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CampusBiff was the campus jock. He was handsome, muscular and hung. He had a big thick cock and loved to fuck. Today he had the head cheerleader Sue naked in his bed. He had given each tit a good thirty minute work out and her pussy over an hour and now he wanted his massive cock sucked. He pushed her mouth to his cock and told her “Open wide and take my big dick. I want to see your mouth stretched as I push it in your mouth. Then I am going to watch it invade your cunt and your ass.” He rubbed the pecum over her lips. “Lick my slit. Taste my flavor. It will make you want more.” He then pushed the head of his cock in and felt her begin to suck. “That’s it. Suck that big head. I want to watch you suck me hard.” He then pushed more cock in her mouth. He pushed in inch by inch and as she sucked he played with her nipples. Pinching and pulling them then he pushed a finger into her cunt and fucked her and he felt her suck that big dick harder. Sue loved fucking. She had fucked most of the boys on the football team. She had a nice set of tits and a great bubble ass. She was wild in bed. Once she got some cock she wanted more. The quarterback fucked her one whole weekend and he told the team that his cock was raw from all the fucking and sucking they did and he was sure her cunt would never be the same.Biff had as much cock as he was able to get in her mouth and he grabbed her by the hair and began to fuck her mouth hard. As he fucked her she also sucked the big meat. He watched her suck him before he gave bursa escort her a huge load of his thick cream. He told her “Now keep sucking me and keep me hard so I can fuck that hot cunt. I know you want to feel my big dick ram that hole hard. You will be lucky to walk when I pull this thick meat out of your fuck hole.” Sue sucked and licked his cock then she licked and sucked each ball getting him hard once again. She liked his big thick cock and wanted to feel it deep in her cunt. She was still a little sore from two nights ago when she did two wide receivers for over four hours. They had nice big black cocks and gave her a rough and deep double penetration that left her almost ruined. She took turns sucking one cock as the other one fucked either her cunt or her ass. Wednesday she was going to meet with three linemen and she was excited to have one in her mouth and one in her cunt and the other in her ass all night. She was ready for all that cum. Her dream was to line up the offensive line or the defensive line and suck each player. She wanted to suck one line as the other line took turns fucking her ass. Her personal fantasy.Biff’s cock was now rock hard and he laid Sue on her back and began to push it inside her cunt. She was still tight for his big dick and he kept pushing harder. When he had his cock in her he began to fuck her slow then he got faster and soon he was fucking her hard and not caring how rough he was. As he fucked her he kissed her neck and ravaged her tits. He not only liked bursa escort bayan pussy but he loved tits too. His balls slapped against her as he fucked her hard and deep. “Oh baby, you feel so good. Do you like my big thick meat fucking that hot snatch of yours? You can’t get enough cock can you? Tonight you are going to get plenty. I am going to fuck that hot cunt till you beg for mercy. No mercy tonight. I need a lot of pussy. Every time I cum then the next time takes longer and by the time I fuck you three times I can fuck for hours. That makes a sore cunt doesn’t it?” He fucked her rough and deep for a long time before he could cum. When he did he kept his cock in her cunt and let it get hard again. He kissed and sucked on her nipples till they were sore and then he turned her onto her stomach and pulled her ass in the air.He kissed all over her ass cheeks and then spread them and licked her asshole. He then finger fucked her ass till he had three large fingers in her and three fingers in her cum soaked cunt. She was moaning and thrusting her ass to him. Sue was a big fan of ass play. Biff pulled his cum soaked fingers out of her cunt and shoved them in her ass to get it wet. Then he got behind her and shoved the head of his cock in her ass slow but steady. As he pushed his cock in her ass he shoved the fingers back in her cunt and fucked her wet hole. He had just a few inches in her ass and then he pushed hard and two more went in her asshole. She felt so good as she was so tight. escort bursa He just wanted to get inside her and fuck and leak his cum to moisten her. Not many girls could take his huge cock but Sue was an ass fucker and let him push in and she stood the pain. He looked at her stretched as as his cock went deeper then he began fucking her hard. It felt so good he lost control and was pounding and humping her hard. As he ass fucked her he gave her ass cheeks a few hard slaps. His hand print showed on her white ass and he liked that. He thrust in and out of her ass for over an hour as he finger fucked her cunt and cum was running out her hole and down her legs. He could not believe how she liked getting her ass rammed with his big slab of meat. He fucked her harder and faster and spanked her harder. Her ass was now beet red. It took him another hour and a half before he could fill her ass with his thick warm cream. He then laid her flat and laid on top of her with his dick in her and decided he would ass fuck her one more time soon as he was hard again. Biff fucked her ass one more time and then sucked his cum out of her. He ate her pussy a couple times and she sucked his cock and balls. Before they had to leave he gave her cunt a two hour fuck. He knew when they left she had to be raw. He had pounded her all night and he was rough with no mercy. No other girl would have been able to take his abuse. They made plans to get together next week end and spend the whole week end. Biff had the use of his parents beach house and they would go there. It was private and he wanted to see her naked all week end and then fuck her on the deck. He was going to take some sex photos and maybe a video. The main thing was he wanted to ass fuck her many times.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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