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Closed Doors Ep. 03

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———Closed Doors———

Episode THREE


Jack sat soaking in the hot tub. It had been about ten minutes since Stacy Marie had left, and he was still reeling in the aftermath of the coupling that had occurred. He could still taste her lips. They tasted sweet.

A flash of light at the house caught his attention. When he looked, he realized that the light was the reflection of the sun on the door being opened. Kara walked out and headed toward Jack.

Locked into a dumbfounded stare, Jack felt his cock awakening from its nap as Kara got closer. Although it was just a simple, basic bikini, the way the yellow material contrasted with the bronzed tone of her tan made you think it was custom made just for her. Around her waist was a wrap made of a see through material, the sole purpose of which seemed to be to tease, thinking you were lucky enough to glimpse her naughty places. And tease it did.

“You okay there, Jack?” Kara asked, sitting down on the lounge chair that was closest to the hot tub.

Jack snapped out of his stupor. “Wha–, what? Yeah, I’m okay,” he stammered.

A little sly grin appeared on Kara’s lips, knowing she had mesmerized him. “Good. It seemed like you spaced out for a minute.”

“Oh, that’s probably the bowl I smoked a half an hour ago,” Jack explained, hoping this would be a good enough excuse to cover his lechery.

Kara’s eyes perked up with excitement. “Ya got anymore?”

“Oh, hell yeah,” Jack bragged. “The last bar I played at paid me with a quarter-pound. It’s excellent shit, too.”

Kara’s smile got real wide, and when Jack saw the look on her face, he had to laugh to himself.

“You wanna go smoke some?” he asked., full well knowing the answer.


“Cool. Umm…” Jack began, feeling a bit awkward at what he just realized. “Can you just hand me my trunks?”

Kara cocked her head slightly. Jack pointed over to where his wet trunks lay about 15 feet away.

“And what are they doing all the way over there?” Kara teased. She knew the answer, she had seen what had resulted from Jack being without his trunks, but she didn’t want to let on that she knew, from seeing it, that Jack had just finished fucking Stacy Marie.

Jack looked at her for a moment. “Because….that’s where I threw them.”

“Well,” Kara began teasing. “If you were the one who put them there, then why do I have to be the one that gets them? Clean up your own messes.”

“Well, I can’t do it. I don’t have any clothes on,” he pointed out. Although he and Kara had stolen glances of each other barely clothed, and copped the occasional feel, they had never been nude in front of each other.

Kara grinned, “Well, that will teach you.”

Jack looked at her, contemplating whether or not he should just get out, naked or not. “You’re really not going to get them for me?” he asked, double checking what he already felt was decided on her part.

“Nope,” she replied matter-of-factly, the slight curve of the right side of her lips belying the fact that she was entirely enjoying this situation Jack had found himself in.

Jack just shrugged and thought ‘Well, what the hell?’ and stood up to get out of the water. Kara’s eyes opened wide as far as they could and she gasped in awe when she saw his semi-erect cock come out of the water.

“Oh, my god,” Kara exclaimed, covering her mouth to try to muffle her giggles. “You really are naked.”

“Yep,” he smiled, stretching out his arms for effect.

Climbing out of the pool, he couldn’t help but notice that her gaze had locked onto his dick. Which, in turn, got a little stiffer from the attention. A knowing smile formed on his face. He had stared at her during her entrance, now she was staring at him during his exit.

When he started walking to the poolhouse, Kara broke out of her zone. “What about your trunks?”

“Well, you’ve just seen everything there is to see. Don’t really need them now, do I?”

“I guess not,” Kara uttered, rising from her chair.

“Besides, I’ve got clean, dry clothes in there,” Jack pointed out.

Kara nodded her acknowledgement and followed behind him into the retreat. She was surprised when, instead of turning left where his clothes were, he went to the right and towards the desk, still naked, and not really seeming to care.

“Aren’t your clothes over there in the closet?” she asked. Although, she wasn’t really sure now that she even wanted him to cover up his lovely body. Her sight was still mainly focused on his fattening cock, and his muscular ass.

Without looking at her, he replied, “Yeah. Just give me a second.” Jack shuffled through a couple of drawers. “Aha!” he exclaimed, victoriously, apparently having found what he was searching for. He turned around to face Kara, now rattling a prescription pill bottle in his right hand.

“What are those?” Kara asked, trying her best to look at his face and not let her gaze drop down to his crotch, which was closer to her now than it had been outside.

“Xanax. şişli escort I thought we might ‘partake’ of these as well.” he smiled. “My little ‘pharmaceutical’ surprise.”

“Totally,” she concurred.

Jack put the bottle down on the desk. “You bust some up, while I get something to put on.”

Kara nodded her head, starting towards the desk. A little disappointed that her brother was now covering up, she decided that the relaxation that the little blue nerve pills would give was appropriate compensation.

Jack headed over to his dresser, pulling out a pair of black linen pajama pants. Kara stole one last look back at Jack, catching a final glimpse of his toned ass before he managed to pull his pants on.

When Kara finished cutting the crushed tablets into lines, Jack grabbed a cut-off drinking straw from the middle desk drawer and handed it to her. “Ladies first,” he offered. “I’m almost done with this,” motioning to the green bud that he was breaking into smaller and smaller pieces.

Kara took the tube and bent over, bringing her face down over a line, and suctioned the cool feeling powder into her nose. Jack couldn’t keep from stealing several looks over, admiring the shape of Kara’s perfect cantaloupe mounds that so perfectly suited her as they hung down under her. They jiggled with each of her movements since gravity and her bikini top didn’t have the same snug hold as they would have had she been standing upright.

“Hell yeah,” she declared, sniffing forcefully a handful of times to make sure to suck back all of the drug that may have still remained in her nostril. Without saying anything else, Kara turned around and walked over to Jack’s bed and sat down on it. Deciding that sitting upright wasn’t comfortable enough at that moment, she let herself fall back to a more horizontal position on the mattress, her legs dangling down over the edge.


It looked like a chaotic car dealership in front of Sully’s beach house as Jack and Kara pulled up to the party. There were cars parked haphazardly everywhere.

“Shit, where are we going to park?” Jack asked, rhetorically really, while he scanned around the area for a spot to slide his Sentra into. It wasn’t a big car, but it looked like anywhere they would get to park was going to be a squeeze.

Kara spotted a car pulling out to leave. “Look,” she pointed out. “Just wait a minute and park there.”

Jack nodded agreement.

“While we’re waiting,” Kara began, while digging into her pocket. “Time for your first surprise.”

She pulled out a little baggie that looked like it had 15 or 20 round, white pills in it.

Jack smiled. “Is that X?”

Kara smiled back, and nodded. “The cleanest, purest Ecstasy you’ll find for 500 miles.” She unsealed the bag. “Hold out your hand.”

Jack did as she asked and she dumped out three tablets into his palm.

“Shit,” she exclaimed. “I was going to give you two. Oh well, enjoy.”

Jack smiled, “Takes about an hour or so, right?”

“Yep,” Kara answered, dumping out three for herself.

“Well,” Jack began, holding his palm up like a toast. “Cheers!” He tossed them in his mouth and swallowed, while Kara smiled at his enthusiasm and followed suit.

The car had pulled out and Jack deftly slid his car into the vacant parking space. As they got out, something occurred to Jack about something Kara had said. He stopped her as she started towards the party. “Hey!”

Kara paused, turned her head, and gave Jack a ‘what?’ look.

“First surprise?”

Kara smiled, said nothing, turned back around and headed toward the front door. Jack just shrugged. If he knew Kara, she loved her surprises. And past experience told him that when she acted about them the way she was acting now, he always ended up liking them. He shut the driver’s side door, hit the lock button on his keychain and caught up with her as she entered the house.


The party was in full swing by the time that Jack and Kara had gotten inside. They had to wade through a sea of people as they made their way through the beach house. They looked around trying to catch sight of either Hayley or Stacy Marie, but all they could see were bikini clad bodies, bouncing to the music blasting from an unseen stereo, and the guys who were grinding against them.

Over in a corner, which hosted an L-shaped sectional couch and a large coffee table, a group of five or six guys and a couple of girls had set up a hooka and were taking turns smoking the pot through one of a few hoses. Lines of coke were being snorted up from a glass-topped table nearby.

“Maybe they’re out back on the beach,” Jack yelled to Kara over the din.

Kara nodded her head in agreement. “You go ahead,” she shouted back. “I’m gonna find the bathroom.”

Jack nodded his acknowledgement, and warned her teasingly, “You be a good girl, now.” She smiled and stuck her tongue out at him as she turned and disappeared into the crowd.

“Hey, Jack!” mecidiyeköy escort came a voice from the crowd. Jack turned to see who was calling him and discovered Nate trying to make his way over. Jack and Nate had been lifelong friends.

“Nate! Man, what is up?” Jack shouted, grabbing Nate’s hand for a shake and pulling him into one of those quick ‘guy’ hugs.

“Man, when did you get in?” Nate asked.

“Last night. Hayley’s birthday,” Jack replied.

“Yeah, Hayley. She’s looking good, bro.”

Jack shot him a warning look. “She’s off limits to you.”

Nate laughed. “Man, you’re no fun. Plenty of other ass here though,” he said, surveying the room.

Suddenly, Jack and Nate were nearly tackled from behind. They both turned immediately to see who their attacker was. It was none other than the mooning graduate, Jon Sullivan. Jack had dated his sister, Debbie, for a nearly a year until he found out she was cheating on him.

“Sully!” Jack shouted, shaking his hand.

“Hey man, glad you could make it!” Sully looked down and frowned. “Where’s your drink?”

“I just got here,” Jack explained.

“Well, goddamn, man,” Sully said, pushing Jack towards the kitchen and the counter overstocked with liquor that it held. “Let’s get you fixed up.”

As he was being ushered away, Jack took a quick glance back on the chance that Hayley was in here somewhere, but he only glimpsed Kara, at the coke table, three guys with their eyes locked on her ass as she was bent straight over in front of them, doing lines.


Out on the beach, next to the bonfire, Hayley and Stacy Marie giggled as various guys walked by, not hiding the fact that they were checking the pair out.

“So, you said Jack was going to come?” Hayley asked Stacy Marie.

“Yeah,” Stacy answered, taking a sip of her marguerita. “He offered to be our protector.” That made Hayley giggle.

Hayley silently sipped her drink as she locked eyes with a junior that was walking by at that moment, admiring her. She had to admit that she was proud of herself tonight. Kara’s help in picking out an outfit was invaluable.

The jean miniskirt hugged the curve of her waist and was short enough to be incredibly alluring, showing off her toned and tanned legs, but not so short that her ass was hanging out. Which, she thought to herself, wouldn’t have been that bad, as she was wearing the new panties her mother had given to her as a birthday gift.

The matching lacy, black bra was mostly hidden under a baby blue top that laced up in the front. Just the lace running along the top of her cups stuck out visibly from under the low neckline. The laces that held her shirt together sculpted the sides to trace the curves of her waist and helped direct attention to the looser area at the top of the shirt that stretched, not entirely unlike a shower cap might, over her breasts. The bunny ear knot that cinched the laces tight was no different than the ones that were tied on the white tennis shoes she was wearing.

“So,” Stacy Marie began, pulling Hayley’s attention away from that passing junior. “Now that we’ve had a few drinks, I need to tell you something.”

Hayley became suddenly intrigued at what it might be that would require her to have a buzz before she could be told.

“You know when you got back from shopping,” Stacy Marie continued. “I was fixing my hair and makeup in your room?”

Hayley nodded her affirmation as she sipped some more of her cocktail.

“Well, that wasn’t because I was running late, like I told you.”

Hayley cocked an eyebrow, wondering now where this was going.

Stacy Marie nervously continued, not entirely sure how Hayley was going to react to the information she was about to reveal. “I had to redo it all because I had ended up in the pool with Jack while I was waiting on you.”

Hayley was a little confused. “Why would you lie about that?”

“Well, we got high,” Stacy continued to explain. “And because I didn’t have a suit with me, we ended up skinny-dipping.”

“Oh my god!” Hayley giggled. Then, in a hushed whisper, “Did you get to see anything?”

Stacy Marie giggled too, though hers was more to the nervousness in revealing the final fact. “Yeah,” she started. “I felt it too.”

Hayley’s eyes went wide and her mouth fell open.

Stacy Marie finished her explanation with, “When we had sex in the hot tub.”

Hayley was silent for a full minute, staring at Stacy Marie, shocked at her admission. Then fire burned in her eyes, and she immediately did an about face and stormed off towards the house.

“Hayley!” Stacy Marie called after her, but it was no use. Stacy knew that, at this moment, it would only make it worse to try to force a conversation about it. She dropped her head and sighed, resigned to the fact that she had caused some sort of major problem. The only thing she could think to do at the moment was to down the rest of her cocktail, which she did.


“Hayley! şişli escort bayan There you are!” Kara called out when she saw Hayley enter through the door that was next to the druggie corner.

“Sorry guys,” Kara said to the guys who had been leering at her. She dropped the tube back down on the glass table. “It’s been fun. Thanks for the lines.”

Kara hopped over to Hayley who was still on the move deeper into the house. “Hey, hey,” she said, grabbing Hayley’s elbow to get her to stop for a second. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Just need to get away from everyone for a minute.”

Kara looked around, then had an idea. “Come on,” she said, pulling Hayley by the elbow and leading her down the hallway. They reached a door, Kara opened it to check inside. It was the bathroom. “Here we go,” Kara said, pulling her sister inside and shutting the door behind them.

“So what’s wrong?” Kara asked while she was checking herself in the mirror.

“Nothing, just a bit of news. It’s not important. I just needed a chance to calm back down.”

Kara looked over at Hayley, judging her explanation, ultimately giving her the benefit of the doubt and accepting it. This opened an opportunity, it suddenly occurred to her. She reached down into her pocket and pulled out a small baggie with several white tablets inside. “Here,” she said, dumping a couple out into her palm. “This will help you.”

Hayley looked at the pills, deciding whether or not she wanted them. “What are they?” she asked.

“Can I tell you later? I promise they’ll make you feel good. Would I ever do anything to hurt you?”

Hayley relented, and took the tablets from Kara’s hand. “No, I know you wouldn’t. Thanks.” Kara poured her some water in a Dixie cup and handed it to her, and Hayley sent the pills floating down the back of her throat.


“So you brought some weed, right?” Nate blurted out. Jack looked at him with an ‘are you kidding?’ look. Sully just started laughing.

“Yeah, some good green. You still got that huge bowl?” Jack asked Sully.

Sully nodded, “Yeah, it’s in my room.”

“Well, let’s do this somewhere else, I don’t want to have to get the whole party high. And I don’t really want to smoke with the kids,” Jack said pointing to the couches where the hooka was. Everyone around it looked like they were already too stoned to even do the breathing necessary to inhale.

“We can go back to my room,” Sully offered.

“Sounds good,” Jack agreed. But at that moment, his attention had been half diverted out to the deck where he saw Stacy Marie standing alone.

Jack reached in his pocket and pulled out a sandwich baggie rolled around an inch thick strip of bud that was inside of it. He handed it off to Nate. “You guys get started, I’ll meet you back there,” he said. “I’m gonna see if she wants to join us.”

Sully and Nate looked to see who Jack was talking about. “Yeah. Get her,” Nate suggested, emphatically. “She is hot.”

Jack nodded his head, amused at Nate being ‘Nate’, and left his two friends. Sully tapped Nate on the shoulder, “Come on.” They went in the opposite direction, back towards the bedrooms.


Kara and Hayley were sitting in Debbie’s room on her bed. Debbie was sifting through her purse on the dresser nearby. She pulled out the credit card Kara had slipped her earlier at the mall and handed it back to its owner.

“So everything went alright?” Kara asked, slipping the card into her pocket.

“No problem at all,” Debbie answered.

Hayley threw Kara a confused, questioning look.

“A little surprise for Jack,” Kara informed her, patting her on the knee.

Hayley giggled, not about a surprise for Jack, but because, for some reason, it tickled a little, which she wouldn’t have expected from an everyday pat. But she dismissed it as ‘whatever’.

“Can you help me get it out of the closet? I had to hide it from my brother.”

“Sure,” Kara said, getting up and joining Debbie as she opened the French doors.

Hayley got off the bed and started wandering around the room looking at knickknacks and pictures that were placed around on dressers and walls. She found a framed 4×6 of Debbie and Jack in high school. They looked happy in the picture, Debbie standing behind Jack with her arms wrapped around his waist, the biggest smile for the camera on her face over his shoulder. She set it back down on the dresser.

“That was from Spring Break our junior year,” Debbie said, now standing beside Hayley.

“You looked happy,” commented Hayley.

Debbie slightly readjusted the frame. “We were,” she said, a hint of sadness in her voice.

Hayley looked at Debbie, who was looking down at the photo. Jack had never talked to her about it. She wanted to ask about the relationship Debbie had been in with her brother, but it didn’t seem appropriate right now.

“So, what do you think, Hayley?” Kara asked from the opposite end of the room.

Hayley and Debbie turned around to see that Kara had set up a shiny, deep blue Gibson Les Paul guitar on a guitar stand. Right behind it stood a Marshall Half-Stack amplifier that stood taller than the guitar did. Hayley’s eyes opened wide in surprise. “You bought that?”

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