Mar 23

Cinema trip

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Cinema tripWe had a gig to go to that night, but I hadn’t seen Kim in such a long time that we both took the day off work to do some catching up before the gig. We were always open friends, she knew more about me than most people do and we’d often had plenty of smutty chats, but never actually done anything.So there we were, stood at the train station in London, embracing like old friends who hadn’t seen each other in a year. We decided to grab some food and decide what to do from there. I hadn’t had cum for a couple of weeks and feeling adventurous and horny, I asked her if she had ever visited an adult cinema. It’s something I had always wanted to visit but nerves had always dissuaded me. Her face lit up, and that smutty twinkle entered her eye at that point and soon we had finished our food and were marching off to the nearest place.By this point, the mere thought of fulfilling one of my fantasies was leaving me hard as we walked, something Kim took great pleasure in pointing out. I’d always had a fantasy about public masturbation and an adult cinema was one of those places I had pictured such a thing taking place, and here we were heading to one! Soon we were at the doors and trying to work out what to watch, It still seemed a little seedy to me, and I was glancing round with embarrassment hoping I wouldn’t see anyone I knew so I hurriedly paid up for us both after hastily picking a türbanlı aksaray escort title.Once inside, I was a little disappointed. It wasn’t the cinema type room I was hoping for but individual booths that could fit a couple of people in, still not to worry, I at least I had Kim with me and that was more than hot enough. As the film started, I wasn’t really that sure what to do, as silly as it sounds, we had both sent each other filthy pics, but never done anything face to face so I spent the first couple of minutes examining every detail of the room whilst trying to look comfortable.It was during this examination that I noticed the little sliding door in the wall. Could this be a fabled gloryhole? I crept up to it and slid it to one side as quietly as I could and had a peek through. On the other side, a middle-aged man with a trim figure had his t-shirt pulled up and was pounding one out and upon noticing he has a watcher, increased the pace. Holy crap! I slammed the door closed and retreated to my seat much to Kim’s amusement as she giggled at the scene. To my horror, the door slid open and I eye briefly flashed in the hole. From the other side ‘damn girl, you look hot!’ Could be heard and within seconds, this 8 inch cock was slid through the hole. We were both surprised, but Kim pushed me toward it, knowing it had always been a türbanlı aksaray escort bayan secret fantasy of mine. With her whispered encouragement, I began to hesitantly tongue the shaft of his cock, feeling it quiver to the touch of my tongue. It was that hard, I could practically feel the blood flowing through it as I took it in my mouth and worked up and down to a rhythm. I glanced back at Kim who was spread and seeing to herself whilst watching my performance and this spurred me on to put on a good show. The fact I was putting on a show for Kim and this guy thought it was her sucking him off was too much. I was encouraged by it and gave it my all until the guy said he was cumming and I felt him pump it down my throat. The cock quickly went flaccid and retreated back through the hole and the little door was closed. All well and good for him, but I was leaking pre-cum and hard as a rock. Turning back to the screen, I took my seat next to Kim, who was breathing heavily from her toying. I could see she was dripping moist, and I cheekily asked her if she liked that, to which she replied that she had. Now it was my turn for some release! I was emboldened from the sucking, and told her to stand up and bend over. She gave me a look but must have guessed my intention as it didn’t take long for her to get up out of her seat and bend türbanlı escort aksaray over in front of me with her legs slightly spread apart. Her pussy was so wet I wouldn’t help myself, I was straight in there taking my time but making sure I went deep. I wanted to savour this, and the way I was feeling, if I went too fast I’d have blown in seconds! Kim’s moans acp binned with her backing on to me trying to quicken the pace was another great feeling, and I started to do as she wished and increase the pace. Her massive tits were slamming backwards and forwards and in my excitement, I accidentally slipped out and entered her ass! Fuck! I could tell she was as surprised as I was and slightly jumped off as I tried backing away, but she told me to keep going and pushed back onto me sending my shaft deeper into her ass. Her pussy juices had provided enough lube to go in, but I spat into the hole to add some more lube and picked up the pace as she demanded it. Soon it was all over, and I filler her up with two weeks worth of saved up cum, which leaked out as I finished up. It was probably the hottest experience of my life, and I hadnt even watched the film we had put us there in the first place! As we cleaned up and left to head to the gig, she showed me something on her phone. It was a video of me sucking the guy off, oh no! What if that was to get out? It was at this point she told me we were going to have some more fun times like that, otherwise the video would end up all over social media. Fuck fuck fuck. It was alright though, she said, I’d have plenty more cocks to suck for her in the near future. *this is a fantasy I have been running through my head this last couple of nights. I’m considering showing this to Kim to see what she would make of it hah.

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