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Chris and Dave

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Big Tits

Chris and Dave Long lost loveChris stood in the gardens waiting for David, the contractor who was going to re-construct the home that had been left to her by her Grandparents. She intended to oversee the whole project from start to finish. David had been recommended by a good friend and she liked his ideas and quotes. There had been a lot of correspondence between the two parties over the last few months but she had yet to meet him personally.A truck turned into the driveway and pulled up a few feet from where she stood. A man stepped down. He was a good looking man, probably about 28 years of age, standing about six foot three inches, with dark hair and dressed in cowboy style, and when he moved closer she saw that his eyes were hazel with shots of gold flashing through..”Good morning Ma_am, he greeted her with a husky voice. I am David Connor but usually known as Dave to my workers and friends.””Good morning Dave, Chris replied. It’s good to meet in person; and I am Chris McMillan.””Well, lets get down to business now, I know that you approve of most of my ideasand I would like to discuss anything you might like to change before the workers starttomorrow,” he questioned.”Dave, I will be here most of the time overseeing what is being done, so I think we can sort out anything as it comes up; that is if you don’t mind. I promise I won’t get in the way.” Chris replied.”That’s seems okay with me, as long as you wear a hard-hat whenever you are on thesite.”They discussed a few more things and then Dave left.The next morning Chris was on site before Dave and the workers arrived and was having a cup of coffee in the same place they had met the day before. Dave waved and bought the men over to meet her and istanbul travesti explained that Chris would be around most of the time and he didn’t want any disrespect shown towards her. He then gave them their orders for the day and they all went to their respective areas of work.After a couple of weeks Chris and Dave began to eat lunch together so that they coulddiscuss the progress and became comfortable with each other.One evening after work, Dave asked Chris if she would have dinner with him one night. She thought about it for a moment and agreed. After all they were friends and could always talk about the work.It was settled for Saturday night and Dave organized to pick her up about 7pm. He asked to her to wear something stylish.Chris was about five foot nine inches tall, with a very curvaceous figure. She was 46 years old. Her breasts were about 38c with a slim waist and curvy hips. She had beautifully long legs. Along with that she had honey blond hair and green-gray eyes, and full lips.When she met Dave at the door, she was wearing an emerald green sheath reaching to just above the knees and 4inch high heels and black stockings which showed off her legs.They drove to the ‘Orient,’ an Asian restaurant just on the outskirts of town, which happened to be one of Chris’ favorites, and she had often eaten here. It was renowned for the service and quality of food. They were seated in a booth overlooking the brightly lit gardens. They ordered their entrees and dinners. Chris decided on a prawn cocktail and a boneless lemon chicken. Dave ordered spring rolls and beef with black bean sauce. He also ordered a bottle of Chardonnay white wine..They talked over dinner about istanbul travestileri the project but when it they had finished eating, Chris asked Dave if he would like a nightcap and coffee at her place. He quickly agreed. When they arrived at Chris’ condo, he was surprised to find it was in such an upmarket area. Chris saw the surprise on his face and explained that her grandparents had left her quite a sizeable inheritance and she could afford this as well as the renovations to the older home. When it was finished she would move into it and probably lease this one.She showed him where the drinks cabinet was and went to the kitchen to make the coffee. She carried the coffee tray into the lounge room where Dave was sitting, having poured the drinks, Tia Maria for Chris and Brandy for himself.She sat down beside him on the sofa and they started to speak of their own lives and backgrounds. Dave was questioning her about her family, and asked her about her generous grandparents. Chris told him that all of her family had now passed away but she had wonderful memories of them. He then asked where they had come from, what part of the British Isles and she said they were all Irish but she had been born in England.Dave then replied that he had an Irish heritage too, and he had been in England since he was about 10. They then discovered that they both came from families who had lived in the same town. Dave thought this was getting interesting and as the conversation progressed, found himself telling her that he had been adopted at about 6 months and had stayed in Ireland until he was 10 when his adoptive mother died and his adoptive father decided to re-house them to England. travesti istanbul Chris told him that her grandparents had never lived in the house being renovated but it had been in their possession for many years, having been bequeathed to them from a very close friend. They hadn’t wanted to move from their home at the time. So she had decided to take a look at it and then decide what to do. She had fallen in love with it at first glance.“By the way, what was the surname of your grandparents,” asked Dave.“McMillan,” she replied.“Oh my god, that is the same name as my birth mother, said Dave. I can’t believe that we may be cousins or something.” Chris was startled at this outburst and began to cry. Dave moved to her side and drew her into his arms to comfort her. She finally eased off crying and looked up at him, with so much love in her eyes.Gazing at him, Chris then uttered the words, “Dave, I believe you are my son, everything seems to fit together so well to be just a coincidence.”“I can’t believe this David, I never thought I would see you again, especially in this situation. Here I was thinking that we could begin a relationship although there is a difference in our ages. Now I am confronted with my long lost son. I have kept you in my heart all these years, now I don’t know what to do or think.”They sat for an hour or so just remembering and speaking of their past histories. While Dave held her in his arms still to comfort her, he discovered that he was becoming aroused. He didn’t want to let her go. He still had the same feelings for her that he had when he invited her out to dinner and didn’t know how to go about passing them on to her.Chris looked up at him and drew his face down to hers and French kissed him with so much love. He submitted to the embrace and then stood up and took her in his arms and carried her to the bedroom.He laid her on the bed and began to strip off her dress and then her panties and bras. She lay there just in those sexy black stockings and high heel shoes.

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