May 23

camping trip

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Angela White

camping tripDisclaimer: All of my stories are true.please enjoy.This happen about three weeks ago while i was camping in the Sequoias. I was on a ten day camping trip and was on my sixth day there while going back to my camp I looked around an saw two older guys setting up their site. I smiled and kept walking. Later Iwas chopping some wood to get my fire ready when I heard a voice say looking good chopping that wood, as I looked up it was the to older guys whose names were Jim and Mike they were both smiling as I looked their way and replied “come by later and I will show you how to chop some real wood”. They both smiled and laughed and said they would return later. As I made food over my fire and popped open a beer to relax I heard foot steps behind me, it was Jim and Mike. I smiled and offered them a drink butthey had their own. They sat down and we started chatting getting to know each other. the sun was going down and between my fire and lantern we had plenty of light alsonobody was camped next to me so we had plenty of privacy. As we chated the subject changed to sex and Jim reminded me that I was going to show them how to really chop wood I smiled and began to remove all my cloths and said they should do the same, as we stripped and sneaked peeks bahis siteleri at each others bodies and cocks we moved closer and began to fondle each other and kiss. I dropped to my knees and told Jim it was time to show him my wood chopping skills as I sucked his cock and licked his balls until he was rock hard with an impressive 8 inch cock Mikes cock was equally big. I looked up to see Mike and Jim kissing and Jim stroking Mike’s cock. I stopped before Jim cameand stood up as Mike suggested we move to the table. Jim sat down as I stood above his head so he could suck my cock and Mike dropped down to suck on Jim’s cock. So there we were under the stars sucking each others cocks it was perfect. soon Mike stood up and put his hands on the table sticking his ass in the air for one of us to fuck, so I grabbed some lotion and greased him up good then slide my pre-cum drippingcock deep into his ass and he let out a low moan. Jim moved under Mike so he could get a better look and lick my cock as it slide into his friends asshole. I was really pounding Mike’s ass good as he was moaning louder, the Jim wanted in on this and asked for his ass to get fucked so he laid down on the table with his legs in the air as I removed my cock from Mike’s ass I moved between canlı bahis Jim’s legs and shoved my cock into his asshole, as Mike slowly slid into mine. So there we were on the table at night in a great threeway fucking each other so close to cumming as we were moving faster. Suddenly Mike grunted and shoved his cock deep into my asshole as he let go of whatseemed like an endless stream of sticky cum filling my ass as he continued fucking mewhich set me off as I unloaded into Jim’s hot ass. As we rested for a bit Jim said we should go into my ten to be a little more comfortable, which we agreed on. so we picked up our cloths and moved inside after I put out the fire and turned off my lantern. As we laid there we started touching and foundling each other again gettingus horny again, as our cocks regained their strength so Mike and I got into a 69 position as Jim had to decide which asshole to fuck first, I was the lucky one ashe slide in to me nice and easy at first the started moving faster until his balls were slapping my ass and balls as he held my legs in the air so he could get in deep as I moaned loud and Mike sucked harder as I sucked on Mikes yummy cock.I came firstin Mike’s mouth as he drained every drop of cum from my cock then he came in my mouth filling güvenilir bahis my tummy with hot cum, by this time Jim was fucking Mike’s ass deep and hardas he started to moan and grunt until he shot his hot load into Mike’s asshole, ad aswe stayed that way for a little bit Jim’s cum started to drip out of Mike’s asshole so I started fingering his ass so I could get Jim’s cum out as Mike’s asshole he moaned as I rimed his ass until i got every last drop then shared it with both of them. we went at it for hours switching positions fucking and sucking each other untilwe were spent and fell asleep in a sticky cum soaked sexy mess. We woke up in the same positions we fell asleep in we smiled at each other and to our surprises we all had morning wood so we giggled and said these must not go to waste so we got in a chain to suck each others cock at the same time, until we all came in one big orgasm.Mike lifted his head and said, that was the best breakfast ever” we laughed as we laid there for awhile until it got to hot to stay in the tent. we got dressed and said our good byes as we hugged and even groped each other as we laughed and headed to therestrooms and we all went into one stall and stood there and peed then came out and they headed off to their camp site and I went to mine. This was the best camping tripI have ever had, I hope I have more like this.I hope you enjoyed another chapter in my life. Please leave comments and if you would like to add me please do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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