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Cheating with my friend’s wife

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Big Tits

My friend and I go way back, from the time we were at University. We were very close then and now, fifteen years down the line, we are still very close. A lot have changed since our university days. My friend is now married to his second wife Lisa, while I still have my college sweetheart with our four beautiful kids. At thirty-five years old, my friend and I are still in pretty good shape. For a quick description, Lisa, my friend’s second wife, is gorgeous. She has a stunning plus size body, with a behind to die for, and has large 38D breasts. Every time I meet with my friend and his family, I cannot help but ogle at my friend’s sexy wife’s large breasts. Sometimes I wonder if she knows I am obsessed with her breasts because she always wears dresses, which show a lot of cleavage. She also prefers şişli escort wearing miniskirts, which shows off her supple, flawless thighs. This story took place when my friend was between jobs. They had to stay at my house for a while. The stay started all normal and innocent and I managed to keep my distance from Lisa. Somewhere along the line, my wife had to visit her sick friend in Perth for about five days. *** It was a cool Sunday morning after I had taken my wife to the airport. I was in the laundry looking for some clothes to put into the washing machine. A hot pink thong in our visitors’ laundry basket caught my attention. I knew definitely it was Lisa’s, since I had never seen it before. At first, nothing registered in my mind. Just then, it hit me. My heart started racing, mecidiyeköy escort as I was considering what my mind was telling me to do with this thong. Totally, against my conscience, I picked up Lisa’s thong and put it in my face. I took a long and deep breath. I was rewarded by a very strong smell of pussy. It was tantalising, and my cock started stirring in my boxers. I took another breath, and my mind went bonkers. I developed an imaginary but vivid picture of Lisa’s pussy. It was covered by a thick layer of neatly trimmed dark hair. The outer lips were full, inner lips thin and soft, protruding and hanging out a bit, looking like beautiful petals. The clitoris was prominent yet completely covered by its hood. I knew I had to have this pussy, no matter what it takes. I could imagine holding Lisa’s bum, while she slowly sat on my rigid cock. At the same time, my cock was straining against my boxers, making me fully aware of its needs. Since my wife was not there and I knew I was going to be too horny to function soon, it was inevitable that I was going to jerk off to the sweet smell of my friend’s wife’s pussy. I took a few more gasps of the tantalising smell, before I put it back where I found it. I finished putting the clothes in the washer and went back into the living room. Lisa was there alone. She was wearing a simple blue t-shirt and was obviously not wearing a bra because the nipples on her ample 38D breasts were clearly poking through the thin fabric. Having seen her thong, and with the sweet smell of her pussy still fresh in my nostrils, I was looking at her from an entirely different perspective. I wanted to fuck her. All this time my friend was in their bedroom listening to some crazy videos about investments and trading the stock market.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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