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bro AND sis REAL IN INDIASituation was created on sudden change. Hope you all enjoy this story very much.sister Name is “N” in short. Her figure was 32-30-32. She is very fair in color. Her age was 19. And the brother name is “R”. His age was 22. His height was 5’11” and sister was 5’6”. The length of brother’s penis was 7 inches and 2.25 inches wide.N was quite innocent. She always hugs brother in any good news. She loves his brother like any sister loves her brother may be more because they are very friendly and shares everything. R was nice guy who loves sister too as a sister and they were best friends.She was such an innocent girl, she hugged him when she pass her exam and kissed on his chicks and when she gets good news. But now R feels her rock hard on boobs on his chest. She never feels it wrong. Sometimes she sits on his laps when R works on computer. She has not any wrong feeling about him.Sometimes she changes upper cloths in front of R without any hesitation but with her bra and panty inside. But now R was seeing her cuts and wants to see her more body. They were sharing a same room. Only small certain divide them. They have different bedThese days R was seeing her while bathing. She didn’t even think about it. She baths like soaps all over her body and usually naked. Now a days R is watching N’s boob’s movement while sleeping. And also wants to see inside her skirt too. One night he was pressing her boobs. He now started doing masturbation while pressing your boobs.One day she awoke while pressing her boobs and say – “what are you doing brother, why you are pressing my boobs and what are you doing with your cock. Please go and sleep or use bathroom.” “No sister it is not bad.”N: what?R: I want to see you naked.N: No don talk rubbish ok just sleep.R: No sister it is not wrongN: Yes it is please sleep or I will call mom.R: Ok sister sleep anadolu yakası escort I will talk to you tomorrow.R called N on terrace. She came. Then they talked there on the topic of last night incident. She forgot the incident and also she didn’t inform her mother about this. R was telling her that sister this is not wrong.N : What I forgot allR: ok just show me your titsN: no noR : There is no problem in showingN: I cant you are my brotherR: Ok just think we are boy and girl. We have to know each other organN: I can’t, please don’t compelR: for our knowledgeN: no please….R: come on NeethuShe went downstairs fast and without hearing his words. She went down and tries to recall what happened. She felt so bad for hurting his sweet brother and thought that if he asks her once more she will surely show him her tits. She doesn’t have sexual feelings for him just love brotherly love.After dinner R told N to come and sleep on the roof. She says yes brother. They went upside on the roof after telling their parents. They slept. N awoke for pee and she went downstairs. She heard sexy sounds from parents’ room. She peeped in the room and saw them while sex. She feels hot and returned into bed after pee. R don’t know that N just returned from down.R awoke and he now wants to seduce her while sleeping. But N was awaking and feeling him but her eyes were closed. She was sleeping actually pretending to be sleep. R started cursing her boobs slowly. Then he was trying making them bare. N was not wearing bra that day. She won’t wear bra and panty in night while sleeping.R started sucking her boobs very hard and fast. N wakes up.N: What de hell is this?And try to go to down, but R stopped her then keep her down on the bed sheet once again.N: leave meR: no, I will see you completely naked today.N: Please please leave me ataşehir escort please I am your s*sR: no, today you have to show me your figure nakedN: Ok only figureR: yesN: Ok just see itShe opened the night gown. She was naked in front of him. R also opened his pants and became naked. N went near R and sees his dick from near and went back.R: Please allow me s*s to touch you. PleaseN: Ok just touchHe touched her pussy and round her clits by his finger and press her boobs hard. She became horny after clit moving finger and now she was in her arms.N: Please leave meShe also wants to fuck now but she was resisting from upper side.N: ha don’t make me hot b*oR: ok just enjoy itN: ha ahaaaaaaa b*o I love uR started sucking her boobs again. N is holding her cock. Now they both are in deep French kiss. N says – kiss me hard give me you tongue, give me all. Now b*o holds her and lift her and made her head down and leg up.Her legs are on his shoulders. sister’s mouth was at his dick and brother was licking her pussy. sister’s hands were around his waist. 69 position but in standing mode. She sucks his penis hard and fast till her throat and her pussy walls were feeling his tongue. chatak chat chat!She had reached first orgasm in licking. Now b*o put s*s down and ride on her after stretching your legs and keeping pillow at her waist then b*o placed his dick on pussy hole then soft jerk. She started stopping him because of pain of hymen stop.N: I am virgin b*o please be slow.Then slow fuck and kissing was going on. After some time she enjoys fuck.N: I am feeling pain please be gentle, It is good oh god, fuck me u bastard sister fucker in & out in! ghachak ghach ghachakN: haaaaaaaaaaa fuck hard.Now brother keep sister up on his dick and she was holding his shoulders and he was fucking her in standing position by lifting your ass up ümraniye escort and down. She was enjoying dick sitting fuck from standing position. Great fucking session was going on. Cold breeze was blowing and giving the immense pleasure and joy to both of them.Now sister reached her second orgasm heavily and she released her complete love juice on his brother’s dick. Now she was put in doggy style and brother was now fucking her from back and he was holding her boobs and giving smart and hard jerk from back.With every jerk she went forward but return back to accept the jerk in next time without delay. They both were in different world. Both were creating strange moaning sound as oh ah ouch. This scene was looking awesome like two smart couples were enjoying the so interesting and enjoying fuck. If someone saw them in such a position he or she can’t stop himself or herself for masturbating.sister now reached her third orgasm and brother was also about to cum. Now brother keeps his cock out of the pussy to be longer in the fuck. He stopped for a while. Now sister again sucking his cock to be hard once again. Within some time it was hard as rod once again.Now he was going to fuck her in ass. He licks her ass and spitted on gate. Insert one finger to make way for his cock. Then placed his cock on the ass hole and started pressing slowly. She got a hard pain but brother keep her mouth shut by his hand. He was moving slowly. He was doing the movement in slow speed. 3 slow jerks followed by one hard jerk. Within some time whole cock was gulped in ass. And now she was also enjoying hard fuck in ass. She was also responding his jerks by moving her body front and back.Wow such as smart and hard fuck. Now after some 60-70 jerks brother was ready to release her juice inside her ass. Ohohhhhohoo that’s it this was gone. Now her ass was filled with his hot and crispy liquid.Then they both lay on the floor for some time. They were feeling tired so they slept nude on the roof. Around 4 AM they awoke and wore their cloths and slept in different bed sheets like sister and brother. Only they know what happened in night and roof, moon and stars were viewer of this nice show.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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