Oca 04

Brother and Sister Find a Way

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Elias and Amber were not your typical half- siblings. For one, they liked each other. There was none of the standard inter-family jealousy. They were best friends, confiding in each other when it felt like the rest of the world would never understand. It was said that if Elias had the flu, Amber could be counted on to run his fever. Also, they had zero family resemblance. Rather than looking like Richard, their shared father, they each favored their own matriarchal lineage. Amber was 5’3″ 180 lbs, brunette, and stacked. Her globular DDD’s proceeded her cautious but solid gait a good 6 inches from her chest. Elias was 6’2″, rail thin and very obviously native as evidenced by his periodontal nightmare of a smile and perpetual teenaged pizza faced acne. However, his swift wit, and disarming charm made him a well loved and attractive man despite his physical features. At 23 and 21 respectively, they were well versed in the complications of early adulthood and balancing a sense of moral responsibility with an even remotely fulfilling social life.

Even as close as these siblings were, they had yet to discover the depth of their trust for each other.

Richard, never in the best health to begin with had started slamming the bottle even harder than usual during his separation from Amber’s petite, and gorgeous, but utterly batshit mother. So by the time the siblings were in high school cirrhosis had well established its hold in their father’s liver. That being said, it wasn’t much of a surprise when they got the call saying they needed to come home and be there for their father’s operation. With 75% of his liver needing to go, the heart -wrenching success rate of 10% even seemed like a just lottery.

As the operation date approached, brother and sister could often be found whispering and crying together with anxiety and fear of impending free fall.

As sometimes happens in life, we don’t get the happy ending, and that was the result in this case. Richard passed away at 9:43 AM on Tuesday morning.

That night, still in shock, Amber knocked on Elias door, like she had so many times in high school; seeking the warmth and kindness of her baby brother.

Elias sat at the edge of his bed, hunched over playing his Nintendo 64. It was like being thrown backwards in time. Amber’s heart paused painfully, her breath caught. In an instant all she could see was all the hurt and ataköy escort comfort they had gotten through together. Knowing that the passing of their father could possibly change them irrevocably was something she could not allow to happen. She leapt on him shaking and sobbing. Seeing her broken like that, Elias knew he had a duty to his beloved sister to right what was so wrong for her.

He held her tight and silently let her cry until her sobs were just dry heaves of pain. As she lie there, with her brother’s arms enfolded around her, she knew she was more home then, than she would ever be again.

Without thinking of the consequences, Amber crawled off the bed, Tugging Elias with her. She flung her arm out and captured his hand before he could react and clapped it to her chest. The flush in her cheeks and the fire in her eyes told him all he needed to know about how to fix his sister. How to give her what she needed.

He began to undress her. Slowly tugging her shirt over the mound of her tits. As the bulk of her shirt crossed her throat, he pressed it tight against the door of his room. Pushing her back and causing her eyes to widen in surprise , and soften with building desire simultaneously.

She swallowed audibly as a result of the constricting fabric and he smiled, knowing that she wanted him to be in charge. Needed him to call the shots so she could have the relief of being used.

“Are you sure, sis? I mean, I’d never take advantage of you.”

She responded to his concern by firmly massaging the mass of his cock through his jeans, inhaling his surprised breaths through her tears.

He kissed her, and finished removing her shirt. Her ample cleavage jiggled as he mauled his way down her chest, ever nearer her erect nipples poking through her sweat stained Walmart bra. As he reached this he began to tug at the dingy lace between the two cups and busted the over-washed, over-dried, fraying seam. Her swollen tits leapt from their confinement like a teenager learning manual transmission. The sudden jerk forward of flesh came close to making him forget what he was supposed to be doing. In that moment he wanted to simply bury his face in those hills and call it home. The urge to wear her DDD’s as a hat was overwhelming. But he had a task to complete first.

Gathering all the self control he could muster her moved on from avcılar escort her jello-like bosom after one quick flicker of his tongue across her pink left nipple. He took a knee and spread her lips apart with both hands. Without hesitation, or even a pause to let her catch her breath, he suckled his way across her mound, down to the slick swollen nub of nerves that he knew would make her his.

Deftly his tongue flicked across the center of her. He felt a slight tightening of her thighs as if his caress had taken her by surprise. As he began to massage the blazing puffiness that was her labia, she risked a quick touch of his hair. The black coarseness of it emboldened her and she pulled him farther into her, urging the increase of his darting, plunging efforts. Reminding her who was really in charge here he nipped at her clit. She moaned with blended pain and pleasure. Her thighs began to quiver as he lovingly stroked her slit with the flat of his tongue.

With growing impatience he grabbed her pussy. Thrusting his middle and ring finger into the meaty finger trap that was her cooze he pulled her sex closer to his waiting mouth by thumping against the small hidden texture that was her g-spot. The combined head popping pleasure of his swift fingers keeping match time with his fluttering tongue across her bud was too much. Her knees buckled as she slid down the door, drowning in ecstasy, she doused him in copious amount of her honey. He swallowed her wetness, knowing this would be the first of many times he would make her drown him.

He fucked her. He drove it into her wet grasping hole again and again. Her hips thrust to meet his and further encase him in her velvet. She buried her face on his chest as he burrowed inside her, the grinding squeeze and release threatening to break her and she ached for it. She begged for him to smash and tenderize the solid barrier of her cervix. To fuck her so hard and deep he drove him self into her very core. As they writhed together she wished for him to be in each and every tight wet spot she possessed. To feel his turgid girth slamming into her brutalized throat. To feel his hot rod crammed deep into her puckering asshole, while she was riding his cock with a kind of wild unashamed abandon typically reserved for women taken with fits of hysteria.

As he took her, he gloved his hand in the smooth corn silk beylikdüzü escort of her hair and yanked her head back so he could see the desperation in her eyes. The absolute need within her to be used and violated. To be fully at the mercy of the engorged heat, this catalyst of all her life’s pleasure and belonging.

She was moaning monosyllabic sounds of pleasure. “Mmmmmmmm. Nnnnnnnnnnnmmm.” Incessantly he drove his dick deeper into her best corners. Suddenly her eyes snapped open and she grinned like a dervish. Pushing with her heels, she scooted away from her bother’s prodding member, and quickly turned herself over. She grasped her gratuitous ass cheeks and spread them apart, exposing her tight little rosebud to her brother’s thick throbbing cock.

Taking the obvious hint, he spit into her asshole to help her juices that were already coating his stiff organ get her adequately lubed. That done, he rammed her home. He crammed his sword to the hilt in her musty, dark hole making her gasp. Before she even had time to comfortably accommodate his veiny piercing, he reached around her hips and once again began thrumming her clitoris.

Not to be out done and having a shocking presence of mind considering the viscous pounding her asshole was taking, Amber reached between her meaty thighs and pushed her brothers hand back to her aching, wanting snatch.

He quickly picked up his pace as he continued to approach his own orgasm while aggressively finger fucking his wanton, begging sister’s pussy, and invading her suffocating gripping asshole.

Knowing the last piece of the intricate harmony of their passion and grief was near at hand she pressed her boobs against the bedding and slipped her fingers across her silken clit, centimeters away from her brothers rapidly stroking digits. It was a symphony of extreme fulfillment. Her void had never felt so full in her life. Her climax practically stopped her heart. It was like dying and seeing the mysteries of the earth through a hazy filter of lust.

As he came, Elias sprayed his hot jizz inside her walls. Marking his space with a small cry of relief and a shudder, collapsing on the spent lump of his flushed sister. His member slowly oozing the remains of his sticky joy between the heat of Amber’s thighs. As they allowed their breathing to return to normal, Elias looked into Amber’s brown cow-like eyes, and knew he had eased her suffering.

A short while later, while Elias was snoring in his sleep of the unfettered mind, Amber drifted off. Wondering what the future should bring now that she realized where she belonged most. She knew all could be well, as long as she had Elias inside her or beside her.

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