Oca 04

Caramel , Honey

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Ricky sat at his little, Parisian-style table on his first floor terrace sipping at a cool beer and ostensibly reading Time magazine. It was one of the first really warm days of the beginning of summer. He’d be fifty soon and was wondering what sort of present he could afford to give himself. Looking down at the two teenage girls, sunbathing on the communal lawn he knew what he would like to have.

The one with the long, soft, golden curls probably had an Algerian father and a redheaded mother. She had delicious freckled, honey skin, big, green eyes, pouting lips and beautiful little titties, pert under the skinny tank top that showed inches of her perfectly flat belly as she stretched, leaning back on her hands. He tapped his own belly remembering, or trying to, when it also used to be flat. The tight shorts she was wearing actually outlined the lips of her sex or so he imagined. He put his glasses on just to check and wasn’t disappointed. There was something feline in the way she stretched her long neck allowing the sun’s warm caress to touch every part of her face.

“What a gorgeous, lazy basker she is,” Ricky punned.

The other girl was the colour of dark, burnt caramel with perfect features – long plaits swayed around her sculptured face, she had a small nose, almost oriental eyes and the sort of lips you could spend hours kissing and then send off on a long exploration of your body. She was wearing a short summer dress that she kept pulling down as it rode up to that beautiful, hard, round bottom each time she moved. He had already had a glimpse of her white panties, thick black pubes bustling. And when she turned over he saw that her high, well-developed, African breasts were just as firm as her ass, huge nipples…

It wasn’t surprising that Ricky wasn’t really able to concentrate on the magazine, especially as he could hear practically everything the two nymphets were saying.

He had a raging hard on and was wondering about the definition ataköy escort of Dirty Old Man.

“This isn’t fair! Of course all men are dirty. We can’t help it if we think of sex every nineteen seconds.”

He had come across (so to speak) that fact on Internet and reckoned it was more or less exact.

“But we can’t help getting older. People never accuse teenage boys of being Dirty Young Men,” he thought. “And at what age do we become old? Are we suddenly supposed to stop looking at sexy young girls when we get to forty, or what?”

It was only since his forties that Ricky had really turned on to teenage girls. As soon as they started to develop tits he was interested and the girls in France were so much hornier than the ones back in England.

The teenagers were talking crudely about boyfriends and sex and it sounded as if they were frustrated.

Honey was pouting, “Jerome always wants to fuck me but he never takes his time.. he comes too quickly. Shit! I get so frustrated I have to go home and finish myself with my fingers. I need a really good fucking…”

“You ought to get yourself a real man, an older man. They know how to please a girl,” Caramel gave a sexy grin, showing her perfect, white teeth.

Ricky reminded himself to make a dental appointment and get his own checked.

Caramel continued, “Didn’t I tell you about that friend of my Dad’s?”

“Well, you said he tried it on at the barbeque party… You didn’t let an old man do you, did you? That’s gross!” Honey grimaced.

“Well,” Caramel was squirming her hips into the grass as she thought about how to tell her friend this, her dress riding up to her ass again.

“He is thirty years older than me, yeah! But just think of all the experience he has, all the women he’s fucked. Do you really know what foreplay is? The kids we hang out with think it’s a squeeze of your tits, two minutes of sticking a finger up your cunt, then get avcılar escort on top and cum…”

Caramel giggled.

Ricky couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He felt like getting his meat out there and then and beating it over the terrace railing, showering these two horny beauties with manna from heaven.

At that moment Caramel turned onto her back and as she did so her horny eyes looked up to see this quite sexy-looking older man above her. She gave him a big, warm, cheeky smile and bent one leg to reveal thighs, panties and more. He responded with an unhidden leer and a little wave. He would have given anything to be able to jump down and land between those legs. His cock was bursting.

Caramel went on, knowing full well she was being eavesdropped by this older man. It made her pussy tingle.

“He came into my bedroom while I was changing into my bikini so I could go play in the pool and I was just putting the top on, he said he was looking for the bathroom. He walked up to me and fastened the strap at the back, then he started kissing my neck and letting his hands move all over my body, ever so slowly. I let him, coz it felt so good!”

She quickly glanced up to see if her audience was still attentive.

He was captivated and blatantly staring down at the girl, his chin resting on his hand. He felt like walking down to the lawn and lying down next to these two sexy, young creatures. He would have just laid there and wanked as they talked.

“Did he fuck you, then?” Honey’s interest showed in the eager intonation of her question.

“Not straight away. He kissed me all over my body. And I mean all over! Really taking his time…” Caramel was savouring the memory.

“The door wasn’t locked and there he was eating my pussy as all the others were playing around in the garden. God, and then he made me cum so hard I was screaming… then he put his hand to my mouth and I sucked on his big fingers…” beylikdüzü escort

She looked up again, smiled – did she really give him a quick wink – then huddled close to her friend and started whispering.

“It’s rude to whisper,” Ricky thought to himself.

Suddenly the girls stood up and brushed down their clothes as if they were about to leave.

‘Oh well, I’ll go and have a wank, and think about these two young sluts naked, rubbing their horny young bodies all over mine.”

Ricky was picking up the magazine, about to get out of his chair when he heard a sweet, young voice ask quite loudly,

“Excuse me, do you think you could let us have some water?”

It was Caramel. She was looking up at him with those lustful eyes.

Ricky almost stuttered,

“So… sorry? Water, eh, yes, sure. Just a minute, I’ll throw you down a plastic bottle.”

Caramel was rocking from side to side as she then asked, “And would it be alright if we used your….eh…bathroom?”

Ricky’s mind was racing; they wanted to come up to his apartment, they were horny and frustrated, Caramel liked older men, they were so fuckable, he was alone and so fucking horny… After a nana-second of reflection he replied,

“Of course, no problem, come on up.”

He really doesn’t know how this happened, but somehow, a while later, he found himself between these two incredible, young, sexy, horny girls, one had removed her white panties, the other her top and her shorts. In fact they were all more or less naked. He had a mouthful of Caramel flavoured pussy and his cock was about to shoot its load again, this time between those soft, Honey, pouty lips. He had fingers in arseholes, pussy, anywhere he could put them and he had those girls cumming more times than they had ever cum in their few years of fucking.

They never did get their water but they were so wet now that they really didn’t need it.

“Oh fuck!” he cried out as young Caramel bent down to nibble on his balls, sensing she was about to blow him into a huge, messy orgasm in her girlfriend’s mouth.

Honey had to agree – there is something about an older man, whilst Ricky, pumping a hot load down her darling throat, wished a dirty old man a happy birthday.

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