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CD Dram nightThis is a true story that occurred during my last business trip. I was spending an evening in a city a few hours away. I travel there often and have made connections with a few lovers. First of all let me tell that I am a middle aged business man that turns into a cross-dressing slut when i am in the city. Since I was only in town one evening I wanted to make the most of my short visit. I made a date with a regular and utilized Craigslist to search for a BBC.I made contact with a sexy black married man with a ten inch cock. On the way to the city I stopped and did some shopping at a JCPenney store. I purchased a red skirt, a waist cincher and a cow neck silky grey top. I like to bra-less some and I like the way that the silk feels against my nipples. I also stopped by an adult bookstore along the way and got me some poppers and a new butt plug.After i arrived at my hotel I quickly got dressed in my new outfit along with my tan stockings and 5 in heels. After dressing I took for a few pictures and watched a little porn. I decided that i yüreğir escort should insert my butt plug and get loosened up for some wild sex. I douched several times, lubed it up and slid it slowly into my ass. I was in heaven. I decided to go out for some additional lube, makeup and some fresh stockings.The young man at CVS was very helpful and wished me a good evening. He was a sexy young black boy and i was turned on. while he was bagging my purchase i left my phone number on the counter ans swayed my ass out the door and back to my hotel.My date, Frank, texted me to let me know he was on his way. Frank has met me several times. he loves kissing, playing with my tits and cumming in my ass. H did not disappoint. Just as he arrived I took a a long draw from from my poppers and removed the butt plug. Frank kissed me deeply and pulled me close so that he push his hard cock against me belly. his hands caressed my ass and pulled up my skirt to make access to me ass. my pantyhose were the backless kind and this adıyaman escort made Frank very happy.After several minutes of kissing Frank, pinching my nipples and having him explore my ass, I dropped to my knees. His cock was so hard, i swallowed it immediately. Frank’s hands squeezed my nipples i could not control myself. I squealed and moaned and made love to his cock with my mouth. Frank began fucking my mouth for several minutes. i guided him to the bed and showed him where the lube was at. while he was getting it I layed on my back, Frank came over and grabbed my ankles and placed them on his shoulders. he began kissing my legs and started pinching my nipples hard. I took another shot of poppers. I was now in heaven.Frank inserted his cock in one stroke. all seven inches buried in my pussy, my nipples hard and oh those poppers. I started pushing back, begging Frank to fuck me hard. H did his job cumming in my ass 20 after 20 hard minutes of fucking. Frank pulled, still hard and placed his cock in my mouth. he continued afyon escort playing with my nipples as i sucked his still hard cock. After several minutes of sucking he rewarded me with another load. I held it in my mouth, savoring the taste before finally swallowing.Frank kissed me and left. next up was the BBC that I met on Craigslist. He had a thick ten inch cock. I was all loosened up, horny and had a nice load of lube already in my pussy. I looked over at my phone, the young man from the CVS had sent me a text. I gave him my room number and he headed over to see me. The CVS was only about three minutes away.As he entered Immediately fell to my knees. He released his cock and OMG! He was a good 12 inches long. beautiful piece of meat.As I was sucking there was a knock on the door. I was so fucking horny I reached over and opened the door while still sucking the 12 inches.It was James from Craigslist. he opened his pants and pulled out his ten inch cock, it was sooo thick. i jacked it while I sucked the young man. James then had me stand up, he walked me to the desk, pulled up my skirt and slid his thick BBC into my wet pussy. he began slamming hard as I focused back on the young black cock with my mouth. To make a long story short both cocks exploded in my ass-pussy and mouth. four nice loads. I cannot wait to return to this city.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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