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Camping with The Fabulous Fem Boys Club! 2

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Camping with The Fabulous Fem Boys Club! 2Each of the boys took turns fondling my balls and sucking on the head of my cock,until I finally begged them to stop. I didn’t Want them to stop. They Had to stop,because I knew that if they continued doing such wonderful,naughty things any longer,I was going to cum! There was no doubt about it. I was going to blow my load all over their cute little,half naked bodies and faces,and I didn’t want to do that. Well,not yet anyway! I wanted to make this life altering experience last as long as it possibly could!To my surprise the boys agreed! Instead,they started giggling,pulled their panties off,tossed them around the room,and laid down on the floor forming a triangle,so they could suck on each others stiff,hairless little dicks!”Please,God,Please!” I prayed silently “Please,don’t let it be like what happened before!”***Let me explain. You see,it’s only been about a month,or so, since I jerked off to completion for the very first time. Unfortunately it was over all too quickly.Here’s what happened:I was standing in the hall outside of the bathroom door spying on my little si-sters, Lucy and Cindy, as they were taking a bath together. Mom had left the door partway open,like she always does,and as I passed by I caught the sight of Lucy’s stiff nippled,key lime sized tits peeking out from under her long,wet hair!That alone was enough to stop me in my tracks but,when Cindy stood up,spread the dimpled mound of her groin apart and asked Lucy to wash her “Pee-Pee”,my cock sprang straight to attention!Before I knew it,without even thinking,I had opened my robe,grabbed my painfully hard cock and began furiously beating my meat right then and there! I was mesmerized as Lucy put her hands on Cindy’s lower thighs,guided her forward until the position was just right,then clamped her mouth over the mound of Cindy’s “Pee-Pee”!Cindy wrapped her fingers in Lucy’s hair and moaned “Oh! Oh,Lucy!” then pissed all over Lucy’s face!My hand was a blur as I stood there watching them,listening to the sounds of Lucy sucking on Cindy’s vagina,and Cindy moaning out Lucy’s name over and over,when I suddenly became light headed. My asshole started itching like crazy,and I could feel my ball-sack getting tight and shrinking up. Looking down,I saw that the head of my dick was wet and had turned a dark purple,because I was jerking and squeezing it so viciously hard. That’s when the most wonderful feeling I had ever had in my life washed over my body. It covered me in goose bumps from head to toes,stiffening My nipples into two,quarter inch long nubs. The sensation was so intense,it dropped me to my knees!The next thing I knew,I was groaning out loud as spurt after spurt of hot,thick white liquid shot sarıyer escort from the head of my abused penis! I laughed as the first long stream of my ejaculate flew through the air and splattered onto the bathroom’s doorknob, only to hang there dripping, as I continued to spasmodically jerk off, slinging the rest of my cum all over myself,the walls and carpet!I wasn’t sure how long I knelt there,but when my brain cleared enough and I was able to get to my feet,I stumbled down the hall to my room,shut the door,and laid on my bed thinking about what I had just done. Oh my god! I had just jerked off while watching Lucy eating Cindy’s pussy out! What if they had seen me?! I didn’t know which of us was the bigger pervert,Cindy,Lucy or Me!That night my dreams were filled with images of me licking both Cindy’s and Lucy’s “Pee-Pees”,right before shoving my hard cock as deeply as I could up inside each of them!I woke up feeling ashamed,because I was still thinking about what I had seen,what I had done,and the fact that my underwear was all wet and sticky.** It wasn’t until a few days ago that Mom told me they all watched what I had done that day in the hallway. In fact,it was a setup,just like taking Stevie and his friends camping had been a setup. All of it designed to see if I would be agreeable to join them in their future,Fa-mily Adventures! Which of course I am! Very Agreeable,Indeed! But those,My Friends,are stories for another time! *****”Uh,Guys? Where did you learn how…” I asked,staring in amazement when Jimmy pulled Stevie up onto his knees and began humping his spit covered dick between Stevies ass cheeks.”Daddy’s movies!” Scotty laughed. “I found a box of old tapes out back in our shed. We didn’t know what they were but one was labeled “My Femboy’s Ass-Pussy”,and I wanted to see what a ‘Femboy’s Ass-Pussy’ was. So I stole ’em! We’ve been watching them in Jimmy’s tree fort ever since. His mom gave him an old t.v. and tape player so we could watch movies out there when he has sl-eepovers. And believe me these are Way Better than anything Ol’ Disney makes. Hay,Jimmy,can I do that to You now!””Hell yeah!” Jimmy agreed,pulled his dick out of Stevie’s butt crack and got down on all fours,offering himself up. “I sure wish Your dick was long enough to stick it in me!””Why don’t we just use that thing you swiped from your br-other,Frank?” Stevie asked.”I almost forgot about that! Dave,Scotty,wait till You see what I brought!” Jimmy crowed. “When Frank went back to college last Monday,I snuck into his room and grabbed as much of his stuff that I could,before Mom came back upstairs. They’re in my backpack.””Well,let’s see what you got!” I was being swept away by a tide of esenyurt escort hormones and youthful enthusiasm. And I was actually giddy when I saw the things Jimmy dumped out onto the table.There was a jar of something called anal lube.”Well that’s pretty self explanatory.” Stevie whispered to me,and began tugging on his dick again.A tube of ointment that was crinkled up,and half empty. I had to flatten it out so I could read it,but all it said was…’Apply liberally, directly to head of penis…You’ll Last for Hours!’ “Sounds good to me!” I chuckled.There was a blue,soft plastic dick that was thicker than my first two fingers,about eight inches long and began vibrating when I turned the red knob on it’s base.”Me First!” Scotty exclaimed.”Oh,Puhleeze! Don’t be such a Selfish Bitch!” Jimmy commented,which made us all laugh.And then there was something that I had no clue as to what it was. All three boys began laughing at the confused expression on my face.”What?” I demanded.”That,Big Boy…” Jimmy said,stepping close so he could gently tickle the head of my hard cock with his fingertips, “Is called a penis pump. We slide your penis into the tube,like this” and he slid his hand tightly along the length of my cockshaft. “Then we squeeze the handle,like this, until your cock is as long and fat as it can get.” He was almost whispering too low for me to hear as he squeezed and slowly jerked me off. “Then,and only then,do we put one of these rubber bands around it so it stays that way! I saw someone do it in a movie. Once.” He gave a quiet laugh,bent forward at the waist,offering his asshhole to anyone that wanted it,and began swirling his tongue around the head of my cock as he kissed it.My toes tried to punch holes through the floorboards!”Jimmy! Stop it!” Stevie exploded! “That’s not fair! We All get to play with His Cock! What if He came in Your mouth?!””Then We’d be having a Snowball fight right now! We’re going to do it anyway aren’t we? You said we would!”I didn’t want them to start arguing,so I looked at Stevie and said “Oh,I don’t mind,Selina. Or should I call you Alex,since you look so much like that girl on…””Call Me,Selina! Who do you think They look like?” Stevie flashed me an apologetic smile and pointed at his friends while bouncing up and down. I couldn’t help but stare at his wonderfully smooth body. He reminded me so much of Lucy,right down to the same shaped little titties.Before answering him,I reached out,picked him up and began sucking on his nipples,making him groan out loud, while teasing his asscrack with the head of my dick.”Hay!” Jimmy and Scott yelled together.Setting Stevie back on his feet I said “Well…Scotty looks a lot like a skinny,flat chested avrupa yakası escort Jennette McCurdy,made up like he is,and Jimmy? Jimmy looks like…um…””I think he looks kinda like a short haired CeCe,with that red wig on. You know? The girl from that dance program.” Stevie whispered and looked at his feet.”Only Jimmy’s prettier. His nose is smaller and he has a cuter ass. It’s more round.””Ohhhh,Stevie! How Sweet!” Jimmy sniffled then went over,grabbed Stevie by the ears and began french kissing my little br-other while rubbing their dicks together. Scotty walked over and stood in front of me. To get my attention he knelt down and began blowing gently on the head of my dick. Between breaths he asked “Does that mean that my name is Jenny now?””Do You want it to be?””Yes!” He giggled,then whispered “Dave,would You do me a favor? Would You kiss me on My boy-clitty? Because they’re making me Really Horny,and I don’t think that’s fair. I want to play too.” Jenny pouted and pointed over where Selina and CeCe were laying on the floor locked in an embrace. “Oh,and one other thing. After You cum,will you make sure that I’m the one who gets to suck your cock?” I looked at him and smiled. “We’ll see. Now,where should we start?” I asked,then lifted him up and sat him on the edge of the table. He leaned back,resting on his elbows and spread his skinny thighs. This gave me perfect access to the small pale sack of skin that held his slightly bulging pre pubescent balls and the little pyramid shape that perched atop of them,as I sat in the chair.”Oh,go on! It gets bigger when you touch it,You know. Here. Let me help you. First you pull the skin down till the head pops out. Like that! See? There. Now kiss it! I bet you’ll be surprised at how big my clitty gets!” Jenny tittered.I was too. It got to be almost three inches long!”Oh,Davey. Davey that feels So good! Oh,OH!” I could feel his dick pumping in my mouth but nothing was coming out,and his whole body began to spasm as I continued to tease his boy-clitty with my tongue and suck him off even more.”StopStopPleasestopohshitSTOP!” Jenny cried out and pounded her fists on the tabletop. When I finally lifted my head from between her legs,Jenny was laying there glaring daggers at me from beneath a tangled mass of platinum blond hair.”I thought I was going to in your mouth!” She panted.”Well. Maybe next time you will.” I laughed and leaned over to pop her boy-clitty between my lips again.”OhShit! Please Stop!” She begged,so I did.After catching her breath,Jenny called out, “CeCe,Selina! You Girls stop what You’re doing! It’s time to break out the Bubbly! Seems to Me that Davey here wants to Finally Get this Party Started!””You brought booz?!” I exclaimed.”What better way to celebrate? Now shove a finger up my ass! Mamma Loves That!” Jenny moaned.”We do too!” Selina and CeCe said in unison as CeCe handed me a Champagne bottle.”Want to take bets on who wants to get fucked with this first?” She laughed.”I Do!” Jenny shouted as I popped the cork.Part 3 to cum

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