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Bulging with a Black filled Belly!

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Bulging with a Black filled Belly!I was now 8 months on from when Big Mandingo Stud Joe had knocked me up. If hubby white Mick had ever managed it there is no way I would be this big! I was so swollen and round, looked like there were at least 2 babies in there!!! I was not able to walk too far as the big black boy in me was so heavy. During the pregnancy my big ass was now really massive and fat, my tits sagged so low with the weight of the milk, so low they were resting on my belly!. I was surprised that Joe was still around and wanting my pussy? He said he loved my fat ass and tits, it was making him very hard and he fucked me even harder than before too…mmm.Junior knew his daddies deep Afro voice, he kicked and kicked when daddy was up me. Joe said Junior had a party trick…haha and was joining daddy pleasuring his mummy! What he meant was Junior could push his feet out on my womb wall and out popped my belly. ‘HAHA , my boys gonna have his dads size 13’s and his big dick; joked Joe.I was sat on Joe’s huge poker holding his big strong thighs, Joe looking at my pregnant fat wobbly ass, he smacking it red raw as he lay back. Junior was up front kicking güvenilir bahis the shit out of me, this time pushing his hands and feet out, my big shiny stretched white belly being re-shaped by Junior. My tits were banging my belly, Junior seemed to like that too. I loved Joe’s Dick working my swollen pussy, his thrusts made me cum and leak milk now, the milk running over my belly and dripping down over my pussy. Joe’s dick squelched in the milk helping to lube his fat black shaft!Joe had been in a rush to have his pussy as he had simply pulled his pants down onto his Diesel boots. I had a small baby doll nighty on, which was pulled up over my huge swollen bulge.On this occasion Mick, hubby was watching us as Joe told him to watch Junior playing inside me. Mick sat opposite us, silent, shocked and felt he said useless!I was cuming again on Joe’s shaft, then Joe sat up and put his big hands on my huge belly, it was all he could , even big Joe to get his arms all the way around his handy work! He lifted the heavy belly high up, supporting it with his hands. I opened my legs to show Mick Joe’s huge manly balls, still full of that thick African seed, a treat still türkçe bahis in store for us both when he shot it up me. Joe kissed my neck and told Mick to be proud of his Mrs.I rubbed Joe’s big balls and he panted out loud. ‘ Fuck that cunt has got me again, Oh yeah this nigga boy gonna fill it wiv more seed,’ yelled Joe. ‘Yeah let’s hose down Junior babes,’ he insisted.I sat deep onto Joe and squirted cum and more milk, Joe took a titty and yanked it over into his big lips and began sucking. I expressed my sweet milk gladly into his mouth.I squeezed my other milker and a jet of milk shot out towards Mick!’ Hey Mick Man how you doing over there, things looking sweet for you?,’ Joe asked.Mick sat silently! He was pale and shocked at the way Joe used me.’ Wooooo…hun here cums Joe, awwhhhhh sheeeeet, foooook,’ Joe cried out in Ecstasy.I felt a bigger than usual rush of red hot spunk shoot deep into my cunt, then again and again many times, each explosion making Joe buck my up and down, his hands now under my fat ass lifting me so he could get all the way in. These days I found it easy to get all 12″ of him in me, my cunt lips slurping at his sticky balls. güvenilir bahis siteleri His cum filling made me cum deeply. Joe say up and left his dick in me still hard. He played with junior again, Junior now really kicking out mis-shaping my belly. ‘Hey Mick, you soon have a son mate….haha.’ Joe teased, ‘ that is if she can knock it out, he’s gonna be a big one…haha”Hey doll show your hub what makes us big strong negros doll,’ he ordered. Wit that he lifted my white baby doll over my shining over bloated nigga filled belly and parted my white thighs. His big black shaft was still buried deep up my swollen cunt, my lips sat on his balls. Spunk was just starting to leak onto my lips, making the 12″ journey from my deep cunt, like its daddy in no rush to pleasure. Very thick globes oozing over Joe’s fat balls and onto our Sofa. I loved to feel the filling and heat of that big shaft in me, making me feel complete as a woman and sitting on top of the big fat black bell end a huge black baby boy, invading this pure white wife!!!Joe helped me up slowly lifting my ass off his cock. I felt cool air rush into my gaping cunt, which gushed spunk now, both onto the sofa and down my thighs. Joe still sat there his 12″ of proud manhood stuck up in the air, glistened and leaked cum. I turned and kneeled slowly to suck him off and show Mick my cunt open and full from behind.Junior on his way soon x

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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