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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Beauty & Power

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Beauty & PowerBUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: BEAUTY AND POWERThis is a re-interpretation of a scene from the Season 6 episode “Grave”. I have added Buffy’s thoughts, and some actions not seen on-camera, but have not changed anything actually seen in that scene. Slight spoilers for the end of Season 6, if you haven’t watched it. The characters and dialogue are directly borrowed from the show for fan entertainment purposes. Dawn is over 17, and she and Buffy are not actually s*sters, but there is sexual contact between them that may not be to all tastes.The sudden quiet is startling. The earth no longer shakes. The waves of slashing root creatures have stopped bursting from the walls of the cave, and the graveyard dust is starting to settle. Dawn and I are breathing heavily after intense battle, slowly putting down our swords.I stare at my little s*ster in amazement. She has no combat training. No experience. I’ve sheltered her from everything I could, refused to let her come on patrol like my other friends did at her age. But I’ve just seen her fight off monsters on all sides with skill and courage. She has the reflexes of a Slayer! She and I fought as one, and it felt… it felt right. More right than anything has felt since I was torn from heaven and dug my way out of my own grave.It’s easy to forget that she’s not human. Not real. Not my s*ster at all. No… She’s far more than any of those things. Looking at her, my heart fills with relief, pride, and most of all, the purest love. Emotion overcomes me, and I can’t think of a single thing to say.”I… I think it’s over Buffy…” she breathes, as I take a seat on a coffin. “The world is still here…” she sighs with relief, the slightest hint of a smile appearing for the first time since this terrible tragedy began.I knew I couldn’t save the world this time. But somehow… someone did. I lower my face to my hands and begin to cry.My tears hurt Dawn deeply. “Sorry to disappoint you!” konak escort she mutters. I sob even harder. Sometimes it feels good to let out what’s inside, even if tears are all I have.”Wait…” she says, “is… is that happy crying?””Yes, dummy!” I reply, surprised and teary, “You think I wanted the world to end?!””I don’t know,” she says, so softly, looking into my eyes with such sadness. “Didn’t you?”I just stare at her. Of course I didn’t! And yet… this life, this world… it has been my Hell for so long. Somewhere deep inside, maybe I did want it all to just end. I’ve tried to hide my pain from my friends, but they know. They’ve always known. And Dawn most of all. She thought I didn’t want her. And all along she was the only thing I did want.”Dawn…” I whisper, “I’m so sorry… I’m sorry…” I rise and take this amazing creature into my arms. She needs so much love. And somehow, after everything that’s happened, I still have so much love to give.I denied it from the very start. Wouldn’t let myself think it. Eventually I couldn’t deny it, and I blamed myself. Then I blamed the monks, for making me feel this way. And then, when the end came, and Glory took my Dawn away, it was as though a piece of me had been ripped away. I stopped blaming anyone. Because what I feel is so strong, so loving, it has to be right.I tried to tell Giles once what I’d discovered between my “s*ster” and I. I told him it was physical. He didn’t get it. And anyway, that barely scratches the surface. That’s why I had to die for her. And I’d die for her all over again.She stopped me from killing myself again when I returned. She took me home, spoke gently to me through the fog and the pain. Made my friends give me a little space. She’d kept my room for me, month after month, knowing I was gone, but unable to accept it. She was right. I was destined to be with her again.But when I came back, Glory was gone, my life wasn’t all about protecting her anymore, konak escort bayan and I couldn’t face what I’d realized about us. So I made two terrible mistakes. I turned my feelings for her onto the first willing partner I could find: Spike. And I shut her out. Kept her away from patrol, treated her like a k**… it’s no wonder she acted out. Big s*ster is not the role I was meant to fill for her.My tears soak her shoulder and she holds me close. “It’s OK, Buffy… It’s OK.”OK? Hardly. Not when I was given a second chance to be happy with my true soulmate, and sunk myself into depression in the bed of an evil vampire instead. “No. It hasn’t been. It hasn’t been OK,” I weep, and then lift my head to look into those big, beautiful eyes. “But it’s gonna be now. I see it!””See what?” she asks, her own voice filled with emotion. But she already knows. She feels it too.”You!” I reply, my voice breaking. “Things have really sucked lately. That’s all gonna change. And I’m gonna be there when it does… I wanna see my friends happy again… I wanna see you grow up… the woman you’re gonna become… because she’s gonna be beautiful! And she’s gonna be powerful!” My hands have drifted down to her buttocks, and she leans her pelvis into mine for a moment, filled with the same desire that I am. I’ve known for a long time what really lies behind her pleas for attention.I step away from her, feeling something very like joy fill my heart. Dawn and I can have our future together at last! “I got it so wrong! I don’t want to protect you from the world…” I turn to her again. “I wanna show it to you! There’s so much that I want to show you!” We embrace again. Not the hug of s*sters, or of protector and protected. The hug of lovers.And then we’re kissing. It’s not like with Spike, or even Angel. It’s pure light… pure love… pure desire. Her inexperienced tongue on mine lifts me into a state of ecstasy. Her breathing tells me she’s there escort konak too. Her finger traces the low-cut neckline of my shirt, and then she’s massaging my breasts with both hands as we kiss. I unbutton her jacket and feel inside, her nipples responding through the thin fabric of her shirt.I’m unzipping her pants even before I realize my own are falling around my hips. Soon we’re lying in the dirt, side by side, a beam of sunlight warming our half-naked bodies, and I’m taking all the feelings I shoved onto Spike and turning them where they had been intended all along. I’ve never been with a woman. All I know about that comes from Willow and Tara. But I know what makes a woman feel good… and more than anything else in the world I want her to feel good.My passion surprises her, I think. My mouth explores her body, and my fingers work inside her. So hot and so wet! As she orgasms, her face twists as though she’s about to cry, and she speaks my name. “Buffy… Buffy!” Her vagina contracts on my fingers, and I prolong the sweet moment, expressing for the first time what my true feeling are.And then she expresses hers. I am astonished when her kisses drift down between my breasts, over my stomach, and find their way between my legs. She tastes the juices my body has produced just for her, and soon time stops and my world is nothing but her loving eyes gazing at me over my pubic curls. I think I scream.Eventually, dirty, sweaty, but rested and dressed once again, we begin stacking coffins and finding handholds. Once upon a time I’d have made her wait, climbed up alone, and found another way to get her out. But those days are over. s*sters? That deception already feels like a dream. We’re together now, as equals, and just beginning to learn what power she truly has. We’ll fight together. We’ll laugh together. We’ll make slow, tender love.We struggle to the top, ignoring the dizzying drop, and finally collapse exhausted on the sunlit grass. She rolls on top of me, straddling my hips, and leans down to whisper in my ear.”I love you, Buffy!”I hold her sweet face between my hands. “I love you too!” Lips that taste like my sex touch mine. Her eyes close. Our tongues meet.She’s so beautiful! …and so powerful.The End.

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