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Charlotte Warms a Chill

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Charlotte was tired of being cold. Not in a sexual way; she was plenty of HOT in that department. Maybe there were new things she could try sexually, but she was tired of being literally cold. Snow and ice seemed to surround her for much longer this winter. So when she heard of an affordable flight to Costa Rica and how all the warm sand beaches there were free (and how it was typically 80 degrees during late winter), she knew she had to go.

As she packed, at first she was bring long pants and sweat shirts. But then she remembered how she would leave the chill behind, how she would bask in the sun while cabana boys brought her drinks, dressed in her tiniest bikini. Although pale complected, she was looking forward to feeling the sun on her exposed skin… and she planned to expose plenty of it! Out went the pants, out went the sweat shirts, and suddenly, she had plenty of room for her barely covering beachwear and club wear.

As she boarded the plane and sat down, she closed her eyes and pictured herself in the surf, warm ocean waves and breezes swirling against her. She felt her nipples grow hard as she also thought about the nights in the clubs – dancing with a parade of hot Latinos and Latinas, their hands touching every part of her body. When the plane hit altitude, she hurried off to the bathroom, put her hand under her short skirt, and felt the wetness that had grown from her imagination. Quickly – but maybe not too quietly – she furiously rubbed her throbbing clit until she gasped at her cumming. It was a start to what she knew would be a great vacation.

Sated, Charlotte pulled up her panties, straightened her skirt and made her way back to her seat. She wondered if anyone knew what she did and grinned to herself. She could have sworn one man with short-shorn grey hair – a silver fox in her book – seated next to a redhead with long flowing locks made knowing eye contact with her. But he couldn’t have possibly known, right? Oh, well, she thought he was kind of cute and if anyone was going to think she was naughty, she kinda hoped it would be him. She went back to her seat and fell asleep, dreaming of the warm jungle air and the soft ocean breezes – and maybe a sexual adventure – that would soon greet her.

A few hours passed, but they seemed like only minutes, and Charlotte landed at the international airport in San Jose. Everything looked so fresh and fun and WARM! she thought as she made her way to get her bags, clear customs and out to where her hotel shuttle was waiting. Charlotte loved the way the air greeted her face as her purple locks flew in the breeze of the open SUV window. For the next hour or so, she watched the rain forest pass by her on one side and then about halfway through the journey the ocean on the other. How inviting the deep blue waves looked as they crashed against the golden sands of the shore. She couldn’t wait to try it out for herself.

A quick check-in at her beachside hotel, and Charlotte was up in her room – not spacious, but honestly, there was too much to see outside for her to want to spend too much time in there anyway. She quickly undressed and stood there naked as she fished her new, mushroom print bikini out of her luggage. Catching a glimpse in the mirror, she did pause for a second and admire her own body: she had just the right curves in just the right places, including a pair of perfect D sized breasts, an ass to die for (and she had known plenty of men who would die for it!), and that enticing shaved pussy.

Running a finger down her body and along her pouty cunt lips, Charlotte considered fingering herself again. Lingering for just a moment along her swollen labia, she saw her pale nipples – almost the same color as her breasts – rise in excitement. But she wanted to get to that beach, have a few drinks and maybe meet somebody – or someBODIES. She pulled the bottoms up over her curvaceous ass and pulled them tight against her bare pussy lips. She loved how the thong-like bottom split her ass cheeks and nestled up against her tight little puckered back entrance, barely covering that part of her. Putting her arms into the top, she loved the way it cupped her tits, while the opening between each side gave a nice view of her side boob.

Grabbing the sun block from her bag, Charlotte headed out and down to the front desk where she picked up a cold bottle of wine to drink, while also flirting with the handsome clerk behind the desk, “Juan.” She imagined what it would be like to have his young, strong hands all over her body, how it would feel when he kissed her up and down her neck, and how she would ride what she imagined was a massive cock under the white shorts he wore. Charlotte would definitely be back later to see him – and maybe his friends, she thought naughtily to herself. But for now, the sounds of the surf called her out, and she headed for the shore.

Charlotte was delighted to learn that all the beaches in Costa Rica are free – no one owns them, although hotels can provide services, like chairs bahis siteleri and umbrellas. She decided it would be a good idea to have the shade to run back to in between runs into the water. Applying a generous amount of lotion to her pale skin, she found herself getting aroused again as she moved straps and cloth out of the way to make sure no part was unprotected.

Charlotte loved the feel of her own hands on her body, sliding down and back up her leg, slightly brushing her pussy just barely covered by the bikini. She also applied the lotion between her tits, thinking how it could be a prelude to one of the handsome locals she saw on the beach later fucking her between her enormous breasts, applying their own lotion to her chest and into her mouth, as she eagerly sucked the remaining drops of cum down her throat. The fantasy was running wild in her mind, and Charlotte wanted to put her hand into the skimpy bottoms and fuck herself again, right then and there. But the waves called, and Charlotte headed for the water.

Happily bouncing along, Charlotte saw a couple of the local guys look her way, as her ample bosom bounced up and down and she skipped to the water. She knew her fine ass was on display, too, and she felt excited to have all this attention, when just a few hours earlier, she was wrapped from head to toe in the frozen north attire of the day. Here, she felt so free and WARM! especially as the first wave hit her and surrounded her body with a blue blanket of wet warmness. She splashed and cavorted around in the water, plunging into an arriving wave.

After a few minutes, she headed back to her shaded chair and awaiting bottle of wine, bouncing and showing off even more for the guys – and now a few gals – who watched her. One of the times, she could have sworn she saw the silver fox from the plane, accompanied by his redheaded beauty, her own large tits barely confined by her bikini and her bottoms doing their best to cover her curvaceous ass, just a couple of hundred yards from her location. Charlotte smiled as she watched them laugh and play together in the water, like they were teenagers, and the only ones in the world was each other. They didn’t seem to notice her – at least not at the moment – but that was ok, because Charlotte felt she had plenty of attention from others.

Each time, Charlotte would return to her shaded chair, she’d have a few sips of wine while the breeze dried her. As her trips back and forth continued – and the sips of wine continued – Charlotte found herself a little tipsy… a lot horny. Concealing it the best she could, she ran her fingers down her body and just under the thin strip of bikini covering her wet pussy. Very surreptitiously, she found her way to her swollen labia, parting them slightly to put a fingertip on her throbbing clit.

Charlotte could feel the heat her own body put off, and started to make slow circles around her love nub. Looking left and then right, she served as her own careful lookout, making sure it wasn’t too obvious what she was doing to any prying eyes. She could feel herself getting wetter and wetter, more turned on and more turned on, as she picked up the pace of rubbing herself.

She imagined what it would be like to have the group of young men – now engaged in their game of paddle ball by the shoreline – focusing their attention on her. She spread her legs slightly as she imagined spreading them widely for the men, each taking their turn in a hot gang bang of her awaiting pussy, as she turned to the right and left to pleasure the hard cocks wanting their turn at her sopping cunt, while one of their compadres filled her pussy over and over again.

The image in her mind was so vibrant and arousing that Charlotte let her guard down for just a moment and closed her eyes, plunging a finger in and out of her wet pussy. She pounded herself faster and harder, imagining it was a hard cock that had waited its turn to fill her. Reaching a hand up underneath her top, Charlotte kneaded her breasts with one hand as the other worked its magic in her wet hole. The sound of the waves crashing, the warmth of the breeze, the buzz of the wine… all worked to push Charlotte over the edge. Soon, she was bucking against her own hand, the palm firmly against her clit and two fingers buried inside as she came against her own digits.

“Ohhh!” she softly moaned as she felt the wave of orgasm overcome her and her pussy contracted around her fingers.

Just then, she heard a soft giggle and opened her eyes just in time to see the silver fox and his redheaded beauty walk by, just a few yards in front of her.

“That looked fun!” the red giggled, whispering into her mate’s ear, his smile betraying his attempt to look away and give Charlotte some privacy, while actually seeing everything she’d done.

As they walked away, her body pressed closed against her man’s, Charlotte thought that at least someone else on the beach enjoyed the show, as the young men continued their paddle ball, seemingly not noticing canlı bahis siteleri what she did.

“Oh, well. Their loss… at least for now,” Charlotte thought devilishly, as she packed up and headed back to her room. A quick shower to wash off the salt and sand and sweat of the day, and she laid down for a nap before her adventures out that evening. So far, though, it was a pretty good start to her vacation, she thought.

A few hours later after a nap and a tasty dinner of fish from the very sea where she frolicked earlier and fried plantains from the jungle that bordered it, Charlotte found herself at a seaside bar, drinking fruity cocktails and enjoying the warm, ocean breeze that blew in through the open area. She found her bartender Tony breezy as well, as his warm smile, dark eyes and muscular build nearly made her melt as he poured her more than just a few drinks.

She felt her nipples grow hard against the thin material of the cute, short dress she wore with just some sheer panties underneath and a plunging neckline that showed off her ample cleavage. She wondered if she should try to take Tony to a backroom, show him what’s underneath and bend over so he could fuck her well from behind. Charlotte felt her pussy growing wetter and squirmed in her bar seat as she flirted with this latino god. But she looked around the open bar area and saw no immediate area where they could hideaway. Maybe she’d bring him back to her room later. But at that moment, she heard a familiar laugh, and the redhead and silver fox she had seen on the plane and then on the beach, breezed into the bar… her arm entwined with his and pressed against his surprisingly fit body for a man who must have been at least 50.

Charlotte decided that a third encounter with this couple – who became more attractive the more she saw them – must have been more than just a coincidence. Maybe the universe wanted them to me.et. So sliding off her barstool and leaving her Tony behind – at least for now – she walked on slightly wobbly legs and over to the happy couple.

“Hi! I’m Charlotte,” she smiled at the redhead and extended her hand to shake. The red smiled back, and the silver fox soon followed, as they both reached out to greet her back.

“I’m Jennifer, and this is Fred,” the redhead said. “Are you here for vacation like us? We just had to escape the cold of the north!”

Charlotte nodded and started chatting with the couple. Her open nature made Charlotte a natural flirt, and she loved meeting new people, especially a pair as intriguing as this. She found out Fred was a writer, and Jennifer an analyst in human behavior, as they continued to drink well into the night. Charlotte admired Jennifer’s long red hair, which based on her pale complexion could have been natural; she wondered if she would get to find out for sure later on. As Charlotte reached out to touch the long mane, Jennifer also gently touched Charlotte’s purple locks and complimented her boldness of color choice. Jennifer then reached back to touch Fred’s short, silvery head and said she didn’t think her man could pull off something that bold, as the three laughed.

It was nearing closing time, and patrons were making their way out of the seashore bar and the bartenders started their closing. Not realizing it, Fred had picked up Charlotte’s tab, and when she realized, Charlotte threw her arms around him in a thank you embrace and left a peck on his cheek, as Jennifer smiled at them. As Charlotte hugged him, she smelled his light cologne and wanted to nuzzle into his neck, pressing her own hard nipples that poked from her dress into his firm chest. She reached out and pulled Jennifer into the hug and thought how wonderful it would be to be between them in a more intimate way.

“Do you have to go back to your room now? Can you walk with me on the beach for a little bit?” Charlotte asked through hopeful eyes. Jennifer and Fred readily agreed, and Charlotte inserted herself between the couple.

“I think I might need a little help walking,” she slightly slurred through her tipsy state and made up an excuse to be able to touch them both. What she really wanted to do was fuck them right then and there, her pussy on fire with her lustful desire to be part of a hot threesome. But the bar was a bit too public, even with the rapidly thinning crowd, so she settled on walking through the sands as the rhythmic pounding of the waves against the shore made her think of another rhythm she wanted to feel between her legs.

The trio walked arm-in-arm, with Charlotte alternately leaning on Fred’s and Jennifer’s shoulders. She would also cleverly slip one of her hands out of their arms and let it slide down to each of the couple’s buttocks. She marveled at the firmness of Fred’s ass and thought how it would be the engine to piston his hard cock in and out of her; she felt the outline of Jennifer’s thong as it split her ample ass as almost a guidepost to what Charlotte imagined to be a very sweet tasting pussy below. Charlotte canlı bahis felt her lust for this pair grow more and more as they walked along, and felt a heat between her legs grow with each step.

“I think I need to cool off!” she practically panted. “Anyone want to join me for a quick dip?”

Fred and Jennifer smiled, but Fred pointed out they had no swimming suits. Jennifer touched Fred’s face with a loving hand, smiled and said, “I think we can get by without them.”

And with that, Jennifer pulled her sundress over her head and dropped it into the sands. Charlotte quickly followed suit, and she looked at Jennifer’s luscious tits, practically glowing in the moonlight and topped off by lightly colored rose tips at the end that matched Charlotte’s hard nipples. Without taking her eyes off Jennifer, Charlotte put her hands into the waist bands of her sheer panties and exposed her shaved pussy, her labia glistening with the moisture that was accumulating and emanating from deep inside her. She watched with wide-eyed anticipation as Jennifer did the same, exposing a similarly well-groomed pussy with just a heart-shaped patch of red her strategically placed above Jennifer’s slit… practically pointing the way to her still hidden clit below.

Charlotte grabbed Jennifer by the hand as the two laughed and bounded for the water. They looked back for just a second to see Fred, bare-chested and dropping his shorts and underwear to join them in their al fresco romp. The two watched Fred run toward them, his firm torso belying his age, and a hardening cock that Charlotte thought would be yummy to sample… and soon!

Jennifer and Charlotte reached the water hand-in-hand and squealed as the first wave splashed up against their naked bodies, enveloping them in a warm embrace, as they did each other. Charlotte ran her fingers over Jennifer’s wet body and smiled a lustful smile at her as she pulled her closer. She loved the feel of Jennifer’s big tits and hard nipples pressed against her own, and her hand moved up to trace a line along Jennifer’s jaw.

“I’ve never done this before,” Jennifer said through a nervous smile to Charlotte, as another wave washed over them. Charlotte smiled back and cupped Jennifer’s face.

“Don’t worry; I have,” she said to Jennifer as she leaned in and kissed her – at first just lightly on the lips, but more deeply as she felt her new lover’s response. Their tongues danced in each other’s mouths, and she felt Jennifer’s hands move down her back and onto her ass. Charlotte reciprocated and pulled Jennifer into her and ground her hips against Jennifer’s. She heard Jennifer moan lightly and knew how turned on she had made her… and how Jennifer had turned on Charlotte. She kissed her way down Jennifer’s neck and drew her tongue down her chest, tasting the salt water and lovely flavor of Jennifer’s warm skin. In a moment, she was on Jennifer’s breast and sucked a hard, awaiting nipple into her mouth.

“Oh, GOD!” Jennifer sighed loudly, as Charlotte rolled her tongue around the hard protuberance that had formed at the tip of the massive breast, which she also kneaded with her hand. “OOOOHHHHH!”

Jennifer grabbed Charlotte’s face and brought it back up to hers, as they once again entwined in a deep kiss; this time, Jennifer breaking it off to kiss her way down Charlotte’s neck, down her chest and latch onto Charlotte’s hard, awaiting nipple.

“Oh! Fuck!” said Charlotte, as she felt Jennifer duplicate her own moves, rolling her tongue around Charlotte’s nipple and areola, bringing waves of pleasure now to Charlotte. Although new to this, Charlotte thought Jennifer was a natural. “MMMMMM! Feels so good!”

It was at that moment the two women realized Fred was standing just a few feet away, taking in this erotic scene in front of him, his hard cock pointed to the pair as the water washed up his thighs and over his own naked body.

“Baby, come here!” Jennifer panted at her partner and reached out an arm to pull him in. Charlotte also reached out for Fred to pull him into both of them and watched as his eyes darted back and forth between the two. Jennifer pulled him to her mouth and kissed him deeply for a moment. Breaking it off, she looked into his eyes and signaled his next move. “Baby, you got to taste her lips! They’re so sweet!”

Fred hesitated for just a moment, and Charlotte quickly put her hand on the back of his head and pulled his face toward her. She plunged her tongue into his mouth, as she felt Jennifer’s own mouth kiss her way down Charlotte’s chest and inhale the other nipple. She swirled her tongue around Fred’s, just as Jennifer was swirling her tongue around Charlotte’s nipple. Charlotte reached down Fred’s body and found his hard cock, as if it had been waiting for her all of their lives. She enjoyed it girth, as she wrapped her hand around it and began to stroke it. She figured it was about 6″ – not the biggest she’d ever had, but its thickness would give her pussy a satisfying spread, she reckoned. Charlotte ran a fingertip over the glans, the thick, bulbous head that could be soon pushing deep into any and all holes he wanted. She heard that familiar giggle again as Jennifer’s hand also reached Fred’s rock-hard member.

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