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Chloe and Paul: The Beginning

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I still remember the first time I laid eyes on Chloe. Red-headed and still girlish in her figure – perfect small boobs and slender hips, clad in a simple dress and clutching her bag in front of her as she stood in the kitchen at the party. Introduced through a mutual friend, we soon got talking and before I knew it we’d exchanged numbers. It didn’t matter that she was so much younger than me. Despite being in her early 20s and me in my mid 30s, we found it so easy to talk to each other and make each other laugh that I think we both realised really quickly that we were something special.

It didn’t take long for us to decide we were in love and our relationship quickly became physical. The first time we had sex I had butterflies like I was still a teenager. Snogging her on the hallway outside my door and letting my hands roam under her dress… I’m still smiling at the memory, even now. The way she giggled as she kicked her knickers off… the feel of her slender legs wrapping around me as we kissed… our lips tantalising one another. Simple, honest-to-goodness lust.

But we were never destined to be ordinary lovers, with a safe routine of normal sex. Even though she was so much younger and less experienced than I, I could feel her potential and the hidden undercurrents of her sexuality. My own tastes ran to the louche and I was keen to take my younger lover on a journey, to share with her my innermost secret desires.

It began with the laptop. She always enjoyed a little porn. Whereas some of my previous lovers had found something distasteful in me masturbating to porn videos – as if it were a kind of infidelity – Chloe was always accepting of the fact. In fact, she was quite curious herself. Often she would come home to find me ‘relaxing’ in front of the soft blue glow of the screen, stroking my penis with one hand. Far from being shocked or disapproving, she would often flop down on the sofa next to me, throw an arm around my neck and ask “what are we watching?”

Typically, there was no need for me to finish myself off on those occasions.

But one particular night that the first hints of where our love would ultimately take us were shown. Chloe was due to be late back from visiting her mum so I was unwinding with a glass of wine, dressed in just a dressing gown, my cock in my hand. On the screen, I’d idly found myself browsing some of the more unusual porn available. Always fascinated by the totality of womanhood, I discovered myself watching video after video of women sat on the toilet, urinating.

The ankara escort bayan simple practical details of knickers stretched between knees… the way that the first few dribbles often had no force behind them and would run around the buttocks before the full flow would come gushing out… all of this was deeply personal and intimate and transfixed me utterly.

I didn’t even notice Chloe come in at first. She’d quietly snuck in the door and kicked off her shoes – her feet making no noise as she padded into my front room in her tights.

“Hey Baby,” she grinned, making me jump slightly. I laughed.

“Hi sexpot – how was your mum?” Chloe rolled her eyes.

“On you know: disapproving of everything as always.” She was smiling though – relationships with her family were, in fact, happy. I saw the familiar knowing smile at the corner of her mouth as she noted my state of arousal.

“So…” she said. “What are watching tonight?” I grinned back at her.

“Something a bit different tonight, baby.” She pursed her mouth in a little sign of intrique and hopped onto the sofa, scissoring her legs and snuggling in close.

“Tell me then.”

“Well… it’s maybe an odd fascination of mine.. but. Well.” For a second I fought with the residual embarassment I’d had over the subject with previous girlfriends. But this was Chloe. “Basically… girls weeing.” I laughed at the words even as I said them.

She looked at me seriously, a little frown on her brow – like a schoolgirl confronted with a new maths problem. Totally cute.


“Yeah. Some people think that’s sick or weird or something, but I just think it’s something that everyone naturally does and it’s kind of intimate seeing it like this.” I nodded at the screen, where a voluptuous and slightly older woman was sat on the toilet, red silky knickers stretched between her knees.

“OK” she said brightly and turned to look at the screen. That’s the thing with Chloe: she has never judged or backed away from anything new. One of her most captivating features.

I settled back down again and grabbed my cock gently but firmly… fingers slipping over the precum that had leaked from the tip while we’d been speaking. I clicked the button and the video continued.

The woman’s legs were spread wide with no hint of shame. Obviously things are different for porn starlets, but her lack of inhibition in front of the camera while doing such a personal thing was one of the sexiest things about the whole mersin escort bayan set up.

The first squirt of piss erupted from her vagina and tinkled in the bowl. The camera zoomed in close so we could see the way her cunt pulsed in time with the squirts. The golden-tinged liquid shot from her lips in an uneven cascade and I pulled my cock unselfconsciously, despite Chloe’s presence. I felt her shifting in her seat to get a better view.

I ran the tip of my thumb through the slickness coating my cock as the woman pissed in front of us – me and my girlfriend Chloe. Watching together.

The video ended abruptly, with the woman laughing as she bunched up toilet paper to wipe herself with. I felt Chloe’s breath in my ear. Truthfully, there was already something insanely exciting about even letting someone know about this little thing that I fancied. I would have shared that with no-one except Chloe.

She whispered.

“You know baby, you don’t have to rely on a video to see that. You know we’ve got a toilet upstairs.” My heart pounded at the words and I turned to face her. Her eyes were twinkling with mischief.

“You’d do that for me, Baby?” I asked, scarcely believing how readily she’d seemingly accepted the idea. She smiled happily.

“I love you, silly. And I’ve weed in front of you before!” That much was true. Of course, it had just been in the day-to-day sense in which she’d used the toilet while I’d been brushing my teeth in the morning. Unthinking, and hardly sexual. Naturally, I’d snatched a quick look, but nothing like we were talking about now. I bit my lip.

“You sure, babe?” She nodded happily, her red hair bobbing as she did so. Maybe she’d never looked happier. She stood up, blushing a tiny little bit as she took my hand. She whispered to me.

“I do really need to go you know.” I grinned back up at her and stroked her cheek, standing up and hugging her happily as we turned to go upstairs together. Chloe led the way, her slender legs looking dynamite – even in opaque black tights. We stopped to kiss on the landing – snogging happily like horny teenagers, both of us stifling laughter amidst our excitement.

My cock was engorged with blood – painfully twisted in my jeans – the very prospect of seeing my Chloe urinating driving me wild with lust as we half-fell through the bathroom door. She carried on giggling as she walked over to the toilet and hitched her skirt up as if this was just a normal day and she just happened to be going while I was there.

My izle heart pounded as she reached under her skirt to tug her tights down, rolling them down over her milky white thighs, her knickers caught in them and bunched up around her knees, her cunt clean shaven just as she knew I liked it to be. Her eyes were now glittering with intent as she held my gaze. I spoke.

“I love you.”

“I love you too. Forever.” She sat down on the seat and tugged her tights further down – over her knee and to mid-calf. I sank to my knees in front of her, placing myself almost between her knees, so close as to be able to see the suggestions of hair growing back from under her skin on her shins and around her cunt. She giggled again – a little, adorable but unselfconscious sound as she sat on the toilet for me – her older lover.

I stroked her cheek and looked down between her legs. I felt her first tense as she worked whatever muscles were necessary to void her bladder, then exhale as she relaxed.

“It’s coming,” she whispered. My eyes were glued to her pretty fanny as the first golden droplets trickled out, splashing into the bowl underneath her. I leaned in further, putting my head between her legs so that my ears were lightly resting on her thighs, so close that I could see every detail as her stream of piss began to strengthen to a continuous golden rush. For what seemed an eternity, I stayed there, looking at the hot salty stream of my girlfriend’s wee, splashing merrily into the bowl.

Eventually, she made a small satisfied sound and began to force out the last few drops. Finally, a single clear yellow droplet remained glistening on her vulva. Instinctively, she reached behind her for some paper but I grabbed her wrist gently.

“Just stand up,” I whispered. She did. And as she did, the droplet rolled along her inner thigh. I leaned in, and dragged my tongue along her thigh – for the first time tasting my Chloe’s hot piss. Salty and distantly sour, I instantly loved her taste as I knew I would. Gently, I let my tongue run to the wet folds of her cunt, drinking in her heat and the flavour of her golden waters. Chloe groaned in pleasure as my tongue flicked her clit and roamed around her skin, savouring her pretty fanny.

For a minute or too we stayed like that. Me gently eating my girlfriend out while she stood over the toilet bowl, tights and knickers bunched around her calves, stroking my head lovingly as I tasted her urine, licking every drop from her till she was clean.

Finally, I stood. Pressing my forehead against hers, we kissed in my bathroom. Our first taboo broken in the heat of our love and mutual lust. Knowing that there would be more – much more – to come. Each feeling lucky and privileged to have the other’s undying love.

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