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cindy’s poker game

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cindy’s poker gamepoker gameIt was Saturday night and Mike ask (if I was going to go with him to Stan’s poker game and be the waitress?) I told him I felt uneasy about going there knowing I was going to be paid money to have sex. He said look just go to be the waitress and have fun flirting and if you don’t want to fuck anyone then don’t. So when I got up Sunday I got my shower and thought hell with it I will go so I got dressed in my leather corset with 1/4 cups in it so my tits really stood out and my nipples where in full view with my shortest blue skirt 3 inch heels and a see thru light blue top. and the lace boy short panties I had on did not cove my ass fully. When I looked in the mirror could see my tit’s with ease and I seen that the skirt did not cove my ass cheeks. When I walked out in to the front room where Mike was waiting. He looked at me and said (if no one else fuck’s you looking like that I will bend you over the hood of the car and do you my self in the parking lot.) I said look I am the waitress not the hooker. (He said I bet you make some good tips and started laughing .) Then I got my long coat it came past my skirt by about 5 inch. We got in to the car and was there in no time.As we got to the place there was 6 car’s there so we went in and Stan meet us at the door and opened it for me. When we got in 5 more guy’s where seated at a table so Stan took us over to them and introduce us to them. They where John ,Mike ,Steve,and Trot and Ben we knew already and they all where black guy’s. Mike took a seat at the table as Stan took me over to the bar and should me where the beer was.When we got back to the table he told the guy’s Cindy is the waitress for today, then he took my coat. As the guy’s saw my outfit you should had seen the looks on there face’s and the way there mouth’s dropped open. Stan then ask if I wanted paid up front I said sure before someone win’s it all . All the guys started to laughing then ribbing Stan that she must had seen him play cards before. Then he handed me 500 bucks and I took it over to Mike to hold with that Stan sat down to play card’s. Then the guy’s started telling me what kind of beer to get them it took a few beer’s before the where grabbing my ass and tit’s and you know who was the first Troy. He was the most crud as well. saying things like (I see you came back for more of this black cock)and stuff like that.This went on for a good hour or so till John (who I found out later is Troy’s dad) told him to stop being crud. Then at the 2 hour mark Stan called for a food and rest room break. That is when Troy had started bragging about having fucked me before. But some of the guy’s bet he had not . So they came up to me and ask but before I could say anything Stan said she sure did and it is one of the hottest DVD I ever seen. The guy’s said they had to see that so Stan ask if I mind him showing it. I told him I had not seen it so go ahead. I do have to say it was hot and by the time Troy was shooting me full on that big 60 inch TV I sarıyer escort was dripping wet and my panties where soaked. When the show on the TV was over they went back to playing cards. As they did mike had me take off my top so my tit’s where out easy to get to.Now as I got the guy’s drinks they would reach up and suck my nipples or reach up under my skirt and finger my pussy. And it was taking it’s toll I was so horny I had a hard time keeping the beer order’s right.It was not long till John was about out of money, and he ask how much would it cost to take you over to that couch and do you. I looked at my Mike and he said (it is up to you) But being so horny and so wet and wanting a good fucking anyway. So I said 100 bucks and I saw he had at least that much. He handed me the money and walked over to the couch and took off him pant’s. I then walked over to Mike and gave him the money to put with my other money.He said to give me a kiss as I did he looked at me and said your my slut and now go use that money maker. Then when I turned to go he reached up under my skirt and pulled down my panties to my feet and I stepped out of them. As I walked past the I saw the guy’s each pass Mike 100 buck’s each saying they wanted some of that action.All I could think of was I am Mike’s slut and here I am walking over to fuck this black guy I did not even know a few hours ago. And knowing full well 5 more guy’s that are going to do me as well and I am doing it all for money I did not need. I knew there was no stopping myself I could feel the wetness leaking from my pussy and running down my leg’s. As I got to John where he sat on the couch his cock was so big it stood up a good 10 inch above his legs. He said (you might want to suck it some so it is good and wet for you little girl.) I just looked at him and and said i think i am wet enough and hony as hell to boot.So i put my left knee next to his right leg and my right foot by his other leg and my hands on each side of his head on teh back of the couch so my tit’s where in his face. he then put the head of big his cock to my pussy and rubbed it around to get it wet. As he did that i move my one foot so i could put my knee on teh couch this made his cock go all the way in to me in one move and as it hit bottom i could not help but to start cumming. So I just sat there a min getting use to it and trying to stop my cumming but then he slapped my ass and said come on cow girl time to get riding this horse cock. So i started to move up and down on him but as i did his cock rubbed my clit in a way that keep me cumming. Then he grabbed my ass and was pulling me up and pushing me back down on his cock. We went at it like this a good 20 min till he pulled me down as deep as it would go and filled me full of his cum. I just stayed there on his cock for what felt like a long time getting my pussy under control as Stan walked up and handed me a towl. saying some thing about not wanting to have cum dripping all over the floor esenyurt escort for someone to slip and fall in it.So i pulled up off John and stepped out of the way so John and Stan could open the sofa bed. As i stood next to the bar the black Mike i just meet today walked up behind me. He reached around and starts to play with my tits from behind me and i can feel his bare cock hard push between my ass cheeks as he wispered in my ear not to wipe the cum off my pussy he wants to feel my well fucked pussy as he slides in to me. He then tells me to bend over and put my hands on teh bar stool in front of me. As i do he pushed the towl out of his way and slides in to me and i feel John’s cum being pushed out. As he did this he pushed my skirt up on to my ass and then grabbed hold of teh cord on teh back of my corset and stared to pull me by it and fucking me hard as he could. I knew he had the most of teh bunch to drink but i was not ready for the way he went at me fuckng me like he was made at me slamming me hard and deep as he could go. I was glad he was not any way near as big as John. Then he shocked me again by calling me Lisa and that he knew i had been fucking around on him and that he now cought me with a pussy full of another guy’s cum and he was going to fuck me like the slut i was and then he just shoot off and keep fucking till he went limp in a few min. (Stan told us later how his wife Lisa had been fucking around on him and ran off with the guy). And how i was a dead ringer for her. then Troy and Bed came up to me and said they wanted to dp me i said not in the ass cause you two hurt to much last time. so they got me on teh bed and Troy got behind me and Ben in front with me on my hands and knees and went at me like they where trying to make there cock touch some place in me.but they must had like teh show so far cause they did not last long at all till they both were filling my mouth and pussy. i just fell on to the bed and said look guys i need a breck so Mike and Stan helped me to teh rest room to clean up some. as i got in the shower Stan got in with me and said just put your ahnd on teh wall as i did i felt him put his cock at my ass hole but before i could say anything he pushed in and DAMM if i did not start cumming again. So there is was pushed up agianst the wall his cock all the way up my ass and cumming like mad and he just started to fuck teh hell out of me till i felt him shoot off deep up my ass. as he pulled out i slide down and turned to face him with the water running down over i washed his cock and sucked it hard again. As he helped me out of the shower Mike was there Stan told me to bend over again and hold on to teh sink. as i did he pushed his cock back in to me and pounded me like that so long my legs felt like rubber and them pumped my pussy full. and as he did that Mike had went back out to teh game. so soon as he filled me full again he did the same. It took me some time to get my self back to dressed and ready avrupa yakası escort to go back out with the guy’s and all i had on was teh corset and skirt my top and panties where on the table out where Mike was setting. As i got out in to the room i was thinking man i have worked hard to earn this money. and now all i had to do was be the waitress till the game was over. But as i walked out in to the room i saw Steve setting at the table and thought Fuck he had not fucked me yet. And i knew he had paid for some pussy as well and knew Mike would not let me give him his money back. so i just walked up to his chair and knelt next to him and as he turned i started to get his cock out of his pants he was a tall skinny guy so i thought he could not be that big. But was i in for a shock it was not to long a good 10 inch but i had to be bigger around the a beer can and my mouth would not even come near to fitting around it. And as i licked on it it felt like it was getting bigger and harder as i did.he just looked down at me and said time for you to get up here and bend over this table. as i did he pushed my skirt out of the way and pulled my pussy open and put the head of that monster to the opening.then told me to push back on it as i did i felt a pop as teh head went in and then he just pulled me back on to his lap and sat in his chair and made the hole thing go in to me and i just started to cum like mad and flooded his cock with cum and could not stop he let me set there for a min till i came down some then stood back up so i was bent over the table and started to fuck me hard and deep so hard the table was moveing and Stan told him it you break the table you will have to pay for it. But Steve said look this is the first cunt that could take him all and he was going to fuck it till he was done and if his fucking table broke he would get him 2 new ones.and he pounded me till i had cum so much i blacked out and i when i came to i felt him drive all the way in and let lose and he must had shoot a ton in to me it was all foamed up and running out of me as he keep pumping away. Till it was to soft to go back in and fell out. i just laid there across the table cum running down my legs as i saw the guys leaving and thanking Stan and Mike for a good game . Then Steve came up to me and as Mike and Stan came over by me he told Mike if she ever wants to do some more hooking he would like to by me for the night. and it would be just him and he would pay 1000 bucks for a girl like her. Then Mike looked at me and said it will be up to her but i looked up and said i might just have to try that.And with that Steve helped me up and they all helped me to get dressed. as i got dressed Steve walked up and and handed me 200 bucks and said if i said yes to his having him do me more that he would make sure i had fun and would make lots of money. Then we left the place as mike helped me to there car he ask it i would want Steve again and i said. I would like to take him on in a one on one some day. to witch mike said cool but if i did that pussy was going to be a mess for a week. i said he was not that big. Then Mike bent me over the finder of teh car as Stan and Steve watched and pushed my skirt up and fisted me with his hole hand up to his fore arm then pulled it out and said what do you think.Cindy

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