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Christmas Miracles

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This is my entry for the Winter Holidays Story Contest. This is my first attempt at entering a Literotica contest, and hope it will be well received.


Benjamin Scott was overcome with joy as he held his newborn daughter in his arms in the maternity ward of St. Francis Medical center. His beautiful young wife had delivered little Wendy, who was named after her wife’s mother, at one minute after midnight on Christmas day. Coincidentally, both the baby’s grandmother and father were both born on the very same day and time. The nuns and nurses were all fawning over the baby and calling her a Christmas Miracle. The proud father reluctantly gave his daughter back to her mother, because he knew she was hungry, and her mother Christine’s milk had started to leak from her breasts.

Life had not always been so kind to Ben. He had been born exactly forty years before under dreadful circumstances, during a particularly nasty winter storm. His father William was out of town when his mother went into labor at 8PM on Christmas Eve. His Uncle Henry and Aunt Wilma drove his Mother Ellen to St. Francis Hospital, and his father was on his way home from Indiana to be there for the birth.

It seemed that the stars were not aligned properly, and that night a double tragedy occurred. His father was killed in a pileup on the highway in Danville at 11 PM, and his mother died from complications related to the birth, which happened precisely at one minute after Midnight, Christmas day.

Since the child was their nephew, Henry and Wilma Scott were given custody of the baby. In an unexpected twist, when they were asked what the baby boy’s first name was, Henry said “Ebenezer,” as some kind of cruel joke. When his wife asked him about the name choice, he said, “It will make him grow up to be tough and self-reliant,” referring to the title character of a song by Johnny Cash, ‘A Boy Named Sue’.

Needless to say, the boy was subjected to a childhood filled with taunts and incessant bullying. In first grade at St. Anthony’s Catholic Grade School, he met Jacob Marley, who would become his lifelong best friend. They were both taunted, sharing a common embarrassment, and wore the scorn of their classmates as a badge of courage.

Everything changed when the two friends started high school, and met Wendy Darling. She was blond, with fair skin and azure eyes, and was the most beautiful creature they had ever seen. By this time, the boys were known as Ben and Jake, and no one bothered them about their birth names anymore. The three became inseparable, and spent as much time as they could together.

By this time Ben’s Uncle Henry had died in an accident with a drunk driver, and his Aunt Wilma was practically a recluse. Ben checked in on her regularly, but spent most of his time at Jake’s house, and it was a relief to Ben when his aunt died from cancer during their senior year.

The three teenagers went everywhere together, and dated as a threesome, even going to the prom as a trio. No one at the school thought this was strange because it seemed as if they had always been together.

By the time the three graduated from high school, both boys were in love with Wendy, and she with both of them. She had a decision to make, and did not know what to do. She told her mother about her dilemma, and asked her which boy she should choose. Her mother said that because she and Ben had the same birthday, this was a bad sign, and would go against Karma if she married him. She never told anyone about this conversation, and didn’t even consider whom she would marry until they started college the following fall.

The boys were having the same conversation between themselves, and not wanting to one-up each other, they decided to both ask Wendy, and let her make the decision who she would marry. On Wendy’s and Ben’s nineteenth birthday, at a party held at Jake’s parents’ house, both boys got down on one knee together and asked Wendy for her hand in marriage. The decision she made that evening would change the lives of four people, three of them alive, and one yet unborn. Because of what her mother had told her, Wendy chose Jake, and Ben, of course, had his heart broken.

Jake and Wendy were married in late March, during Spring Break, with Ben as best man. As the young couple went on a short honeymoon, Ben considered his options. Since he was on his own, he changed his name legally to Benjamin, applied to, and was accepted into an apprenticeship as an electrician. After he finished his second semester at college he quit school, began his apprenticeship training, and started his first job as an apprentice electrician, wiring houses for a local residential electrical contractor. He remained close to his best friends, and was in the maternity waiting room at St. Francis on Christmas Eve, when Wendy went into labor with their little girl, Christine. The coincidence of the birth occurring at one minute past Midnight, Christmas Day, was not lost on any who were in attendance.

Little casino siteleri Christine was the image of her mother, according to grandma and grandpa, and Wendy decided to take off some time from school to be a full time mother. Jake’s father got him a paid internship with the brokerage where he worked, so that Jake could afford to support his family and still go to college. By this time, Ben was living on his own in the house on the West Bluff he had inherited from his aunt and uncle, and was in the process of completely remodeling it. Jake and Wendy brought little Christine home to a condominium her father had bought for them.

Ben got laid off from the housing contractor just before his next birthday, but because of his excellent work record, the JATC transferred him to a large commercial and industrial electrical contractor, building new factory facilities for the company that made big yellow earthmoving machines.

Everything seemed to be going along smoothly, until karma reared its ugly head again. After the holidays, when Jake went back to his job at the brokerage after Christine’s second birthday, Jake and Wendy were given an anniversary present. It seems that his extra effort at the firm had been noticed, and the CEO of the firm paid for a two week vacation in the Caribbean for their second anniversary.

Everyone was happy, and grandma and grandpa were excited about being able to spoil their granddaughter. Ben drove them to the airport as saw them off on their second honeymoon. They were having the time of their lives and were deep sea fishing off the coast of Nassau, when they were caught in a freak tropical storm, and drowned. Both Jake’s and Wendy’s parents were inconsolable, so Ben took charge, calling in favors from old friends, taking charge of having their bodies brought home, and making the funeral arrangements. After the services, both parents thanked him, and Jake’s father asked him to come to the office at his earliest convenience.

The young apprentice electrician had no Idea what to expect when he walked into the William Marley’s office at the brokerage firm, the next Monday morning. What he discovered was that Jake’s father William was an attorney, and had written both Jake’s and Wendy’s wills. Much to his surprise, Ben had been made the executor of the couple’s estate, and was named legal guardian of their daughter Christine. He told Ben that it was his at son’s insistence that the position was to be only given to him.

Jake’s father said, “Until I saw the way you took charge and made the arrangements, while we were all falling apart, I had doubts about his choice. Now I know he was right in selecting you for this job. Helen and I have talked with Wendy’s parents, and they are on board with Jake’s wishes, so you will have all of our support in whatever you decide to do. “

The young man thanked him and said, “Sir, if it is alright with you, for the foreseeable future, I think it will be best for Christine to stay with you two and her other grandparents. I will finish my apprenticeship in three more years, and am expecting to be promoted to a supervisory position soon after that. That will give me time to finish the remodeling of my aunt and uncle’s house. By the time I finish with the house, I will have more job security and will be able to spend more time with Christine.”

William informed Ben that the trust funded by the couple’s joint life insurance policy would provide for Christine’s every need, including college and graduate school, if she decided to attend.

He had Ben sign a mountain of papers, explaining every single detail to him, and finished, saying, “We expect you for dinner at our house every Sunday, and please call me Bill.”

Bed did, and under the tutelage of Jake’s father, he became savvy in all things financial, pertaining to his career. This helped him in his job as well, because he understood nuances in the way his bosses and customers talked about their businesses. He learned how to read other people, and stay one step ahead of them.

By the time he was done with his five-year apprenticeship, he was promoted Electrical Superintendent over all Caterpillar projects, while at the same time also being elected to the apprenticeship committee. He had also developed a bond with his young ‘niece’ Christine, spending every weekend, and as much time during the week as he could with her. He felt like he was the luckiest man in the world. For the first time in his life, he had a real family, with two sets of ‘parents’ who loved and cared for him.

One Saturday he was having lunch with Wendy’s parents, while Christine was playing in the back yard, the older woman said, “Benjamin, there are something I need to tell you. I have always cared for you, and I have a confession to make. I knew that Wendy loved both you and Jake equally. She knew that both of you boys loved her as well, and couldn’t decide which one of you to marry. I told her to choose Jake because your birthdays güvenilir casino were the same, and somehow that felt wrong to me. Seeing you with Christine now I know I made a terrible mistake. I hope you can forgive me, because I know we broke your heart.”

He took her hands in his and said, “Mary, you didn’t have to tell me that, it must have been so hard for you to say. I knew Wendy had a decision to make, because Jake and I had discussed it. I accepted her decision unquestioningly because I felt I was not worthy of her. Life had dealt me such a rotten hand my whole life, I just expected it. However the past few years have been the most wonderful in my life. For the first time I have felt really loved by all of you, and I finally have a real family.”

She started to cry, and he held her close and asked her what was wrong. She told him that she had to tell him because she had cancer, and didn’t know how much longer she had to live. She begged him not to tell her husband because she had not told him yet. He held her and said that a woman as good as her would make it long enough to see her greatgrandchildren born. When Christine was finished playing, the three had lunch, and afterward he took the four year old home to his house, served them dinner, and put her to bed.

Mary’s cancer was less severe than she first thought, and some intestinal surgery followed by chemotherapy and radiation treatments had her in remission in eighteen months. The other two grandparents were not as lucky.

Jake’s mom Helen died of a cerebral hemorrhage just before Christine’s sixteenth birthday, and afterward, Bill her husband, had made sure that the trust was ironclad before he had a massive heart attack two years later.

One warm summer Saturday while Ben and John, Wendy’s father, were grilling steaks in their back yard John said, “Our little girl is turning into a real beauty. I’m really surprised that there aren’t a whole crowd of horny young bucks chasing after her. I remember you and Jake being Wendy’s constant companions when you three were this age.”

Ben thought about that for a while and said, “You know John, You’re right. I’ve asked her several times about why she hasn’t been dating boys and she always tells me she’s not interested in ‘boys’.” John put his hand on Ben’s shoulder and said, “You need to have a chat with Mary before you two go home tonight.”

After dinner Ben helped Mary do the dishes as Christine was upstairs in her Mom’s old room. Ben told Mary about the conversation he had with John earlier. Mary leaned in close to Ben and whispered, “I think Christine is in love with you.”

Ben looked at her with a surprised look on his face and said quietly, “What?”

Mary grabbed his arm and said, “Come with me.”

She led him out to the back porch where they sat on the steps side-by-side. Mary continued, “I knew my daughter’s heart was torn between you and Jake, and I knew your heart was broken when they married. Despite that, you stayed friends with them, and took over when we all fell apart. Since that time you have been a father figure to Christine. However, after she went through puberty, I noticed a change in her feelings for you. Since then I’m certain that Christine has fallen in love with you, and I think she wants to be your lover and wife. You don’t see it because you have been her surrogate father these past sixteen years. I know you have strong feelings for her just like you did for my daughter. If you can be honest with yourself, I think you will find that you love her as much as you loved Wendy.”

After what she said finally sank in, he said, “I can’t believe you just said that, I’m almost twenty years older than her. Would something like that even be legal? I’m her legal guardian, and I’m the trustee of her estate.”

Mary put her arms around him and said, “You are not related to her, and anyone who would be against the two of you being together are dead and buried. I have talked to John about this, and he agrees with me, you two are meant to be together.”

He stared into space and tried to process what she had just told him and thought, ‘Could this all be true?’

He wrapped his arms around her and asked, “So you two are all good with this?”

Mary nodded, and gave him a kiss on his cheek and said, “We would love to have you for our grandson-in-law.”

They both broke out laughing and walked back into the house to see Christine putting away the rest of the dishes they had left when they went outside. Christine had an odd look on her face and asked, “What were you two doing outside? Do I need to call Grampa?” Everyone laughed, and later as Ben drove them home, he kept looking at her and thinking to himself about what he had just learned.

That night, in their two separate bedrooms, Benjamin and Christine had the exact same dream. It started with them having dinner together, and afterwards when they were doing dishes, he put his arm around her and gave her a hug. She canlı casino put down her dishtowel and wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him full on the mouth. He wrapped his arms around her and returned her kiss. As he felt her firm young breasts press against his chest, she felt his hardening manhood press against her stomach. As their kiss intensified, they both realized their relationship was changing. They were no longer like father and daughter, they wanted to be lovers.

As they broke their embrace, she looked at him and said, “Benjamin, I love you, and I want to make love to you.”

He looked at her and said, “Are you sure Christine?”

“I’ve never been more certain of anything in my life,” she said with a grin, and as she grabbed his tumescence through his pants, she said, “Is this because of me?”

He gently grasped her firm breasts and felt her nipples harden in the palms of his hands and said, “No, it’s because of these.”

Together, they ran up the stairs to the bedroom where Ben had been sleeping since he finished the remodel, both leaving a trail of clothes as they went, and when they landed on the bed together, they were nude. He looked her over from head to toe, and really saw her for the first time in his life. He had seen her mother in a bikini before, but had never seen her nude.

Her breasts were perfect, he guessed they were B cup and they stood up proud with large nipples as pink as bubble gum. Her tummy was flat, her legs were long and shapely, and where they came together, her vulva was gently curved and covered with soft blond downy fuzz. When he touched it, his finger slid in between her folds where she was already wet and juicy.

She reached down and held his hard cock in her hands. She had never seen one before, let alone held one, and just feeling its tumescence made her juices flow from her vagina. It was so big and hard, and she wanted it inside of her. She wanted this man who had taken the place of her father, and who had loved her mother, to take her virginity and make her a woman.

She kissed him and said, “Darling, please make love to me. I can’t wait to feel that great big piece of man meat inside my tight little vagina.”

He took her breasts into his mouth, one at a time, and sucked on her nipples like a hungry baby, making her moan loudly and wrap her arms around his head. He moved slowly down across her body, until he settled between her legs. He licked her from the crack of her ass to her mound, and she started to shake, moaning even louder.

He spread her labial lips open with his fingers and started to probe into her small virginal vagina with his tongue. She wrapped her legs around his head and moaned loudly, “Yes.. Yes.. Yes..” When he took her tiny erect clitoris into his mouth and started sucking on it, she had her very first orgasm, squirting all over his face. He drank her delicious erotic nectar, and held on as she came down from a place she had never been before.

When she calmed down and opened her eyes she said, “I love you Daddy, please fuck me now and make me a woman!”

He lay her on his bed, and climbed on top of her. She spread her legs as wide as she could, and as he pressed the head of his cock between her labial lips, he hesitated and asked, “Are you sure you want me to do this, Baby?”

She smiled and said, “Yes Daddy, fuck me now,” and grabbed his cock with both of her small hands, guiding him as he slowly pushed into her. He stopped pushing when he felt her maidenhood, and when she smiled and nodded, he pushed past her barrier and continued until he felt her cervix with the head of his penis.

She didn’t scream when he broke her hymen, but only gasped, and when she felt his cock pushing against the end of her vagina, she wrapped her legs around his waist and said, “Daddy I love you so much!”

When he felt her relax, he started slowly stroking out and in as he said, “Baby, I love you so much. I never thought we would ever do this. I am the happiest man in the world. I don’t want this to ever end.”

She moaned, “Oh Daddy, you have made me a woman, and I want to be your lover forever.”

Time seemed to stand still as the two lovers continued in their ‘dance of love’, but eventually all things must end. She started to cum again, and her contracting vaginal muscles caused him to lose control. As he unloaded his seed into her unprotected vagina, this sent in her into an even more intense orgasm than she ever seemed possible.

At that very moment, both Benjamin and Christine woke with a start in their separate bedrooms, and said, “What the fuck?” Ben pulled back the covers and looked at the mess his wet dream had left in his soaked boxers, and Christine pulled back the covers to see the giant ‘wet spot’ her squirting orgasm had caused. They both tried to process what had happened, as they changed their soiled clothes and bedclothes, and climbed back into bed, trying to understand what their dreams really meant.

After a while, they both fell back to a fitful sleep, and were both exhausted when they came downstairs in the morning for breakfast. Ben had just poured two cups of strong black coffee when Christine walked bleary eyed into the kitchen, and sat next to him at the snack bar

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