Mar 23

Church helper

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Church helperI was in my local church last Sunday and after the congregation had gone home I was helping to put all the books away, when Caroline a regular in church since the year dot, asked me if I’d help her sort out for a Christening later that day. As we were the only people in church I said I would. Caroline was 72, 5’5″, long dark hair, slim,she was wearing a white top with black pants.We continued to clear up when she asked me if I wanted a cup of tea, “Yes” I replied, so she locked up and we went in the back. I asked her where her husband was and she said “He’s too busy on the council”, she said it with an element of downheartedness. As we sat down with our tea, we were chatting about this and that and the up and coming Christening.As she got up to wash up she took my cup and brushed her hand on mine, as I looked at her she said “Sorry”, as she walked into the little kitchen I walked in behind her. Putting my hands on her hips she turned round quickly and I put my lips on hers and soon we were kissing, she said she’d never been kissed like this before.She was a well to do lady, she came across as stuck up but she was kinda shy, her husband was a pillar of the community, but their marriage was just a marriage. türbanlı diyarbakır escort As I snogged her hard I had my hand on her neck, she had her hands on mine, suddenly she pulled apart and said “We shouldn’t be doing this not in Gods house”, I replied “Where better”.As I approached her she said “I can’t” and I said “Do you want to”, as she looked at me I moved in and kissed her again, she kissed me back running her hand through my hair, I pushed her up against the wall and gently touched her breasts, circulating my fingers around her nipples, she pulled off me and put her head on my shoulders gasping.I kissed her neck and felt her decent sized tits, she moaned. I whispered in her ear “Lift your arms up”, as she did I pulled her top off, she was wearing a beautifully frilled cream bra, as I kissed her neck she was gasping and hanging onto my neck, I kissed her shoulders and unclipped her bra, as I slid the straps off her arms, she gasped.Moving my head down to lick her nipples she was moaning, “It’s been a long time” she said in between moans, as I continued to lick each nipple she had her hand in my hair. I knelt down in front of her and gently türbanlı diyarbakır escort bayan rubbed the front of her pants, she gasped and said “I can’t” and I replied “Yes you can” and continued to rub her.After a few minutes I unbuttoned her pants and they fell to the floor I brought my fingers up her leg and rubbed the front of her cream panties. I lifted up each leg in turn and took her pants off, standing up I went to kiss her and she grabbed me so tight as I snogged her face off, I ran my fingers over the front of her panties and she moaned again.Kneeling down again I opened her legs, and she stood apart, I used my finger to rub her and as she was gasping and moaning, I slipped down her panties, she had a massive untrimmed bush. As I took her panties off her ankles she stood there naked, moving her over to the table I positioned her on the edge and moving her legs open rubbed her pussy.She was gasping and moaning, as I ran my tongue over her clit, her hand in my hair, I licked her off to a beautiful climax, she had a lovely slit, her first oral climax ever. As I stood up I put her hand on the front of my pants and she just smiled. So I unbuttoned türbanlı escort diyarbakır myself and took them off, my cock was protruding through my undies, I flicked her button again and slipped my finger into her.She was soaking, as I opened her legs I pulled my undies down and took my weapon in my hand I gently fed it into her waiting cunt, as I bucked her she was moaning and gasping, but she didn’t make the usual noises, I shagged her for about ten minutes before pulling out and turning her over, she was laid on the table, I pulled her up a little so I could feel her tits.Taking her from behind I slipped in and started to really fuck her, rubbing her clit she made a little more noise, after a few minutes I could tell by her breathing she was coming as I banged her hard and was frantically rubbing her button. She went rigid then screamed as she had her first vaginal orgasm ever.I pulled out and turned her over again, sitting her on the edge of the table I re-entered her and kissed her as I slowly shagged her again, she kissed me back, but was still gasping with each hard stroke, then I knew I couldn’t last much longer and as I screwed her I knew I was coming, pulling out I wanked my cock to a hard steady stream of spunk landed on her belly.She was sweating and smiling as I got some tissue and wiped it off her. We got dressed and she said “I’ve never had sex that good before ever, my husband wasn’t really active all through our marriage”, kissing her we got back to the matter in hand. She said “Will we do it again” and I said “Maybe you never know”, I kissed her and she said “Thankyou”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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