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Clashed Preferences

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Author’s Note:

This is the second part of my novella, “And so, she cummed”. It portrays Bisexuality as the prevailing theme.


Cast of Characters:

Bianca Floris: Protagonist.

Raymond Peter Evans: Viewpoint character and Bianca’s husband.

Veronica Ryder: Jessica’s sister and Bianca’s classmate.

Jessica Ryder: Viewpoint character, Raymond’s friend and an incesbian psychotherapist.


Jessica’s story: A call in the night.

Most people believe that they lead a happy and successful life if they live in exquisite homes, make a large sum of money, and own expensive cars. As for me, I never felt that way. I made my living as a psychotherapist, had a beautiful house, and owned a white Buick Regal. Not all the luxuries without a partner can ever please a woman like me. Thanks to Ronica, I was not alone. For people, she was my little sister. For me, she was my mate. Yes, we loved each other!

The love bonded us as an inseparable couple. We were African American girls. Our oval faces, proportioned eyes, Nubian noses, full lips, and black hair were the features of our beauty. Nonetheless, Ronica looked a bit shorter and more feminine. Her hourglass figure was well-endowed; 38E bras and size 12 briefs were the snug undies for her. Unlike me, her hair was long and copious that she used to comb in graceful curls.

We made love and shared hot, intimate moments in routine. Every Saturday night brought us freedom and relaxation to make out for hours. Nothing out of ordinary happened and all went well.

That night, I unzipped and removed her see-through mini dress. Without taking my tee and trousers off, I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her for a lip-lock. She snaked her arms around my neck and moaned as I sucked her lips. We closed our eyes, getting engrossed in the mutually felt warmth. My hands roamed over her back and down to her badonkadonk. It was supple like her tits. I loved to squeeze it and tickle her ass crack.

After a while, we broke the lip-lock. She grinned and said, “You are a big tease!”

I laughed, kissed her cheeks, and said, “That’s because you love to be teased.”

“And how long will you tease me?”

“You know the answer, babe. I can touch and lick your booty for ages.”

“Um-don’t you think we should try something different tonight?”

“No. I liked the way we made love a couple of nights ago.”

“Ok. Let’s do it again,” she said shrugging her shoulders, and turned around.

I reached up and groped with her bra bands.

“Ah! Be gentle sis. You are pulling my bra,” she said.

“Well, I have to. The bra is too tight for your tits.”

“Yeah I know, but a soft touch is always welcome.”

“Correct,” I said, unhooking her bra. It went off in two shakes. Then I moved my hands around and clawed at her tits.

“Ouch! That hurts,” Ronica complained. “Can’t you be easy with me?”

“Sorry,” I apologized and began to cup her tits playfully. She sighed as my palms rubbed on her nipples. I pecked on the right side of her neck, sucked her earlobe and murmured, “Does that feel better?”

“Mmm…” she moaned, closed her eyes, and turned her head. My lips brushed lightly on her shoulder, and I moved my head until our lips met in a soft kiss.

We went on with kissing each other and I pulled her tits all along. After releasing her lips, I licked my way down to her badonkadonk. My knees hit the tiled floor as I nuzzled into her ass crack. I fondled her along the wide curve of hips and began to untie her G-string. Consequently, the undergarment fell at her feet.

Ronica opened her legs, stretched her arms, bent forward, and propped against the wall she was facing. Her booty hit my face and I laughed. With a measured movement of my hands, I squeezed her ass cheeks and pushed them apart. Then I slipped my tongue out to lick along their insides, and so located her asshole.

Ronica gasped. The rim-job was shaking her for sure. She chanted, “Aah… mmm… yess… yess… like that… mmm… lick my ass… mmm…”

Keeping her ass cheeks open, I poked her chocolate starfish with my tongue. It was as tasty as her cunt. Her body convulsed, and I went on with licking her hole in preoccupation.

Ronica gyrated her hips for the sensation, and the effect pushed my head off her booty. She yelped as I spanked her sharply.

“Next time, be careful,” I told her.

“Nah,” she replied. “That’s the part of our games.”

“Mmm… Don’t tell me your pussy needs my attention!”

She turned around and winked at me. I smiled at her, got on my feet, and made a gesture to our right. She nodded, walked over to the pillowed bed, and reclined there seductively.

Ronica stared at me as I took my tee, trousers, and undies off. For a brief moment, I ogled at her curvy figure and licked my lips. Her huge tits rose and fell in the rhythm of breathing. There was no carpet between her thighs and her pussy lips looked swollen.

Before joining şişli escort her abed, I fished a toy out of the mahogany nightstand. It was a 10″ strap-on with the curved and polished shaft. I strapped the harness to my groins and hips.

Ronica took me in her arms as I hovered above her. Our mouths met in a long French kiss and we patted each other lovingly.

After breaking the lip-lock, I kissed Ronica’s chin and licked her down to the cleavage. She sighed as I touched her boobs, squeezing them and tweaking her dark brown nipples. They got hard and erect, marking her arousal.

I kissed her juicy tits in circles. She raised her arms up around the pillow as my lips closed on her left nipple. I opened my mouth and took as much of her tit as I could. The resilience of her flesh intrigued me to increase the suction. I moved my head in an effort to pull it. Consequently, it slipped out of my mouth.

Without further ado, I clamped my lips on her right nipple and opened them to take a mouthful of her melon. I held the supple flesh, sucking it hard until it was released like its counterpart.

I hanged around her twin globes and sucked them, releasing each nipple with a clamorous smack. Then I slid backward, showering her stomach with a trail of kiss. My lips brushed lightly on her mons as I fondled her thighs and pushed them open.

Ronica hissed as I ran my tongue on her snatch. The odorous wafts of her essence assured me that her vitals were brimming with desire. Hence I stretched her cunt open, licked the pink flesh, tasted the moisture that seeped out, and stopped at her pussyhole.

“Ah-Aah… mmm… mmm…” she moaned as I pushed my tongue into her cunt. Like a pink little cock, it went down the lubed passage and touched with her front wall.

Ronica’s cunt was delicious and I wanted to taste it with passion. Hence I moved my head back and forth, and used my tongue to fuck her. She laughed and her breathing grew rapid as I ravished her hole avidly.

After a while, I took my tongue out and worked it up her slit. My lips closed on her engorged clit and I began to suck it.

“Aah… aah… mmm… mmm… mmm… ooh… aah… yess… aah…” Ronica chanted as I went on with releasing and capturing her clit. It throbbed into my lips and I increased the suction. With her arms still around the pillow, she wrenched the bedsheet and strained her torso.

I continued sucking her clit until my chin got soaked into her juice. Hence I moved down and glued my mouth to her quivering cunt. She reached down, grabbed my head, and humped her hips against my face. I sucked her cum to the last drop, licked her snatch clean, and took her clit again.

Ronica squealed in delight. Her stomach muscles began to contract and she got lubed in no time. I released her clit and rose on my knees. We smiled at each other. Then I held her thighs apart and bent down. Consequently, the glans of my shaft touched with her pussyhole.

I was about to enter her cunt but my cell phone rang up. We gave a start and our eyes fell on the nightstand. I frowned and swore, “Who the fuck is disturbing us?”

Ronica looked at me, “I guess somebody is calling you for an appointment,” she said.

“Oh never mind,” I rejoined. “Just switch it off! I won’t let anybody spoil our night.”

Ronica reached up but the call was dropped as soon as she touched the cell phone. “Well, I couldn’t switch it off,” she said, grinning broadly.

“Yes, the caller saved you the trouble,” I said, and moved my hips to push the shaft into her cunt.

The cell phone rang up again.

“Oh shit,” I said with a grimace.

“I’ll switch it off,” said Ronica and raised her hand to the nightstand.

“No,” I snapped. “I’ll do it myself.”

She picked the cell phone and handed it over to me.

I stared at the screen and gasped.

“Hey,” said Ronica, “what’s up?”

“It’s Ray.”

Ray was actually Raymond Peter Evans, a handsome white man in his late twenties. He was our friend.

“Ray! But, why is he calling you at this hour?”

I shrugged my shoulders and answered his call, “Hello.”

“Hey baby,” he said. “What took you so long? You don’t sleep before midnight, do you?”

“Oh my, just take a break and let me apologize for this,” I said.

“Fine! Are you out of home?”

“Now that’s a silly question. You know I don’t go anywhere after ten o’clock.”

“Thanks for reminding me. So you weren’t sleeping, I presume.”

“Yes. I was going through some-clinical problem I need to study.”

“Ok. Is V sleeping?”

I looked at Ronica and replied, “No. She’s right here, helping me with the study.”

“That’s strange! You two never got together for study. If there is anything out of ordinary, I’d like to join and see how things stand at your home.”

I laughed, “Now, now, don’t join us tonight, and be a good boy,” I said.

For a reply, he chuckled.

I asked him, “Why have you called me now? Is everything ok?”

“Well, it is and it’s not.”

“Tut! You are driving me nuts.”

“Yeah mecidiyeköy escort I know. You want me to speak plain.”


He sighed and said, “I want to talk to you about Bianca.”

Bianca Floris, the beautiful Romanian redhead in her early twenties, used to attend the College of Nursing with Ronica. Ray met her at a bar and they fell in love with each other. About three months ago, they got married at Amore Wedding Chapel.

I asked, “Bianca! What do you want to talk about her?”

“Um-I think we should discuss everything at your home. Will you be free tomorrow?”

I pursed my lips and said, “Yes. Come here anytime after twelve o’clock.”

“All right,” said Ray. “See ya then and-good luck with your study.” He laughed and ended his call.

“What was he saying about Bianca? You’ve told him to come here,” Ronica said as I gave her my cell phone.

“Yes,” I answered. “Ray will meet us tomorrow. He wants to discuss something about his wife.”

She put the cell phone back on the nightstand and asked, “Is it something serious?”

“I think, it is,” I said and repositioned my shaft at her pussyhole.

Ronica hissed as I pushed the dildo into her cunt.

Raymond’s story: A strange problem.

“Hum-I love Eleganta. It’s delicious,” I remarked.

It was 1 p.m. All three of us were seated in the well-lit living room. J and V occupied the pink sofa, looking at me across the mahogany coffee table. Its glass top reflected their faces, the wall-mounted painting of Sappho, and a part of the floriated drapery that dimmed the sunlight. The ceramic flower vases around, the fancy wall lights, and the beige floral wallpaper always suggested that these girls took pains to beautify their house.

“Yes. Like you, we love the taste of red raspberries,” J said, sipping her drink.

“Bianca loves it too. We drink Eleganta almost every day.”

“That’s great-and speaking of Bianca, you wanted to talk about her. Am I right?”

“Yeah,” I said and turning my eyes to V, I asked her, “Do you always help your sis for dealing some problems from her Center?”

“Who-me? Oh yes! I love to help Jess,” she said.

“And I never keep anything from Ronica,” J added.

“I think V always returns you this favor, doesn’t she?”

A deep furrow appeared on J’s forehead, and she looked at her sister. I noticed that V emptied her glass in a draught and smacked her lips.

“Yes, she does,” J said as she turned her eyes to me, “Why do you ask that?”

I sipped the liquor, put my glass on the coffee table, and said, “To answer your question, I must tell you the whole story.”

“Ok, I’m ready.”

“About four months ago,” I went on, “Bianca and I met at Philip and Marlene’s bar.”

“Yeah, I know. You fell in love with her, asked Ronica her name and cell number, then talked with Bianca on phone, and so confessed your feelings to her.”

“Well remembered, babe! You can write a book about me and my wife.”

J laughed. “I will if I have free time,” she said, putting her glass down.

“Well, do it for sure and I’m gonna tell you something that you never knew before,” I said, casting a glance at V.

“All right, shoot!”

“We used to hit the beach on Sundays, enjoying the fresh salty air. I never found Bianca acting strange. One day, however, we were taking a stroll along the coast. It pleased us to watch people making out, and we passed funny comments on them.”

V giggled.

I grinned at her and resumed, “As we came across a couple of lesbians, who kissed and touched each other, Bianca stopped in her tracks and fixed her eyes on them.”

V raised her eyebrows.

“I don’t see anything strange here,” J said. “If I were Bianca, I would act the same way.”

“Yeah, it isn’t strange until you are moved by the scene and touch yourself between thighs.”

“What,” J exclaimed. “Bianca touched herself between thighs!”

“Yes. She touched herself-in the bedroom.”

“In the bedroom-ah, I see. When did you see her doing that?”

“Yesterday,” I answered, “when I got home.”

“Ok. Did you see any signs of her arousal at the beach?”

“Like what?”

“The perspiration, rapid breathing, and the flush on her face or neck.”

“Erm-I think I didn’t catch those signs. The scene preoccupied her for sure. As I tapped her on the shoulder, she gave a start but composed herself in a tick.”

“Yes. That scene had an effect on Bianca. Tell me how you found her masturbating in the bedroom.”

“Now you are talking, but I need to tell you a bit more before giving a plain answer.”


“The wedding night brought us the biggest elation and something out of ordinary. We were happy for each other. Neither Bianca nor I felt exhausted for the night. We made love with perfection. She showed obvious signs of her arousal as I kissed her lips and body, sucked her tits, licked her asshole, and ate her cunt.”

“Mmm… yummy,” V said.

“So you pleased her for sure,” J said.

“Yes-or I thought I did.”

“What do you mean?”

“No matter how much I tried to arouse her, she didn’t cum for me,” I answered.

V gasped. “But that’s impossible! I know she can cum,” she said.

We stared at her.

“Um-I mean, she can cum if you go for her clit,” she said.

“I did that already, but my efforts just went in vain,” I said.

J frowned. “Are you sure,” she asked, “you sucked the clit without hurting her?”

“Yes. Why do you think I would hurt her?”

“Most women don’t cum while having sex for the first time because they are afraid of being hurt by their partners.”

“No. Bianca wasn’t afraid a bit. Instead, she seduced me to join her abed.”

“Hum-she seduced you by giving herself in to your desire.”

“Yes. She said I could take her because she was mine.”


“And that’s what I call a perfect romantic boon,” V remarked.

“Did she move her body,” J asked, “when you went down on her?”

“Yes. She grabbed my head and humped her hips against my face as I sucked her clit.”

“I understand. What happened next?”

“I ate her out for about-fifteen minutes until I realized that she was neither moving her body nor uttering a sound.”

“Perhaps she was too overwhelmed to do that,” V said.

“No! She fell asleep,” I said.

“Aw,” she exclaimed. “But how come she fell asleep while having sex?”

“I think she reached her plateau and went down to resolution, without having an orgasm,” J said.

“Baby, I don’t understand the meaning of plateau and resolution here,” I said.

J smiled. “There are four stages of a woman’s response during sex,” she said. “First, there is the arousal. Her pussy lips may swell and go red. Then they open up, revealing the engorged clit. The flush may also appear on her face, neck, and tits. Moreover, her nipples may get erect and hard.”

“Wow! I never knew her pussy lips may go red with her face, neck, or tits,” V said.

“It is the obvious sign of her arousal,” J said.

“That’s interesting,” I said. “What’s the next stage?”

“It’s defined as plateau,” she answered.

“Erm-don’t you think,” I asked, “the plateau is an area of high ground with a fairly level surface?”

“Correct! It also signifies the period or phase of a little rise to some change. If we talk about a woman’s sexual response during plateau, the flush may go down to her stomach along with the proportioned swelling of her tits. She undergoes convulsions as her pussy lips quiver, marking the rhythmic contractions in her cunt walls. Some fluid or wetness may also leak out of her cunt.”

“Yeah,” I affirmed. “Bianca showed me all those signs except for her wetness.”

“The third stage,” she resumed, “is the cumming or orgasm.”

“It happens when all the juice gushes out of her cunt,” V said.

“Yes. It’s the stage when she undergoes the release of her sexual tension. Much of her wetness oozes out as the contractions in her cunt walls and rectum go violent. For an effective orgasm, she must be subjected to foreplay and fucking.”

“Mmm… that’s true.”

“The last but not least is the resolution. It is the post-orgasmic stage of a woman’s sexual response. She cools down with the fading of her flush and liability to fall asleep. However, the sensitivity in her clit or G-spot does not subside immediately. Therefore some oral or manual stimulation may lead her to multiple orgasms.”

“Everything that you told us befits to the signs Bianca showed me,” I said.

“With the exception of her cumming,” J added.

“Yeah, and I was going to ask you the reason for that.”

“I can’t point it out until you tell me why she was masturbating in the bedroom. Was she looking at the girlie magazines, or watching some lesbian porno flick when you got home?”

“Hey, it looks like someone might have told you that Bianca read the girlie magazines when I was not around.”

“That’s a wild guess. Perhaps you realized that she didn’t cum for you because nude women having lesbian sex caught her attention, and so you brought her some girlie magazines.”

“No. She found them.”

“What do you mean she found them?”

I scratched my head and answered, “Erm-I brought them home when I was a bachelor.”

V laughed.

“That’s right,” J said, grinning broadly. “Not only the lesbians or bi women love to watch and read about lesbian sex, but straight men like it too. What happened when you found her in the bedroom with those magazines?”

“I saw the most spectacular sight. Bianca was lying nude on the bed, squeezing her tits with one hand and fingering her cunt with the other.”

“Wow,” V exclaimed.

“I froze at the door. With her eyes closed and legs splayed, she was moaning. The pleasure was too much for her. She was apparently oblivious of my arrival, and I couldn’t resist an urge to walk over to her.”

I paused and stared at them. They looked impassive and attentive.

“My eyes fell on the magazines, which lay open showing the erotic snapshots of lesbian couples,” I resumed. “Then I knelt down, touched her thighs, and moved her hand off her pussy.”

J asked, “Was she dry?”

“No. She was wet.”


“You heard me. She was WET-and that’s most spectacular sight I am talking about.”

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