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Charlie Goes to College Ch. 01

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With great appreciation to Wydenlong for all his invaluable help,

And Dedicated to Christine my “Lone Star Love” who inspired me to complete this story after a long Sabbatical from my “Dad’s Promise to Charlie” story

(Father and daughter continue relationship on campus)

Charlie had decided to go college upstate rather then the local college .She wanted to get away, and try her hand at living on her own, and not to have her dad there to always make sure things went right for her.

I agreed it would be good training for her in life. After all she still had some supervision and was going to live in the Dormitory with other girls her age, so I felt she would be in safe surroundings.

It was Friday afternoon and I had just finished my work for the day, and as I entered the house the phone was ringing.

I answered the phone, and Charlie was at the other end of the line.

“Daddy, How are you doing? And what are your plans for the weekend?” she asked.

“I don’t really have anything planned, just finishing up some work around the house”, I responded.

“Well Daddy, I want you to come and visit me this weekend,” she said in that certain way that always had me agreeing with her.

“Well I suppose the work could wait, if it gives me the chance to see my princess,” I replied.

“Great Daddy! Then I’ll look forward to seeing you tonight, or early tomorrow,” she said with excitement in her voice.

“Now drive carefully and take your time, we will have the whole weekend to be together” and with that we hung up the phone.

I packed a small suitcase, made a couple of phone calls, and then thought to myself. Better get started. Autumn was upon us and the days were getting shorter and izmir escort it would soon be getting dark.

It was almost 6:30pm,and the chill, and darkness of autumn were evident as I pulled out of my driveway and headed for the university a five-hour drive away.

The road seemed to come at my headlights like a long black ribbon separated only yellow stripes that divided the left and right lanes of the road.

There was little traffic, and as I drove, my mind was on the excitement of seeing Charlie again for the first time in more then a month.

For the seven months before she left for college we had been having oral sex where ever, and when ever we could sneak away, or when her mother was away from the house.

So much had changed, I thought to myself. Her mother and I had separated two months ago, and now Charlie being in college, the house seemed big and empty without anyone in there but me. It was ghostly quiet.

It was Charlie’s call to me, her almost pleading with me, to come up and visit her that had me convinced to put off everything, lock up the house and hit the road.

While I drove my mind was on how I had molded Charlie into such a great cocksucker.

From jacking me off, to swallowing my cum, she learned her lessons well. In fact she now really enjoyed having her pussy sucked, sucking my cock and taking my cum down her throat.

These thoughts had my cock bulging in my pants, begging for release. I pulled to the side of the road, unzipped my pants and my cock sprang out.

Now back on the road with one hand on the wheel, and one hand slowly stroking my cock I felt my pre-cum wetting and spreading over the head of my cock.

I rubbed some on my finger alsancak escort and bought it to my mouth, remembering how Charlie and I swapped my cum between our lips.

“It won’t be long now!” I said to myself, as I fought the urge to spill my cum in my hand .I was going to save all my cum for Charlie’s willing mouth.

It will be well worth the wait, I told myself as I neared the small university town.

Pulling into the small motel not far from the campus it was now nearing mid-night. After checking in, I telephoned Charlie’s dorm room. “Baby! Daddy’s here!” I told her.

“Super!” Charlie exclaimed. “You must have made great time. I wasn’t expecting you until 1:00 or 2:00am, and didn’t think I would see you until tomorrow.

I’m coming right over,” she announced!

The university had a 2:00am curfew, so I told Charlie that I would pick her up to save time. “Well, we do have the whole weekend,” she reminded me. “But I just can’t wait to see you” she reassured me.

Only the big lights that lit the campus parking lot lighted the dark night.

As I approached her building Charlie was standing outside with her coat pulled up to her chin, and she ran to the car when she saw me.

“Dad! I should have gone to UCLA or Ariz for college.” she said getting into the warmth of the car. I responded, “And be so far away from me?”

“Your right dad.” Charlie said as she reached across the seat and gave me a kiss. Then I felt her hand go to my crotch and squeeze my hard cock.

“Do you have a late night snack for me?” She smiled as she kept her hand tightly on my cock. “Only your favorite milkshake.” I replied as I let my legs spread apart to allow her more access.

My buca escort motel unit was located far from the main office, so no one saw us enter my room. Once inside, our coats thrown off, we embraced, and as we did I felt the heat of her body thru the silk blouse she was wearing.

Now we shed the rest of our clothes faster then a kid tearing open a Christmas present. Only, my un-wrapped Charlie was better then any present one could ever hope for.

We both sank onto the bed and while I nibbled on her soft breasts, she pushed me back, and in the next instant had my cock in her mouth.

Grinning, she looked up and said, “Boy I sure did missed this.”

Then went back to sucking me deep into her hot, wet mouth. Meanwhile I had my fingers rubbing and sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

I sensed I was close to cumming, so I had Charlie swing her ass over my face to give my tongue a chance to slide over her clit, which by now was dripping with her juice.

Her sucking increased and as it did my cum boiled up and sprang from my cock into her sucking mouth. She just relaxed her throat and let my cum fill her mouth, grinding her pussy into my face at the same time.

As I licked and sucked her dry, I felt a tap on my back.

As I turned Charlie bought her mouth to mine and fed me some of my cum that she had held in her mouth. After trading juices between each other tongues and mouth we relaxed.

Charlie suddenly sat up and looked at the clock. “Hey Buster you better get me back before my curfew!”

We both dressed and I had her back at the dorm with 10min.to spare. Charlie kissed me goodbye and said “See you at Breakfast. I might be hungry again,” she laughed as she left and went inside her building.

I drove back to the motel tired, but satisfied. I turned off the lights, crawled into bed with the taste of Charlie still in my mouth along with the taste of my own cum

I closed my eyes to the vision of how my cock looked sliding in and out of my sweet daughter ‘s mouth and fell into a deep sleep.

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