Mar 26

Camping with the Boys

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Camping with the BoysCamping with the boysOn one of our summer camping trips, Rebecca and I set up camp in a remote spot in Black Range State park. The camp ground was empty except for one other campsite.As we went about our business throughout the day we noticed that there were three young guys camped in the other occupied site. We had a chat with them and they told us that they were there for the week, just escaping the rat race like we were.They were nice fellas all in their early 20’s, fit and good looking tradies who were just out enjoying the great outdoors as mates. As the days passed we got to know them a little better. Their names were Campbell, Harrison and Jamie and they had been school mates and still liked to catch up whenever they could for fishing and 4WD trips. Campbell was dark haired with dark eyes, Harrison was kind of shy and looked like a bit of a surfie and Jamie was an easy going larrikin who liked to have a laugh.Rebecca noticed that they seemed to be living on a diet of canned beans, white bread and packets of chips so on the third night she offered to cook up a feast and they eagerly agreed. So a leg of lamb was roasted in the camp stove and crunchie potatoes with gravy had us all salivating. After dinner the boys helped us clean up the mess and then we all settled around the fire for a chat and a laugh. Rebecca seemed to have taken a particular shine to Jamie who was a tall strapping young man with broad muscular shoulders and a cheeky smile. She seemed buoyed by the attention he was giving her, praising her cooking and telling her how cool she was for liking camping and roughing it in the outdoors.Rebecca was getting into the spirit of things and decided to have a little champagne to enhance the experience. After one or two champagnes she was feeling pretty good and I could see that she was starting to feel horny. It was also obvious that Jamie was noticing her natural beauty under the soft light of the fire and more than once took the opportunity to playfully engage her in friendly banter and she was responding to his attentiveness with frequent touches on the arms and shoulders and giggles that I hadn’t heard her make in years. I was getting aroused myself, watching my partner of so many years obviously flirting with this handsome young buck.I knew that Rebecca had always fantasized about have more than one cock to please and that the relaxing effect of the champagne coupled with her and Jamie’s obvious attraction to each other made this a perfect opportunity for her to have that experience.I leaned over and kissed Rebecca and said to her “let’s go for a little walk”, she knew what I meant and in her frisky state was keen to get some hard cock in her mouth. As we got up from our seats I signalled to Jamie to follow us. He looked a little unsure at first but then he quickly rose from his seat and followed us as we went behind our 4WD. Once we were out of sight Rebecca dropped to her knees and immediately started to unzip Jamie’s fly. She knew what she wanted and she wanted it now!The moon was full and it was a clear night, so it wasn’t hard to see as Rebecca got his healthily sized penis out of his pants and into her eager mouth. She had been dying to suck his cock since he caught her eye two days earlier although she never thought that she would actually get to do it! I could see that she was really enjoying herself as his cock grew harder and harder in her mouth. By this time my cock was also rock hard and had been freed from my pants. Rebecca had noticed my cock waving around and had wrapped her fist around it and was giving it nice firm rhythmic tugs as she worked Jamie’s hard cock with her mouth. It was a huge turn on to see her sucking another guy’s cock and she was loving it. Rebecca really loved giving head and taking the cock deep into her throat. She pulled her mouth away just long enough to say to Jamie “Fuck my mouth”, he responded by putting one hand on the back of her head and thrusting his fat cock deeper into her mouth. That’s what she wanted, now he was really getting his cock to search her throat and she was moaning and gurgling almost in time with his grunts of pleasure. She broke away from Jamie’s cock for moment to give me some attention. She looked up at me and said with a smile”you like that baby? Do you like seeing him fuck my mouth?””I sure do.” I respondedShe started sucking my cock with the same enthusiasm that she had been working on Jamie’s, taking it deep into her throat, while still keeping Jamie’s cock hard by massaging it with one hand. I knew that she would be up for two cocks, but I was surprised at how expertly she was able to handle the both of us. “Do you want both of us in your mouth at the same time?” I asked herShe responded by pulling Jamie closer to me by his dick. Jamie shuffled over and poked his dick at his side of her esat escort mouth. She opened her lips wider to accommodate both of us and made a muffled moan of pure pleasure as we both started pumping our cocks in and out of her mouth. She now had one hand down her pants and had started rubbing her pussy, which must have been soaking wet by this stage. Her eyes were rolling back in her head as she revelled in the feeling of having two engorged throbbing cocks competing for her hot mouth. After a minute or so I pulled away and reached around to slide my hand down the back of her pants. As my fingers found their way into her hot pussy, she pushed her ass up a bit and spread her legs to give me better access to her. I slid three fingers into her hungry snatch and she let out another moan. I could tell that she really needed to be fucked right away. This was what we’d always fantasized about and now it was happening. Without hesitation I pulled her pants down from the back, I was so excited that I thought I was going to shoot my load before I could even get inside her, but I kept it together and as I pushed my rock hard member into her “that’s it…fuck me!” she said with aggression.Jamie was looking like he was about to explode. Rebecca was getting his sizable manhood all the way down her amazing throat. “Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum” Jamie’s head went back as Rebecca’s lips touched his pubic bone and every last millimetre of his dick was down her throat. “Oh my Goooooood!” Jamie howled as his throbbing cock erupted into Rebecca’s mouth. He thrust himself into her mouth two or three more times and then his tense muscular body seemed to finally relax. “Oooh that was amazing” he said.Rebecca kept sucking his cock as it slowly deflated. I was still fucking her from behind, but suddenly she stood upright and whispered to Jamie, “Thanks honey, that was fantastic. Why don’t you go back and tell Campbell to come around here. I need another load of cum.” Rebecca liked Jamie, but his lack of control had frustrated her a little, she wanted the experience to last longer than a couple of minutes.She turned around and got back down on her knees to suck my cock again. The taste of her own juices made her even more horny. I leaned down and toungue kissed her, she tasted like sex. Jamie’s use of her throat was evident by the smell and taste of cock and cum.”You are one hot slutty mumma” I said quietly to her.”I know, but I wasn’t finished. I need another cock down my throat”. She moaned as she went back to work on my prick.After a minute or so Campbell turned up. “Mmmm… let’s see what you’ve got in there.” Rebecca said excited that the cock count had increased to two again. She unzipped his pants and undid his top button and this time pulled the startled young man’s pants down to his ankles. This time she meant business. It didn’t take her long to get his dick nice and hard and once it was, she was impressed. She started going down on it and taking it deep like it was some sort of a challenge.It was a bit thicker than Jamie’s and it curved upwards making it harder to get all the way into her throat. “This is a big one.” She said looking up Campbell.”I think we are going to need to try a different position.” She really wanted Campbell to access her throat properly, so I got on the ground with my hard cock pointing up to the night sky and Rebecca sat down over me so that we were facing the same way. I immediately began thrusting upwards into her hot juicy pussy. It was so wet with the excitement of having two cocks available that I could feel her juices running down my cock and over my balls. She beckoned to Campbell to straddle her face.In this position, with her head back his penis was pointing directly down her throat. This is what she craved. She loved a good hard throat fucking and Campbell’s dick was the biggest she’d ever attempted. He bent his knees slightly to get down to right level and directed his impressive schlong into Rebecca’s waiting mouth.At first he seemed reluctant to push it all the way down her throat. He was fucking her mouth but with shallow strokes. He was fondling her tits through the top of her hoodie, all this attention was driving her wild. He wasn’t being forceful enough for Rebecca’s liking though. She liked to be throat fucked hard, she loved the feeling of a man’s cock deep in her throat and loved hearing them grunt and groan with pleasure as they worked her willing throat. She pulled her mouth away.”I need you to fuck my throat as deep and hard as you can. Don’t worry I love it.” she begged.Campbell took are more aggressive approach now, he changed his angle slightly and bam! His big thick cock passed through the back of her throat and he now had his knob deep into her oesophagus. I heard the change in her moaning, now it was the muffled gagging that I etlik escort was used to hearing when I had my cock down her throat. Looking up, I could see Campbell’s cock was all the way in and her lips firmly pressed against the parts of his body that his penis produded from. Seeing this made me almost shoot my load into her pussy right there, but I had to be strong and resist. If I came now it would put an end to whole show and I knew she wasn’t ready to finish yet. I tried to think of other things. I pulled out of her pussy and just started slapping my dick on the outside of it in an attempt to slow things down. Campbell took his cock out of Rebecca’s mouth and she gulped down a couple of deep breaths of air seeing the length of his pole withdrawing from her lips made me realise just how amazing she was. Her inner slut was out on display now and she was truly spectacular! The feeling of being on the edge of orgasm had left me now, so I decided to start fucking her again. I ploughed her pussy with long deep strokes. I decided to give Campbell a little tip, something that I knew she loved.”Hold her wrists down while you’re fucking her throat.” I instructed.He leaned forward and wrapped his large tradesman’s hands around her wrists and held her arms down straight. He was a strong young man and was easily able to hold her in that position while he steadied his cock which was dripping with her saliva, and began guiding it back down her throat. I knew how much she loved being held down while getting her throat fucked. As Campbell worked his way deep into her eager throat I began to fuck her pussy harder. She was making the most the satisfying muffled screams and grunts, I knew that this was the fucking she so deeply desired, and I didn’t want to disappoint her.After a minute or two I had to slow down, and that’s when I noticed Harrison standing a few feet away. He had his pants down and was stroking his hard dick. It didn’t seem fair that he wasn’t getting any action and by this point I knew that Rebecca was happy to take as much cock as we could give her. I waved him over.He stood over her, facing her. She couldn’t really see him because her head was back and Campbell was thrusting himself against her mouth. Harrison unzipped her hoodie, and pulled up her top. She wasn’t wearing bra, so her tits were now out in the open. Harrison bent forward and sucked one of them, while squeezing the other with his hand. Then he started slapping his dick on her chest and rubbing it between her breasts. Rebecca gave a deep moan of approval in response to the attention she was getting from Harrison. He squeezed her tits together around his dick and lubricated it by spitting on it. He was stroking eagerly back and forth and giving himself a lot of pleasure. I reached a hand under Rebecca and rubbed the rim of her arsehole. There was so much fluid down there, and my middle finger basically inserted itself without effort. Her arsehole always became very receptive when she was extremely aroused. It seemed that this was one of those moments. I knew by the way she was gyrating on my finger she wanted more. I worked my ring finger into her arse in addition the one that was already in there.Campbell had released her from his grip and removed his cock from her throat.”You’re getting me ready aren’t you baby?” she said.”Are you ready to get your arse fucked?” I asked her.”Oooh I can’t wait.” she moaned.That’s was all the invitation I needed. I guided my cockhead to the opening of her sphincter and she opened her arsehole to accept my rock hard shaft inside her butt.She ground down on my cock, making sure that every last inch of me was buried deep inside her arse. Harrison straightened up and brought his throbbing cock up to her mouth. She sucked on his cock and moaned with pleasure. “Fuck my throat baby!” She encouraged Harrison.Harrison moved around to take Campbell’s place, Rebecca craned her neck backwards again to assume the throat fucking position. Harrison’s cock wasn’t as thick as Campbell’s but it was long and still a sizeable piece of manhood. Rebecca accommodated it easily into her throat, and Harrison let out a low “Uuuurgh” sound as the tip of his penis passed the back of her throat and buried itself deep in her throat.”It’s better than a pussy, isn’t it?” Campbell asked Harrison”It’s fucking amazing!!!” Harrison exclaimed.”Speaking of pussy, why don’t you give hers some of that thick cock of yours?” I directed Campbell.Rebecca was now about to feel what it’s like to be as full as a woman can ever be. Campbell got to his knees and positioned himself between Rebecca’s legs, he thrust himself into her gaping wet pussy and I could feel her arse tighten as his big thick cock stretched it. The pressure of having both of us inside her seemed to force Harrison out of her mouth. “Oh my keçiören escort god!!!” she gasped. She was completely open and Campbell and I both started fucking her in rhythm. “Oh… Oh… Ooooh” she moaned. Her head went back involuntarily and Harrison didn’t waste any time in getting his cock back into her mouth. Now that he’d had a taste of that amazing throat he wanted more. As he forced his cock back into the depths of her throat Rebecca’s body seemed to totally relax on top of me. It was as if she had completely abandoned herself to being fucked deeply in every hole. Being so full was intensely satisfying and giving so much pleasure to three hot and horny men at the one time was something she never thought she’d get the opportunity to do, and now that it was happening it was an enormous turn on. The feeling having three cocks inside her at once was stirring a deep primal urge in her, allowing three big throbbing cocks to pump her pussy, arse and throat without any resistance caused a swell of sexual energy that was radiating from her centre outwards like a sensory tsunami.Harrison pulled hard on her nipples as he thrust his cock deeper and deeper down her gullet, and I was holding her wrists down so she couldn’t move her arms. Harrison let out a series of loud grunts as he came suddenly hard into Rebecca’s throat. Burst after burst, sending hot jets of cum straight down her throat. This was too much and tipped Rebecca over the edge triggering an immensely powerful orgasm that rocked her entire body. The muscles in her pussy and arsehole spasmed and tensed gripping and milking the two cocks that were buried deep in her holes. This then caused, Campbell and I to finally lose control in unison, and with a few deep hard thrusts we both pumped our creamy hot loads into her pussy and arsehole respectively. Rebecca’s orgasm was so powerful and intense that it was still going as Campbell pulled his rapidly deflating cock out of her trembling pussy.The two boys quickly gathered themselves and quickly slinked back to the fire. I slowly let my penis slide out of my darling wife’s arsehole. She was limp with exhaustion after such an intense orgasm and vigorous fucking. She turned and lay next to me on the ground, I started kissing her gently at first and then as her energy started to return, more passionately. At that moment I loved her more than ever before, sharing such an intense experience with her was incredible and to see her perform such an incredibly erotic act with three young studs took my attraction to her to a new level. As we kissed, I ran my hands down her body and eventually to her hot wet pussy. I could taste the other guy’s cocks on her tongue I could smell their cum, and this just turned me on even more.As I began to explore her pussy with my fingers, then I remembered that it was full of Campbell’s cum. I brought my fingers up to her mouth and she enthusiastically sucked them clean. Then we kissed some more and I could taste the saltiness of another man’s cum in my sweethearts mouth. “Eat my pussy babe… I’m so horny… I really want another orgasm” she moaned. I rolled her onto her back and started kissing her neck and breasts, her nipples were rock hard. “She’s still not satisfied?” I thought to myself. I made my way down to her crotch and pushed her legs back as I started exploring her pussy and arsehole with my mouth. I pushed my tongue as far into her pussy as I could. The aroma and taste of another man’s cum inside my wife was strangely arousing. I knew that she was also turned on by making me clean the mess he’d made down in her love channel. I started fingering her wet hole and her pussy was so receptive that is was easily drawing most of my hand in. I made her clit the focus of my tongue’s attention. After a few minutes I could tell that she was approaching another climax. She started rocking her hips with powerful thrusts until suddenly her body tensed and she let out a scream that would easily have been heard by anyone staying in the campground. Then finally she was satisfied.After a quick snuggle we dressed ourselves had a quick clean up in the tent then made our way sheepishly back to the fire. Rebecca was a bit worried about facing the guys after exposing her inner slutty self to them not 20 minutes earlier, I told her that it would be even more weird tomorrow if we didn’t go and talk to them now.So we sat down and the three of them were perfect gentlemen. Jamie linked hands with her subtly as she resumed her seat next to him. They all said that she was amazing and how grateful they were for the experience, and then we resumed the friendly conversation and light banter that was being exchanged before our encounter.Rebecca’s clit was still humming, and every so often she thought to herself I just had sex with these three hot studs, and got each one to shoot his load into me like a wild stallion, thoughts which sent a wave of pleasure through her pussy.The fire burned well into the night and as we all settled into our beds that night we smiled to ourselves and wondered what tomorrow would bring, after all, we still had two more nights in camp.

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