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Class Act

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Class ActMy thing for older women started with the loss of my virginity. I stayed the night with my buddy and another friend. He had an older sister who had just finished high school. Me and my friends had barely any hair on our balls. His sister had two friends over that night. We played spin the bottle. Those three girls ended up fucking us. It was pretty cool to be there fucking a girl with your friends right there fucking also. But that was the start.After that I kept fucking those girls but I was also fucking all the girls I could at my school. It seemed easy. But what I liked about older girls was that they were so drama free. I could just fuck. No worries about condoms or any other drama. So soon I started to like the challenge of the older woman. I fucked my buddy’s 18 year old sister. Then a 21 year old, then a married 25 year old. then a married 28 year old. It was fun to fuck married women. They would come in and I would fuck them, dump a load in them and then they would go home. There was a teacher at my ağrı escort school who caught my eye.Alice Foster. I thought she was sexy, always dressed professional. Very firm and straight no BS kind of woman. She had this salt and pepper hair. It was my final year and I had straight A’s. I was her pet, I would stay in her class after school to study. It seemed to make her happy. We became friends and she invited me to her house. I met her husband. I helped her with yard work. After we would finish the work we would sit on the deck with a glass of wine and rest before I would go home. This day we finished working and we sat down. Then all of a sudden, Alice jumped up and asked if I wanted to get in the pool to cool off. I told her that I did not have a swim suit. She said no worries, took off her clothes and got in. She looked so fucking hot naked. I followed her lead and undressed and got in. She told me she had something for me and we should get out of the pool. We both got out, my cock was aksaray escort now almost full on hard. She had me lay back on a lounge chair and she mounted me! Watching my black cock get swallowed up by her shaved white pussy was unbelievable. She fucked me real good. When we were done we dressed and sat down and had a drink. She told me she had always wanted to fuck me and that I was her first black cock. I asked about her husband and she told me she had three other men and two women besides her husband she fucks on a regular basis and he knew about them, they have an open marriage. Her husband knew she would be fucking me today. Wow! I would have never guessed all this about this woman. Then Alice asked me if I could help her out with something. One of her lady lovers has never been with a man before and had wanted to do a threesome with Alice and a man. Alice thought I might be prefect for the job. I told her I would as I wanted to fuck Alice again.A week later Alice had this three way amasya escort set up. Tony was the other woman and we met at Alice’s house. Much to my surprise Tony was about thirty and very, very hot. I mean smoking model hot. We all got comfortable with each other then things started to get hot. In no time flat we were all naked. Alice and Tony started to explore my body as I fingered both of them. Alice all shaved was dripping wet. Tony was neatly trimmed and dripping wet also. I mounted Alice first and we fucked like crazy till we both came hard. I blew a massive load deep in Alice. Tony ended up cleaning both of us up, me first then Alice. Watching this woman eat my cum out of Alice’s pussy was something I will never forget. My cock soon got hard again so I mounted Tony, slowly. It was hard to believe she had never had a cock before. But I took it easy at first then built up speed pumping her hard as Alice ate her pussy. Tony did not last long and the orgasim of a lifetime. I drained my balls deep inside her and Alice cleaned us up. After that night I became one of Alice’s regular lays, fucking her a couple of times a week. Sometimes with her husband and sometimes with her girl lover, Tony. I still fuck other women, older women. But Alice is a class act that always cums first!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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