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Chapter 13: Amdahl’s Law

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Finally, the clock hit 4:30 and as luck should have it Stan was too busy to meet with me again.  It was probably for the best since I doubt I could have held back the burning lust and desire inside of me that the creature had both created and spread the flames of.  I popped the top off of my travel mug to ensure that the slime was still there.  The residual slime from this morning was still safely stored in the mug. I began to pack up my things at my desk.  When I reached to unplug my laptop from its dock, a wave of euphoria crashed over me.  The creature was toying with me, it had to be.  My mind became clouded with a red hot desire that I knew that I couldn’t satiate on my own. I braced myself on my desk and hoped that the remaining employees didn’t notice me.  I don’t know that I even had the mental faculties right now to make a coherent sentence let alone a believable excuse.  I could feel my legs becoming weak under me as it seemed like my brain was not processing anything that didn’t have to do with the pleasure. I quickly fell back into my seat before I fell over drawing attention to myself.  I realized that I was biting my lip and could feel the blush spreading through my cheeks.  My hips were gently gyrating as if they had a mind of their own and I had no inclination to stop them.  Anything to get me closer to what I wanted, no needed. What did the creature want?  Surely it couldn’t think that I could rip off my clothes here and pleasure myself on my desk.  It would certainly be one hell of a way to get fired.  A thought momentarily popped up in the back of my head before quickly being swallowed in the haze.  Could the creature see me, could it see me through my eyes or did it not know where I was at all?I could again feel my panties begin to absorb the wetness that was well underway.  As the thin fabric became wetter it began to stick and hold against my lips only increasing the pleasure as I softly gyrated.  The impulse to stick my hands in my pants was nearly overwhelming but I fought the impulse and tried to clear my mind as best I could. I needed to get away from my desk where I was so visible and I wasn’t sure that I would be able to make the trip to my car in my current state.  The only place that I could think of was the bathroom.  I pressed my palms against my desk and used my arms to help push myself upright. My legs were feeling slightly more stable under me but I didn’t fully trust that I could make it to the bathroom.  I decided that I couldn’t use the main bathroom again since it was too open and too many people could walk in and see whatever was to unfold.  The journey was a little bit longer but the single unisex bathroom could provide me the privacy I needed. I started my journey to the bathroom hanging close to the wall.  The wet fabric gently pulled on my lips only making the walk more challenging.  Along the way, I ran into several people who were leaving for the day and wanted to say goodbye.  Trying not to be rude I spoke with them briefly and I’m sure if I imagined it or not but it felt like the kaçak iddaa pleasure increased each time I had to speak with someone. Finally, I made it to the bathroom, and luckily it was unlocked and vacant.  I rushed inside and quickly clicked the lock.  The mirror in this bathroom was significantly smaller but it was more than large enough to allow plenty of the tentacles through. I stood in front of the mirror staring at myself in the mirror but nothing happened.  “Are you there?  Why aren’t you coming through?”  I began to become slightly frustrated, who am I kidding it was more than slightly.  I had rushed here because clearly, the creature wanted me to, and now it didn’t feel like showing up?I didn’t care if it was here or not I had to do something.  I quickly pulled up my sweater and bra exposing my breasts.  Without missing a beat my hand shot into my pants that I had unbuckled and found my moist flower.  I quickly coated two of my fingers with my own juices and plunged them into myself.  I brushed the middle and pointer finger on my other hand against the wetness on my lips and quickly found my clit.After a few seconds, I realized I couldn’t maintain this for long.  I took my other hand off my clit and used it to brace myself against the sink.  I twisted my wrist slightly more so that my palm was rubbing against my clit as I fingered myself.  Still, the mirror remained unchanged. “What the fuck?  I came here for you and even chose a bathroom where there would be no one else.  I need your touch on my body, I need the release.  I am here for you, this is what you wanted, isn’t it?  I need this!”Still, the mirror stayed in its current state.  I slammed my fist against the sink counter in frustration and decided that I had to take care of this myself.  I continued to finger myself as the sensation between my legs barely seemed to nudge.  I could always run back to my desk and grab my travel mug with the slime.I barely saw it out of the top of my view from being leaned against the counter, the slightest flex.  Had it actually flexed or was I imagining it simply because I wanted nothing more in the world?  I realized it had as the mirror flexed again.The first black tentacle pushed through as the mirror rippled around it.  I immediately straightened myself out and took a half step away from the sink.  My right-hand grabbed the bunched-up sweater and bra and pulled it up exposing myself as much as I could.  My left hand clumsily pulled my pants apart and down as much as I could.  Exposing more of the panties that clung tightly to me and had darkened in response to the depth of my arousal. I stood there exposed and begging for the creature to take me, use me, or whatever it wanted.  The tentacle slowly twisted in the air as three other tentacles emerged along with it.  In response to each tentacle emerging from the mirror, the aching sensation between my legs grew.  Why weren’t they doing anything?I took a step closer to the mirror to try and coax them further.  They began to slowly hover a few inches from my body without touching kaçak bahis me.  Slowly, they moved around me but it was as if they refused to touch me.  They had to touch me, they had to. “You must submit to me.””I will do whatever you want, I just need you to touch me and make me feel everything you have made me feel so far.  I am right here and I am ready for you.  I have to have you,” I responded. “You must submit to me fully.  You must become mine.””Yes, okay.  I just need you to do something.  I came here when you wanted me to.  Just take me.  Please just do it.”Still, the tentacles hovered around my body, like predators sizing up their prey.  I didn’t even care, I was happily walking myself into the predator’s mouth if it meant that I could finally orgasm.  Just thinking about my orgasm caused me to bite my lip slightly. I stood there still holding my clothing giving access to my body but it wasn’t enough.  What more could it want?  I couldn’t stay in the bathroom much longer and I couldn’t leave without orgasming.  The thought fired off quickly in the back of my head before disappearing but I knew it was right.  I slowly lowered myself down to my knees so that I was now kneeling in front of the mirror and the tentacles. The tentacles had followed me as I knelt before the mirror.  I closed my eyes, tilted my head back, and pushed my chest out to try and convey my offering.  It must have pleased the creature as one of the tentacles began to lightly rub itself against my neck slowly tracing its way up and along my jawline. Another tentacle began to wrap itself under my right breast but did not fully encompass it.  Instead, it stopped halfway around as if it was holding it while gently gliding back and forth against its own slime.  I didn’t need to open my eyes, I needed to simply get lost in the sensations.  That was all that mattered. I felt the third tentacle wrap itself around my left breast similar to how it was holding my right.  That left one more that I had seen before closing my eyes.  The tentacle that had been caressing my neck loosely wrapped once around my neck before continuing to pull itself higher.  The tentacle then began to wrap itself around my head in three loops covering my eyes completely.  It didn’t matter, and whatever worry or panic that popped up in my head was near instantaneously crushed under the pleasure.  My body went rigid in an instant as I felt the final tentacle begin to caress my inner thighs.  It was so close now to my wet slit that it would only take a few inches before it was buried inside of me. If I could have willed it that tentacle would have found its mark and begun ravishing me.  Instead, it continued to slowly spread its slime on the inside of my inner thighs.  I thought to grab the tentacle and bury it in me but I knew the creature wouldn’t like that and that I needed to keep holding my clothing out of its way. As if it could hear that thought, the tentacle between my legs began to rub slowly back and forth just barely invading my swollen lips.  The response was immediate in my illegal bahis body as the lust that I had felt multiplied.  I relaxed my body and gave in to the caressing and rubbing that I was slowly being given. The slime coated those small portions of my body as the tentacles worked the sweet nectar into my skin spreading its amazing effects.  I fought the urge to release my clothes and begin to lather my body in the slime.  The more it coated my body the better it would feel.  I fought that desire and kept my hands where they were keeping my body exposed to the creature. In response, the tentacle between my leg increased the speed at which it was rubbing between my lips, still not penetrating me though.  I tried to figure out if there was a way that I could twist my body to allow me to trick the tentacle inside of me but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to.  I relaxed against the embrace and realized that I had been moaning far too loudly. I had to be quieter or someone walking by the restroom could hear me and get me in trouble.  Although at this point I wouldn’t have cared.  They could barge in here and scream at me or join me, it wouldn’t have made a difference.  The creature must have liked something I thought because it ratcheted up the sensation a bit more. I was getting there, it was certainly slower than the creature has ever gone before but I could see the orgasm on the horizon.  At this rate, it would take far too long, so it must be prepared to speed things up soon.  It didn’t matter to me though, I just needed this.  I had to have this. I began to become more vocal as the speed and tempo began to increase almost imperceptibly.  My hips rocked and pressed against the tentacle between my legs and I held my chest out high so that the tentacles could easily fondle my breasts.  The tentacle around my head ensured that I couldn’t see anything but it only seemed to heighten the experience. “You must submit to me.  All of you.”With that voice booming in my head the tentacles began to retract from my body and head back for the mirror.  My eyes opened in surprise as the stimulation ceased.  I was still engulfed in darkness as the tentacle around my head slowly unwound itself.  The light from the bathroom blinded me as the tentacle began unwinding itself from my neck. No.  It couldn’t stop.  No, it has to continue.  I did what it wanted, I needed this.  I was left there kneeling on the floor in front of the mirror as the tentacles receded back into the mirror one at a time.  I let go of my clothing with both hands and quickly lunged at the mirror as the last tentacle crossed the surface. My palms hit the cold mirrored surface as the final ripple had ceased.  Feeling the solid surface against my hands felt like a gut punch.  I slammed my palms against the mirror out of anger and frustration.  I wanted nothing more than to scream and curse the creature for the state it had left me in. I straightened my arms and looked at myself in the mirror.  Half of my sweater had fallen and was now covering my left breast.  The sheen of the slime on my right breast reflected the bathroom light.  My pants were partially down with my panties still pulled off to one side.  My own juices and slime mixed together giving a slight shine in the light. 

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