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Dave woke non-plussed, looking around he was confused as the girls were not present, he was used to their company by now. However nature over ruled and he made his way to the ensuite. He could hear faint voices so guessed the girls were nearby. After ablutions he entered the lounge. Fi was seated on a long couch, Celia lying on her back beside her, head on Fi’s left thigh. Both were naked, as was Dave and the norm for this room, Fi’s legs were spread wide.

As Dave approached he saw that Fi was brushing her right palm across Celia’s erect nipples, gently, also circling them with her fingertips, lazily stimulating them. Celia was fingering her pussy, slowly rubbing her labia. Her other hand was raised to Fi’s tit, pinching and twisting her hard nipple. Fi was also holding her mobile phone which was on loudspeaker. He could hear Maria’s voice.

“All three are looking intently at each other, I can see Laura’s legs are open wide, one resting on a nearby chair. The ladies must have full view of her pussy and seem to be enjoying the sight.”

“Are they using their phones.” Fi enquires.

“Yes, one of the ladies has moved her chair, bending over l think she is taking a photo of Laura, mmm must be a very erotic shot as she has a clear view. Laura is obviously enjoying being the centre of attention. Ah now she is taking a photo of the lady who has leaned back in her chair, l can’t see properly but from the way she’s lounging l suspect she is offering Laura an equally erotic view.”

Dave approaches the girls, stroking his now erect cock he ogles Fi’s groin.

“Want some attention?” He asks, indicating her spread thighs and vacant pussy.

“How considerate you are my lover, yes please.”

“I’ll just get us all a drink, need to replace lost fluids to keep us moist.”

He returns moments later, stands drinks on a nearby table and takes a seat between Celia’s legs, one behind him the other across his lap. Her pussy is open and available to him, resting on his erect hard manhood Celia gently rubs her calf on his cock. As he starts to ooze he rubs his fingers in the pre cum, spreading it along her thigh as he traces his fingertips up rubbing little circles on her tender flesh. Celia moans and clenches, bends her knee to open her thighs wide and lifts her foot to Dave’s cock, wriggling her toes along his shaft.

Fi whimpers, puts the phone on the seat by her side and runs a hand down her tummy, pressing her mound and raising her hips to spread her thighs. She let’s her fingers erotik film izle slide down her cunt slit, teasing her lips.

“They seem to be communicating with each other by phone now. Ah yes the two ladies are standing up and turn to leave. Laura has straightened her skirt and is following them, better go as they are approaching.”

“Well it would appear Laura will have her fantasy fulfilled,” Fi remarks, moving her right leg out to spread her thighs. “Mm think l’ll spend a few minutes soaking your hair in my cunt juices as I watch Dave finger you.”

Dave’s fingertip’s circle closer to Celia’s now oozing pussy, her lips clenching as she also rubs her trembling clit. She moans, stretches and pushes her hips towards him.

“Mmm push your fingers inside me, want you to soak them in my cunt juice.”

“Would you like me to wank?”

“No honey, we want to watch your cock jerk and dribble, we’ll sort you out later, for now just tease us,” Fi asks.

“Tell me how you two met,” Dave asks.

“Mmm,” remembering, Fi sighs, raises her hips and shudders as she pushes two fingers into her yawning cunt.

Celia clenches her thighs, her pussy squelching and dribbling as Dave sinks his fingers into her.

“We met on a plane. We were both booked on a Girls only holiday package, yes you are right that sort of holiday,” Fi explains.

“We were seated at the back, next to each other. Fi was wearing a plunge tee shirt and very short skirt. She was opening and closing her legs agitatedly.”

‘Are you all right my dear?’ I asked concerned.

‘Oh yes,’ replied Fi, ‘l’m so fucking horny, been looking forward to tasting hot juicy cunt for so long. I’m getting plenty of cock but now l’m in the mood for a woman.’

‘Yes l know how you feel. Cock on demand is nice but variety is nicer.’ “I agreed, leaning back in my seat and opening my legs. I was wearing a halter top mid thigh pleated dress. It transpired neither of us wore undies, ditto for most of the ladies on the flight.”

‘I’m Celia by the way, recently divorced and ready for anything,’ “l declare, lifting my skirt to reveal my shaved naked pussy.”

“Likewise l pull up my skirt, shifting my body to face Celia. The string to an egg vibrator is showing from my moist cunt.”

‘I’m Fi, very pleased to meet you. I managed to push this vibe into me as l sat down and it is blowing my mind.’

“Celia stretches out her right arm, extends her fingers and rubs my mons. I push my hips forward against the probing film izle fingers. With her left hand she traces a fingertip up and down her pussy crack, her silky lips spreading as she presses harder. I lick my lips, wanting to sink my tongue into her gooey minge,” gasps Fi as the memory triggers a spasm.

Dave’s cock is jerking, little globules of his pre cum spitting from his iron hard cock.

“You like our meeting saga?” Fi teases, taking Celia’s hard pointed nipple, pulling and twisting.

Celia squirms, wriggles her pussy against Dave’s frigging fingers, whimpers and sighs as her cunt gushes. Fi rises, places a cushion under Celia’s head and moves round to stand before Dave. Legs wide open with hips thrust forward she pushes her dewy pussy up close to his bell end, not touching but close enough that he can feel the heat from her minge.

She lets her red dewy pussy bush tickle his bell end, their juices glistening on swollen cock head and her thighs. Fondling and teasing her right engorged nipple Fi trails her left hand along Celia’s inner thigh. Celia is using one fingertip on each nipple and slowly and gently pressing and rotating her tingling morsels. As Dave sighs and stretches, clenching his pulsing shaft Fi continues narrating.

“I clench my pussy, Celia’s fingers massaging my mound heighten my arousal, cunt nectar flows. She slips her thumb into my pussy, rubbing my tingling clit.”

“Fi’s hot pussy is dripping over her thighs, l press harder on her clit, loving the juicy feel of her swollen pulsing clit. My pussy is on fire, l am fucking gagging.”

“I trace my middle finger tip along Celia’s silky dewy cunt lips, slowly and gently teasing. She tries to push her hips against my hand. I pull back, letting just my fingertip brush her slit.”

“Fucking bitch,” Celia exclaims, “what a fucking teasing whoring cow you were. But mmm it was so fucking horny. Bitch.” Remembering Celia spasms, her pussy floods as she shudders and thrusts her gaping cunt against Dave’s probings.

‘I have a challenge for us both,’ l propose, ‘edge me for the duration of the flight but you are to cum as often as you like. However you have to keep sexing me up but don’t make me cum.’

‘Mmm Celia that sounds such a lovely challenge, of course l accept.’

‘Ladies, sorry l could not help but notice your antics, we have more spacious seating on this aircraft which you may find more comfortable for your needs,’ “a tall slender stewardess has appeared.”

“Dressed in blouse, seks filmi izle unbuttoned and open to her waist exposing her bare pointed nipples and a high split knee length skirt, she smiles sweetly and innocently, her eyes smouldering with desire and lust.”

‘Oh yes sounds divine, come on Celia.’

“There is something extremely sexy about stewardesses, well l think so anyway,” observes Celia.

“Maybe it’s the fact they are in control, or the sexy uniforms they always seem to wear,” Dave concurs.

“Anyway following our horny guide l feel my cunt juice trickle down my thighs as we are led to the front of the passenger lounge. She then climbs up some stairs, pulling up the hem of her skirt to reveal stocking tops and a minuscule g string as she opens her thighs to ascend. Her barely concealed pussy crack beckons,” Fi shudders recalling the sight, inadvertently pushing her hips forward.

Dave lurches his hips forward and his bell end slips between Fi’s dripping lips. She gurgles and giggles, rocking her hips back and forth to revel in the iron hard flesh filling her dripping cunt.

“Thought we were just teasing.” Celia remarks, smiling and quivering as the sight of cock plying pussy enhances her passion

“Um oh yes,” gasps Fi, swallowing Dave’s throbbing rigid snake into her churning minge, “yes you are right, mmm.”

She holds and clenches her cunt around the hard cock, rocks her hips back and forth then pulls back. Juices pour from the release.

“Desist, now we’re all fucking gagging it’s time for you and l to get ready, Fi,” Celia orders, rising and pulling Fi away from Dave.

“You my horny fucking stud can come and watch us get ready. Hands behind your back,” Fi demands.

In the large wet room, Celia uses fluffy handcuffs to pin Dave’s hands behind him.

“Sit here astride this bench,” Celia urges, cuffing his ankles with a short spreader bar as he complies.

“Now my darling you can’t wank but can enjoy watching us showering,” Fi teases.

The girls take an age washing each other: soaping, rubbing, tickling, probing, posing, fingering, leering at Dave, masturbating, laughing, giggling, spraying each other’s pussies, particularly clits and anus.

When dried they walk over to Dave, Celia straddles the bench so her gaping cunt is an inch from his swollen purple bell end. His glistening dribbling cock head. Fi stands beside him and pulls his face in between her heaving titties. Rubs her cleavage against him. All three are completely rampant.

“Now we’re off to get dressed and ready for Sticky’s, if we unshackle you do you promise not to cum?” Enquires Celia. “That includes you too, Fi.”

“Promise ma’am,” Fi pouts.

“Of course,” Dave smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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