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Carol’s Night at the Movies

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Hello you naughty girls and boys!

This is a foot story. This is about Carol, who’s been working hard and wants a bit of late night relaxation. A little reminiscing and Carol decides to amuse herself with another theater patron. How does it end? I think you may be surprised.


It was another long night at the office. Being an Executive Director sure had its perks, but it also meant a lot of long hours. It was after 9pm on a Friday night and Carol was wrapping up and eager to have some time to herself. Thankfully there really wasn’t much more she could do until Monday and she was looking forward to a pleasant weekend.

As she left the elevator and made her way into the parking garage she passed by Ron in the security booth. Ron was always very pleasant and she had the idea that he hated to see her leave but he loved to watch her walk away. She was okay with that. He did his job well and she didn’t mind a little appreciation.

And she wasn’t half right. Ron got to see more than a couple pretty ladies on a daily basis, but Carol was his favorite. Her long, wavy red hair is what first caught his attention, but he soon came to realize she had so much more to offer. She was tall and slender. Her tits weren’t huge but they stood proud and commanded attention; and sometimes he could make out the form of her proud nipples beneath her blouse.

Likewise she didn’t have a big ass, but it was tight and inviting. She often wore business skirts of various lengths and he always enjoyed what she wore. And it didn’t stop with her ass. She had long, beautiful legs. He figured she could have made money as a leg model and he was secretly hoping one day he would find proof that she had done some leg modeling for an advertisement.

She was classy and sexy and he would quickly admit, to himself at least, that he often thought of her and her body after he had gone home at the end of his shift. Another secret wish he held on to was that one day he would come across her when looking at office women porn. She certainly had the sexy office lady look about her.

As she made her way to her car she decided she wasn’t quite ready to go home. She needed some escape. As she hopped in the car she decided to head over to the cheap theater and see about a late night movie. The theater was weeks behind in the movies they offered but that’s also why the tickets were so cheap. And most late nights there wouldn’t be but a handful of people in the theater. This was just what she had in mind. If she got lucky she would have an entire theater to herself.

When she got there her options were rather limited, but then she wasn’t really interested in the movie so much as having the space to relax and unwind. So having equal disinterest she picked the least popular of the two available, hoping to have the place to herself. Popcorn, candy, and drink in hand she made her way to the theater.

Drat. No such luck. There was a man sitting by himself in her theater. With a heavy sigh she made her way to the back and center where she could put her feet up and relax. She settled in and was still happy to have some relative peace and quiet. She pried off her heels and was thankful to let her feet breathe a bit, even if still encased in her hose.

Then she spotted a young couple entering the theater, picking seats down in front. Certainly not an empty theater now. The couple probably didn’t even care about the movie. They were more likely interested in making out. Not that Carol was looking to cause any trouble, but she would really have preferred if tonight she could have had the space to herself.

Of course it wasn’t always so. When she was their age she could remember being mischievous at the movies on many occasions. She and her girlfriends were fond of teasing and taunting the boys, especially by sitting behind them and putting their feet up on the seats.

Sometimes they would just prop them up on seats next to them and wave their feet around. Other times, when they were bolder, they would slide their feet on the occupied seat, and rest them against the boy’s head or neck, or even slip their foot over his shoulder and put their feet directly in his face. The boys wouldn’t take that too well.

They would voice their objections and even demand the girls cease such actions. But that only made the whole process more fun and rewarding. Kicking or pushing the seats could also be done, but that was never as rewarding as surprising a boy with a foot in the face. The girls themselves had various discussions about the differences of sock feet versus bare feet, both for the girl’s enjoyment and the boy’s discomfort.

Carol suddenly remembered a time when Janice had been less direct but had scored like never before. Rather than prop her feet on the back of the seat, she had slyly slid it between the seats. This wasn’t noticed right away. What made this so ingenious was that Janice actually was able to get her bare foot into the popcorn of the boy in front of her. She had actually abidinpaşa escort grabbed a few pieces with her toes and pulled her foot back Just before he was to reach for some of his buttery snack.

You could say this was its own victory but Janice wanted more. Her foot returned to his popcorn and there she began to crush pieces under her toes. Then she began to push her bare foot deeper into the popcorn and flex her toes. It was only after several popped kernels had bounced across the floor that a few of the boys realized what was going on. The owner of the popcorn was too shocked to be angry and then when he asked how long she had her feet in his popcorn he looked like he might vomit as Janice just gave a smile and shrug of her shoulders.

That was priceless. Carol chuckled to herself recalling the poor boy’s expression. Janice earned high fives for that daring act and the rest of the girls bought her dinner that night as the group let her regale them with the details and several retellings.

Carol’s own feet were resting on the seat in front of her and she let her leg slide down between the two closest seats and imagined a popcorn bucket within reach. Well done Janice; well done. They surely had some good times in those days.

She was momentarily distracted from her sweet memories as the couple up front moved to a different pair of seats. They were giggling to themselves and unaware and unconcerned about other people in the theater; either of them.

Carol paid slight attention to the screen, thinking about those days past as she waited for the show to begin. She found herself wondering if the man a few rows in front of her had ever had an experience like the boys she and her friends had played with.

Eventually the previews played through and the movie began. She made herself comfortable and leaned back to enjoy the show, or at least let it distract her from her life for a short while. She rested her feet on the seat in front of her and enjoyed her popcorn, thinking of Janice’s victim.

The movie had only run for about fifteen minutes when the couple got up and left. Either they decided to find another theater or they had plans to cut out early and head elsewhere for their privacy. That left Carol alone in the theater with the solitary man a few rows in front of her.

She tried to focus on the movie and dismiss thoughts of the lonely guy sharing a theater with her late on a Friday night. But between him and thoughts of her past, she found it all but impossible to really pay attention to the film.

She hadn’t gone to a bar, but instead had chosen the movies as her escape, but now she was feeling like some naughty fun and minute by minute the temptation was harder and harder to resist. Fuck it. She wanted to have some fun and she was going to have some fun. The poor man was just going to have to accept it.

Having made her decision, she gathered her items and walked to the end of her row. She didn’t know if he had heard her get up or was the least bit concerned, but she was sure he noticed when she took the seat one row behind him and one seat off to his right.

His head twitched a little as if he was going to look over his shoulder and confirm she was there, but some inner sense of manners or perceived movie etiquette kept him from turning completely around and looking at her. That was fine. She knew he was aware of her presence, and she had plenty of time to get his attention.

She made some noise with her drink and slurped down some refreshment through her straw. Then she settled in much as before except this time when she pried off her shoes she did it a couple feet off the ground and she let them fall with an audible thunk before she stretched her pantyhose feet over the seat in front of her.


Bob had been looking forward to this movie all week. He also made plans for a late showing both to better fit his schedule and because he knew this movie wasn’t likely to be crowded. Sure enough when he arrived he was the only person there. Some woman had come in a few minutes later and then he had to deal with some romantic couple that surely wasn’t here to see the film.

The show had started and the couple was already a distraction as they moved and made noise and one of them turned on a cell phone; thankfully only for a few seconds. Much longer and he would have said something. But then to his relief the couple got up and left. Now he could relax and enjoy the show. And he was doing just that when he heard a noise behind him. Someone was sitting in a seat off to his right.

Unless someone else had come in unnoticed, he figured it had to be the woman he saw earlier. Why would she be changing seats now? And why had she chosen a seat so close to him? Then he heard the ice shaking in her drink. Great. Not only was she so close, but now she was making unnecessary noises.

The next noises he heard were a little harder to distinguish. He assumed it might be a purse adana escort but it sounded more like wooden blocks. He wanted to look but knew better. Then out of the corner of his eye he became aware of her nylon covered feet.

Oh my god, she had removed her shoes and was now propping her feet on the seat next to him; the seat right next to him. This just couldn’t be happening. And yet he had to look. He couldn’t be obvious but he had to know more about what was going on. He strained his eyes, pushing them into the corners so he could make out what was going on beside him.

It wasn’t too hard to see even without turning his head. She didn’t just rest her feet on the edge of the seat. She was actually resting her ankles on the back of the seat and her feet were floating in the air above the seat and next to him, at about eye level.

He tried to switch back to the movie and found he had already missed a few lines of dialogue. Maybe if she had remained perfectly still he could have made his way back into the movie and forgotten about her altogether. But she did not remain still.

Quite the contrary; after her feet stretched forward, she crossed them at the ankles but then began to flex her toes and rub her feet together. This didn’t just happen for a few seconds as she made herself comfortable. This went on for minutes.

Try as he might, there was no way he could ignore her feet. More than that, as he watched them move and bend in the shadowy light he was forced to admit this woman had pretty feet. Still she should know better and she should have kept them off the seats.

As the feet play continued off to his right, Bob became aware of a sound he hadn’t been paying attention to. It was a sort of scratchy hiss and it took him a few moments to realize this was the sound of the nylons rubbing together. So now there was a sound distracting him as well.

The feet of this woman just wouldn’t stop. In fact he thought when he saw them pull back that she would take them down off the seat, but she only rested them on the edge and then began to move them from side to side and back and forth along the back of the seat as if she was using the seat to scratch her feet.

Surely this woman had to realize that such action would only serve to transfer any dirt or debris from the bottom of her foot to the back of the chair; a chair which would be used by other people, not knowing how she had treated it.

Then her feet slid dangerously close to him. Bob was forced to look straight ahead and he practically froze in place. She crossed her feet at the ankles but now her ankles were resting on the corner of the seat. That meant her feet were only a few inches from his head.

He felt he had to say something but how could he? What would he say? Instead he sat motionless as the seconds ticked by. He was looking straight ahead but he wasn’t able to watch the show in front of him. He was aware of a nervous feeling growing inside of him. Why should he be nervous? He wasn’t the one with his feet on the seat. He was behaving properly; it was this woman who was pushing the limits of a movie-going experience.

He heard a popping sound in his ear and he knew he flinched. Apparently this woman had popped her toes much as someone might pop their knuckles. And then she did it a few more times. Bob felt as if those toes must be right beside his ear, he could hear them so clearly.

This did nothing to alleviate his anxiety and once again he felt he should say something. But he didn’t know what to say. While her actions were in his mind uncalled for, she didn’t seem to have the least bit of shame about what she was doing. He didn’t want to make a scene and he feared he would be the one perceived as rude if he told her she had to move her feet. Besides, a gentleman didn’t do things that would embarrass a woman.

Still he wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out. The toe popping sounds had stopped but were only replaced by the previous scratch and hiss of the nylons rubbing against each other. He made a microscopic movement of his head so that he might see just how close her feet were, but before he finished the motion his head snapped back into place and froze once more.

He had barely moved at all, a fraction of an inch he was sure, when he felt something against his ear. Immediately he moved his head back and tried to determine what had happened. As crazy as it seemed he could offer no other explanation other than his ear had grazed her nylon covered foot, which therefore had to have been less than an inch from his head.

He was instantly concerned that she would say something, perhaps even accuse him of bumping into her, even though it was her feet invading his own personal space. But thankfully she was unaware of the contact and said nothing.

He was trying to come to terms with all that had happened when he heard and felt her feet withdraw from the seat. He didn’t know if she was just getting comfortable or if she had come to a realization adıyaman escort that her actions were inappropriate. Either way the feet had retreated and it was over. Bob found himself taking a deep breath and tried once again to focus on the movie playing on the screen in front of him.

However his relief was short lived. Inconceivable as it was her feet returned to the seat beside him and a quick glance at them had him feeling a new level of discomfort. This time her feet were bare! He made a careful peek again to make sure, but indeed her feet were no longer trapped within the nylon casing, but rather were free and loose, toes wiggling in the air.


Oh this was good, thought Carol. So glad I didn’t waste my evening. She had pried off her shoes and let them fall to the floor which he surely heard, although he may not have been able to identify the noise right away. But he did notice when she slipped her feet over the back of the chair beside him.

She started off slow. Just a little foot flexing at first and then rubbing her feet together. She wasn’t sure if he could hear her feet rubbing together but he surely knew they were there. He was trying not to look, or rather trying hard to look without the appearance of looking. That in itself was humorous and signaled an early victory.

She continued to tease him with her feet; nothing too direct yet, just keeping them in motion and watching him trying to watch her feet. After a few minutes she moved her feet closer to his head, resting them on the corner of the seat back. Now she made a few small movements, a fraction of an inch, and put her feet right next to him. Pretty soon he wouldn’t be able to turn his head without bumping into her foot.

And just a few minutes later that’s exactly what he did. It was all Carol could do to hold back a giggling outburst as his head turned the smallest degree and suddenly snapped back to forward. She felt his ear graze her arch and clearly some instinct of his knew that his head had made contact with her foot, if only for a split second.

She waited to see if this would be a breaking point. But the man didn’t say a word, nor did he get up and move. She had already decided that if he did move to another seat she would just move again to sit behind him. He wasn’t getting away from her tonight.

Carol was feeling alive and her little foot play was already bringing back memories of joy from when she was younger. Boys will be boys she thought, and she loved them for that. She held her foot just a fraction of an inch from his head waiting to see if he would turn again or make any other moves.

She knew he was looking at the screen but she doubted he was paying any attention to the movie at this point. She let him suffer like this for a few minutes, but then she decided it was time to take things further. She pulled her feet off the seat and could feel him relax. Then she carefully lifted off her seat, reached under her skirt, and pulled her pantyhose all the way down and off her feet, dropping them into her purse.

Then slowly, for effect, she raised her bare feet and slid them forward over the edge of the seat in front of her. He had to notice that. And when he made another fractional turn of his head and it once again snapped back into place she knew he had seen her feet.

Now besides seeing her feet near him she felt it would only be moments before he noticed the odor. Carol herself was aware of it as she removed her hose. Not surprising given the hours they had spent in her Italian leather shoes today. It wasn’t like a gym sock odor, but there was a faint trace that even now she could pick up.

He noticed it too as he sniffed a few times and then tried to clear his throat. Still he wasn’t going anywhere and it was time to push things a little further. Carol popped her toes a couple more times, this time not right beside his ear. This was just to make sure he noticed when she began to move them once again closer to his head.

He adjusted himself in his seat and sat up a little straighter but his head would still be in easy reach. And now if she wanted she would have access to his neck. He also had rather short hair; a men’s haircut, and she was already thinking about how it would feel between her toes. Plus of course the prime target was his cheek.

Not that nose and lips were out of the question; in fact she was already contemplating some extreme foot fun this evening, but foot to cheek, whether it be toes or the ball of the foot, was a clear sign of victory. And she was determined to be victorious this evening.

She played with her feet for a few moments. She rubbed them together, spread and wiggled her toes, popped her toes a few more times, and waved them back and forth. Then she made a decision about what to do next. She uncrossed her ankles and let her right foot rest on the corner of the seat much as before so his ear and the whole side of his head were in easy reach.

But then she moved her left foot to the back of his chair. The ball of her foot came to rest on the edge of the chair back and then she slid it slowly to her left. She stopped when it was directly behind his head and it would have been easy to tickle his neck with her toes or even let her foot slide up into his hair.

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