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Subject: Bulldozer Man, Part 3 (gay, adult-youth) I woke up on Sunday morning to a boiling hot day. I stroked my morning wood thinking about how I lost my virginity to Bulldozer Man. How hot was that? To be able to be thoroughly fucked by such a stud and for my first time! I could still feel a little bit of the vaporub burn in my asshole and I teased my hole with my finger and I stroked my dick at a steady rhythm. I decided to hold off cumming to wait and see if Bulldozer Man might show up at the trailer later: I had breakfast with my parents and learned that they were going sailing with some of our relatives and that I was welcome to join. I told them I had plans and would see them at dinner when they returned. About 10:00 am I heard Bulldozer Man’s Ford F-350 come roaring into the lot next door. My heart skipped a beat wondering if I could be lucky enough to be fucked again. I discreetly went over to the trailer and found him sitting at his desk smoking a cigarette. “What’s up cunt boy?” he asked. “You sniffing around for some cock?” He tossed me a cigarette and I lit up and tried to inhale like a real grown up. He took off his work boot and tossed it over to me. “That get you hard boy?” I inhaled deeply and he could see my cock starting to tent my gym shorts. I licked inside the boot and the aroma and taste of the sweaty leather caused my cock to stand straight up. He went over and kneeled at his crotch. “Not so fast, fag boy, my feet need some attention today.” He put his socked foot in my face and I pressed my nose and mouth against it. I sucked on the sweaty sock and my head spun with pleasure. I removed the sock and licked and sucked the soles of his foot, in between his toes and faced fucked myself with his hairy toes. He pressed the toes deep into my mouth and I started gagging. He loved this and pulled the back of my head and pressed his foot deeper. I gagged, coughed and vomited a little. He just took his foot slowly out of my mouth and made me lick my vomit up and swallow it. “It’s too fucking hot in this trailer, let’s go over to the basement in the house”. The basement was dark, cool and damp. He pulled my clothes off and bent me over a workhorse and smacked my ass cheek. “Who you been fucking, boy? Your old man fucking you?” I shook my head no and he was not satisfied. He smacked my ass harder, “you been fucking yourself with a dildo or something?, Nobody takes a big dick like mine for the first time without squealing!” I quietly said “No one, yours was the first cock I sucked and you are the one who busted my cherry. He took his leather belt out of his jeans and whipped my ass with malatya escort one hard smack. I squealed with pain. “Just like that faggot boy! If you had been a virgin, you would have whelped liked that when my dick busted your cherry.” He moved over in front of me and slapped my face. I didn’t whimper or move. He unzipped his pants and took his semi-hard cock out and started slapping my face with it. “Fucking cock whore, I think you are a lying cock whore.” He had a semi and I started sucking his cock while still bent over the workhorse. I took his dick out of my mouth and licked up and down the veiny shaft and bobbed on the head. I put my tongue in the groove between his foreskin and cock and I licked and sucked his big hairy balls. My ass checks were spread out from leaning over the workhorse and I could feel the cool damp basement air on my hole and it started twitching. “Well, well, well, what do we have here?” I heard a voice behind me say. My heart skipped a beat and I jumped. Bulldozer Man also got a shock. I looked around and saw one of the other workers I had seen at the site. He was one of hot, older workers about 55, 6′, 210 lbs. I had noticed before that his chest was covered with salt and pepper hair and he had a flat top haircut and a matching beard. My initial shock and increased heart beat started to decrease. I was also turned on because I remembered that when I watched him piss, his dick was uncut and very thick. “Dub, what the fuck are you doing here? Bulldozer Man asked. Dub responded, “Just drove back, saw your truck and wondered if everything was ok. Didn’t know you were dipping your pecker in some boycunt, you gonna share?” Bulldozer Man looked at me and nodded questionly, I nodded in the affirmative. “Fuck man, you already own his assI can see it?” said Dub. “You can hang around for sloppy seconds”, said Bulldozer Man. “Fuck yea, ain’t nothing better than boycunt that’s already been sauced up,” said Dub. I was still leaning over the workhorse and Bulldozer Man took his semi-hard cock and smacked my face. I started sucking his cock. “Get him slicked up for me Dub” said Bulldozer Man. Dub came up behind me and slapped my ass hard and asked. “Has he ever been fucked?” “I tapped his ass yesterday and he claims he was a virgin, but I think his old man is fucking him” said Bulldozer Man. Dub took his belt off, gave me two sharp strikes on my ass and asked “Your old man fucking you boy?” With Bulldozer Man’s cock still in my mouth, I answered no. Dub came up behind me and rammed his thick, manly middle finger as far as it would go. I winced and my ass bucked up. maltepe escort He moved his finger in a wide circular motion deep within me and stated “He ain’t been fucked much” and then to me “How many times you been fucked boy?” I answered only once and pointed at Bulldozer Man. Dub then said “He ain’t lying.” He started to finger fuck my ass and Bulldozer Man started face fucking me hard. Even though Dub’s finger hurt like hell, I was enjoying this moment and my dick stiffened up to a full hardon. “Look, he likes it, his clit is standing up” said Dub. Dub pulled his finger out, kneeled down and started licking my crack and hole with his thick, rough tongue and it was driving me crazy. His beard and moustache were scratching my ass and this was also a turn on. He pulled a cigar out of his shirt pocket, licked it and started fucking me with the cigar. The rough brown tobacco stimulated my ass hole and my canal until I was squirming with delight. Bulldozer Man held my ears and face fucked me hard, his big hairy balls slapping my chin. I could smell the manly scent of his bush and balls. “Trade places with me Dub” said Bulldozer Man. Dub removed his clothes and stood before me with his beer can dick pointed at my mouth. Bulldozer Man was fingering my ass and stroking his own cock. He rubbed his big, veiny cock in my crack a few times, pointed the head at my hole and entered. At the same time, Dub pressed his thick cock in my mouth. It was so thick that I could hardly get my mouth around it. “Open up boy”, Dub said and smacked my face hard. I opened up and Dub rammed his dick all the way in my mouth. The head of it was closing my throat. He pulled my head up and down until I could breath again and he started face fucking me hard. This was a totally new experience for me, both my mouth and my ass were being stimulated and I thought my brain would go into sensory overload. They spit roasted me in a way that when one of them thrusted inwards, it pressed either my mouth or my ass on to the other one’s cock. Bulldozer Man reached around and started stroking my cock and clenching my balls roughly. They continued to fuck me for what seemed to be a very long time, I was lost in the ectasy of being spit roasted by these two hunks. I was trying not to cum so they wouldn’t think I was a panty waist, but I was so close. Bulldozer Man’s legs and body began to shake and he started fucking me faster and harder like a piston. He shot his hot load in my hole with a loud roar. Dub was chuckling and said he was ready for his sloppy seconds. I became concerned if I really could take Dub’s beer can mamak escort cock. Bulldozer Man came around and put his semi-hard cock, that was covered with my ass juice and his cum, in my face and I starting licking, sucking and greedily eating his cum. Dub pushed his thick monster at my hole. He tried to be rough and ram it in, but it wouldn’t go. He massaged my ass checks and relaxed my hole until he could get the big head in. I could feel it stretching my hole and I was feeling pain but I was determined not to whimper. I was panting and sweating like crazy and wishing this would end. He pumped on and after a while, my ass adjusted to the size and I started to enjoy it. “Oh yea, jizzed up boy cunt, yea, you little fuck, take Dub’s big pole”. He leaned over me and started pulling at my nipples and slapping my ass. The mixture of pain, pleasure, excitement and horniness was overwhelming and I shot my load with a load moan. “Fucking cunt loves it”, Dub said and then he shot his load with a series of grunts and I could feel blast after blast of hot cum filling m me up. ” Been saving it up for 2 weeks”, Dub said and I could believe him. I was pretty much draped over the worhorse I was so spent. I looked up and saw Bulldozer Man and Dub standing there with their masculine, hairy, bodies glistening in sweat and their cocks slowly deflating. Fuck I was horny again! Dub noticed and said “Fucking little cunt’s horny again”. Dub picked up the cigar and lit it and passed it to Bulldozer Man, who took a big drag, and handed it to me. I took a big drag and ended up coughing which they thought was really funny. Dub looked at me and said “Boy, you are all sweaty and dirty, I think you need a shower”. They led me over to a part of the basement that was still dirt and Dub told me to kneel down. I thought they wanted me to suck them again, but they pointed their dicks at me and started to piss! Fuck! I was in heaven. They blasted me with two gallons of dark, musty piss! It went down over my head, I opened my mouth and drank it in greedily. They pissed on my chest and my throbbing cock and balls. Dub told me to get on all fours and at last they pissed on my hole. The feeling of their warm, manly piss pelting me and running down my body was so invigorating! I pumped my rock hard cock into a super orgasm. We got dressed and Dub left. Bulldozer Man tossed me a cigarette and I felt like a giant. “You remember what I said, you’re ass belongs to me. Dub is going to be sniffing around your ass, I had better not hear you’ve been fucking him behind my back”. “Sir, no, sir” I said. He looked at me and said “has your old man been fucking you, boy?” I shook my head no and he just nodded his head up and down. He tussled my hair and left. I went back to spot where they had pissed on me and started lapping up the puddles and stroked myself off…….. (Comments via email are appreciated)

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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