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Cheaters, Part Four

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Marina was meeting up in Manhattan with her two daughters, Natasha and Charlotte. She longed to hear how they were doing and had arranged their catch up at a popular Italian pizzeria.Charlotte had just moved in on her own to her first apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. Dealing with the rent meant she had no money, but she was loving the city and her independence.Natasha broke the news that she and her husband Alex had broken up and were getting a divorce. Their once passionate relationship was now very sour and they both had finally admitted the love was gone.Marina wasn’t completely shocked to hear the news. She had known things hadn’t been right for a while and that Natasha had been having an affair with Peter, a guy she had met on a conference in Tampa.Natasha had moved in with a friend and Alex was still living in the house while they sold it. He had accepted his marriage was over. Deep down he had known it for a while. After that one-night stand with Natasha’s sister, Charlotte, he had realised many years ago he married the wrong sibling. Afterwards kaçak iddaa he had done his best to avoid Charlotte and was almost rude when their paths did cross. It was his bad way of dealing with his feelings for her.Alex’s evening was disturbed by a knock at the front door. In no mood for visitors, he pulled himself off the sofa to find Marina there in front of him.“I’ve seen Natasha tonight she told me what had happened. I wanted to see how you were doing,” she exclaimed.“I am doing ok.”“Looks like it,” she replied smelling the whiskey on his breath.“I am sorry things haven’t worked out with Natasha,” Marina continued as she walked in.She cleared some crap off the sofa and sat down.“Would you like a drink?”“What do you have besides whiskey?”“I’ve got gin!” Alex exclaimed.“I’ll take whiskey then.”Alex poured them both a glass and sat on the sofa next to her. Marina’s hair was up, and she looked like a vision in a knee-length black dress and black high heel boots. “Charlotte seemed to take the news well,” Marina exclaimed.“What do you mean?”“I know kaçak bahis about the night of passion you two had.”“Oh, it was a long time ago.”“Nevertheless, she feels something for you. And I think that feeling is reciprocated.”“I doubt it. I think she hates me.”“I think you would be surprised, Alex.”Alex poured them another glass of whiskey. And then another. It was getting late and Marina’s husband Connor was away. Alex suggested she might as well stay there. He had loads of empty rooms. With that, they headed upstairs to their separate bedrooms.Then he had a chance glance into her eyes and suddenly Alex kissed her on the lips. Marina was startled, but enjoyed his lips pressed against hers. She moved in and they kiss again, more passionately.“You know I have always found you attractive, Marina. But this is a really, bad idea,” Alex said trying to resist.“Maybe, we could just have this one night and never speak of it again,” Marina suggested.They started passionately kissing. Alex’s lips sliding down her neck. Her hands wrapped round him as she illegal bahis continued to feel his lips on her.“Just tonight and it’ll be our secret,” he agreed.Alex cupped her breast through her dress. His hands ran down her body. Then slowly up her dress. He pulled her black tights down her thighs. Marina unzipped her boots and kicked them off and pulled her tights all the way down.Marina undid his jeans and Alex’s penis shot through the zipper. Alex pushed her dress up and pushes her panties to one side as he forces his cock between her bare legs and up inside her pussy.They fell onto the bed in the spare room. Marina held onto Alex’s torso as she felt the fullness inside her. He violently rammed her and ripped her panties completely from her legs. Her legs wide open, he grabbed her ass as their bodies moved in time.Marina shrieked as Alex’s cock satisfied her. Alex felt the instant fresh wetness of her orgasm. He drove hard into her and released. Marina felt her pussy fill up with cum.Marina had told Alex where Charlotte’s new apartment was. A few days later snow filled the sky as Alex made his way across the city to Hell’s Kitchen. He looked sternly at her front door, almost scared to knock. He banged as loud as possible before he could change his mind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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