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Casual Screwing and how not to do it (Part 1)

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Casual Screwing and how not to do it (Part 1)It’s plain and simple, is it not? Attraction, that fatal yet impulsive that seduction of the desire to be wanted, to be used, fucked, on top for a time and will die like all erotic acts, like the withering of genitals after hours of fucking. We all have the desire to be fucked and to fuck, some can restrain, ignore even, but, for some we can’t help our desiring minds and attraction leads to action, for good and for bad.He was one, that couldn’t resist the charms of a cute ass or a smiley ace that says fuck me now, while the random small talk is exchanged. One night it of course chanced itself upon his roaming eye and developed. He of course had the comfort of a steady girlfriend who loved him, but what harm is a flirt especially with a cute little brunette ten years his senior, who had the carefree embodiment of youth and the sexual hold that comes along with it, she oozed sexuality, she needed his cock or so his cock told him. Flirty chat is all well and good, but after laughter and much drinking, his penis gently semi due to her perfume, her ass looking good enough to eat and her touchy-feely wandering hands, he decided to ask her for her number.Reluctant to see her reaction, she played out all cool. Her breasts half exposed in her low cut top teasing him and his cock controlled brains. So she decided she wouldn’t give him her number, but she wanted to take his and punched in his digits with the same vigour as his desire to fuck he knew there was no fucking that night. In fact the only fucking happening later was with himself, masturbation was an escape an outlet for frustration, he slapped and battered his cock and thought only of her, sarıyer escort building up to cum and easing off countless times’ til he came hard and hit his chest and stomach, while he shook with the quiver of a deep and rewarding orgasm, post wank thoughts were mainly loneliness and his need for contact with her oh so tidy little frame, what were her blow-jobs like, what was her pussy like, her tits? Is she wanking and fantasising about him too, he hoped so, but, ultimately he concluded he would probably never find out, most likely he wouldn’t hear from her, she must have a mobile full of numbers that dial straight to good looking men with hard ons for her, she was so sexy-cute, she probably fucks everyday all day, his male ego splurted at him. Oh well, in bed alone he drifted to sleep, his girlfriend away with work that weekend, on some team building exercise, wishing his cock had got wet and preferably red raw he began to rest deeply. His name was Johnny and the sweet little thing with unknown to him very damp panties after leaving the pub and a pussy so ripe and juicy it deserved to be eaten or hours was called Ingrid.Ingrid was like Johnny, they were both weak-minded nymphomaniac sluts. Time passed, the odd text unexpectedly came from nowhere, never more than casual banter not the filthy shit Johnny wanted, he’d forgotten her, dumped the whole idea, but the text messages only fuelled his need to fuck her and fuck her good he did when he wanked and wanked over the memories of that night, everything was perfect when he stroked his cock at varying speeds, she did it all so well, he emptied his balls so many times and needed esenyurt escort no other fantasy than her, when his 7 and half inch meat toy came over Ingrid, boy it came. Johnny was obsessing over her attractiveness her older perfect little peachy body only added to his fantasy of her. He knew that she would be a great fuck and her petiteness only added to his mind having no doubts his cock would fill her pussy well, he desperatly wanted to give her orgasms, could Johnny make Ingrid cum? This question was on both of their minds, she too often thought about what his cock would feel like inside her and satisfied herself sometimes three or four times a day, for both o them masturbation was spiritual act, a necessary and borderline addiction, they were a pair of wankers getting wet and climaxing ritually, Ingrid being female had more to play with and more wanks than most woman, she would wank everywhere and anytime she got the urge.She craved cock and pleasured herself nearly everytime her soaking cunt and tingly clit demanded, she once wanked off at the back of a Maths class in school because the teacher made her wet and she used the winter excuse of being cold and playing underneath her jacket. He too was avid about masturbation and enjoyed the odd weird wank, Johnny had wanked off in public too, never exposing himself, but throwing himself into the the excitement of a woman assuming he was wanking but couldn’t be sure. Like Ingrid he had too an experience with a teacher. He often tore holes in his school trouser pockets so he could massage his sensitive tip at leisure, but one French lesson, the teacher throw him out of the class and into an adjacent box avrupa yakası escort room, she said she’d be back to check, well he thought to himself, you’ll catch me fucking myself at 15 years old he was a cum machine and rampant, he slowly got out his hard cock from his pants and as if in private wanked like fuck, when Miss Dentford walked in he shielded his wank with his Blazer, her eyes were wide and shocked. She knew she had caught him, but ignored it, Johnny couldn’t resist giving her another peak, this time showing his cock throb away and stroked it vigorously in front of her, she had the look of surprise but carried on talking as normal, Johnny came very quickly, she was enjoying it, he had wanked over her at home so many times she was forties with big tits and greying hair but boy did Johnny want to fuck her, she saw the cum hit the tiles under the desk where he pounded himself hard for maybe twenty seconds or more, all she said was she’d back to check again, looking him up and down like a teacher would if you hadn’t done your homework. Johnny kept playing, but she left him alone. Nothing ever happened between the pair but that day must have stuck with them both forever.Ingrid liked to wank near her window, it turned her on as closed her eyes, frantically sorting her prim cunt out never quite knowing if she’d been seen. She was a dirty, slutty minded woman just the right match for Johnny, she once wanked into a pair of leggings in M&S in the changing rooms letting a groan out when she came and a smirk when she put the garment back to the shelf. Naughty, kinky shits we’re dealing with here, it wasn’t long before texts turned to rendezvous, but whether they were doing nothing more than sub-consciously teasing each other it was never more than friendship. Eventually they would screw like bunnies, making love, fucking, sucking, gagging their mouths on their genitals with their marathon oral bouts in between sex, she loved the taste of her cunt on his cock, and funnily enough so did Johnny. Tbc….

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