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ClaireI lived on a dead end street with only one other house, which was right next door. I lived with my father. My mother had died several years ago. I was on my own most of the time. I had just turned 18.I had a close friend who lived in the house next to ours. Her name was Claire and she had just turned 18, as well.Claire and I were as close as a brother and sister. We had grown up together since we were toddlers. We had our spats, as brothers and sisters do, but always made up and were close again.Claire was about 5’8” with creamy pale skin. Her face was plain, she wore glasses most of the time, but she had a nice body: fairly large breasts, slim waist, reddish brown hair, full hips and nice legs. I felt guilty thinking of her sexually. I had begun noticing her femininity several years ago as she grew into womanhood. I resisted the desire I felt for her, because my friendship meant too much to me. I thought I would never “come on” to her.“Hi, Sam” Claire yelled as she ran towards me from her house.I couldn’t help noticing her braless breasts bouncing under the T-shirt she wore, along with tight shorts. Claire rarely wore a bra, as far as I could tell, unless she was going out in public. I knew all these intimate things about her from spending hours and hours together. My mind switched between desire and brotherly love.“ Hi” I saidI could see her nipples were erect from the chilly air.“What’s up?” She asked“Nothing much” I answered.My brotherly love went away and desire took over. My penis started to stir in my pants. This happened occasionally and I felt guilty about it, but my penis didn’t listen to reason.“Do you ever look at porn on your computer?” She suddenly askedI was taken by surprise.“Yeah, once in a while” I blurted out.“I tried watching this afternoon. My mother was out.”Claire’s father had died a few years ago.“That’s the first time you looked at porn?” I asked.“No, I haven’t in a while. I’ve seen some dirty magazines in the past. It was really weird though Sam”.“Weird how” I teased.“You know” She said, with a weak smile; her face turning red.“No, Tell me” I said, my penis fully erect.I was wearing loose fitting jeans, so my erection didn’t show.“You’re being a jerk Sam” she laughed.“Sorry”“OK” She said. “It’s just to see people having sex in all kinds of ways”.“Yeah, it can be intense” I came back.She stood quietly, shuffling her foot back and forth.I smiled and said ,“So you want to watch some on my computer?”“OK” She said, smiling.We went into my house. My father was away on a business trip. My computer was in my bedroom. I turned it on and went to my favorite porno site. Confronted with video previews on the screen, it was discomfiting.“Your face is red.” Claire said, laughing.“ So is yours!” I retorted.“Which one do you want to watch ? She asked. “How about this one?” She suggested pointing to a couple having sex.I clicked on it and we sat in silence as the couple proceeded through the maneuvers of intercourse. The end was a close-up of the penis entering the woman’s vagina.“Phew!” Claire exclaimed.“Intense” I added.“Do you want to watch more?” I asked, as Claire looked a little at ease.“Maybe tomorrow” She said.“OK” I stated.“I gotta’ go now.” Claire said and left quickly.I knew we had crossed the rubicon. It was all I could do to take my penis out of my pants before I came. Shooting cum on my floor. I had never been so sexually excited before.I knew we were at a crossroad. How could güvenilir bahis our brother sister relationship continue as before? I waited with trepidation for the morrow.I waited all day for Claire to show up, to no avail. I sent her a text message, but she just replied “busy.”I wished I had discouraged the porn experiment. I couldn’t stand it if she gave me the cold shoulder from now on. I realized I loved her.Finally, after 3 days she came over and apologized for abandoning me for a period of time. She had a bra on as far as I could see the outline under her shirt. She also had on loose fitting shorts unlike her normal tight fitting shorts. Had she suddenly grown into an uptight woman.“I was embarrassed about the porn.” Claire said.“I guess we shouldn’t do that again.” I said.“No, we can. I want to. I have to deal with it. It’s all for fun, right?”“I don’t know. I care to much for you to put you in an uncomfortable position.”She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.“Let’s go to my house. My mom’s out of town.”We went inside and into her bedroom. She turned on her computer and went to a porn website.“I watched this one yesterday. What do you want to watch? Let’s watch this one” she continued.I was surprised to see it was as lesbian video: Two young women slowly undressing and caressing.“This interests you.” I asked.“I don’t know. I’ve never had sex with a man so I don’t know what that’s like. Seeing two women having sex is strangely appealing.”My penis was erect in my pants. She was watching the video and didn’t notice. The blonde women in the video was caressing the others pussy with her tongue. You could see The shiny wetness on the woman’s labia. The redhead woman was pinching at the blonde’s nipple.Claire glanced over at me with a half smile on her face, then turned back to the screen. Her face was flushed and I realized she was sexually excited by the lesbian loving. Claire’s hand was rubbing her thigh with her hand. I wondered if she would be masturbating if she was alone? Did she ever masturbate before? I’m sure everyone has. I started to fantasize about Claire. I imagined Claire naked and her touching herself. I longed to see her big breasts. I tried to concentrate on the video, but kept going back in my mind’s eye guessing what Claire would look like naked. It disgusted me to feel like that toward my close friend.The video ended and Claire turned to me and said “Phew. I have to do some stuff, Sam, can I see you later?”I said sure and left the house, but on a hunch I snuck up to the window to Claire’s room. The curtains were drawn, but there was a slight gap so I could see Claire sitting in the chair with the lesbian video running again.Claire had pulled down her shorts and panties and was masturbating! I was over the top and tried to take my penis out of my jeans, but it was too late and I released into my underwear. It was an intense orgasm and it made a gooey mess in my pants. I walked home and changed my jeans and underwear, then sat on the bed and thought about what had happened. Would our relationship ever be the same? I, of course, couldn’t ever tell her I spied on her intimate moment. I couldn’t stop thinking of her with her fingers between her thighs. My mind went into overdrive and I tried to picture her pussy in great detail. I imagined what she would look like completely nude standing in front of me. Our brother sister relationship was all blown to hell, but I had to pretend türkçe bahis it didn’t.The next day we met as usual. All seemed normal. Our parents were away at the same time, so we went to my house to watch TV. I wanted to suggest we watch porno, but restrained myself.We sat next to each other on the couch and watched Titanic. My penis was semi-erect in my shorts which were tight. I knew if I got stiff she would notice the bulge, but I took the chance.it turned out to be a moot point, because she suggested we watch some porno, only I had to pick the video. We went into my bedroom and I picked a mutual masturbation video. We both sat silently as the man and woman masturbated; the woman with her hand on the guy’s penis and the guy’s hand between the woman’s thighs. They stroked each other until the man shot a huge load of cum into the air, splattering on the woman’s thigh.When it was done Claire turned to me and said, “Sam, do you masturbate?”I was a little stunned and said, “ yes I do, do you?”“Yes, I do once and a while. I did it yesterday after you left. I might be a lesbian though. I watched that video and got really excited.”“I got excited too. I said.“Well, you’re a guy and I assume you are not gay, so you’d get turned on by a naked woman.”“Do you think if you were with a woman in bed, you’d be ready to have sex?” I said.“Yeah, I think so, but I can’t really compare it to sex with a man. I’ve never had sex with a man. I might like it too”.The sexual tension in the room was palpable. I decided to take a big risk.“Would you ever want to masturbate with me?” I blurted out.She turned pale, “I actually thought about it.” She said quietly.“Really?” I came back.“Yes…I want to see you naked. See your penis”I stood up and unzipped my fly and pulled my pants down. My cock was erect and made a bulge in my underwear. When I pulled down my underwear my penissprang into view.“Oh!” Claire exclaimed and went from pale to red-faced.I pulled my pants off and sat on the couch with my full penis sticking up in the air.“You do it first” Claire said quietly.“What do you mean?” I asked.“you know, touch yourself”“What about you?” I said with my dick erect in front of her.“I’m a little nervous” She said, bashfully.“Oh no!” I said, at least take your clothes off.“OK, but just my top”.She hesitated, then lifted her top off. Her pink bra cradled her full breasts. I could make out here large nipples under the thin lacy fabric.She then reached behind her back and undid her bra. She held the cups in front of her breasts for a second then took it away. Her breasts hung down against her chest with the nipples erect and her upper chest bright pink.I felt I was going to cum just from watching her boobs uncovered.She folded her arms against her chest for a minute, hiding herself. I couldn’t help it and began stroking my penis right in front of her. She watched me intently as I slid the skin of my cock up and down. It didn’t take long and I ejected long strips of white cum onto the rug making puddles of sticky jism. She put her hand to her mouth in surprise at the sight of me cumming. I grabbed a box of Kleenex and wiped my penis off as she watched. She, then, put her bra back on in a fumbled hurry and pulled her shirt over her head.“I can’t do this right now” She said standing up.I was deflated from having an orgasm and said “sure I understand.”She turned on her heel and left.I was disappointed, but knew I couldn’t push her to follow through. güvenilir bahis siteleri I didn’t see her the next day. I still couldn’t get the picture of her breasts out of my mind, jerking off twice that day.To my surprise I got and E-mail from her with an attachment. I was thrilled when I opened the picture and it was Claire naked, right down to her pubic hair making a neat triangle between her full pale thighs.There wasn’t a note, but later in the day Claire came over without a bra and in tight short shorts.“Hi” Claire said.“I got your picture” I said.Claire’s face and neck flushed. “ Did you like it. I was too embarrassed yesterday to get naked in front of you.“I was turned on by it and I masturbated on it” I confessed.She was taken aback. “you did?”.She went on “I didn’t know you felt like that”.“You’re a beautiful young lady. You would turn any man on and maybe a woman too”.“Oh!” She whispered, then said, “Let’s go inside”.I didn’t know what she wanted, but followed her into my house. She stood in the middle of the living room and pulled off her shirt, exposing her sexy breasts. I stood transfixed. She didn’t stop there, though. She bent over, her breasts swinging freely, and pulled her shorts down then her panties. She stood in the middle of the living room completely naked. I stared at her dark pubic hair. I took the hint and pulled my pants and underwear down. My penis was hard as a rock sticking out. I stripped my shirt off and stood nude with her. We stood looking at each other.She folded her arms over her breasts and said, “What do we do now?”“What do you want?” I mimicked.“I want you to touch me.”I walked over to her and took her hand and put it on my penis. She gently held it, without moving it. I put my other hand on her shoulder, then let it slide down her upper chest until I felt the bulge of her breast. I gently moved my hand and carefully cupped her left breast. She closed her eyes for a moment then gave me a weak smile.“Do you want to stop?” I asked.“No” She said, “Do stuff to me”.I let my fingers find her hard nipple and softly rolled it between my fingers. Claire took in a breath and closed her eyes again. I put my other hand over her other breast and played with both nipples then let my hands slide down her soft body to her waist, pulling her to me pressing my hard cock against her soft tummy.I was having a hard time keeping from cumming. I bent over and put my mouth on her nipple, flicking at it with my tongue. She pressed hard against me, all of a sudden.“I can feel your penis” She said softly .“I feel you all over,” I said.We stood like that for a minute, then I moved my hands around her back and squeezed her butt and pressed her to me.I guided her over to the sofa and sat her down, gently opening her legs. She resisted a moment then let me. I kissed the inside of her thighs and moved toward her pussy. She held my head in her hands as I moved my mouth onto her pussy lips. I licked at her clit feeling her pressing toward me. Her pussy was wet by now and she trembled slightly.“Use your penis.” Claire whispered.“You sure?” I said.She sat back on the sofa and opened her legs, exposing her womanhood. I knelt between her thighs and gently eased my cock into her vagina. I pushed ever so slowly. She was breathing fast. I moved in and out and then had to pull out and I stroked myself and came globs of cum onto her tummy.“Why did you stop Sam?” She said, looking hurt.“I don’t want to get you pregnant.“Oh!” Claire said, almost crying.She sat up and hugged me.“I won’t get pregnant I’m on the pill; have been for a year”.“You knew this would happen all the time!”“Yes, I hoped it would.”I leaned over and kissed deeply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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