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“Oh, why did I come here?” I groaned, walking into the joint. “The gym hasn’t lost a damn thing, it’s still too hot, and the same polyurethane wood floors too. I’m pretty sure it was at least ten years old when I was a freshman, and now I’m at my ten-year high school reunion,” I let out, glancing around nonstop.I began strolling around with my arms crossed. “I surely don’t want to see roughly 95% of the people here, and seeing them ten years older doesn’t make me like being here anymore. There are really only two people I want to see, everyone else is like an obstacle,” I mumbled before I got a peek at him. “Oh, crap, not Bob.””Oh, there you are, Phil,” he said, coming to me. “Good to see you, man,” he let out, putting his hand out.I barely looked at him, but put my hand out as well. “Yes, Bob, nice to see you too. It doesn’t appear you’ve aged a day.””Dude, you’re barely looking at me, and I’ve put on a few pounds.”My eyes went onto his stomach, and I nodded. “You’re not wrong, Bob. Hey, have you seen Kayla Penskin or Chloe Matter?” I asked, viewing everywhere, but where he was.”Dude, we were best friends in high school, we meet for the first time in ten years and twenty seconds into that, you ask about two chicks you never got to screw?”I bit down on my bottom lip and gave him eye contact after a few seconds. “Bob, we were never best friends, you got sloppy seconds off of Barb Kinney on our sophomore year and you decided we were best friends. Just because we were in the same group of friends doesn’t make us best friends, okay?””Whatever, man, I’m actually married to Barb now, but you’re living in the past,” he whined, backing away. “I guess I’ll see you in another ten years.”I waved him off and continued my search. “I just want to see that a certain black-haired chick named Kayla with her actual best friend, Chloe with brown hair. Maybe Bob was right, I never got to do either of them, but… shit, but I was shitty to Bob because I’m more than anxious to see them. We still weren’t best friends, though. He married Barb, and I’m sure she got prettier with age,” I murmured as I turned around. “Or, maybe slightly in the opposite direction,” I said before raising my hand. “Hi, Barb, I’m just happy that you’re happy,” I let out, waving. “Oh, fuck you too.”I moved my eyes from them and kept looking for Kayla and Chloe. I began hitting my legs somewhat and felt drops of sweat flowing down my forehead frequently. I didn’t even have any real evidence that they’d show up, but I kept my hopes up, so to speak.Needless to say, I ran into a bunch of other people I hadn’t talk to in ten years, but I wouldn’t quit looking for Kayla and Chloe. The gym wasn’t the size of a stadium, but slightly big. As time went on, I actually just wanted to keep my chin up and kept looking.I managed to keep my mouth shut for the most part, but still had to say ‘Hi’ or ‘What’s up?’ from time to time to various people. Nothing and no one would stop me from finding those two, but of course, after an hour, I found myself leaning onto a wall.I looked over the population again. “Damn it, they were inseparable in high school, and now I can’t find them to save my life. I’m guessing they didn’t come, because one wouldn’t show up without the other. Too bad, I’m sure they both got hotter than ever, or maybe that’s just my mind making that happen. Shit, I don’t know. Even if nothing happened with either of them, I would have at least seen those beautiful ladies. I thought maybe I’d at least see one of them and bring up some old memories, or something. For all I know, one could have moved to Africa, and the other went to Asia. I have no idea, but yet, I’m back here in this steaming hot gym and I’m loathing myself for being here. At least this time, I’m looking for something I want and not doing jumping jacks or pushups.”I couldn’t give up, but yet, I felt discouraged by every minute after I couldn’t walk around anymore. Nonetheless, I felt my rod and surely jiggled a bit at the thought of getting with one of them. Although, as I looked up again, and didn’t see them, I sighed.”Oh, fuck it,” I whined, pushing myself away from the wall. “I’ve been here for an hour and a half now, and I haven’t gotten even a whiff of either of them. It’s not like I thought I’d be able to get with either of them tonight, and they could be married too. Maybe they’re at their homes having sex with their husbands. They were ravishing in high school, and I just know their beauty came with age too, so those hypothetical men are lucky bastards,” I ranted before I started walking.I didn’t speak, but then I ran into someone. “Oh, sorry, Glenn, good to see you again,” I said, turning to him.He didn’t talk, but then I looked past him. ‘Wait a minute, is that them?’ I thought before I walked past him.I failed to look back at him, and just hurried as I saw two ladies strolling towards the girl’s locker room. I couldn’t be certain it was them, but I didn’t care. I pushed people somewhat, but didn’t knock anyone down.As they made it to the door, I saw them both turn a bit. “Oh, yes, that’s them, those are their stunning faces, and yes, they are more beautiful than I could ever imagine. They are still best friends and now they’re ankara escort in the women’s locker room too. What could they be doing in there together?” I pondered before I stopped in front of the door.I looked at it for a second, but turned and leaned against the wall next to it. I knew I couldn’t be seen walking in there, even though they seemed to sneak in there undetected by anyone other than me. I stood on my toes and waited at least a few minutes.”Maybe they could come out in a minute, and then I could talk to them. At least I could sweet talk one of Chloe and Kayla, or maybe both of them. Just getting one in bed would be wishful thinking, but both would be supernatural, I’d have to be a sexual demon or some shit,” I said before a pause. “What if they are together, though? I wasn’t there during their sleepovers when they were eighteen; they could have experimented or something. I haven’t seen them in ten years, so who knows?”It was a cement wall, so I couldn’t hear anything but stayed close to it. I surely wanted Chloe and Kayla, and they renewed my excitement as I finally got to see them. I rubbed the back of my body onto the wall at the thought of what they might be doing in there.I didn’t touch my crotch during that time, so I didn’t call attention to myself, but of course, they had me rather horny. I had to bite down on my bottom lip and contain myself a bit, but of course, I knew I’d have to act or walk away in due time.”Again, fuck it,” I groaned before turning to the door and opening it casually.I still didn’t open it up all the way, but for enough for me to come in there with them.I didn’t let it make noise, but as soon as I looked forward, my jaw nearly dropped. “Yes, they’re making out.”I saw them both with their eyes closed, but I made sure to hide behind a pillar towards the door. Needless to say, my eyes didn’t part from them even for a second.”I didn’t know, but I knew it,” I mumbled, pushing myself against it. “They’re together, and now they’re making out like lesbo lovers. Fuck yes, I want to fuck them, but this is smoking hot most definitely. Even just seeing them kiss each other is wonderful by itself, but please, let the horny guy watching you see more. I haven’t seen you in ten years now, but I was completely right that you both look so much prettier than I could ever imagine. You’re both feeling each other’s butts while wearing the same dress, but in different colors. One in pink and one in green, and they both look dazzling in them too. Holy shit, I don’t know what to say. I should respect their privacy, but they’re the only reason I came to this reunion. I can’t just respect their privacy, because I can’t think of another chance, I’d get to see something like this. Damn, you two are sucked into each other, but oh, you’re parting your lips.””This brings back memories, doesn’t it? Waiting for everyone to leave so, we could make out, Chloe?””Trust me, I remember, it just took me seeing you underdressed, or not wearing anything at all for a few years before I needed to express my feelings physically,” Chloe made clear, pushing Kayla up against the lockers somewhat.”Really, just to be clear, what was the straw that broke the camel’s back that made you not speak at all, but to come to me, and pull me right to you?””I guess every day; it was just another sexy straw until I couldn’t take it. It was nothing specific, you’re just a natural beauty, Kayla,” she explained before bringing her hand to Kayla’s hair. “Maybe it was the black hair, and it’s grown flawlessly over the years too. I love you, Mrs. Penskin.””I love you too, Mrs. Matter,” Kayla added before they kissed again.”They’re married, and they first hooked up here in the locker room, how sexy?” I mumbled, feeling my crotch again. “Oh, you have it rock hard, but shit, you’re going for diamond now, Chloe, feel your wife up and pull out those tits. I never got to see them before, but I’m sure they’re more delicate and eye-popping than before most definitely. Oh, but don’t rip the dress, it looks stunning on both of you. I know, I’m biased, but spaghetti straps on anyone are sexy, and you’re more dashing than ever. Oh, yes, you’re not wearing a bra, Kayla, and now your wife is sucking on your nipple. Holy shit, I’m so glad I came to this reunion. You two are magical,” I let out before I had to undo my pants.I failed to speak and pulled out my cock. I couldn’t help, but to please myself to this steaming hot scene. I surely didn’t let my eyes off them for even a second, I just glowed like I had never done before, and masturbated like I was about to die.”Yes, just like that, Chloe, just like the old days,” Kayla moaned, scrubbing Chole’s head.I smiled and cherished the sight, all the while; I felt to be in a sauna, so my whole body was covered in sweat. Nothing and no one, but I could seem to screw up my pleasure, and I surely knew that.With that in mind, I tried my best to keep a lid on myself, but of course, they wooed me without even knowing it. I saw Chloe perform the mature act on her wife’s nipple, and after a couple of minutes, I saw her hands come out to Kayla’s dress.”Oh, you’re pulling up her dress now,” I whispered before a gap. “You’re wearing panties, ankara escort bayan Kayla, you’re dirty, but not that dirty. You didn’t wear a bra, but you’re wearing a pink lace thong though. Fuck, again, it doesn’t matter, you’re both drop-dead sexy to me, no matter what. I can’t see your pussy, Kayla, but I know your wife’s hand is down on it now, thrilling you in a room you first started hooking up in, now that’s a great story.”My member felt to be as hot as fire, and my wrist nearly felt like a nail was stuck in there too. Nevertheless, I wasn’t about to stop. They fed me all the eye candy I could take, and I surely intended to get a sugar high too.My feet tapped down on the tiled floor so often; I thought I’d give myself away, but yet, they seemed more than invested in their time together. I didn’t know what to make of it, other than they were truly in love.”Oh, yes, I didn’t want to see most of those people out there anyway. Maybe a few people, we don’t even know if they all came, though. I have your mouth on my nipple and fingers digging in my twat too, so I’m not complaining,” Kayla let out, pressuring Chloe’s head on her tit.’I nearly feel like screaming and running out to the track to run a mile. Fuck, I’m shedding tears now, because this is just so damn great. Yes, keep that dress up so I can see your hand moving, and switch nipples too, I want to see the one in your mouth.’As if she heard my thought, Chloe moved her mouth to Kayla’s other boob.”Yes, you were always great at not playing favorites with my jugs,” Kayla let out, pushing the dress over her shoulders.’Hell yes, Kayla is in her thong now. What could be better?'”Well, they’re equally sexy, Kayla,” Chloe made clear, lifting her head right before she took off her dress. “We can get over the awkwardness of seeing each other in just our undergarments, right?””Yes, but it might be after we kiss each other, Chloe,” Kayla said before pasting their lips together.I saw their tits come together perfectly as if they had the exact same cup size. I couldn’t be sure, but I didn’t care. They both encased their arms around each other and seemed to pull one another closer together as they leaned on the lockers.I didn’t even know how I managed not to cum just yet, but I still reveled in the sight in front of me. I also was clueless about how Chloe and Kayla didn’t have any idea I was there or fear that anyone could come in there with them.A minute later, Chloe parted her lips from Kayla’s and calmly dropped down to her knees. Without speaking, she grabbed her wife’s thong and tugged it down ever so slowly. My eyes widened even more as they got sight of Kayla’s snatch.”Yes, yes, yes, now you’re eating your wife out, I love it,” I moaned.”Just like that, you filthy woman, it took until our fifth date to get you to munch on my slit,” Kayla let out, plopping her hands on Chloe’s head. “You’re dynamite, but metaphorically. Eat that pussy and get your wife’s cum all over your face too.”‘Kayla’s beaver is so much sexier than I could ever imagine, and she has a bush too. Fuck yes, I can see it all, even with Chloe’s tongue on it. I can see the entire front half of your body, and you’re dazzling too. Holy shit, I think I might be in love. I wanted to get with both of them, but now that I see them both naked, I just wonder how I didn’t make it happen. Damn it; this is probably the most bittersweet moment I think I’ve ever experienced.’I viewed Chloe going to town on Kayla like nothing I could imagine, and I could never comprehend how another situation could happen again. So, I couldn’t stop watching to save my life.Although, then I twitched and went up against the wall. “Yes,” I moaned before closing my eyes and shooting my load.”Is someone there?” I heard Kayla ask.”Crap,” I let out as I kept spewing.”Who the hell is there?” I heard Chloe ask as well as I heard footsteps. “What the fuck, asshole?””Shit, I’m sorry,” I apologized, putting my schlong away and failing to see them.”What the hell, get out of here, you perv,” Kayla attacked me, leaning towards me. “Oh, shit, Chloe, look who it is, Phil Cromwell,” she giggled. “Oh, the ladies’ man in the flesh.”I let out a deep breath. “Yes,” I mentioned, peeking at them. “I’m sorry, I had been looking for you two for nearly two hours, and then I saw you two coming in here together. I waited for like ten minutes before I came in here and saw you two making out. I had no idea you two were together.””And that’s why you’re sweating bullets, you horny bastard,” Chloe branded me, leaning down to me.”Yes, I’m very sorry, I’ll go now,” I offered, rising.”No, you don’t need to leave. We were fucking in a public building, and we don’t need you turning us in, now do we, Chloe?” Kayla asked, coming to me.”I promise, I won’t, but you’re both so much more stunning than I could have ever envisioned. Wow, I was like speechless, but not speechless. Even when you’re covering yourselves with your dresses, you’re both intoxicating. I don’t know what else to say, but I’m sorry. You two are the only reason I came to this reunion?””Oh, really? Well, even though we like pussy, we still like flattery from straight guys,” Kayla added as they both dropped their dresses.”That escort ankara got you to open your mouth widely, Phil,” Chloe mentioned, getting behind Kayla. “So, how much did you hear?” she asked, placing her hands on Kayla’s melons, but failing to cover her nipples.”That you’re married and a brief sexual history that started in this room.””Did you ever have sex with a woman in here?””No, Chloe, but in the men’s locker room, I did.””Nice, Phil, but why didn’t you ever ask one of us out, afraid we’d say no?””I don’t know, but I’ve always regretted it. Now, you two are together and getting hotter by the second. Every single inch of both of your bodies are superb, and I can’t praise you enough.””Is that why you jacked off to us?” Kayla pondered.”Yes, I thought that was obvious.””Did anyone see you come in here?””I don’t know, possibly, I guess.””Good, but let’s not make the same mistake twice, Kayla,” Chloe made clear, going to the door. “You need to lock it, remember?””I’m sorry Chloe, I just forgot, you don’t need to give me shit.””You two really are married,” I chuckled.”Yes, we are,” Chloe let out, coming behind me. “Well, you got to see us, so how about we see your dick at least in the light?” she asked, bringing her hands to my crotch.”Why, I thought you two were lesbians.””Hey!” Kayla snapped, hitting my chest. “We’re both bisexual, you perv. Just because we married each other doesn’t mean we stop appreciating dicks, you know. You watch porn with a man fucking a woman, right? That doesn’t mean you like the pecker, but you appreciate the sex, right?””I’m sorry again, Kayla. It won’t happen again.””See to it that it doesn’t,” she warned me, taking out my johnson and right before she glanced at it. “Oh, you’re hiding quite the fat snake, Phil,” she complimented me, stroking it before peeking at me again. “So, is it fair to say you want to join us? It can’t be enough to see us together, can it? You saw the chocolate bar, but now you need to taste it, correct?””Well, he’s vibrating like our vibrators, Kayla, so I think you’re onto something,” Chloe pointed out, coming around and getting behind Kayla.”You’re spot on, Kayla.””Why don’t you give me a kiss then?”I looked at Chloe for a second, and she nodded. Without delay, I closed my eyes and pressed my lips onto Kayla’s. All the while, she rubbed my wood and I swear it still got harder than what it was before they caught me.”Come on, dude, don’t be shy, feel my wife’s butt. It won’t bite, trust me, I know.”Without parting my lips, I moved my hands to her butt. Just as I figured, her butt was mushier than I could imagine, as long as with her hands. Sure enough, Kayla at least proved that she was still into men as well.After a minute, though, Kayla’s lips drifted off mine. “So, are you happy you came to the reunion?””Yes, Kayla.””And you enjoyed seeing Chloe go down on me?””Yes.””You have a hard pecker, would you mind if Chloe felt it too?””Not at all.”Kayla moved so Chloe could get right in front of me too. Although, I immediately began walking backward and went back up against the wall.”Oh, it was obvious he liked us, Kayla, but we have him squirming it seems.””That’s fair, ladies,” I muttered, rubbing my head.”Oh, did that hurt?” Kayla pondered.”A tad.””I think my wife can make you feel better, can’t you, Chloe?” Kayla asked, turning her head.”Yes,” Chloe answered before they both placed their hands on each other’s face and kissed each other.My eyes widened as much as possible, and my whole figure shook too. With every passing minute, they got hotter, and seeing them make out up close looked better than seeing Chloe fuck Kayla’s twat with her mouth.”I love you to the moon, Chloe,” Kayla made clear, parting her lips.”Well, I love you to the moon and back, floozy, so suck on that while I suck on something else.””Shut up, skank,” Kayla ordered her, pushing her down to her knees.Chloe failed to delay, and took my rod in her hands. “Yes, we’re married, Phil,” she reminded me before taking my cock into mouth.”I can tell, Chloe,” I moaned, covering my face with both hands. “Holy shit, I’m sorry I never asked you out, I know now I should have.””Damn right, horndog,” Kayla said, coming up on my left side. “You probably would’ve gotten to fuck me too, so you lost out ten years ago, but now you can make up for some lost time, but remember, we’re married.””So, this is only going to happen once?”She leaned to me and kissed me. “Well, that depends on you, Phil, you just need to prove that we need to keep a cock around, and if you do, maybe we’ll invite you over from time to time. You still live here in the city, right?””Yes, do you two as well?””Yes, it’s the city where I learned I loved my best friend, so neither of us wanted to leave,” she replied, pushing her tits on my arm. “Did my wife lose her touch for dicksucking, Phil?” she asked, wrapping her arms around me.”No, she did not, but maybe that’s just me eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, thinking its prime rib. Holy crap, you’re both to die for most definitely.””Well, don’t die, Phil, the reunion lasts four hours, and we still have two left, she reminded me before kissing me. “Oh, and you’re a good kisser too,” she complimented me, stealing one hand and setting it on her tit. “Don’t worry,” she said, taking my other one. “She’ll get mad, but I’ll show her who is boss later,” she made clear, sticking the other on her other boob. “Believe it or not, that chick thinks these need to be implanted.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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