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Carol – Part Five

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Cum Throat

Carol had spent most of the previous night detailing her sexual history. I had told her that her disclosures were not something I needed to know, but she had insisted that I know about her past activities and slide into sexual addiction. Her words, not mine. She wanted to be frank and open at the outset of this new relationship. As well, the telling of her personal secrets to someone she was learning to trust was a continuing and necessary part of her on-going therapy. The underlying message for me was, “Please still like me,” and “I like sex.” Her titillating narrative was sandwiched between an earlier, embarrassing premature ejaculation on my part as I fucked her for the first time, and a high quality late morning blow job, in which Carol amply demonstrated just how good she was at sucking cock. Now, hours removed from those events, we were sitting on a blanket at a local park, on a beautiful, warm late spring day, having just finished our lunch and a bottle of chilled white wine. The question that had quietly been posed by Carol was what did I like, referring specifically to my sexual interests. Her question hung in the air and went unanswered for a minute or so as I pondered what to say. “Did you suddenly become shy?” Carol asked when I did not respond as quickly as she would have liked. “No. It’s such a broad question. I was just thinking about it.” “What’s to think about? I told you what I liked and even how I liked it. All I want to know is what you like?” I had really enjoyed her attention earlier in the morning, so told Carol that I liked the way she had sucked my cock and swallowed, and how she had made it all so erotic and sensual by letting cum dribble out of the sides of her mouth and drip off her chin. That simple revelation led to a discussion about blow jobs and hand jobs, whether I liked them to be slow and sensual, and whether she preferred swallowing to watching a guy shoot his load. “I do like a slow blow job,” I told her. “I also like a slow hand job, especially if it is accompanied by the lady talking to me about what she likes or wants. Lay next to me, stroke my cock slowly, and whisper dirty things into my ear, and I’m yours.” I joked. Carol revealed that she liked sucking cock more than just stroking one, and will typically swallow or watch a guy squirt his cum, depending on her mood and the guy’s wishes. Basically, she will do whatever the guy wants. If she had her way, however, she would use her talented mouth and tongue on the guy until he was ready to pop, and then have the guy cum on her. Anywhere but her back was acceptable, although she preferred that the guy spew his white goo on her breasts and nipples or on her face. I took the opportunity to tell her that I liked what she liked. I told her about being teased; being kept on the edge and not allowed to cum. And that I also liked to tease and edge a lady. Carol was mersin escort not at all sure what I was talking about. I tried to explain teasing and edging, as it is sometimes called. Using an example, I told Carol how Sarah used to tease me until I could not take it anymore. When Sarah would finally let me cum, my orgasm would be so intense I would shoot long ribbons of cum feet into the air. My mistake in using Sarah as an example led us to a discussion of my relationship with Sarah and whether I still had feelings for her. I told Carol that I had lost track of Sarah, who was supposed to be working in upstate New York; that Sarah had not returned my phone calls for the past several months; and that even my early letters to her had been returned as not deliverable. I acknowledged that I liked Sarah, and that we were close, but that we did not have sufficient time together to explore whether there were any romantic feelings. I tried to make it clear that while Sarah was a wonderful sex partner, had taught me many things, and had exposed me to some wonderful sexual adventures that I might never have experienced, that period in my life was in the past. My interest now was in Carol. Mental note: don’t mention Sarah again. As long as we were talking about past partners, Carol admitted to having had strong feelings for the photographer, despite their age differences, and that she was indebted to him for teaching her about her sexuality and providing her with new experiences. There was also one particular medical student for whom she had developed romantic feelings. She always looked for him at parties because that particular guy, for some reason, knew exactly what she wanted and how she wanted it. She liked the way he talked to her and touched her, how he could make her body crazy with lust, and the many ways he would make her pleasure last for hours. When he did not attend a staff party, she would be disappointed. When he was with someone else at a party, she was jealous. When she could be alone with him, the sex was incredible and she wanted to stay with him for the whole night. Carol had some experience with toys. She had a vibrator; one of those big ones that you plug in and has a large, round head on it. She knew of, but had never tried nipple clips, or used feathers, scarves, gloves, dildos, blindfolds or any of the other wonderful toys that were available to enhance ones sexual experience and pleasure. I told her about the small, battery operated vibrator I had, and about other toys I had used to tease some women, i.e., Sarah, to make them cum multiple times. I even showed her how she could use her own silky hair like a small brush to tickle the sensitive head of a cock and drive a guy insane with pleasure. Carol had never been restrained, at least not in the way that I meant it. Yes, she had been held down by others while being mersin escort bayan fucked. But she had never had her wrists tied or been tied to a bed or any other object. “Have you ever been with more than one woman at the same time?” she asked, turning the subject away from restraints. “Yes,” I told her. “Did you enjoy it?” “Very much. It was always a fantasy of mine.” I left it at that, not wanting to bring Sarah’s name back into the conversation. Indeed, my only experiences with two women had been with Sarah and her friends. “Have you ever been with another woman?” I asked, turning the subject back around to her. “Yes. I’ve been with other women in a group with guys; and with another woman when there were just the two or sometimes three of us.” “I assume you liked being with another woman?” “I prefer guys. But I’ve been complimented by a few women who thought I had done a good job satisfying their needs. I liked licking pussy; but I love sucking a big cock more. Anyway, with a woman all you can do is make them cum. With a guy, you make him cum and he gives you a prize.” Without mentioning Sarah’s name, I shared more stories about Sarah, our one outdoor sex adventure, and the sex games we played, and more about restraints, teasing, edging and orgasm denial. Carol told me more specific details about her group sex experiences, and in particular her experience with five guys in a back room at one staff party. Carol liked anal sex. She preferred it doggie, but had done it bending over a table or chair, while lying on her side, and while sitting on top of a guy’s hard shaft. She also enjoyed double penetrations, if she could find two guys willing to do it. “There is no other feeling like it,” she told me. “With a guy in each hole, I can cum multiple times in just a few minutes.” It had been Carol’s experience, however, that guys shied away from double penetrations because guys didn’t want their male parts to touch another man’s male parts. Inevitably, given the proximity of everyone’s equipment, shafts would touch and balls would knock against balls. When Carol was in the right mood and not tired, she could apparently achieve an orgasm rather quickly; very quickly if she were giving one to herself. She was also capable of experience multiple orgasms. This was particularly true if the guy or guys kept going and did not stop when she was having her first orgasm; she could quickly cum a second or third time; sometimes even more. “My best effort,” I explained, “was cuming three times with the same woman.”  Carol’s clit was very sensitive. If it’s little protective hood were pulled back, exposing the love button, and her nub was touched right away, without any other stimulation first, it would hurt. Yet , after a few minutes of nipple play, or licking and fingering, Carol needed to have her clit touched and played with, sucked, escort mersin rubbed and even pinched. The longer the sex play, the rougher she liked a guy to play with her clit. “Do you like rough sex?” I inquired. “I’m not sure what you mean by rough. I want the guy I’m with to be the aggressor and do what he wants to do. But I don’t want to be slapped, hit, bruised or cut. I like having my ass slapped and nipples twisted, and I love having a hard cock pound my pussy or ass. A little pain mixed with pleasure does really turn me on.” “It sounded to me liked rough sex with the photographer and at parties,” I observed. “You tell stories about those experiences in a way that makes it sound like you enjoyed it that way.” “I did enjoy it rough,” she responded. “I enjoyed it too much,” she added with a laugh. Carol’s nipples were very sensitive. She liked having them pinched and twisted, to the point of hurting. There had been times when she thought she was going to cum just from the pleasure she experienced from having her nipples tweaked and pulled. “When you shaved your pussy, did you like it that way?” I asked. “Yes,” she said right away with some excitement in her voice. “I did like it.” “Why? Does it feel different?” “I loved how men would look at my bare pussy; how they would stare at it; and be so hungry to touch it. I loved showing my pussy to guys and got chills all over when I would spread my legs and they would stare at it.” “Would you like me to shave my pussy?” she asked after a short pause. “I’d love it, if you want to.” The look she gave, and her little coy smile, told me that she would. As we lay side-by-side and talked, I occasionally ran my finger lightly around her hard nipples which were protruding from her shirt; she ran her fingernails lightly over the ever present bulge in my pants. It was, in all respects, a wonderful afternoon. Not only was it a beautiful day spent with an attractive woman, but there was a real freshness and openness in our sharing what we liked and wanted. I had never had that kind of a frank conversation with any woman about sex. Maybe I did with Sarah. But that was more show and tell. The mind and body can only take so much sex talk. This is especially true when two people already want to be with each other, and the talk involves detailed descriptions of one’s sexual interests, needs, wants and desires. Carol and I had experienced just a taste of each other the night before and this morning. It was now later in the afternoon. We were both turned on and ready and willing to pleasure each other. It was just a matter of whose apartment we would use. My place was closest. In addition, I needed to take a shower and shave. We gathered our things, rushed to the car, threw everything into the trunk, and drove off. Carol sat crosswise in the passenger seat, and as we drove, began to run her hand over my hard shaft, teasing me. My cock was leaking pre cum and was throbbing, aching and begging for release from its confinement. “If you pulled the car over right now and stopped, I’d fuck you right here,” she whispered. I pressed harder on the gas pedal. Carol had not been to my place before.

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