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Catch the Wind by Its Tail

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I don’t often find myself in very exciting situations. I have generally played it safe my whole life. I also tended to just settle for what just fell in my lap rather than aim for something better. Jobs, girlfriends, friends, money, these things just came and went as I leisurely made my way through my young adult life. I didn’t care that I wasn’t part of the cool group, or that I wasn’t driving the flashiest car, for that matter that I wasn’t driving at all. The only thing I cared for was music, and that is one thing I had particularly good taste in. Though on your resume, under the section ‘What are your strengths?’, answering ‘my particularly good taste in music’ never would have gotten me ahead in any job interview.

Sometimes though, having a particularly good taste in anything, can sometimes allow for you to be in just the right place at just the right time, and something may just fall into your lap so extraordinarily amazing, that you have no option but to throw all caution to the wind, and catch it by its tail.

I had just recently come out of an average relationship after an average breakup forced me to move out of our average rental flat in an average part of an average town. I didn’t really care that the relationship had fallen through, she had asked me out at a time when I was feeling so lazy that I couldn’t even be bothered letting her bad personality put me off, or for that matter the extra 25kgs she carried on each side. The relationship went for two years longer than it should have and ended as meekly as it began. I temporarily moved back in with my parents, my mother actually happy to have me home, more so to have moved on from the girl that had been “keeping me down” as she put it. I never told her that I was already down to begin with and moving back into my parents at 22 years old certainly wasn’t helping me back up. Though it certainly did leave me with a lot of extra cash now that I wasn’t supporting a lazy bitch who just ate Cheezels all day while playing video games, the indent in the sofa growing more like the shape of her ass with every passing hour. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking love Cheezels, but it’s the fact it wasn’t me eating them that pissed me off.

So I had some extra cash each week, even after quitting the second job I was forced to take in order to just get by and retaining my mediocre minimum wage full time job. I now had plenty money left over to start treating myself to some nice shit. And by nice shit, I meant it’s time I bought some of those CDs I promised I would still purchase after several years of illegally downloading music. We’ve all made that promise, but I for one was going to actually keep to it, the better me, the improved me.

I was at the music store, sorting through an assortment of completely mis-categorised cd’s, shaking my head as I went, thinking “Surely they should have a separate melodic technical death metal section for these”. I was holding two albums, comparing the tracklistings, weighing up the pros of each album, when suddenly a voice caught my attention. It was a beautiful voice, female obviously, and it sounded like when you’re sitting in the sun on a cloudless summer day, it’s about 2 in the afternoon and you’re on your third Corona and you should be at work but you called in sick… like that sound. There was something odd though, it was the words, when I actually ran them through my brain a couple of times I realised she was talking to me.

I looked up from the CD covers I had been studying, slowly, as not to appear too eager, and my eyes fell upon a girl standing in front of me. Yes, a girl, she was facing me, within arms reach, she had blonde hair that feel down upon her shoulders and she had these great big brown eyes that were looking up into my own. She was literally a head with blonde hair and big brown eyes, that’s all I initially noticed, and that she was maybe a foot shorter than me. But those bloody great big brown eyes, I found myself being lost in them, I became a clayman, unable to move, transfixed by the unusual beauty held within. I just stared for what felt like a minute but was probably only a second, actually judging by the frowning shape her eyes were suddenly taking on its likely I’ve just been staring at her for the last minute. God, maybe longer. I suddenly felt uncomfortable, I needed to communicate, to converse.

“Sorry?” I asked. Or was I apologising.

“I said you should definitely go with Last Fair Deal Gone Down, every song is a classic. Eternity is an amazing album but the production brings it down so I would wait for a remaster,” she said. There was that voice again, it made my legs weak at the knees. It was a voice that still made lemonade taste like a summer’s day. And along with the voice there appeared on her face, under the great big brown eyes, two big red lips that moved in time to the words I was hearing. They were a gorgeous red, the kind of red lipstick that when worn by the wrong person you think “it looks sexier on television, this balçova escort just looks trampy”. Well, this girl could pull it off. Her bottom lip was big and pouty, the top one not as prominent but with exactly the right amount of definition, both coming together sweetly when paired together with those big frowning eyes… frowning, why is she frowning at me, how long ago did she stop talking?

“I’m sorry, I’m still in shock that you’re actually talking to me right now,” I blurted out.

She laughed. It was a cute laugh. She has a cute nose between those bloody great big brown eyes and ruby red lips of neverending eternal succulence. With two bold features so dominant, this cute roundish nose broke up the excitement, giving you some time to take it all in, similar to when movies used to have a half-time break, which also gave you an opportunity to get more popcorn. When she laughed her cute nose crinkled up, cutely.

“I’m not entirely sure if you’re being creepy on purpose or you’re really just… well, creepy?” she asked, a hint of the laugh was still in her voice but appeared to be fading as she got further through her sentence. In all honesty if this exchange was occurring in a subway she would have been running away by now.

“Oh totally putting this on, only a creep would actually admit to really being a creep,” I replied.

“Good to know,” she said. We stood awkwardly for a moment, the silence was suffocating. “Well, be sure you make the right choice,” she gestured to the CDs and turned to leave.

“I will,” I said watching her moving away from me, no longer at arms reach.

“Bye.” she had completed her turn and started walking towards the door.

“See-ya,” I replied after her.

I watched her leaving, this girl that had, in only one exchange, taught me the true meaning of awe. Catch the wind by its tail. CATCH THE WIND BY ITS TAIL.

“Wait,” I called after her. She turned to face me. “Are you not even going to ask me to go out for a coffee?”

My story actually starts here, feel free to skip the above few paragraphs, my wife says that the day we met went nothing like that anyway.

My name is Chris. I’m married to an absolutely amazing woman named Alice. She’s got shoulder length blonde hair, big brown eyes, and large kissable lips. She has other things going for her, but this is what I noticed first. We’d been together for about nine years before we decided to get married, and about a year after that we had our first child.

Meeting Alice actually saved me from myself. Although I still never did anything terribly exciting, I certainly learned how to live, or at least how to take a little risk. I certainly learnt how to pursue happiness with diligence. Alice was also more of a home-body, and we enjoyed each others company over anybody else’s, so we did most things together. We adapted to parenthood easily, never getting the opportunity to live through any of the horror stories you so often hear about, it really was a breeze.

So, about three months ago Alice’s older sister, Charlotte, had a marriage breakup. It didn’t surprise me, she is a high maintenance woman and he was an ‘I’m gonna do whatever I want’ man. He ended up leaving all together, we never heard from him again, Charlotte did but only when he needed some money, which he never got. After a couple of months, Charlotte had to swallow the awful truth that she could no longer survive on her own financially, and she had to put their house on the market. It was a large house, and with only one income she was barely able to cover the mortgage, let alone have enough money to live on. Alice, being the nice charitable person she is, offered up our spare room to Charlotte, to live with us until she was better able to support herself again.

This was hard for Charlotte to swallow. Success had always been her thing, she had the job, the money, the car. For her to have to reach out would have been the most difficult thing she would have ever had to do. But she had to just suck it up, with no better options she unwillingly accepted our offer and moved in to our’s a week later. We all helped her clear out her house, putting all her things into storage. One thing she didn’t put into storage however was her bloody great wardrobe of designer clothes. She had so many clothes, and with no actual closet in her room the overflow ended up in Alice’s walk in wardrobe attached to our bedroom.

It became a fairly common occurrence that Charlotte would knock on our bedroom door while we were in bed to come through to pick out some clothes for the next day. Also occurring often was Charlotte’s trips from the shower, wrapped only in a towel, into our bedroom to select clothes to wear. Our relationship had always been very friendly, flirty even, and this flirting continued with the frequent bedroom visits, even with Alice present.

One night, after a few rums, Alice and I ditched Charlotte halfway through the movie karşıyaka escort we were watching to escape into our bedroom to fool around. Alice was always a fantastic lover, but if she’s been drinking she tends to start dirty talking and plotting out fantasies to get us both excited. One of our favourite fantasies to talk about while falling around was always for us to have a threesome with another woman, she would get very excited with the thought of me with this woman while getting to watch. That would always be nice but I would always get the most excited thinking about the two of them together for some girl on girl action.

We would usually talk naughtily to each other as we lay side by side, either playing with each other, or just as often with ourselves. My imagination would usually rely solely on the deed without having to imagine who, however Alice being a woman, the who would always make it more exciting for her. She would always probe me into who I was imagining, I would always start with nobody in particular, but this was never fun enough for her and she would always press for me to imagine someone. Reluctantly I would be forced to actually have to name someone I would like to sleep with, someone real. This was always dangerous territory, name the wrong person and Alice may not be happy with my choice, she may even get mad that I would even think of that person that way. I would always end up on one of her friends, mostly ones she didn’t see often, NEVER was it someone that only I knew or someone I worked with, NEVER. Sometimes she would give me options to choose from, this was always easier on me and hotter also as I’m sure Alice would only offer up people she considered getting into bed with.

This was one of those times, we were playing next to each other, I was rubbing her dripping wet pussy while she stroked my hard dick, and talking about having a threesome with another girl.

“Who would you rather fuck, Clare the receptionist at your work, or Charlotte?” she breathed huskily between kisses.

Oh dear, this could get ugly, I know that Alice absolutely hates Clare, she’s unbelievably hot, though she’s also unbelievably stupid. On the other hand, I had her sister to choose from, this I had never contemplated before. Never choose someone you work with, but is it even worse to choose her own bloody sister? I took a stab at the best answer I thought Alice would want to hear.

“Hmmm, definitely Charlotte,” I answered, inside I worried that play time might be over.

“Really?” she asked, her voice raising slightly in pitch with a hint of amusement in her tone, her hand also stopped stroking my dick, though she maintained her grip. “Why Charlotte?”

“Because she’s hotter,” I lied. She wasn’t hotter, not by a long shot, but I still felt this was the safest road to travel. Not to say Charlotte wasn’t hot in her own way, she had a very pretty face, and her confidence certainly worked in her favour. Her best asset however was her nice full round ass. It wasn’t massive, but was well out of proportion from the rest of her, it just makes me grit my teeth in frustration when all I want to do is squeeze it and bury my face in it. I mean, I’ve thought about it a couple of times.

“That’s kinda hot,” Alice replied, resuming her stroking on my cock as she kissed me full on the mouth. “Have you ever thought about hooking up with my sister before now?”

“Mmmhmm,” I moaned honestly as I concentrated on gently rubbing her clit just the way I know she loves it.

She squirmed her ass into the bed as she groaned in pleasure as a result of my ministrations on her body. “Ohhhhh, you’re making me feel soooo good, Chris. Mmmm, so… what would you like to do to my sister if she was in here with us?”

Encouraged by Alice’s reaction I decided to just go with it, as naughtily as possibly. “Mmmm, I would probably have her bent over on all fours with my face buried in her ass eating her juicy cunt,” I said, my answer honest and it was totally turning me on saying this out loud to my own wife.

“Ohh god, that’s so fucking hot Chris,” she purred before shoving her tongue in my mouth and pushing her pelvis harder against my hand rubbing her soaked pussy. “Mmmm… and where would I be while you lick my sister’s pussy from behind?”

My cock suddenly throbbed in Alice’s tight fist as she pumped me closer to orgasm. Never had something so naughty, so extremely sexy, ever entered my mind before, until that moment.

“You’re on your back with your legs spread as wide as possible while your sister licks your cunt while fingering you,” I said, imagining the thrilling scene as my cock pulsed on the brink of my climax.

Alice screamed as she bucked her hips up and down between my hand and the bed. “Fuck, that’s so fucking sexy, I’m coming, baby, go harder, I’m coming,” she cried out, her juices flooding out onto my hand and soaking the sheet below her ass as she pumped on my cock furiously. çeşme escort

“Yes, come on, babe, I’m coming too,” I breathed, before shooting out a torrent of cum all over her hip and my stomach.

The naughtiness of the moment, lingered subtly on as we caught out breath, our orgasms had been powerful and we held each others naked sweaty bodies as we recovered. Eventually the excitement passed, and we eased back into reality.

Alice finally opened her eyes to look into mine, “You don’t really think about fucking Charlotte though right?”

“Oh god no, that was just in the moment talk,” I lied.

“That’s good, she’s my sister, that’s just wrong,” she mildly snapped.

We didn’t talk about the fact that what really set Alice off was imagining her own sister eating her pussy. We kissed each other good night and both had an amazing sleep.

The next morning was Saturday, this meant I had the morning to myself to play video games while Alice and Charlotte go out for breakfast then a little shopping. They would be taking our daughter with them, relieving me of my usual Saturday morning baby sitting duties, so I got comfortable and prepared to slay some dragons. About thirty minutes in I thought about the night before, and the naughtiness of our fantasy, and before I knew it I was hard, imagining getting down with my wife and her sister.

I had plenty of time so without thinking any further I pulled my hard dick out of my pyjama pants and started beating off to my now favourite fantasy. I lost all sense of my surroundings for a moment as I stroked my cock enthusiastically, and was only aware I was being watched when I was interrupted by a loud coughing sound coming from the doorway. My eyes flew open, and behold I had an audience, Charlotte was standing at the door watching me, a wide smirk plastered across her face.

“You must really like dragons,” she said, openly staring at my hard-on still gripped tightly in my fist.

I must have gone the brightest crimson possible as I hastily stuffed my dick back inside my pyjama bottoms, leaving them tented towards the ceiling. “No, not dragons, other things,” I answered sheepishly.

“Mmmm, what kind of other things?” she asked, her smirk turning into a large shit-eating grin.

God, she has sexy lips, nice and big and kissable. “I just let myself get carried away, thinking about hot… girls, and umm.. and fucking them,” I stammered.

“Right. Well it looks fun. Are you gonna finish that off then?” she asked gesturing to the tent in my pants.

I quietly laughed, uncomfortably. “Ahhh, no. Not now,” I murmured, sheepishly. Then a boost of confidence surged triumphantly through my entire body, this was one of those moments, once in a lifetime grab the bull by the horns etc, and I mustered up some ego as I looked her in the eye confidently and smiled as charismatically as possible. “Unless…”

“No Chris,” she interrupted throwing her hands up, blocking my suggestion from reaching her. “I just came back for my wallet, Alice is in the car and I don’t have time to help you play with yourself.”

My fake ego deflated along with my dick as she made her way across the room, grabbing her wallet from the mantelpiece above the fire then heading back out towards the door.

“Have fun,” she teased as she passed by me, leaving the room.

“Don’t tell Alice,” I called after her.

“I’m so going to,” she hollered back.

Shit. How embarrassing. Caught jerking off by your sister-in-law then being shot down when asking for a hand. I’ve never before even thought of cheating on Alice, but the events of the night before has distorted my thinking. My guilt took over, and I did what I always did when I felt guilty – I cleaned. I cleaned the whole house in record time. I don’t often clean, but when I do, I’m the fucken king of cleaning, especially when driven by guilt. Alice couldn’t possibly remain angry at me once she sees how wonderful I can be.

When they came home later in the early afternoon, nothing was said about the earlier incident. Either Charlotte hadn’t told her, or Alice was waiting until we were alone before discussing it. There was nothing unusual about Alice’s mood, however judging by the cheeky smiles Charlotte would flash me when Alice wasn’t looking, I’m betting she hasn’t spilled… yet. Bring on the blackmail I’m guessing.

The rest of the day went by uneventfully. That night, after we’d put our daughter to bed in her crib in her own room, the three of us settled down to a movie and we had a few drinks. The film had a lot of sex in it and Alice was quick to remark how it made her feel.

“This movie, coupled with the alcohol, is getting me a bit excited,” Alice giggled, to neither of us in particular.

“Mmmm, I’m feeling a little bit the same actually,” Charlotte purred. “Shame I don’t have anyone to take to bed with me.”

I sighed out loud, “Fine! I’ll do it!”

“Do what?” Alice asked.

“I’ll hook up with your sister to stop her moaning,” I said, smiling. They both laughed, more at me rather than at my joke.

“You would like that wouldn’t you, you dirty perv!” Alice smirked.

“Yeah, I think he would actually,” Charlotte chimed in. “Especially after this morning.”

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