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(Hello again to all you sexy people, thank you for giving me so much love in my previous story and I know this isn’t the continuation of Alex’s story but the truth is I lost interest but mostly I have been procrastinating. Tee hee, oops! However, due to all the favorites, I will try to write about Alex and Robert at another time but I am truly sorry.

I also wanted to try writing stories that have some romance too and not just fucking for readers who enjoy sweet with their spice. Hopefully, you will like this one-shot romance between two young guys. I didn’t explicitly state their ages but both of the guys are in their twenties. Until next time, stay safe.)

Picture this, it is Friday evening and I am chillin in my family’s living room with one of my friends and crush. Just the two of us alone in this house while my folks are out camping with their friends, leaving me to house sit with Aiden. I am not paying much attention to the boring action movie, my dark eyes are drawn to him.

Aiden looks just as bored as I am except he looks effortlessly adorable, his black bangs fall perfectly on his boyish face. He looks my way but I don’t bother to hide from the fact that I am staring at him, our impromptu staring contest lasts for a couple of seconds longer before he turns away with a smile.

“What is wrong, Ben? You are staring.”

“Nothing, this movie is shit!”

“Yeah it is but bare with it, you will like the ending, trust me.”


I sit there turning my attention back on the screen and continue to watch to the end, Aiden is right I didn’t expect the cheesy movie to end as it did. The protagonist gut and ate the villain’s liver while making him watch, we both burst out laughing when it happens. The action flick Aiden wanted to watch is fucking ridiculous but at least it is over, I can finally turn to something else that will help spice up the mood.

With a few clicks, my television screen is instantly hijacked with a brunette with balloon tits moaning loudly while she is being drilled by a cock. I wanted to chuckle but I didn’t want poor Aiden to feel even more uncomfortable watching porn, I guess he blushes easily but his redden face makes him hella cute. Girls are cute too but Aiden and his skinny little ass have all of my attention.

This wasn’t always the case but slowly I notice things about him like the dimples in his cheeks when he smiles or when his icy blue eyes light up when he figures out a difficult problem. He is kind too and I find having a compassionate soul is incredibly sexy. Four months ago Aiden invited me to join him in volunteer work at a soup kitchen.

My fingers were so fucking sore from cutting up so many tomatoes but I had a lot of fun with Aiden and it was a great experience too so I planned on volunteering regularly with him. There is just one problem I am not sure how Aiden feels about me, he gives me mix signal but tonight I want to get close.

I casually move one of my hands and rub my cock hidden beneath my sweatpants and I can see Aiden watching me through my peripheral vision. Good, I have his attention so I might as well put on a show for him. I untie the knot of my sweatpants and pull out my semi-erect cock before I slowly stroke it.

“Dude, what are you doing?”

“What does it look like, Aiden? I am jacking off to the porn, you can yank your pecker out too if you want.”

“Isn’t that gay, Ben?”

“Says who?”

“…The guys.”

“Hahaha! You listen to those bitches.”

“Yeah…, I don’t but –“

“It is only gay if we kiss.”

“Where did you learn that from?”

“The internet.”

Aiden snorts and soon we were laughing again, I try not to laugh too much because the ripple in my stomach is making my cock tremor. Abruptly, Aiden got onto his feet and unbutton his oversize pants before he unzips his jeans and allowing it to drop to his ankle, he plops his small butt back on the couch.

I am shocked that he drops his pant but more importantly, I am going to get some sweet ass tonight and it will be spectacular because I like him. Aiden’s dick is fucking cute too, he is average in both length and thickness but he is veiny and absolutely perfect.

I watch him stroke his turgid dick up and down while he smirks and licks his lips at me. Fuck yeah! My crush is trying to seduce me, my cock hardens instantly and throbs for him. My hands are itching to touch his beautifully shaped dick. Fuck that! I want to touch every inch of his ivory smooth skin but a gentleman must always ask.

“Hey Aiden, can I jerk you off?”

“Now you want to touch my cock.”

“Come on man, it is a free hand job! How can you say no to that?”

“Your logic almost makes sense except it is –.”

“If you say it is gay, I am going to slap you with my dick!”

“Pssh..! Your puny little cock can’t even budge a pencil, Ben.”

“You cheeky prick, come here!”

We both laugh while we rough and tumble with some tickling involve, Aiden is ticklish and I love how his face blooms highlighting his freckles. His big laughing şişli bayan escort smile stabs at my heart and shit I am crushing badly but I am going to embrace the fucking the hell out of it.

Somehow during our play fight, he ends up on his back with me on top. I suppose divine intervention is at work here but whatever I got him where I want him. He suddenly stops laughing when I have gone quiet, Aiden smiles while he brushes my curly locks out of my face.

“You are staring again.”

“Can I kiss you, Aiden?”

“Damn, we are pushy today! First, you beg me to come over and then you ask to touch my cock, and now you want to kiss?”

“Don’t avoid the question, can I kiss you?”

“I don’t think your girl –.”

“We broke up, can I kiss you now?”

“Dude, your dick is practically making out with mine but I need more of a valid reason and –.”

“You’re fucking gorgeous, is that valid enough.”

“Shit Ben, when did you –?”

“For a while.”



“Wait! I want to kiss you too and then some.”

“(Gasp!) I am getting laid tonight!”

“(Chuckle) Yeah…, but I am not the type to mess around. I am a greedy bastard and I want you all to myself. Do you want to be my boyfriend?”

“Fuck yeah!”

Aiden chuckles lightly making my cock ache and doing crazy shit to my heart while I lift a strand of his black hair with the tip of my fingers pushing it away from his pretty face. He raises his head slightly and licks my lips before pulling away looking into my dark eyes and giving me a wicked smirk.

God, I love the fire in his icy blue eyes and that expression. Fuck, he is beautiful! I lower my lips to his pressing lightly for two times before our lips lock. The taste of his hot saliva and the softness of his lips feel unbelievable good that his touch will haunt my skin.

I pull him close while he hugs me as our lips and tongue mingle feverishly together. I am on cloud nine, night after night I dream of kissing Aiden’s sexy lips, and now that we are swapping saliva, I feel like I am on the best trip of my life. One of Aiden’s hands slips in between us. He glides his fingers against my cock making me shudder but when he tries to grab me, I abruptly pull away and got onto my feet.

“Not here! Our first time shouldn’t be on a fucking couch, let’s go upstairs to my room.”

“OMG, that is so cute! You’re being romantic.”

“Shut up.”

“Hahaha! Carry me.”

“Fuck no! I am not going to carry your fat ass.”

“Douche!” Aiden said pulling his pants and brief back on before he jumps to his feet giving me a small peck on the cheeks. He jumps on my back while I chuckle as I quickly grab him.

“How about this? Is this okay?”

“Yeah, I feel like Edward so I should –“

“Don’t you dare call me ‘spider monkey’, I will fucking kill you.”



I breathe deeply but I manage to get us to my room, Aiden is heavier than he looks but I survive the journey while he laughs as I drop his little weasel ass. He pulls off his t-shirt before he dumps it on the floor and then he proceeds to take off his pants and underwear but he slowly wiggles his little ass out of his boxer brief making sure my eyes are on him.

I chuckle as I watch Aiden purposely sways his tiny ass side to side as he walks the short distance to my bed. He stops to massage and slaps his ass making his cheeks jiggle while he turns to me give me a flirtatious smile. My boyfriend is in a playful mood, sweet!

“I bet you can bounce your dick on these cheeks.”

“Fuck yeah!”

I said with a teasing smile while I bounce my cock up and down before I slap that sucker on my palm making a small thwack sound. Aiden laughs as he plops his ass on my bed while I laugh too but we recover quickly, he treats me to one of his alluring smiles again as he waves me over with two of his fingers.

I smile at him as I take off my shirt and sweatpants before I carelessly dump them on the floor, I bend toward him as he reaches for me. Our lips connect, we kiss gently and sensually warming our bodies while I push forward causing Aiden to fall on to his back.

I keep our lips and tongues intertwine in a sweet fever while I adjust us so that we end up in the center of the bed. My mop of curly dark hair falls to his face as we kiss for a few more seconds. I pull away and rearrange Aiden’s slender legs so that he overlaps my thicker muscular pair. I scoot my ass toward his pelvis so that our cocks can kiss before I reach a hand out toward him.

“Spit, baby.”

Aiden raises his head and spits into my palm, I grab both of our cocks pressing them together while I let a nickel size saliva ball drop from my lips. I stroke us slowly while Aiden got up to a sitting position, he wraps his slender arms over my broad shoulder pulling me into a kiss.

We moan softly into each other mouth while I gradually stroke us faster and squeeze harder, his firm cock feels so fucking amazing squish against mine. We allow ourselves to plunge deep into this şişli escort pleasant heat. Aiden releases my lips and plants soft kisses from my cheek to the middle of my neck, I stretch to give him space.

He sucks and nibbles my tan skin for a couple of seconds before his tongue and mouth travel to my muscular shoulder while I rub us harder. We both breathe hotly polluting my room with our musky smell, Aiden leans his chest toward me before he rests the side of his damp face on my shoulder while I gently gnaw on his shoulder.

“Ah…, I am…mmm…getting close, Ben.”

“Hmph! Me too, baby.”

We both softly said to each other, Aiden returns to cover my lips with his. We both shudder with our lips lock in a gentle kiss while we continue to indulge in each other warmth, wrap in our cocoon of hot flesh. We are so attached in this intimate moment that I don’t think a crowbar can pry us apart, I release one of my hand when Aiden wants to take a turn.

Our hands move as one as we pump our slick cocks together moving up and down as we surrender ourselves to this wonderful ecstasy. A moment later we were grunting in unison as our body compress and quake in bliss making a frothy hot mess. Our stomachs and hands are covers in each other cum, I want to lick our jizz from my hand but Aiden stops me.

“Allow me, babe.”

I watch as Aiden lick from the center of my palm to my index finger while I shiver when his hot tongue scorches my skin, his icy blue eyes gleam seductively as he continues to suck away our spunk. I smile in return as I watch and feel his tongue roll around each of my fingers making my cock hard again.

After he licks my hand clean, he pushes me down before he proceeds to clean the rest of our mess starting from my pecs. I clench my teeth when he bites my nipple and sucks roughly before he twists his tongue around the surface of my skin making me feel all better again.

I moan as he suckles his way to my other nipple, slurping away at the scatter drops of our cum. He latches his mouth on me before he sucks and grinds his tongue making me grunt. Aiden moves further down skinning me and creating a burning saliva trail in his path. He laps the gooey cum from my stomach before he licks up and down my throbbing cock, pressing my fleshy sex against my navel.

“We are good, Ben?”

“Perfect baby, don’t stop!”


I watch as Aiden opens wide filling his mouth with my cock, I groan in pleasure when I feel the hot wet inside of his mouth and tongue clamp snugly around me. Aiden leisurely sucks my cock and stroke the base while he fondles my fuzzy balls. I rest my head back enjoying the pleasure that Aiden gives me while I gently grab onto his short black hair.

Every time he penetrates his mouth back down on my cock, he swallows more of my length until he has me gasping. I raise my hips a little giving him space when I feel his sticky fingers probing between my ass cheeks, I groan and inhale sharply when his finger rim my asshole for a couple of teasing circles before he shoves a digit inside me.

He continues to bobs his mouth up and down on my cock at a faster tempo. I moan more hoarsely as he finger fucks me, Aiden gradually adds another finger stretching me and ramming in deep. His long thin fingers jab my prostate sending strong pleasant waves of sensation through me, I fucking love every minute of it while my body quiver, and I clench my hole pressing on his digits.

“Ugh! Fuck! I am going to –!”

I cry as my balls tighten and my abs tense a moment later, I ejaculate into Aiden’s mouth pulling his hair as I brace myself, riding through my climax. I hear Aiden gulps three times as he pulls away, he moves toward me while I move toward him. We kiss hungrily as I pull him closer to me, I taste the acidic residue of our cums lingering on his sweet tongue.

I make sure that I hold him securely before I move us together and after a few more seconds of clashing tongues, I release his honeyed mouth to lower my face to the flat plane of his stomach. I lap the smear of jizz away, cleaning his smooth skin before I abruptly flip him over onto his stomach, Aiden gasps at suddenly being manhandled.

I lift his hips off the bed so that he will be on all fours, the urge to slap the curvy mounds of his ass is overwhelming so I give his cheeks a few well-deserved hard smacks causing Aiden to cry. I like him in this position, I take a moment to fondle and squeeze his ass cheeks feeling their mass while he moves his hand to stroke his cock.

I spread him apart and without warning, I plunge my face right in between his crack making Aiden gasps at the sudden intrusion. I lick his dark anus up and down for a few tantalizing hot strokes before I twist my tongue on his tiny pucker slit making him whimper while he continues to fist his cock up and down.

I pull his fleshy cheeks wider so that I can probe his asshole deeper, I love Aiden’s lewd throaty moans, and the texture of his skin along with the fucking hot musky warmth that wafts from him.

I suck and rim my boyfriend’s mecidiyeköy escort hot little anus making him sticky while I try to slip my tongue in and after some prying his tiny sweet hole soften enough for me to invade with a sharp push. Aiden tastes so deliciously erotic and fucks yeah, I get to pop that tight boy pussy with my tongue. I wiggle my tongue inside him while I slap his hand away from his cock so that I can stroke him myself.

My sweetheart groans louder as I continue to lap around inside of him and tug at his cock making my dick rock solid. None of my previous relationships have yet to make me feel this amorous and elated except Aiden, I release his cute dark pucker hole and suck and lick down his perineum to his balls.

“Ah…mmm…I…love that mouth. Fuck yes, baby!”

Just what I wanted to hear, Aiden moans out as I clamp down on his sack stuffing my mouth with one of his moist balls, I suck and lick the sweet sweat from his smooth wrinkle skin while I firmly stroke him. I treat his other ball to the same affection before I point his cock toward my face. I wrap my mouth around him, I suck pulling his hot flesh with the roof of my mouth while my tongue drags along his length.

I pause to tease his foreskin between my lips before I swirl my tongue around the sensitive mass of his cock making Aiden inhale sharply. I went back to swallowing his cock but this time I suck faster and harder, Aiden tense, and I know that he is close so I lick up toward his hole again. I lap at his anus while I continue to pump his cock tightening my fist around him.

Aiden gasps for air as his body shakes, I lick and stroke him harder finishing him off, he cries and cum loads after loads. Some of his viscous liquid splatter on the bed but most of it covers my palm and a bit of his sticky juice clings to his lower abs. I spread and smear his cum over his perineum, and in between his inner thighs while Aiden turns his head to regard me.

“Ah, are you going to fuck me?”

“No, we are going to do something close to it but I am going to need you to lie down on your side.”

“You can fuck me.”

“I know but I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You can’t hurt me, Ben.”

“…Maybe later, now lie down.”

I said as I lightly smack his small ass, Aiden smiles as he drops to his side. I adjust myself as I lie down behind him while he keeps his legs together for me, I grab and lift one of his ass cheeks to give me a little space before I push my cock in. My hard cock rub and brush pass his pucker hole to his perineum before my dick sticks out from under his balls.

I always wanted to fuck Aiden’s thighs, his legs might be slender but they are beautiful and deserve to be love. I reach around him to pump his flaccid cock while I buck behind him. I thrust slowly at first but it didn’t take me long to build a rhythm, the slick smooth and warm skin between his legs feels so hot while Aiden’s cock quickly hardens in my grip.

“Ah! Hmph…shit! I…nnn…love you, Ben.”

“I…hah…fuck…love…you too.”

We whisper intimately to each other when Aiden turns his lovely face toward me, I press my thick and sweaty chest to his clammy back before I press my lips to his sweet mouth. We kiss passionately and groan into each other mouth while I thrust harder feeling my cock rub against his perineum and sliding below his balls. I buck even faster burning Aiden’s sweet thighs as his wet skin provides the perfect cushion for my cock to nestle in.

Aiden, in turn, keeps his legs cozily around my cock, he tangles one of his hand into my dark curly hair pushing my lips closer to his. I am so fucking high for my boyfriend as I continue to aggressively fuck the sweat off his slippery thighs while I lovingly stroke his beautiful cock to the same beat.

Our bodies, mine and his connects and collides wonderfully close like a pair of bonded atoms, the bed squeak loudly underneath us as our salted hot skin slaps against each other while I proceed to breathe my boyfriend in and furiously jack his cock. He releases my mouth breathing deeply as he turns his face away, I press my lips to his shoulder and lightly suck on his pale skin.

“Fuck! Ah…, getting close, baby…Let’s fuck…mmm…all night!”

“Ah…ah…hmph! All night?! Hell yeah!”

We burn together and create beautiful fucking breathy cries and hoarse animalistic grunts, our sounds are like music from the most perfect synchronize instruments as our bodies are pulled and twist in an unbidden ecstasy while we shoot ropes of our thick heavy loads together.

We make a complete mess on Aiden’s lovely thighs, my bed, and even a tiny bit of our love splatter the headboard. Breathing huskily, I reach for Aiden and plant a sweet kiss on the back of his hand but he makes a gross face so I pinch his nose making him chuckle. I roll him over onto our mess before I work on adjusting myself.

I move rapidly to straddle my thick legs just below Aiden’s ass cheeks while he got on his elbows and turns his head to smirk devilishly at me. I slide my cock that is starting to swell again back and forth between the cleft of Aiden’s ass cheeks while I lower my mouth to whisper sweet loving shit to my boyfriend making him roll his beautiful icy blue eyes but he smiles brilliantly all the same.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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