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Subject: Browsing at the Mall (16) This is a fictional story about the hot guys that are in the Mall It could be in any Mall anywhere in the US. This of course does not presume any of theses guys would indulge in a gay sexual encounter. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Browsing the Mall me. (16) ……it was sometime later that I was at the mall again. Other than my usual working inventory i was just actually browsing the Mall for clothes. I needed some jeans and a sweater for the oncoming winter. So I went to the store that had the weather gear. As i was perusing through some of the hefty sweaters this hot bearded guy came into the store. I was in instant lust as I saw him. He was tall and wore an orange and brown plaid shirt. And it was tucked into a pair of tan colored corduroys. The cords were very snug against his lower body. “Damn that’s nice” I said as I gazed at him from my vantage in the sweaters. I could see his thick longer legs and a very nice bulge on the right of his zipper. His beard was medium brown in color. His handsome face was full �nd round. I wanted to nruch the beefy bear dude and jump between his legs. The bear hunklooked up and his eyes met mine. They were soft and brown too. I licked my lips involuntarily as iI looked upon his face. He half smiled and then went on to shopping himself. I just glanced half hearted at the merchandize now. Showing little interest in the items on the racks. I kept stealing glances at the big hunky guy. His big meaty ass was now in my eyes sight as he had turned to look at something. The big bubble butt filling those lucky cords. The thing was beckoning me. My eyes were glued to those big round cheeks. “Ahemmm” came a cough from him I looked up at him and he was staring at me. I averted my eyes at the sweaters before me. But I was caught. Then he came towards me. I was either gonna get punched in the face, or was gonna have another fantasy come true. The hunk came over to the other side of the sweaters and then. Whispered to me. “Like what you see man” he said in a deep sexy voice Then I watched as his hand reached over to a sweater close to me. The sleeve on his shirt pulled up on his arm and I could see the hair on his forearms. It was a lighter softer brown than his head. I swallow hard as I looked at it. This held promise to what may lay under his clothes. “So” he said again “You like what you see” Then he came around the sweaters and stood right next to me. He was talker up close. Maybe 6’2″. I fekt the tingle in my loins from him being so close. My hand was still at the rack on a sweater. The guy actually reached for and grabbed my tuzla eve gelen escort hand from the rack. Then he quickly brought it down to his crotch. Then he smashed my palm up against it. Then he rubbed my hand over it. “Here is an oversized one” he said “Shit” I blurted out as I felt his dick through the cords The attendant looked over at us. I looked back at her and half smiled. I wanted to run and hide. But the bulge under my fingers felt so damned good. And big. I wanted him. And I knew where to take him if he was willing for fun.my lips started to feel very dry now. So I licked at them. Then looked back at the big handsome man. I leaned in closer to him. I could smell his Cologne. It was nice and smooth. Not harsh or strong. “I’ll takes this one” I. Whispered back at him Then I groped at the big cock. I felt as it throbbed under my fingers. “Follow me stud.” I then said I was so horny for him, I couldn’t wait. I grabbed a sweater and then winked at the girl attendant. She obviously knew what was on my mind, and didn’t care. I walked to the back where the changing rooms were. I stepped into the biggest one. Then I reached for him and pulled him into it. The second I had him in there I dropped to my knees. I was now face to crotch with this hunky bear. “Someone will catch us” he said “Nah” I answered back “The girl at the register doesn’t care” “This is excitement for here dull day” Then I reached for his big bulge. My fingers yraced the meaty tube in his pants. It felt thick. I had to have it. I leaned in and kissed the lump of his dick. I could feel the heat from his crotch through the pants. His dick was already starting to respond to my touch “Feels very big” I said Then I kissed up and down the covered dick. My fingers were now at his pants. Undoing his belt and unfastening that button that was the first lock to the entry to his prize. I pullwd down the zipper of his pants. The wonderful sound of release filled the small space. I then peeled open the crotch area. He wore blue boxer shorts. I moved in close and inhaled his scent through the opening. It was all man. I became instantly horny for him. I then pulled down his pants. I could see his log pressing against the boxer shorts to the left. His legs were lightly furred as I looked up from pulling down his pants. “Very nice” I said Then I returned my face to his crotch. Opening my mouth and grasping his covered dick with my parted lips. I felt as his cock pulsed under my mouth. I then started to chew on his cock through his shorts. It continued to throb as i munched on it hungrily. I heard a light almost contained moan from him. It’s as if tuzla otele gelen escort he was trying to stay quiet. But I wanted none of than. I wanted him to moan, loud. So I reached up under his shirt to his belly. Then my hand moved up his furry gut to his chest, a�d then nipple. I pulled on it as I chomped in his dick more. “Ughnnn fuck man” he moaned louder “That feels great buddy” That was a better moan. But still not what I really wanted. I then reached for his boxers legs. I pulled it up over his leg. Then his big cock head peeped out from it. There it was all meaty and mushroom shaped. I pulled more and a few inches of his semi rigud dick popped out. It looked big. The thick shaft had veins already bloated from the blood rushing to his member. “Wow” I declared “Definitely big” It was. As it was still not fully hard yet, but appeared to be a good near 7 inches now. I pulled more on his shorts. More of his log fell out. I licked my lips in anticipation of the treat I was about to partake of. I looked up at the handsome bear. Smiled as he looked at me with longing in his eyes. “Bet it tastes real good too” i stated “Then take it” he sighed He didnt even finish the sentence before I did. I swooped up and took his thick cock into my hungry mouth. “Ughnnn” he moaned as I did I slurped up half his cock. It quickly became rigud as my mouth and tongue drooled over it. I then just started to give this hunky bear man a blow job. I slobbered over his still growing dick like a lollipop. I stroked at the base of his now hardened dick. thye near eight inch cock was covered in a freeway of pulsing veins. I licked up and down his meaty dick. Coming up for air periodically. “Awee fuck that is soo good” I gasped “Nice big bear dick” “Have been needing one for ages” I then slurped down his big crank again. I then felt the big man’s hand on my head. He then just started to push back at my hungry mouth. Fucking my face as I sucked his wonderful dick. “Awe man that fees good buddy” he moaned “Your mouth feels so good on my dick” “Suck me. Awee yes suck me” His balls began to hit my lower lips as I swallowed his fucking shaft down to them. They were a good size and hung there nicely. I reached for them and held them in my hand as he continued to fuck my siphoning mouth. I wanted his cum in my belly. It was all Idesired at the omoment. So I pulled on those meaty orbs gently. Kneading them and coaxing the cum churning in them. I wanted this hot bear to seed my mouth. “Hmm fuckk” Igrumbled as I spoke between sucks “Give it too me stud” “Feed me” The bearded hunk looked down at me and gathered what I wanted. He then tuzla sınırsız escort grabbed my head and pulled meto his ccrotch. I was balls deep on his cock again. He ground his crotch and dick into my hungry throat. I felt a gag come on but then he pulled from my face long enough for me to get a fast breath. Then he slammed back into my face again. His hips began to push fasterat my mouth. And his ass seemed to be flexing tighter as I held it. T wouldn’t be too long nowbefore iIwas rewarded with his cum. Soon I would be tasting and swallowing his sweet nectar “Awee fuck yeah man” he groaned louder “Gonna bust soon man” I then pulled on this balls again. Harder this time. Then my finger also reached around and pushed to his ass. This drove the hunk over the edge. He again pulled me to his dick. The big slab was shoved into my face hard. Then he cried out as he did cum. And it was loud too. So if there was someone in the store they would hear it. “Ohh yess man. Here it come dude” he bellowed “C-cumming oin that hot your of yours. Arrghhh” Then came the gusts of his cum. 1, ,3, 5, 8 shots blasting into my slurping and swallowing mouth. It was thick and creamy too. I had trouble swallowing it as each blast came so quickly. It began to gush from the sides of my mouth now. The hunk just continued to fuck my mouth and holler out. “Shit , awe fuck. Take it he yelled “Take my cum man” “Suck it. Suck it down” Then once he finished drowning me with his cum he sighed and pulled from my drooling mouth. He looked down at the excess cum dribbling down my chin and neck. I lapped up all Iccouldand then gasped as I could finally take in some air again. It was so good. So rich and filling. “You missed som” he stated Then his big hand reached my chin and neck and scooped it up. Then Isaw the cream on his fingers. “Here buddy” he offered I grabbed his hand and pulled it to my hungry mouth. I sucked in his cum covered fingers. Licking them clean of any remaining cum. His big softened dick hung there before me. I leaned in and kissed it. Still tasting the cum on his shaft. “That was so good” I said “Love this big dick man” He sighed and reached down to pull up his pants. “That was a great blow man” he said to me “Should hook up again for this” “Yess” I agreed “But next time you gotta fuck me with that big dick” He smiled and nodded in agreement. Then he stuffed his big dick back into his pants. Then fastened his pants . I looked at the dick now hugged inside them. I wanted to just pull it out again and get fucked right there. But I knew we had to get outta there before we were arrested. We slipped out of the changing room to an empty store. The girl at the counter smiled at us. “Find what you needed ” she asked “Ohh yesss” I said back Then I purchased a shirt and then left her and the hot bear behind. I sure hope he meant that about getting together again………………….. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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