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Christine’s Special Room Ch. 02

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This is the continuation of Christine’s day in her special room. Now that she’s been prepared, you may recall that the doorbell rang. In this chapter Christine gets thoroughly examined and probed. And despite her humiliating situations, she submits completely and ends up with two cocks and a tremendous orgasm.

* * * * * * * * *

I answered the door. It was my friend Bob from next door. We’ve become quite close since Christine I moved into our house. Over the past few months I had started telling Bob about some of the kinky things that Christine I do. At first he didn’t believe what I told him, but eventually as I kept telling him more and more he figured some of it must be true. He just stopped by to return a movie that we loaned him the other day.

I guess he sensed that he was interrupting something. Perhaps I seemed a little bit anxious when I let him in. “Is everything alright,” he asked.

“Uhh…, yeah… everything’s okay,” I answered.

He looked at me strangely and then smiled. “You and…. Christine… you’re…”

I smiled back shaking my head in agreement.

“You lucky son-of-a-bitch you.” “I wish my wife did the things you guys do.” “I get horny just thinking about the stuff you told me.” He paused for a moment. “So…, what are you doing to her today?”

I hesitated at first, sorting of just staring at him contemplating. Then I said, “well… want to see?”

“You’re fuckin’ kidding me,” he burst out in surprise.

Bob followed me downstairs. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Christine strapped to our GYN table totally naked. He looked around the room. “Fuck, look at this place,” he exclaimed in near disbelief seeing all the sex toys.

When Christine heard his voice she looked at me and I could see the embarrassment on her face. Here she was stretched out and restrained to a table naked in front of our neighbor. “Don’t say anything Christine.” “I want to show off my beautiful slut to my friend, so you just lay there.” Christine did as she was told. She didn’t say a word.

Bob walked over and stared at her gorgeous naked body on the table. The stirrups had her legs spread apart, so he could see her juicy pussy. “My God she’s pretty,” he commented. “You fuckin’ lucky guy.”

I could see he was admiring Christine’s cunt. “Nice, isn’t it,” I commented as I stroked my fingers down her thighs. “She gets so wet too.” I unfastened Christine’s hands from the cuffs. “Show Bob your cunt,” I ordered. “I think he likes it.” She slowly moved her hands down to her pussy. I knew she felt awkward exposing herself like this. But she obeyed and using both hands spread her cunt open until Bob could see the pink flesh inside.

At first Bob seemed a bit uncomfortable looking at her like this. “Isn’t she going to be mad at you bringing me down here,” he asked.

“No,” I replied. “Ask her.”

Bob looked at Christine lying there holding her cunt open for him. “Uhh….. Maybe I should go,” Bob nervously suggested.

Christine looked at me to offer help in answering what to do. She felt so embarrassed being naked in front of him. Yet, she knew I brought him downstairs and obviously wanted him to see her. And she could never do anything to displease me. As uncomfortable as it made her she answered with a soft innocent voice, “No that’s okay.” “I’m a slut.” “You can look at my cunt, see.” And she spread it open real wide.

Bob looked at me in amazement. “My God.” He just stared in silence looking at Christine’s pink hole.

“Do you fuck her a lot,” he asked?

“Yes of course I do,” I answered. “Actually, I do her ass a lot.”

“Fuck, you’re kiddin’ me.” “She likes it in the ass?”

“She loves it in the ass.” “Isn’t that right slut?” I asked Christine patting the exposed anadolu yakası escort part of her rear end. She didn’t answer, but just lay there listening to us talk about how I use her. “Yeah, she’s a real ass whore.” “Let me show you.”

I removed Christine’s legs from the stirrups and attached them to the same chain that was holding her wrists earlier. In that position her legs were pulled way up giving us complete access to her ass. Her wrists I bound together above her head. Then I patted her butt again as I asked. “You don’t mind putting on a little sex show for Bob and show him what a dirty whore you are?”

I explained to Bob, “before you dropped by I had just given her an enema.” “Let me show you her tight little asshole.” I grabbed my special anal speculum from the cabinet. It’s a stainless steel medical speculum that’s just over five inches long and when inserted opens up to a full three inches. I squirted a big glob of KY on her pucker and pushed it in with my finger. Bob was staring, completely mesmerized seeing me violating Christine’s anal hole. Then I slowly inserted the speculum. When it was fully implanted inside Christine’s ass, I began opening it. As her anal hole got wider and wider, Bob was whispering to himself, “fuck..” “fuck”… “look at that hole.” I had her fully opened to three inches. I have to say even for myself, I love seeing Christine’s ass gaping that way.

I glanced over at Bob. “Pretty nice shit hole, huh?” I turned the light above our heads so Bob could see inside. “I can’t believe you do this to her.” And she likes it,” Bob questioned?

“Hey slut, ” I called to Christine. “Bob wants to know if you like what I do to you?”

At first Christine glanced to me looking for permission to admit that she loves being treated like a whore. “Go ahead, tell him,” I softly answered her unspoken question. Christine looked at Bob saying, “yes I love it.” “I’m a slut; just a dirty whore and I love being used.”

I wondered what was going through her mind as she admitted to Bob that she loved being a submissive whore for me. It made me think about the next time she saw him outside or when we visited him and his wife, the feeling she would experience. I’m sure from now on every time Bob saw Christine, he would picture her naked with a gaping ass being a dirty little slut. And Christine I’m sure would just think, ‘yes I know, I’m a dirty whore.’

“See,” I said turning to Bob? “She will do anything to please me.” Then I stuck two fingers inside her wide open asshole feeling around inside her rectum. When I removed them I put them immediately to Christine’s lips. “Suck them whore,” I ordered. Christine opened her mouth taking my dirty fingers and cleaned them with her lips and tongue. Bob went wild when he heard her moaning expressions of enjoyment. “Mmmmmm.” “Mmmmmm.” And then she licked her lips.

“Fuck…, you have to be the luckiest bastard alive,’ Bob gasped out. “You got your own personal whore.”

Then I asked Bob, “do want to touch her clit?” “You don’t mind if Bob feels your clit, do you slut,” I asked? And I wondered what she thought of me letting another man play with her cunt. Of course I wasn’t expecting her to answer. I was expecting her to just lay there and allow me to show her off to my friend.

Bob hesitatingly reached out with his hand touching her hardened clit with one finger. “Fuck, she’s aroused isn’t she?” “I wish my wife would be a hot little slut like this.” He began slowly rubbing it. Then he took Christine’s clit between two fingers lightly squeezing it. “She’s so wet.”

“Go ahead,” I urged. “Stick them in her cunt.”

Bob didn’t need to be told twice. His fingers slowly pushed inside Christine’s wet pussy. He began fingering ankara anal escort her, shoving his fingers in and out of her wet juicy fuckhole. Christine started moaning. I moved up to watch her facial expressions now that I was allowing another man to touch her. I leaned to kiss her and whisper, “is my whore enjoying this?” She groaned out, “oh yes, as long as it pleases you.”

“Want to see her cum,” I asked Bob? “I just picked something up today and want to try it out on her.” Bob pulled his fingers out waiting to see what kinky idea I had in mind next. Christine was straining trying to see what I had.

I had bought a rectal colon tube. It was a smooth flexible tube with a rounded end and eyeholes on the sides. It measured thirty inches long. I thought it would make Christine crazy inserting this deep into her rectal channel. I also figured that on occasions I could give her a good deep enema cleaning her out completely. But I figured tonight that I’d just see how far I could get it in to stimulate her.

Bob watched as I inserted the tube through the spread-opened speculum and into her gaping ass. I kept pushing it in until I felt the resistance from it hitting bottom inside her rectum. Then slowly I began moving it around attempting to locate the entrance of her rectal channel that led deeper into her ass. I knew that once I found it, I could push the tube further and snake it through her long twisting rectal passage. I’m sure the feeling of the tube traveling up inside her body slowly going deeper and deeper would make her absolutely crazy.

I kept moving it around and finally, “yes,” there it was. The tube inched in deeper. Christine moaned out. “Ohhhh!!!! Ohhhh!!!” I told Bob, “play with her clit while I get this in.”

Bob did as I suggested and started fingering her clit, rubbing it, and teasing it. I wiggled the tube while pushing, forcing it further into her. “Ohhhh!, “Oh Fuckk!!!,” she cried out again. She didn’t stop. She kept moaning over and over as I inserted the tube deeper and deeper. I had over twelve inches inside her ass and still she was taking more. It was slowly going in an inch at a time, as she moaned and squirmed on the table. “Ohhhhhh…, Ohhhhhhh…., Fuckkkkkk…”

Now I had over half in. Bob was furiously frigging her hard clit. I knew she was close to cumming as she twisted and turned on the table. “Does it feel good, slut,” I asked? “Do you like getting your rectum probed like this?” I kept pushing, working it through her dirty anal passage. Bob continued rubbing her clit. I had only about eight inches left sticking out of her gaping ass. Even I was amazed that I had over two feet of tubing snaked up deep into her rectal channel.

Then I slapped her butt hard. “Whore!!!” “C’mon and cum, you Whore!!!” “Look at you.” “Your ass is wide open, your rectum stuffed deep, and our neighbor is playing with your clit. “So c’mon and cum.” I slapped her ass again.

I knew she was on the verge of cumming real hard. I could sense the excitement building within her. This was a new experience for Christine. She never had anything so deep inside her body. And I was doing it to her in front of Bob. “Okay slut,” I yelled out. “This will make you cum.” And I quickly attached the remaining end of the rectal tube to an enema bag hanging overhead and released the clip. The bag had roughly two quarts of warm water, which immediately began flowing deep into Christine’s rectum. As soon as the liquid first entered her body and flowed into her tiny rectal passage, it set her off like I’ve never seen before.

She started cumming and wailing out, “OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!” “FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!” “FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!” As soon as she began ankara anal yapan escort screaming I started pulling the tube out, making it slowly drag through her sensitive rectal channel leaving a flow of warm water spurting out and filling her passage completely. I kept calling her “slut,” “cunt,” “filthy anal whore.” “You love getting your ass used, don’t you?”

She responded with screaming and moaning as her orgasm continued. “Uhhhhhh,…. fuckkkkk,….. ohhhhhh,…… fuckkkkkkkk…….” She bounced and twisted on the table writhing out of control while Bob pressed his fingers hard on her clit. He could feel it throb as he watched me extract the remainder of the tube buried up her gaping hole.

Finally the tube dropped out. Bob released her clit. Christine was gasping for breath as her orgasm went on and on for minutes before subsiding. I had to grab a plastic pan and hold it by her ass as the water began spilling out of her stretched asshole. She had no control over herself. Her body trembled on the table as her orgasm set off waves of pleasure, while at the same time ejecting the deep enema from her bowels. When it looked like it was over, I removed the speculum from her ass and positioned her legs back in the stirrups.

I glanced at Bob. “She’s pretty hot stuff, huh?”

He replied. “Fuck…, I’m as horny as can be and my wife better be in the mood tonight.”

From looking at Bob I realized how incredibly turned on he was. So I asked him, “do you want her to suck you off?”

“Oh shit, you’d make her do that,” he asked?

“If I tell her too, she’ll do it.” Bob stood there rubbing his cock through his pants.

“Go on, I’ll fuck her cunt while she sucks you.”

Bob moved up to her face and unbuckled his pants. “Okay slut,” I began instructing Christine. “You give Bob a good blowjob.” “Do you hear?”

With that Christine turned her head toward Bob. When he dropped his underwear a hard eight-inch cock popped out. “Fuck, I don’t believe this,” he moaned out. He moved closer and his cock pushed through Christine’s lips. She began sucking as he pumped in and out of her mouth. I moved between Christine’s legs and dropped my pants to the floor. Then I shoved my hard cock into her cunt. Now with her arms restrained above her and legs spread open and bound by the stirrups, she had two cocks fucking her; one in her mouth and one in her cunt. We were treating her like nothing more than a piece of fuckmeat using her body to satisfy our hard cocks.

Bob was stuffing himself into her mouth faster and faster and sometimes pushing into her throat. When he saw Christine could handle him with no problem he kept doing it. “My God she’s good,” he yelled out. “What a great cocksucker.”

I think I was more excited just from watching Bob fuck Christine’s mouth. It made me start cumming. My cock throbbed inside her cunt spurting several thick streams of cum into her hot little hole. Bob couldn’t hold out much longer either. After a couple more times down Christine’s throat, he pulled back and cried out, “fuck,, I’m cumming.” He held his cock right at Christine’s mouth. And she held it open waiting for his cum like the good little cumwhore I knew she was. He began shooting sperm as he slowly stroked his hard cock. His thick cream flooded Christine’s mouth. She swallowed… and then licked at his cock using her tongue on him. She kept gulping and eating until he was done. Bob watched in amazement as she acted like a greedy cum slut for him. “She swallows it.” “She’s eats it.” “Fuck!!!”

Bob backed away from Christine and she turned her head still licking her lips. I pulled from her cunt and looked at Bob saying, “she’s a great little girl, isn’t she?”

“I’ll say,” he replied. “Maybe I should figure a way to get my wife here to be trained like this.” Then he pulled his trousers back on. “Well, I guess I better get going.” “I’ll never forget this, thanks.”

I walked upstairs with Bob leaving Christine on the table. It was early yet and she knew I would have more in store for her later.



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