Tem 28

Chains Pt. 06

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“Let me help you,” Bennitto said as Jacopo walked into the steamy bathroom, pulling off his worn sailor’s jacket.

The young slim dancing boy had taken off his own shirt and now stood there wearing only his tight hip-hugging britches. He reached for Jacopo’s shirt buttons looking up at the bigger man with a coy smile. This boy is good at his job, thought Jacopo as the boy peeled off the stinking shirt. The shirt fell to the bathroom floor, crumpling on top of the old threadbare jacket

“Oh my!” the boy said softly as the bigger man’s broad hairy chest was revealed. Jacopo flexed his chest as the young man stared as his powerful muscles, a soft hand resting ever so long on his rounded bicep.

The young man grabbed at Jacopo’s heavy belt and trouser buttons and the big man pushed them down past his tree trunk thighs, exposing his fat cock and full balls. He walked over to the hot bath, pulled off his filthy socks, and stepped into the tub. He grinned to himself, observing the young man running his tongue softly over his bottom lip in admiration of Jacopo’s fat horse-sized cock.

Jacopo plunged under the water feeling it washing away the many sins and circumstances he had had to endure since the war ended. The heat and his sweat was purifying him, he actually felt more relaxed than he had for a long time. So much better than the ass-tightening, skin-reddening dips in the frigid sea he was used to taking or quick wipes with cool water from a stranger’s sink. He groaned as Bennitto began soaping up his body. The tender young hands sliding over every muscle, cleaning off the sooty grime the big man could never seem to wash away no matter how hard he tried. Jacopo ran a hand through his long wet hair and laid back in the tub to enjoy the attention the boy gave his body.

Bennitto wiped a washcloth over Jacopo’s face, slightly startling the relaxed man and bringing him out of his relaxed trance. The boy ran his fingers slowly and admiringly over the rough handsome features, rinsing away the dirty foam.

“You’re a strong beautiful man,” the boy said in a whisper. “Stand up and let me rinse you off.” Jacopo stood up. Bennitto took a jug of warm clean water and rinsed the soapy foam from the muscled body. Water trickled from his fingertips and streamed over the tip of his growing cock as Jacopo noticed the young man’s britches rode ever lower now on his slim hips, exposing the top of his shaved crotch. “Now you’re clean and…dare I say, even more beautiful,” the boy flirted. Jacopo’s cock bounced as he stepped from the tub. Bennitto turned to grab a large towel, his pants exposing the top of his round ass, luring Jacopo with the curving edge of the tempting crevice just appearing.

Jacopo didn’t wait. He stepped to the young man and pressed his wet body against him. Bennitto turned and looked up at the big man; Jacopo bahis siteleri bent his head down and gave him a deep kiss, his long wet hair falling into the boy’s face. The boy’s hands slid over the wet hairy body, grabbing at the muscled body wanting it to engulf him entirely.

Jacopo flipped his wet hair back and fell to his knees. He began the bathe the young tight body in long licks and wet kisses, savouring the smooth young flesh. He roughly pushed the tight britches to the floor and placed his hands on the boy’s small hips. He leaned in and inhaled the rising warm scent from the young cock, before taking it into his mouth. The boy’s thin cock pushed down Jacopo’s throat easily, the big man could feel the veins pulsing as the boycock hardened in his mouth. He couldn’t stop his attention to Bennitto’s cock, rising and falling on it as the boy whimpered. The young man ran his fingers through Jacopo’s hair, sometimes grabbed it in his hands as the older man circled the tip with his tongue. The young man began to breathe harder and deeper as his balls tightened. He grabbed Jacopo by the neck and dug his fingers into the sinewy flesh as his hot cum rose. Jacopo could smell the sweet alkaline scent as cum hit the back of his throat. Bennitto pushed his small hips forward as cum shot out of his nuts into the big man’s throat. He tried to tighten his grip around the thick neck, but his hands felt weak. Jacopo had pulled the boy’s seed from him, and the young man looked down at the red, handsome face and wanted more. He wanted the beast of a man to posses him completely.

“Fuck me,” Bennitto begged as Jacopo’s gaze met his. “Will you fuck me? Fuck me and use me.” His hands dropped to the muscled chest and slid across the dark wet hair to grab at the dark hard nipples. The boy squeezed them between his fingers; the big man growled and stood up, the boy’s fingers pulled off the nips.

Jacopo grabbed the boy in his arms and carried him out of the bathroom. He tossed the lean young body onto the bed, crawling on top of the twink. The big muscled body pressed the boy into the mattress, rough hands on the side of his head as Jacopo gave him another kiss. Bennitto could taste his own cum as Jacopo’s tongue explored the boy’s mouth passionately. There was a loud smack as Jacopo pulled away from the tender mouth.

Jacopo lifted himself to his knees and looked down at young smooth body sprawled under him and grabbed the boy’s legs with his hands behind the boy’s knees. He easily pushed them to the boy’s chest. A dollop of spit fell from the hairy muscle man’s lips onto the young ass. Jacopo moved forward, positioning his big cockhead with the tight hole. He, without warning, sank into the boy’s center, causing him to cry out. The big horse cock stretched the young hole. Jacopo let out a deep throaty growl as he sank deeper and deeper into the canlı bahis siteleri boy. Bennitto grabbed at the big man’s meaty chest, his hands pulling at the thick black chest hair, but this only inflamed the animalistic desire urging Jacopo to take possession of the boy. The boy’s legs settled on Jacopo’s shoulders, freeing one hand to cover the boy’s mouth and the other to grab the back of his neck while pummeled the boy’s guts with his rod. Jacopo could feel the vibrations of the boy’s cries on his hand as he fucked him hard and deep.

“This what you wanted boy? You are so tight around my cock,” grunted Jacopo as his cock rammed in and out of the boy. “Is this what you needed, boy, a real man to completely control and use you?”

The boy stopped his cries and was trying to say something. Jacopo moved his hand from the boy’s mouth.

“Yes, Sir! A big man’s cock in me! Fuck me!” the boy almost purred as Jacopo fucked him. The boy would let out a hard grunt when Jacopo got really deep, and started to beg for more as he pulled out. The boy’s hips pushed up trying to get more of the big man’s cock. The boy was possessed.

Jacopo could feel cum rising in his balls. The boy’s cock was hard and slapping against his rippled hairy belly; his breathing got faster. Suddenly, the young man’s cock started spurting cum up to his smooth chest. His tight ass got even tighter around the big cock, causing Jacopo to lose his own load, filling the young ass. Jacopo continued to pound the boy’s hole as long as he could stand it, his creamy load being pushed out of the stretched hole with every stroke.

Jacopo pulled away and the boy’s legs sprawled to the sides of the bed, creamy cum leaked on the bed staining the sheets as the boy scooped up his own cum from his smooth tight chest and lapped at it. His tiny hole was red and inflamed from the hard fuck as Jacopo’s cock began to soften and popped out of the very used hole. The big man lay on his side and began kissing the boy, his big fingers roaming over the boy’s tender center and tight balls. The big man fell asleep with beautiful satiated boy nuzzling in his chest hair and sucking on his nips.

Bennitto had fallen asleep cuddled up against him. The sun was streaming into room in dusty beams. Jacopo pulled away from the soft arms and legs which entangled around him. He lit a cigarette and smoked it as he walked to the bathroom. He threw the cigarette into the toilet and had a piss. He filled the tub and proceeded to wash away the residue of sex. He washed his hair, enjoying the streams of warm water streaming over his face. Afterwards, he toweled himself off, and then wrapped another towel around his waist. He walked to the sink and saw soap, a razor, and a comb. He shaved away the stubble on his face. He finally combed through his long damp hair, slicking it back. He felt renewed canlı bahis and fresh.

He exited the bathroom and was about to ask Bennitto to get him some clean clothes or at least get his old ones washed. But the boy wasn’t in the bed. He was gone! Jacopo rushed over to the nightstand drawer where he had put his money and cigarettes. No sign of them -gone! Jacopo’s fist hit the wooden top so hard it caused the table lamp to fall and the alarm clock to ding.

Jacopo swung the door open and angrily rushed down to the bar, his face flushed with anger and him still only wearing his towel. Being early in the day, there was only Ovin, the proprietor, in the bar toting up the receipts from last night. He looked up with a smile that quickly vanished.

“Well, good morning, big man. You have a good night?” Ovid said as he slid the money on the table into a bag.

Jacopo grabbed at the man’s collar, lifting him to his feet. His towel fell to the floor.

“Where the fucking hell is your little goddamned dancing boy!” Jacopo demanded.

“Well, firstly, he’s not my dancing boy. They work for themselves,” Ovin said as he held up a finger. “And, secondly…”

“I don’t give a fuck. I just want my goddamn stuff. He fucking took everything I had!”

Ovin glanced down at the muscled body and big cock, and then looked up with a warm smile at the big man holding him tightly.

“Okay, big guy, just let me go and we can work this out.”

Jacopo released Ovin, who stumbled back a few steps. The bar owner shook his head and massaged his neck.

“When these boys disappear, they disappear. You’d never most likely find him. He’ll never come back here. I don’t tolerate that kind of shit.”

Jacopo growled angrily at Ovin, knowing what he was saying was very true. Jacopo should have been more careful, he knew how the denizens of the seedy underbelly of this city were.

“Go back upstairs and I’ll send you up some clothes and then we’ll get you a good meal. Afterwards, we can talk about maybe giving you a job. I could use a man like you, all that muscle and, uhm, everything.”

Jacopo wanted to punch a hole in the wall, but knew it wouldn’t do him or the wall any good. He grabbed his towel and stomped back upstairs.

“Gar! Gar, you dumb fuck! Come here!” Ovin yelled toward the storage room.

The wounded, robotic Gar pulled himself out, his head hanging low.

“Get the big guy in room six a set of clean clothes. Go to Aldine’s next door and tell them to take care of him. I don’t know his size…just tell them ‘muscled beast’,” Ovin joked and laughed. Ovin reached into the money bag and pulled out a few coins and a couple packs of cigarettes. “Go give this to him too…and that bottle of whisky…compliments of the house.”

Gar grunted.

“Oh, and tell that tall motherfucker to take care of Bennitto. Either ship the little fucker off or…something…I don’t really give a fuck. I just don’t want that little slut in this bar or this city ever again. Fuck, I’ll miss that tight little boypussy, but business is business.”

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