Britney yelled out.My eight inch cock plowed into her, feeling it hit bottom with every thrust. I shoved her face first against the wall, bending my knees and ramming up into her as hard as I could. She didn’t seem bothered by how rough I was being, and even asked for it “harder.”By that time, I was fucking her as hard and fast as a jackhammer, and she was matching my pace, pushing back against me with each stroke. I even pulled on her hair a bit and that seemed to really get her going.“Fuckkkkkk! Yeahhhh! Fuck me like a little bitch!……..Harder……harder!”“I brought condoms,” I whispered. “I don’t want to get you pregnant.”“I don’t fucking care!” Britney retorted. “I’m on the pill……shoot your goddamn load in me!”That really excited me, the thought of getting to cum inside her tight cunt bareback!She continued bucking against me, and when she finally started coming, she started moving her ass up and down to increase the friction even more. Her orgasm seemed to get stronger and stronger, until finally her legs started to get weak. When she slowed, I held her hips up to my dick, and continued pounding her. I could hold her up easily, and I was basically moving her up and down on my shaft at will.The feel of having complete control over her was amazing, and the view of her ass was enough to send me over the edge.“I am about to cum.” I warned her.“Do it,” she moaned. “I want to feel you cum inside me.”When I finally started pumping deep inside her, I paused my motion for a moment so she could feel my dick jerking. When I did, she had another orgasm, and nearly collapsed. If I had not still been holding her up by the hips, she would have crumpled.As my cock pumped its load deep inside her, she confessed with a smile: “I really hate doing it with a condom, this way feels so much more fantastic.”After she finally pulled away, Britney headed down the hall, dumped her t-shirt and panties on the floor, and jumped into the large shower. I followed and joined her in the shower.While we showered, she talked casually about how great the sex was, and I stood behind her, and felt up her tits while I soaped her whole body. Her tits had such a good shape, and were young and firm. I even reached my hands down while soaping her up and rubbed her pussy for a minute or two. She leaned back against me and put her hands over mine. “Thanks,” she said.When she got out, I finished my shower, and was surprised how quickly she was dried and dressed in a silk bathrobe. She led me to the master bedroom and closed the door behind me.“I’ve ordered some room serivce. I figured you were likely getting hungry and thirsty by now. But other than that, we’re not leaving this room tonight. Now……which position do you want next? Me riding you…..or doggy-style?”“Oh man!” I beamed. “Doggy is my favorite position!”“What a coincidence,” she smiled. “Mine too!”The silk bathrobe dropped to the floor and Britney climbed on the giant king-size bed on all fours, her gorgeous , sweet cunt, on perfect display.I looked up skyward and mouthed the words, “THANK YOU, GOD!”As once more, my throbbing cock penetrated Britney from behind, I knew the greatest night of my life was just beginning.I would never run into Britney again, personally anyway. I did go and see a few of her concerts. Other than that, I have the pair of panties she was wearing when we first fucked in the limo. She gave them and her bra to me for a souvenir and also a personally autographed photo of her.Written on it, in black felt, is just this, “Thank you Tim, the best limo driver ever! XOXOXOX Britney! P.S. Loved having you inside me!”I keep that stashed away. I take it out every now and then, just to look at it. Look at it and remember….the night I fucked Britney Spears!

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