Ağu 04

Changing Marriage Ch. 05

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The Coffee Shop 10:00 AM

“I’ll order the drinks, Alexa, why don’t you grab an open booth?”

“Oh, we are sitting in a booth today, are we?” Alexa raised her inquiring eyebrow prompting Alexa’s reply.

“We are. We have so much to talk about.”

Tera walked up to the counter and waited for the cute barista to take her order. She had short brown hair that framed her blue eyes perfectly. A small silver ring through her nose complimented the silver framed eyeglasses speaking to a very natural and minimal look. Her skin was pink and fresh bearing no remnants of makeup.

After ordering the cortado’s Tera joined Alexa near the back of the cafe. She knew it would be a few minutes before the drinks were ready.

“That’s a cute top, Tera. Love the way it shows just enough of you. New?

“You like it? Yeah, I purchased it in a boutique on Main St. last week.”

“And, your trip last week, how did that go for you?”

“Oh, it couldn’t end fast enough. I really missed Jim and was dying to get back home to continue…shall I say…my redefinition of his expanding boundaries.” Tera couldn’t help but smile after saying it.

“I like the way you put that. Very nice, Tera.” Alexa smiled knowlingly at her friend.

“Alexa, so much has happened since we last met here. I want to fill you in on everything. But, first I’ll get our drinks.” Tera started to rise from her seat.

She stopped when she felt Alexa’s hand top her arm. She looked down at the long, slender fingers with perfectly manicured nails that implored her to stay seated.

“They will bring us our drinks.”

“No, Alexa, you have to get them yourself in this coffee…”, Tera stopped when she saw the young barista purposely walking towards their booth with two drinks.

“Here you go, Miss Schiavone, two cortada’s. Anything else?” She smiled at Alexa never once looking at Tera who was the one who ordered and payed for the beverages.

“I think we are all set, aren’t we Tera?” She smiled, “Or, would you like a biscotti to go with that drink?”

“Before Tera could answer the barista chirped, “I’ll get you two Miss Schiavone, on the house!” She pivoted and left like a woman on a mission.

“Uh, do, do you know her?”

“Let’s say we are ‘friends’. Alexa had the faintest of smiles but chose to not elaborate.

The barista returned, deposited the two biscotti’s on separate plates, never once looking Tera’s way, and returned to her station to resume her duties.

“I envy you, Alexa, you not only have men falling over you but women as well. If anyone has the best of both worlds it has to be you.” She was astounded, but not surprised at the attention her friend garnered from a variety of men and women that came into contact with her.

“Envy me? Look at you, Tera.”

Tera, not expecting this reply pushed her friend to explain.

“You have a great job. You are beautiful beyond words…

Already Tera felt a blush from Alexa’s out of nowhere compliment on her looks. She felt like a school girl but Alexa pressed forward.

“…and you have a man who adores the ground you walk upon. Maybe it is I who should be envious of you. But, you know, I’m not that type. Envious.”

They both laughed at the last part. But, for Tera, Alexa’s words lingered deep inside her stirring up emotions she couldn’t quite identify. They were strong enough to lead her into a more intimate level of conversation that she had not anticipated earlier.

“Well, yes, I love my life, Alexa. Adore it, really. Jim is…well, he’s fantastic and he’s really been quite adaptive regarding my…changes.”

“Changes? You mean sexual play?”

“Well that and, I don’t know quite how to explain it other than I’ve been pushing boundaries with him. Stretching him to look at sexuality in a more fluid light with less barriers and more…” Tera seemed to struggle finding the right words.

“Tera cut to it. This is me here. If you are enjoying feminization play with him that’s all you have to say.”

Tera gave a short laugh. She knew Alexa was right. No one new how to say so much in as few words as Alexa. It was part of the power she commanded with anyone that was in her presence. Crisp, succinct ideas expressed with clarity were effortless for her. Most people had no idea how to speak so directly, and some were frightened and left uncomfortable in her presence as the bare truth was more than they could process. But, others like Tera, and even Jim, were not threatened. They appreciated the honesty and truth that that she articulated so efficiently.

“Okay, okay, you’re right. Yes, it’s the feminization thing we’ve been doing. At first it was just some light play but each time I engage I want to go further. I want to take him deeper into this role. I’m not sure why…I guess it’s because…um…”

“Think about it Tera. This is important for you and Jim. Why is it important to you? You can’t possibly expect to get there if you don’t have a plan. You could end up somewhere you don’t want to be aksaray escort without a road back.”

Tera thought about those words. They resonated with truth and logic making her look deeper into herself.

“True, I get it. Okay, here’s the part I know”, Tera replied.

“I love Jim. He’s the only man for me.

Lately, I’ve thought about… I’ve wondered what it could be like to be with a woman.”

Tera looked down and then up at Alexa attempting to assess her reaction. There was not a lot to see as Alexa gently tilted her head imploring Tera to resume.

“There I said it. It’s out. Geeze, I’ve never said that to anyone and I’m not even sure I fully admitted it to myself.”

“So, you are thinking about being with a woman? Behind Jim’s back?”

“That’s just it, Alexa, I couldn’t do that to Jim. I mean, I could, but it wouldn’t feel right. Even if it was just an experiment, a one time, test, I, we, have always been about each other. Not as intimate as I’d like, but, you know, we’re close.”

“Tell me what you are thinking Alexa? Ugh, this feels so awkward to me.”

“Let me ask you a few questions. When you orchestrate Jim’s sexuality towards feminization are you imagining him as a man or a woman? What is the turn on for you?”

“Good question. Um, let me think.”

The two stare into each others eyes. Alexa wearing a pleasant, if not slightly playful glint in her blue eyes. She is patient as Tera feels the unease of coming to grips with her deepest of feelings on a subject that is not altogether comfortable to her. Yet, it is one that relentlessly tugs her in a new direction.

“I actually think both.”

“Both? Explain what you mean, Tera.”

“Okay, I have liked the fem part with Jim because I have thought about what it would be like to be with a woman. Maybe that is part of the thrill imagining a woman doing things to me. Almost a trial run. It excites me in a different way.”

Yet, the bigger turn on, I think, is the control I’ve acquired when we play and I coax him to do things he is not comfortable doing. Being able to make Jim do something he really has no desire to do but concedes that doing it will turn his wife on. Make her happy. I mean, he’ll endure humiliation just to please me. I don’t know how to describe this…new thrill, but it makes me feel vibrant and alive.”

With sparkling eyes Tera adds, “Oooh… I don’t know there is just something about it that gets me excited down there. I mean even talking about it right now, you know, I’m starting to feel myself getting turned on.”

“I can see Tera there is no stopping your urges that feel overwhelming to you. And, darling, the good news is there isn’t any reason to corral them. They are natural, evolutionary feelings that are neither good or bad. They will open new doors for you that promise surprises maybe even beyond your imagination. Do we know what lies ahead?”

Tera raised her eyebrows and prompted her friend to keep going. She looked like a teen hanging on Alexa’s every word. Anticipation taking over.

“The answer, Tera, is we don’t know. But, it’s a safe bet that it will be a rocky ride. Sort of the old saying with high risk comes high reward.”

Alexa noted that Tera seemed as confused as she was excited.

“I’ve given you a lot to think about Tera. Or, actually, it’s you who have given yourself much to ponder.”

“So, true”, mused Tera.

“One more thing for you, and I wasn’t going to mention this, but I went and saw Jim while you were out of town.”

Tera’s facial expression was one of concern, “You mean you went to our house?”

“Yes, Tera, I go there at least twice a week, remember? This time I wanted to talk with Jim. I was sensing he was struggling a bit of late, just some stuff I was picking up on the last few times I saw him.”

Alexa was careful to not mention that Jim had cancelled an appointment to see her as this was between Jim and her and she wouldn’t betray even a potential client’s privacy.

“Do you mind, Tera?” She added, “Should I have checked with you first?”

Tera felt embarrassed realizing that she had over reacted. “No, definitely not Alexa. I think I felt threatened. Jim is only human and the idea of you alone with him gave me…I’ll just say it…I wondered it he could be tempted in even a small way. That would break my heart.”

Tera got a bit teary eyed. It surprised her how quickly the feeling washed through her. She looked at Alexa hoping for reassurance.

“No worries. He adores you. You are his queen.”

Tera broke into a grin that pushed her teary eyes back down, “Really, did he say that?”

“No he didn’t say that. I did.”

The two laughed and Tera queried, “No! Well what did he say?”

“He talked about how confused, in a very general way, he was about your evolving relationship. The poor guy was just consumed with embarrassment. But in the end he was all about pleasing you. Making you happy.”

“Wow. I love hearing that.”

“Good, alsancak escort because that’s all I’m going to say about it.” Alexa smiled. “He’s not a patient, but I took him under my wing a bit for him as much as for you. But, you know that, right?”

“Oh, god, yes. Thank you, Alexa.”

The two friends finished their conversation with some light chat with Tera again trying to find out how she knew the barista so well. To no avail as Alexa would not elaborate beyond ‘just friends’.

When they walked out together the barista called out, “Hope to see you soon, Miss Schiavone.”

Later that evening…in the bedroom 9:00 PM

Tera is reading a book and rubbing her neck as Jim enters the bedroom. She is in her cream colored yoga pants wearing a muted green top. Her reading glasses are on as she looks up at her husband.

“What’s the matter, Tera, do you have a sore neck?”

“That’s exactly what I have and it’s not going away.”

“Why don’t you take a nice long hot shower to relax it. When your done I’ll massage it for you.”

“Really?” Tera instantly perks up. “That would be so awesome. Give me say fifteen minutes and I’ll be ready. So ready. Thanks, baby, that is so sweet of you.”

Jim watches his beautiful wife gather her things and head into the shower. The last thing he sees is her beautiful ass inside the tight yoga pants. He feels himself stir.

It leads to a question he’s often asked himself, ‘how did he get so lucky to marry a beautiful and smart woman like Tera’? I mean he knows he likes who is but he thinks his wife is so much more than him on every measurable level. He’s had to try and keep up with her for your years and now he realizes this could be his biggest challenge.

His wife is changing and he knows it. He’s smart enough to know that if he doesn’t evolve with her it will be a matter of time before her interests stray. It’s not her nature to plan such a turn but he thinks she won’t be able to resist following her passion and desires. No, as uncomfortable as the recent bedroom scene has become wouldn’t it be worse if she lost interest here? Began to become bored or complacent. He knows inside that it’s been a bit scripted the last year or so. Sex a little less frequent and more predictable.

Until, recently. Until Tera began introducing dominance which wasn’t that bad. I mean he kind of liked giving up some control to her. He couldn’t deny his erections had been more full of late.

It was the feminization play that was causing him angst. He knows he is a heterosexual male with zero interest in men. So, if he flips a bit on his role and embracing what Tera is no doubt pushing him towards what will happen to him? Is it just a 60 minute exploratory in their relationship or does this new behavior serve to unseat his foundation, turn him to something he doesn’t want to be? What if he can’t reverse course, or even worse, what if he likes it?

His reverie was interrupted when he heard the water being turned off in the shower. Faintly, he could hear his beautiful wife softly humming. She was happy at this moment and he liked that. Was he happy? Not like her.

He felt pressure about what would happen next. He knew this was bad and he looked inside himself for a way to look at what happens next through a different lens. One that was less judgmental.

Interrupting his thoughts he called out, “Honey, bring the massage oil with you, okay.”

“Already have it, Jim. I’ll be out in just a few.”

Tera cracked the door open and Jim looked through the steam escaping through the open space to see her face and one of her legs and foot. He quickly scanned her from top to bottom and felt yet another stirring. God she was beautiful.

“Do you want me to put on a top and bottom? Or, and it’s up to you, were you thinking this might be a full body massage? You know, not just my neck. But, you are the one doing the work so whatever is good for me. I’m just grateful to for any amount of time.”

Was she manipulating him into giving more? More important, did it even matter? There was only one answer to that question that would culminate in a happy evening. Even as he responded there was a knowing part of him that was grateful that she even posed the question. He stirred even more.

“I’m thinking my beautiful wife deserves the full treatment. Is that about right?”

“Oh, baby, I so love you. I’ll be right out. I’ve got the oil and a big dry towel for the massage table.” She quickly closed the door as to not let the warmth escape.

Jim looked around the room and decided to use the dimmer to soften the lighting. He was in jeans and a t-shirt which made him feel like some masseur at a local clinic who was being paid for a service. It wouldn’t do.

But, what to wear? The other night it was nothing so that seemed to be the safe choice for Jim. He peeled off his shirt, then his pants and underwear leaving him completely naked. He shivered, from what, he didn’t know.

He stood naked waiting amasya escort next to the massage table. A mix of excitement co-mingled with awkwardness caused him to feel shy. It was as if his nakedness would be too much on display. He tried to purge this irrational thought but it wasn’t leaving.

Then he saw it. On the hook next to Tera’s side of the bed. The mauve silk robe that she wore on weekend mornings. It was if it were calling him because without realizing it he walked over to it and just stared.

Before he touched it Jim looked behind him to see if Tera was out of the bathroom. She wasn’t. Without picking it up he leaned forward and took a deep breath. It was Tera. Her aroma, essence, and it was unmistakable.

Jim was now close to achieving a full erection just from the act of flirting with this intimate article of Tera’s clothing. He took another deep whiff. It was so heady that he couldn’t help but cradle some of the fabric in his hands bringing it closer so that it actually pressed against his face. He was in another place completely entranced with his wife’s personal belonging.

“Put it on, baby.”

Jim froze. He felt her arms gently go around his waist from behind as her lips stayed pressed to his ear. “It’s mine and I want you to wear it. I want my massage with you in my nightdress. Doesn’t that sound hot? You inside of my intimate apparel? It’s making me wet just imagining it.”

Tera takes one of her hands and gently engulfs Jim. Using her index finger she lightly strokes the bottom of his penis. If she could see his face it would tell her that he has closed his eyes overtaken by a bliss he didn’t think possible. How can it be that Tera is suddenly so sexy to him?

Tera removes the garment from his hands and now faces her husband who has opened his eyes. She sees they are glazed over, and more than that, he is awaiting what she will say or do next.

Tera feels the incredible power of this moment knowing that she is in control. She forces herself to keep things light and not rush too quickly. “Here, honey, you can just slip right into it” she says while holding it up. Jim concedes to her suggestion, turns around and puts both arms through the sleeves. It’s a tight fit as his arms extend well beyond the laced cuffs.

“Ah, baby, it’s perrrrfect. You hands will be free to do your magic.”

Jim is silent. He is also fully erected. He appears uncertain of what to do next, unclear on what is going to transpire, and afraid to look Tera directly in the eyes.

“Jim, baby, look at me. This is okay. You aren’t doing anything weird. We’re playing, evolving our relationship so that it stays fresh and interesting. Just trust me on this, you will have a great time tonight.” She smiles. And, so will I she thinks to herself.

“Okay, baby, I’m going to just stretch out on the table. On my tummy first sound okay? I want you to work on my neck like you promised.”

He makes an adjustment to the robe that he is now starting to get accustomed to and notices how his penis enjoys the swish of the fabric as it touches him. Jim puts some of the oil in his hands and warms it. The aroma is subtle as it begins to fill the room.

“Start with my feet, Jim. Don’t rush through any part of me. I do want the full massage. Hey, it would make me feel special if before you started each area of my body, like feet, calf muscles, glutes, if you planted one of your special kisses to that area. Won’t that be nice? I love your mouth on my body.”

Jim appraises his wife before beginning and realizes, maybe appreciates fully for the first time, how utterly beautiful she is as she relaxes on the table. He knew she’d been going to the gym but the tone of our muscles was incredible. She was firm and fit. Fresh from her shower he could feel the heat emanate from the lower part of her body.

He reached for her right foot and then remembered the kiss. Rather than bend awkwardly he lowered himself to his knees and placed a soft kiss in the middle of that lovely foot. He agreed with Tera, it was nice to begin like this. He repeated the act with the left foot and then began plying, first the bottom of her feet, and then he wrapped his hands around the whole foot to massage the top part.

Jim swooned to the soft cooing coming from Tera. He knew he was making her happy willing him to intensify the effort giving it his full attention. He moved up her body slowly kissing calf muscles, backs of knees, hamstring areas while proceeding to apply deep tissue massage to all the areas.

When he reached her bottom, he stared at it in a way to absorb its true beauty. Tera’s ass was practically sculpted with just the right amount of shape. He had to restrain himself from literally pushing his face into its very center.

He reminded himself that these moments were for Tera. Back on task he began working on her back and neck area, not before placing a dozen kisses up and down her spine and to both sides of her neck. Goosebumps riddled this area after receiving his tender kisses, methodically placed in such a way as to give his beautiful wife the most pleasure. He admired his work as she sighed, yet again.

“Let’s switch.”

“Switch?” Replied Jim.

“Places. I want you on the table.” She rolled over and swung he legs over the side.

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